Accidental Love Chapter 69

Chapter 68: Conclusion

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Zheng Shuyi immediately called Wang Meiru back.

Although it was late at night, Wang Meiru obviously couldn't sleep peacefully for a while, and the phrase "I am Shiyan" still lingered in her ear.

So when she answered the phone, she didn't know how to speak, so she had to ask: "Finally have you finished the shower?"

Zheng Shuyi: "Why are you calling at night?"

"You can't be bothered." Wang Meiru snorted coldly, "Just ask if you won't go home in May 1st."

Zheng Shuyi clutched his mobile phone, took a peek at Shiyan next to him, then lowered his voice and said, "I know what you want to do."

Qing'an is a tourist city. It is very difficult to buy tickets for the National Day of May every year and the roads are crowded. Therefore, Zheng Shuyi and his family have basically reached a consensus on not going home during the holidays.

When Wang Meiru asked, it was natural that the drunkard didn't mean to drink.

Wang Meiru: "Don't worry about what I want to do, just tell me if I go back home."

Zheng Shuyi didn't answer her, he covered his phone again, and glanced at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan leaned against the head of the bed, flipping the magazine in his hand, and took the time to look up at her.

"what's happenin?"

In order to cover up his embarrassment, Zheng Shuyi raised his chin and cleared his throat, "Are you free on May Day?"

"No time.,"

The sound of page turning engulfed Shi Yan's short answer, "I have to be free too."

Zheng Shuyi couldn't help but stretched out his leg and kicked him, "Can you finish talking in one breath next time?"

Then he turned his back to him again, released the hand holding the phone, "I see, let me take a look, there have been a lot of things recently, I will come back when I am not busy, and I will notify you when the time comes."

Probably the word came true. A week before May 1st, things were overwhelming like a flood.

Zheng Shuyi was really lacking in skills, and even Qin Shiyue, who was fishing at work, was caught by her to help.

When Wang Meiru called to inquire, Zheng Shuyi didnt even have time to put on the headset. He clamped the phone between his shoulders and said while sorting out the documents in his hand: "Im really not coming back. Im very busy lately. Im going to take the mid-year exam again. Its true. No time."

Wang Meiru said impatiently: "It's all right, then you go to work, the women's college is not in the middle."

After hanging up the phone, Zheng Shuyi quickly left the matter behind.

The last day of the May Day holiday.

This was Zheng Shuyi's only rest day this holiday, and Shi Yan was still on a business trip abroad and only returned in the evening. She didn't want to go anywhere. After lying at home for half an afternoon, she suddenly rushed to the kitchen on a whim to prepare for cooking.

Although the two do not usually fire, the aunt who cooks comes to feed on time every day, so there will always be fresh ingredients in the refrigerator.

But having all the ingredients and pots is one thing.

Whether it can be turned into a complete dinner in Zheng Shuyi's hands is another matter.

Two hours later, more than half of the refrigerator was empty, but only three dishes were successfully cooked.


Zheng Shuyi took off his apron and said to himself in admiration: "It's still full of color and fragrance, Shiyan, after all, are you a blessing for several lifetimes."

Edison's light bulb experiment failed more than 1,600 times. She Zheng Shuyi failed five or six times.

It's just the sweat behind it that she disdains to tell the world.

When setting the tableware, footsteps came from the entrance hallway.

Zheng Shuyi was overjoyed, wiped his hands casually and ran out.

"you are back?!"

The tone of a sentence suddenly changed at the last word, and it seemed to change from surprise to shock.

Because it was not just Shiyan who appeared at the door.

And her mother, Wang Meiru.

Zheng Shuyi didn't even close his mouth. He was stunned for three seconds before speaking.


"Why?" Wang Meiru took the suitcase and walked two steps forward, "I haven't seen you in a few months, don't you know me?"


In this tone, her mother was right.

Zheng Shuyi finally got over his mind, gave Shi Yan a bitter look, and then obediently went up to help Wang Meiru with his luggage.

"You, how did you come together?"

"I met at the airport."

Before Zheng Shuyi wondered how the two of them suddenly recognized each other, Shi Yan reached out and took the suitcase from Zheng Shuyi's hand, smelled a smell, and asked back, "Have you cooked?"

Zheng Shuyi nodded.

When Yan took the suitcase and left, she asked in a low voice, "Mom, you came here without saying anything?!"

Wang Meiru: "Is it still called a surprise inspection?"

Zheng Shuyi: "..."

It's really a common problem with the class teacher.

She pointed to Shiyan, "You haven't seen each other? Why did you come here together?"

Zheng Shuyi might not believe it, but her mother and her boyfriend did not rely on any bridge to recognize each other at the airport.

Just rely on a face that looks exactly like Zheng Shuyi, and another face that is indistinguishable from the photo.

"I haven't seen it." Wang Meiru hugged her arms, looked at Zheng Shuyi's living environment silently, and said indifferently, "I recognized him at the airport and said hello to him, so I came here together."

After finishing speaking, she turned her head and squinted at Zheng Shuyi: "It's okay for you to live in other people's homes without telling me."

"Oh, you didn't tell me when you went to Singapore with the group in your third year of high school." Zheng Shuyi muttered in a low voice, "You told me you were going to Niupengpo."


When the banquet came out, the conversation between the mother and daughter stopped immediately.

Wang Meiru became the kind teacher Wang again.

Since the two came all the way from the airport, Zheng Shuyi didn't know how long they had been talking, in short, there was no cold spot she imagined.

But after all, it was the first time I met. Wang Meiru's eyes when watching Shiyan always showed an attitude of scrutiny.

Until the meal is on the table.

She took a few bites, and the scrutiny in her eyes turned seamlessly into affection.

"Do you usually eat this?" Wang Meiru thought for a while, "Forget it, it's better than takeaway."

In a word, it extinguished the confidence that Zheng Xiaochou had found for herself in comparison with Edison.

"Don't eat much."

Shi Yan said calmly, "I usually cook."

Wang Meiru nodded with satisfaction: "Thanks for your hard work."

Time Banquet: "Sweet and sweet."

Zheng Shuyi: "......?"

I have eaten a meal you cooked altogether. Would you like to point your face?

Although Wang Meiru's sudden appearance caught Zheng Shuyi off guard, after all, he hadn't seen her for a few months, and Zheng Shuyi still missed her very much.

Moreover, Zheng Shuyi was still very touched by coming over to meet him so far.

Even after dinner, Wang Meiru said that seeing her boyfriend felt good, so she was relieved. She had to rush back to Qing'an at night and have classes tomorrow, so she won't bother her.

Thinking of his mother in such a hurry, Zheng Shuyi almost burst into tears with soreness.

Shi Yan looked at her with a smile.

You can laugh at this occasion, is it a person?

People tend to lose their rationality when they are emotional.

When Wang Meiru was about to leave, Zheng Shuyi hugged her for a while and reluctantly drove her to the train station.

Until people left, Zheng Shuyi still looked sentimentally at the station.

After a while, her emotions gradually calmed down and her reason returned to her place. She returned to the car and then looked at Shiyan with hindsight and asked, "But why did you meet at the airport?"

This question is a good question.

Qing'an is a small city without an airport. When Wang Meiru came to see her, she shouldn't have landed at Jiangcheng International Airport.

Shi Yan held the steering wheel and pressed his lips tightly, but there was a smile in his eyes.

"Say it."

Zheng Shuyi shook his arm, "Didn't you come back from France? How could you meet at the airport?"


Shi Yan said the most hurtful words in a gentle tone, "Auntie has just returned from a Malaysian tour group and has to transfer to the high-speed train back to Qing'an in Jiangcheng."

Zheng Shuyi: "..."

It was the wrong payment after all.

She breathed in sharply, holding back all the tears.

"Come back home."

There has never been spring in Jiangcheng. After a few days of cooling in May, the temperature rose sharply by 35 degrees, which continued until June, and there was a trend of climbing.

The air conditioner in the office building is turned on very low, and many girls put on small blankets during lunch breaks.

In the silence, Qin Shiyue heard a keyboard sound and looked up dazedly and asked: "Aren't you resting?"

Zheng Shuyi quickly typed: "I will adjust the PPT."

Qin Shiyue: "What PPT?"

Zheng Shuyi glanced around and whispered: "Debriefing report."

Regarding the promotion, although colleagues are well aware of it, Zheng Shuyi still adheres to the principle of not being publicized beforehand.

Otherwise, hope is easily lost.

Qin Shiyue got a little interested, sat aside and watched for a while, then sighed nervously.

Zheng Shuyi asked her: "What's wrong with you?"

Qin Shiyue propped her head and said weakly, "I think, Yu You's ideal type should be a girl like you."

"Hush." Zheng Shuyi gave her a shut-up gesture, "Don't say this in front of your uncle, it will kill me."

Qin Shiyue smiled and said, "Yes, he is so stingy."

Entering the final stage, Zheng Shuyi adjusted the format while asking: "Why do you say that?"

"Oh, it was the last time I had a car accident. Didn't he come to the hospital?"

Qin Shiyue changed his posture, cupped his face, and looked at the computer blankly, "I was so embarrassed, right?"

Thinking of Qin Shiyue's anger at the driver who caused the accident that day, Zheng Shuyi couldn't help but laugh.

"In fact, it's not ashamed. I think you are doing the right thing. No matter who it is or why, you are always responsible for your actions."


Qin Shiyue patted the table two times excitedly, "I asked him if he thought I was very caressing, and he said so too."

Zheng Shuyi took a sip of coffee, but did not answer.

"I just read your work report, and I think you are the person responsible for me. I am just a salted fish."

Xian Yuyue drooped her eyebrows, losing hope for the future, "But the more I can't get it, the more I am excited, what should I do?"

Zheng Shuyi: "Is he indifferent to you?"

Qin Shiyue was stunned for a while, blushing suddenly, and buried her head silently.

"It's not that cold."

Once she was gathering with friends and ran into Yu You at a bar.

With the ambiguous dim light, Qin Shiyue stared at Yu You blatantly.

However, he left the meeting within a few minutes and never returned.

Qin Shiyue drank a lot of wine depressed, and it was almost early morning when she left.

But when he arrived at the entrance of the bar, he found that Yu You was sitting in the car and not leaving.

That night, he took her home.

Although more than a month had passed, Qin Shiyue still clearly remembered that when he helped her take off her high heels, she drank and kicked him wildly.

Later, her ankle was held by him.

The warmth of the palm and the rough touch hit at the same time, and Qin Shiyue suddenly became like a puppet.

But she seemed to be the only one who was stiff. After Yu You put her legs on the sofa, he asked politely as usual: "Is there anyone else who needs help?"

In retrospect, Qin Shiyue wanted to slap herself.

She didn't know how her mind was pumping, and said, "The underwear is too tight and it's uncomfortable."

Why did she not learn the skill of drinking fragments.

Qin Shiyue recollected her embarrassment quietly, but Zheng Shuyi had already modified the PPT, pulled out the U disk, and patted her on the shoulder.

"I won't tell you anymore, I'll go to the conference room to debug it."

Qin Shiyue: "Oh, come on."

There are still twenty minutes before the debriefing report begins.

In addition to Zheng Shuyi, another colleague with a position change is also preparing for the meeting room.

Seeing her come in, the male colleague stopped what he was doing and said with a smile: "Congratulations, Deputy Editor Zheng."

Zheng Shuyi and this person are usually not familiar with each other. Hearing his congratulations, I felt a little embarrassed.

"The process hasn't finished yet. Don't call it that way. You will laugh at me when someone hears it."

"Oh, what's wrong with this, the matter has been nailed down by Deputy Editor Zheng."

The male colleague said so, turning his head, but sneered like a face change.

He entered the Finance Weekly a year earlier than Zheng Shuyi, and is still working hard for the position of team leader, while Zheng Shuyi has already entered the deputy editor.

When a person thinks he is unqualified, the efforts of others are all turned into a cloud of smoke in the eyes.

He only knew that the difference between himself and Zheng Shuyi was that he did not have a great lover.

"Associate Editor" is just the beginning, Zheng Shuyi will no longer be at the same level with people like them who are struggling to find information resources.

He has a boyfriend who stands at the top of the pyramid in the industry. It is not easy to see which big guy in the future.

It's not like they have to go through nine or eighty-one difficulties when they ask for an interview, and they often suffer from cold eyes. Now Zheng Shuyi only needs to speak, let alone interview, and even if he wants to make an appointment for dinner, his boyfriend can arrange it right away.

"Editor-in-chief Zheng, don't forget our old colleagues as you develop."

As soon as he turned his head, the colleague smiled again, "If you need help, don't refuse."

This sounded a bit sour, Zheng Shuyi could only deal with it twice.

After a while, various leaders walked in one after another.

When Tang Yi passed by Zheng Shuyi's side, he patted her on the shoulder.

"Don't be nervous, you can do as usual, no problem."

I have to say that Tang Yi's words gave Zheng Shuyi a lot of confidence.

With her sitting underneath, Zheng Shuyi finished the whole process, without a trace of jam, his eyes were shining, and the PPT behind it was completely reduced to the background.

The moment she put down the infrared pen, there was thunderous applause in the conference room.

"It's over?"

As soon as Zheng Shuyi came out, Kong Nan and Qin Shiyue couldn't wait to get together, "How?"

The cold air in the office was chilly. She blew on the air conditioner for a while, suppressing her excitement, and then calmly said: "It's okay, keep playing."

Kong Nan and Qin Shiyue said in unison: "A treat."

Zheng Shuyi said "OK", "Tomorrow night, you choose the place."

Back at the work station, Zheng Shuyi picked up a pen to write a weekly report, but he did not do anything about it.

She turned her head to look at the sun outside the window, utterly unconscious for a while.

Ten minutes had passed by the time she retracted her gaze.

With a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, even the most annoying work week report was written very quickly.

Two hours later, Zheng Shuyi raised his head and leaned back on the chair with a calm expression, but he sent Shi Yan three exclamation marks in a row.

Zheng Shuyi: I will treat guests to dinner in the evening!

Zheng Shuyi: You choose the place!

Zheng Shuyi: Don't be polite to Editor Zheng!

It took a long time for Shi Yan to have time for a mobile phone.

He sent a voice directly over.

"Bocuiyun Bay, is that okay?"

Zheng Shuyi bends his lips: OK, editor Zheng will cook for you himself.

At the same time the message was sent, an email came on the computer.

Zheng Shuyi immediately clicked on, and the moment she saw the content clearly, her eyes were frozen on the screen.

Thinking that she had read it wrong, she blinked and read each word silently.

Like falling from a high altitude, Zheng Shuyi's whole body sank into a sense of weightlessness, and even the sunlight by the window suddenly disappeared as her mood changed.


The message sent to Shiyan was immediately withdrawn.

Zheng Shuyi: The meal is gone.

Zheng Shuyi: Your girlfriend is also autistic.

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