Accidental Love Chapter 68

Chapter 67: Finale

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Zheng Shuyi also tried to quibble.

But Qin Shiyue's IQ seemed to rise suddenly at this moment. Without giving Zheng Shuyi a chance to explain, she suddenly asked three consecutive times: "I said, why would he like a woman at night?! He went to Qing'an during the Chinese New Year?! Oh! I met you near his house before, and I said, what are you doing over there at night!"

Zheng Shuyi: "..."

Now it was her turn to have nothing to say.

In the living room, Shi Yan took off his coat, half leaned on the sofa, and was loose, not knowing what his girlfriend was going through.

"But, why is my little uncle???"

Qin Shiyue hugged the small basket of cherries tightly, her eyes full of puzzlement, "Did you say that it was your ex-boyfriend, what? That mistress, what? Oh, what am I talking about!"

"Okay, you shut up!"

Zheng Shuyi felt that most of his lie was not going to be rounded off, so he simply broke the jar and confessed to her, "I just made a mistake! I thought Shi Yan was that person's younger uncle."

Did you make a mistake? !

Can this be mistaken? !

Zheng Shuyi: "Yes, it's shameful, but the truth is like this, I got the wrong person!"

Qin Shiyue opened her mouth and was stunned for a while before she said, "Then, that little uncle, do you know?"

Zheng Shuyi lowered his head and nodded heavily.

I don't know what Qin Shiyue would think, or if he would be angry with her.

If she is really angry-she can't even coax a man, how can she coax a woman?

After a long silence, Qin Shiyue did not move.

Zheng Shuyi looked up and saw her staring at the Shiyan in the room in a daze, not knowing what she was thinking.

And she didn't have much to say, quietly waiting for Qin Shiyue to digest the matter.

As if feeling Qin Shiyue's gaze, Shi Yan looked back at them, then got up and walked towards the yard.

Qin Shiyue remained motionless, like a petrification, watching Shi Yan walk step by step without blinking his eyes.

He held Zheng Shuyi's coat in his hand.

Pushing open the door of the yard, a gust of wind blew towards you.

Shi Yan frowned, "Why don't you wear a coat?"

The question was Zheng Shuyi.

She touched the tip of her nose and said quietly: "Forget it."

Shi Yan put her coat straight on, and looked down at the cherries in her hand by the way, and said with disgust: "It's so small."

Zheng Shuyi subconsciously picked up the basket, and didn't forget to shake the pot, "I didn't pick it."

Maybe Zheng Shuyi couldn't see it, but Qin Shiyue clearly saw Shi Yan and smiled.

It is gentler than the wind in the spring night.

It was a feast she had never seen before.

"Hurry up." Shi Yan's smile was fleeting, and turned back, "I am ready to go home."

Zheng Shuyi: "Oh..."

After waiting for Shi Yan's figure to disappear completely, Zheng Shuyi went to see Qin Shiyue again.

She still looked dumbfounded before, but her eyes were different.

Zheng Shuyi felt that the way she looked at her eyes now seemed a little admiring.

"So--" Qin Shiyue muttered, "He knows everything, didn't he kill you?"

Zheng Shuyi: "...a society ruled by law, pay attention to your words."

Qin Shiyue really had a hard time digesting this matter for a while, but she found a blind spot.

"So stalker is really so useful?"

On the way back, Zheng Shuyi held a box of washed cherries and handed one to Shiyan.

"Eat it?"

Shi Yan glanced at the driver in the front row, "Don't eat."

Zheng Shuyi got used to it, and silently retracted his hand, as if nothing happened.

At this time, Shi Yan asked again: "What did you say to Shi Yue today?"

Zheng Shuyi: "Huh?"

Shi Yan: "When we left, she was a little bit ungrateful."

"You are quite careful."

Zheng Shuyi lowered his head and ate the cherries to himself, "Then I am also a little unhappy now, have you found out?"

Shi Yan Yuguang glanced over, looked up and down Zheng Shuyi, and smiled swiftly.

Zheng Shuyi didn't bite a cherry, "What are you laughing at?"

Shi Yan did not speak.

At this time, Zheng Shuyi knew that he couldn't ask anything.

All the way to Bocuiyun Bay quietly, Zheng Shuyi started looking for plastic wrap as soon as he entered the door.

She bent down in front of the locker, rummaging for it, and said, "Can the cherries be put in the refrigerator? Will they break up tomorrow?"

The people behind did not answer.

Zheng Shuyi turned his head, but saw Shi Yan leaning on the table, pinching a cherry, and delivering it to his mouth.

"Just let you eat it, don't you eat it."

Zheng Shuyi suddenly stepped forward and took the box, "Why are you like this?"

"Because I don't like eating cherries."

Shi Yan talked indifferently, but snatched the box from her hand.

Zheng Shuyi was a little confused, "Then what are you doing now?"

Shi Yan stretched a leg and blocked Zheng Shuyi's path, and then pulled her in front of him.

"But I want to watch you eat."

When he said this, he was smiling.

It was completely different from the way he laughed in front of people, the burning light in his eyes was clearly seduce.

At this moment, Zheng Shuyi quieted that he and Shi Yan seemed to be the fairy and scholar who had taken the wrong script.

When he held the cherry and fed it, Zheng Shuyi subconsciously bit it down.

After eating a dozen of them, she raised her head and looked at him with a smile.

"Because I look beautiful when I eat cherries?"

Shi Yan smiled, but didn't admit it.


Zheng Shuyi:?

"Because you want to taste the cherry flavor."

The mouthful of cherry sweetness is indeed different from every kiss in the past.

There is no desire, pure kiss, like playing a game, it is a bit naive when you come and I, but it makes Zheng Shu want to stop.

Zheng Shuyi hugged his neck, kissed him and laughed.

She felt a little itchy and couldn't help but leaned her upper body back. Shi Yan put her arms around her waist and leaned over to chase after her.

Zheng Shuyi half-squinted his eyes, and when he saw Shi Yan he was also smiling.

That night, they spent a few hours playing with this small box of cherries.

The spring night was long, and the moonlight was lightly leaking.

The people in front of her embraced her silently.

There is no verbal promise, but Zheng Shuyi feels that every minute and every second tonight is a microcosm of their future.

At the same time, Wang Meiru, who was far away in Qing'an, was behind the young people for several days, and then realized with hindsight that many people in the circle of friends were reposting some links about "Song Lelan".

Wang Meiru naturally knows this person, after all, there are so many CDs collected by Zheng Shuyi at home.

Clicking in and looking at it, it turned out to be gossip.

Teacher Wang has no interest in what is right and wrong in the entertainment industry, and she intends to quit after sliding two pages.

However, when she moved her thumb, her gaze suddenly settled, and she felt that the appearance of a young man inside was very familiar.

After all, someone who has been a class teacher for decades, can remember a freshman in a class in a month, and it is naturally not difficult to think of Shi Yan's face.

She helped her glasses, took a screenshot of this scene, and sent it to Zheng Shuyi.

Before taking a bath, Zheng Shuyi's cell phone suddenly ticked twice.

Breeder: Oh, isn't this your boyfriend?

Zheng Shuyi: Wow, you saw it too.

Zheng Shuyi: The information is so developed that the people all over the country know it. Recently, people come to ask me every day, and I'm so annoying.

Breeder: You are quite deep into the play.

Zheng Shuyi:?

Zheng Shuyi: Mom! He is really my boyfriend!

Wang Meiru did not return to Zheng Shuyi, presumably she was asleep.

Zheng Shuyi didn't worry any more, put down his phone and went to take a bath.

When Shi Yan came in, the phone on the bed was ringing.

He looked down at the WeChat caller ID and knocked on the bathroom door.


Zheng Shuyi was in the shower and he was still playing music, but he didn't hear his voice.

And the phone is still ringing continuously.

Shi Yan didn't think much, and pressed the answer button.

Wang Meiru: "Yiyi, I haven't slept yet, what are you doing?"

Shi Yan: "She is taking a bath."


Suddenly there was no sound on the other end of the phone.

After a long time, Wang Meiru spoke again, her voice as serious as the dean of their school.

"Who are you?"

Zheng Shuyi didn't rush to blow his hair after taking a shower. He walked out in pajamas and wiped his hair while asking, "Did you just talk?"

Shi Yan sat on the sofa and glanced sideways at her, "Well, I answered the phone."

Zheng Shuyi gave an "Oh" and was about to go back to blow his hair, and suddenly heard Shi Yan say: "I answered your call."


Zheng Shuyi did not reject Shi Yan's answering her call, and asked casually: "Who is looking for me? Tang Chief Editor?"

Shi Yan: "Your mother."

Zheng Shuyi: "..."

She slowly turned around, her expression becoming cautious: "What did she tell you?"

Shi Yan didn't understand what Wang Meiru's last sentence meant to him, and could only relay it verbatim.

"She told you to wait, she is on her way to find Andy Lau."

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