Accidental Love Chapter 70

Chapter 69: Main Text

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Zheng Shuyi's promotion was stuck at the last level.

When Tang Yi called her into the office, there was still a scoring chart of the leaders on the table.

The overall results are very beautiful, but the boss's paper is blank.

"Shuyi, come here."

Tang Yi turned his pen, squeezed his mouth, and didn't know how to speak for a long while.

"Go ahead, sister Yi."

On the contrary, Zheng Shuyi spoke first, "I read the email, and finally the boss disagrees, right?"

Tang Yi immediately stood up, propped his hands on the table, leaned over and leaned toward her, "The boss doesn't deny you either, he just thinks you are too young and the qualifications are relatively low."

Zheng Shuyi nodded submissively, "I understand."

Their magazine boss and editor-in-chief's vigorous and resolute style is completely different. Everyone knows that he is a notoriously slow man. He is slow to do everything and often makes the people under him half anxious.

Then look back, eh? How can you get things done without knowing it?

"The boss has been complimenting you today, but your job report is not him after all, and he doesn't know much about you." Tang Yi shook his hands and looked at Zheng Shuyi very honestly, "Own company. To suddenly mention such a young deputy editor, he naturally has to think more about it."

"But he also said that he didn't see any better than you. I will wait until the end of the year for the assessment."

The fact that Zheng Shuyi's promotion was blocked spread throughout the company in just 20 minutes.

The size is a gossip, and close to the end of get off work, the various groups became lively because of this incident.

"I think the editor-in-chief and the editor-in-chief like her so much, thinking it's a good thing."

"Yeah, she has been producing very well in the past two years."

"The big boss disagrees, what can be done."

"Isn't her boyfriend Shiyan? The boss doesn't give me this little face?"

"Brother, our agency is also a veteran media at any rate, and it doesn't depend on them to eat."

"That's not good, isn't it just an assistant editor, the boss gives face, a very profitable thing."

"Don't you know the temperament of our boss? He estimates that he is only starting to understand the candidates now."

"Maybe Zheng Shuyi went straight to take refuge with her boyfriend in a fit of anger."

"Then don't, I still hope to have a good relationship with her, so I can usually help."

Although Qin Shiyue is a special presence in the company, this kind of news will reach her more or less.

So before Zheng Shuyi came out of Tang Yi's office, Qin Shiyue quietly sent a message to Shi Yan.

Qin Shiyue: Uncle, uncle! Something big!

Uncle: Say.

Qin Shiyue: My little aunt's promotion failed today!


Qin Shiyue: It's true!

Qin Shiyue: I heard that the boss did not agree.

Qin Shiyue: Do you... do you want to dredge?

Uncle: If you were asked to go to work, you learned these official accents?

Qin Shiyue:...

Kindness is regarded as donkey liver and lungs.

Uncle: I see.

Uncle: You don't care about this.

Qin Shiyue: What about you? What are you going to do?

Uncle: Not much.

In fact, when Qin Shiyue uttered the five words "the boss disagrees", Shi Yan had already guessed the general reason.

He knows Lu Yehua, the owner of Caijing Weekly. Although he is not familiar with him, he always has so many opportunities to deal with each other every year.

This person's style is the most stable type he has ever seen.

Sometimes some friends even joked: At the low tide of paper media, Caijing Weekly did not go bankrupt, mostly because Lu Yehua's tortoise speed has not yet climbed into this wave.

So this incident was unexpected, but it was reasonable.

As Qin Shiyue said, if Shi Yan really went to "unblock", how could Lu Yehua sell his face.

At the beginning, I just mentioned it to him, and gave Qin Shiyue a gap for the interview.

But this time it was Zheng Shuyi.

When Shi Yan saw her for the first time, she had already shown her sharp edge.

In the following time, there will be mistakes and pains and breath, but she has been shining in her own field little by little.

Zheng Shuyi now is his pearl.

Shi Yan did not want to cover her light with dust because of her intervention.

What's worse than a failed promotion is that you have to work overtime at the same time you fail.

At eight o'clock in the evening, Zheng Shuyi walked out of the company building alone.

The streets in summer night are much busier than in winter. The pool in the office square is lit, many adults and children play in the water, and vendors selling balloons and lanterns shuttle nearby.

There are also street performers hanging guitars, and familiar music is coming and going.

Zheng Shuyi buried his head and slowly walked through the bustling area.

Although she understands the boss's approach, it is impossible not to lose.

After all, after looking forward to it for so long, it turned out to be nothing.

The street artist suddenly sang Song Lelan's song, and Zheng Shuyi subconsciously stopped.

She was the only one onlookers in front of him. After the song was over, Zheng Shuyi touched the bag and found that he had no cash.

"Brother, do you have WeChat?"

The artist suddenly froze.

But before he spoke, another familiar voice sounded beside Zheng Shuyi.

"What do you want others to do with WeChat?"

Zheng Shuyi turned her head and saw Shi Yan standing behind her.

On the noisy roadside, he leaned against the car door, with his hands loosely wrapped around his chest, but his eyes were fixed on Zheng Shuyi.

Zheng Shuyi: "..."

She just wanted to give some money, and she didn't want Hong Xing to go out of the wall.

But when I saw him, the loss in my heart seemed to have found a point of strength.

Zheng Shuyi didn't say a word, walked over two or three steps, and crashed into his arms.

She stretched out her hand to hold Shi Yan's waist, and she was bored for a long time before speaking.

"I'm so miserable."

Shi Yan: "I still want to WeChat, I don't see how miserable you are."

Zheng Shuyi raised his head and looked at him lifelessly.

"Will you coax people?"

Shi Yan's outline was half hidden in the neon light, but his eyes were particularly bright.

He looked at Zheng Shuyi quietly and said nothing.

Suddenly, he bent over and kissed her.

Zheng Shuyi was a little confused.

This is a commercial center where people come and go. Has Shiyan been worn by the soul?

Immediately afterwards, Shi Yan held the back of her head and continued to kiss the corners of her lips.

"What are you doing?"

Zheng Shuyi struggled twice, "So many people are watching."


Shi Yan's fingers rubbed her hair lightly, "Don't you like this?"

The person who said it was embarrassing, but Zheng Shuyi really liked it.

She put her hands on his front breast, until the music in her ears ended, she said, "I didn't become the editor-in-chief today, and the boss didn't agree."


Shi Yan thoughtfully looked at the lamp in the opposite office building, "Then I will introduce an ophthalmologist to your boss?"

Zheng Shuyi nodded solemnly: "Then you hurry up."

When Shi Yan really wanted to walk towards the office building, Zheng Shuyi hurriedly grabbed him.

"Are you crazy? Hurry and go!"

When getting in the car, Shi Yan asked, "What do you want to eat at night?" while wearing a seat belt.

Zheng Shuyi looked at the busy traffic outside the window, and said without thinking, "Man and Han Feast."

Shi Yan chuckled, buckled his seat belt with a "click", held the steering wheel, and stepped on the accelerator.

"It's that simple?"

Zheng Shuyi leaned forward with excitement by his high-pitched tone.

"Then I don't want to eat the Man Han Banquet, I want to eat the official financial board."

Shi Yan: "What?"

Obviously, Zheng Shuyi accurately caught Shi Yan's knowledge blind spot.

Zheng Shuyi didn't explain, he guided him all the way, and it took him more than ten minutes to drive the car to a downtown area in Old Street.

Here is the fish that slipped through the net that Jiangcheng has developed rapidly over the past ten years. The uneven stone roads, the unplanned stalls, and the wires pulled up indiscriminately have precipitated a paradise free from the fast-paced life.

But because of the busy time during this period, Zheng Shuyi hasn't been here for a long time.

After a while, the banquet carried three skewers of barbecue, two packs of chestnut and a cup of cold shrimp.

And Zheng Shuyi was holding the legendary official wealth board in his hand.

Zheng Shuyi did not expect that Shi Yan would really patiently accompany her through the heavy oil fume for more than an hour.

But there is no word "just enough" in her dictionary.

When he saw the cartoon headbands sold at the stall, Shi Yan finally sank his face and said every word: "Zheng Shuyi."

Regarding the speed of face change, Zheng Shu intends not to convince people.

When she heard Shi Yan call her full name, she immediately collapsed, as if she was about to cry. "I was so miserable, my promotion was blocked, and my boyfriend was fierce to me. What's the point of being alive."


In fact, Zheng Shuyi still had a long line to finish, but when he saw Shi Yan bowed slightly in front of her. She stopped talking, squinted and laughed.

While putting his headband on, Zheng Shuyi immediately took out his phone and turned on the camera.

Shi Yan twisted his eyebrows: "What are you doing again?"

Zheng Shuyi turned around to touch his chest, and put up the phone.

"This is a limited time banquet when Zheng Shuyi is unhappy. I don't know if there will be a chance to see it in the future. I have to commemorate it."

Shi Yan sighed helplessly, looked around, and put his head to her ear.

"Not happy yet?"

With a "click", the picture freezes.

In the photo, Zheng Shuyi smiled and curled his eyes.

She knows that her mind is very sensitive and her emotions are changeable. The first second is like a trickle, and the next second is likely to be rushing like a mountain torrent.

But she is also very coaxing, as long as a kiss from time to time, she can instantly heal all her undercurrents.

This year's summer is particularly long, the temperature remains high, and autumn is far away.

Until mid-October, a sudden autumn rain finally broke the order of the city during peak hours.

Pedestrians ran into the building to hide from the rain, the bicycle speeded up, the tire splashed with water, and it passed by the take-out electric car, almost collided, the sound of cursing was endless, and the harsh car whistle came in again. , And the applause in the report hall on the 9th floor of the Jiangcheng Art Center created a delightful contrast.

In the spotlight, the host's voice was dignified and clear.

"The vigorous global digital currency war is all over the world, and major capitals have entered the game. The legal digital currency is becoming more and more intense under the drive of market innovation."

"But she focused her attention on the bottom of the pyramid, recorded the triumphs and failures of the five digital currency users, and showed readers how the wave of digital currency swept the lives of ordinary people."

At this point, everyone in the audience knows who the next award will go to, and they all focus on the woman in the second row of the audience.

"The 5th Financial News Awards Annual Industry Report Award-winning work "Where can ordinary coins stand in the global digital currency era?", the award-winning author "Finance Weekly" senior reporter Zheng Shuyi."

The moment Zheng Shuyi got up, the surrounding cameras were all aimed at the youngest winner in recent years.

She pressed her dress, turned and bowed to the audience in response to the enthusiastic applause.

The moment he raised his head, Shi Yan's gaze was like a little peacock fighting triumphantly, and he hooked his mouth triumphantly.

But when she went out in the morning, she said that her new dress was a bit ordinary, and she has held her grudge even now.

The look just now seemed to say, "No matter how ordinary the skirt is, I am also the brightest person in the audience today."

But in fact, it is true.

Unlike You Rongyan and Shiyan, Tang Yi in the audience looked at Zheng Shuyi and finally felt an elated feeling.

In the first half of the year, she was so busy and dizzy that she didn't pay much attention to the people underneath. It wasn't until this time that she was empty, and some outdated rumors came into her ears.

For example, at the mid-June exam, someone said that Tang Yi praised her like this, mostly because of his boyfriend's resources.

Some people also say that Tang Yi was blistered when Zheng Shuyi came to the magazine when she first came to the magazine. It was probably expected that it would bring her great benefits today.

Tang also knew these remarks, so angry that there was one more wrinkle at the end of his eyes.

Yes, she always felt that Zheng Shuyi's previous boyfriend was not worthy of her, and she deserves better.

But this is just based on some opinions about Zheng Shuyi's private life outside of work. She is not a matchmaker, so she doesn't care what she does.

Besides, with so many beautiful women in this world, not everyone is Zheng Shuyi.

It's as if she dug up Zheng Shuyi to let her find a good boyfriend who could bring her resources.

If this is the case, she might as well go directly to win over the president's wives, because her social skills are not impossible.

But these things she couldn't get to the face to reprimand, she could only hold back this tone secretly.

To this day, she finally sighed and immediately sent the award information to the company group.

Tang Yi: Zheng Shuyi won an annual report award, which is the currency war. Everyone should study it.

Tang Yi: As I said before, everyone's eyes should be widened, their eyes should be lowered, and the interviewees should not be confined to a small circle.

Tang Yi: Everyone should open up their minds when reporting topics in the future. Don't think that the views at the top of the pyramid are information. Every financial-related person in life is worthy of our observation and understanding.

The implication is: Zheng Shuyi can indeed easily get the top-level information resources, but when they turn the interviewees into ordinary people that everyone can reach, they can achieve the same results. Are you still embarrassed?

No matter how many people understood her subtext, dozens of "applause" expressions quickly appeared in the group.

Some people are happy, some are worried.

After the award ceremony, the rain has not stopped.

Rain water hung on the eaves of the restaurant opposite the Lanchen Department Store, like a chain of beads, which added sentimentality.

The coffee in front of Qin Shiyue didn't move, but it was cold.

She didn't speak, the low pressure was visible to the naked eye lingering all over her.

Yu You sat opposite her.

Even though the person in front of him had been silent for nearly twenty minutes, he did not show any impatience.

Just sitting quietly, not playing on the phone or in a daze, waiting for her to digest her emotions.

Today is her birthday.

Unlike the way of holding big parties in the past, this year she was very low-key. She didn't invite any sisters or sisters. So she sent a message to Yu You: Tomorrow is my birthday. Will you come to my birthday party?

She had all thoughts about it, and then Yu You asked her, why are there only two of them at the banquet?

Qin Shiyue said: Because my inner world is only you.

This is what Zheng Shuyi taught her.

Although it was a bit dirty, she said that my little uncle especially ate this set.

But after Yu You came, he didn't ask anything, but brought a thunderbolt to Qin Shiyue.

He is going to England.

Compared with the generous treatment given by the company, after trying, he was more devoted to academics and decided to continue his unfinished study tour plan.

During Qin Shiyues 25th minute of silence, the waiter took the menu and asked Yu You: "Can I order food?"

Yu You raised his chin toward Qin Shiyue, meaning to wait for her to order.

Qin Shiyue didn't have any appetite, she raised her head and made no secret of her bad mood.

"I can't eat, I want to go home."


Yu You has always respected women's opinions, and is an out-and-out gentleman, "Then I'll give it to you?"

"No need to."

Qin Shiyue couldn't control his emotions, and quickly picked up the bag and got up, "My driver is waiting for me outside."

The two walked to the parking lot one after another.

The driver came down to pull the car door under his umbrella, Qin Shiyue stepped over one leg, suddenly turned back, and looked at Yu You.

"I ask you a question, and you answer me honestly."

Yu Lobby is good.

Qin Shiyue: "Do you always think I am a vase?"

The rain curtain blurred Qin Shiyue's vision, she just vaguely felt that Yu You smiled.

It's like watching an unreasonable kid.

"In the beginning, it was."

Hearing this, Qin Shiyue held her breath abruptly, waiting for his next words.

Then I heard him say in a hurry, "But now I think you are a lovely vase."

Qin Shiyue: "..."

No matter how cute the vase is, it is not a vase.

Qin Shiyue got into the car, stuck out his head, stared at Yu You for a long while, but said nothing.

Just like before, Yu You didn't leave, so she let her watch.

After a long time, Qin Shiyue said in a low voice: "Then I wish you a safe journey."

Yu You nodded.

"You wait a minute."

He held the umbrella, went to his parking spot, and brought a box from the co-pilot.

Qin Shiyue: "What is this?"

Yu You: "Birthday gift."

This is the only ray of sunshine in this inclement weather today.

Qin Shiyue smiled reluctantly, "Thank you."

As soon as the driver pulled the car out of the parking lot, she eagerly removed the present.

Inside is a painting.

A character oil painting imitating Monet's style, but signed by Yu You's name.

Monet's brushwork has always been unrealistic, and the characters' facial features have only vague outlines, but Qin Shiyue vaguely feels that the woman in this painting is a bit like her.

Holding the painting, she turned her head quickly, and only Yu You's car's taillights were flashing in the rain.

She was embarrassed to ask Yu You if the person in the painting was her.

Fear of making a lasting impression of affection before others leave.

But this specious hope made her make a decision to change her life.

At seven o'clock in the evening, the old house of Shijia.

Although it was Qin Shiyue's birthday today, she wanted to go there by herself, and the family did not force it to gather together to celebrate the award for Zheng Shuyi.

So when Qin Shiyue appeared, the family was shocked.

"Didn't you go there for your friend's birthday?"

Qin Xiaoming asked, "Why are you back?"

When Qin Shiyue got out of the car in a hurry, he didn't even hit the umbrella, and his hair was wet with a few strands of hair attached to his face, looking a little embarrassed.

Holding a box in her hand, she looked at her parents eagerly and said, "Dad, Mom, I'm going to study in England."

Qin Xiaoming pulled the chair beside him and beckoned to her, "Drinking?"

Qin Shiyue: "..."

She walked over angrily, "I'm not kidding, I really want to go to England to study!"

After speaking, she glanced at Shi Yan.

She thought that her uncle would be happy to send her to school, but his eyes clearly read "What do you want to do?"

Only Zheng Shuyi asked her: "Why do you want to continue studying again?"

Qin Shiyue glanced at the people in the room, hesitant to speak.

So Zheng Shuyi stood up and led her to the balcony.

"Is it because of Yu You?"

Qin Shiyue nodded, eyes red.

"Yes, anyway, whether you say I am not reserved, or say I am impulsive, I just want to go."

She gritted her teeth, her chest rose and fell, and her voice was stubborn that she had never felt before, "They don't believe that I really want to go to school, but that's what I think."

"I didn't want to study before because I couldn't find motivation, I didn't lack money, and my family didn't need me to be a pillar of support. I didn't know why I was so tired."

"But I have a goal now."

Zheng Shuyi: "Do you want to stay in the same place as Yu You, or do you really want to go to school?"

Qin Shiyue was anxious, "Why didn't you understand! This is not a contradiction! I, I want to go to school because I don't want him to be a vase, and I go to England because he is there too!"

Before Zheng Shuyi could answer, Shi Yan's voice suddenly appeared.

"If you want to go, why do you rush to your little aunt?"

Qin Shiyue was speechless for a moment, and suddenly recalled.

"Then Uncle, you mean to agree to go?"

Shi Yan didn't speak, but looked at her with disgust.

"I'm going to prepare the visa materials."

Qin Shiyue ran upstairs, leaving Zheng Shuyi in a daze.

"Who does the character that says wind is rain follow?"

At the same time, Zheng Shuyi pulled the sleeve of La Shiyan, "You just agreed so easily?"

Shi Yan snorted, "Then we make a bet."

Zheng Shuyi: "What are you betting on?"

Shi Yan: "I bet she won't be able to stand it for half a year at most, and she is clamoring to go home."

Qin Shiyue's footsteps were heard from the stairs.

Zheng Shuyi looked at her back and said solemnly: "I bet she will persist until she finishes her studies."

Afterwards, she looked up at Shi Yan, his reflection in her eyes.

"You don't know how hard a woman will work in order to stand at the same height as the man she likes."

In order to catch up with the start of school in January, Qin Shiyue left for England in December.

Two positions in the finance group were vacated at once, which caused hr to add shifts for several days in a row.

One is Qin Shiyue's position, and the other is Zheng Shuyi's position.

That afternoon, Zheng Shuyi closed the door of his office, looked at the three words "Zheng Shuyi" on the door sign for a while, then turned around and went home.

As soon as she opened the door, she found that the light in the living room had been turned on.

When I walked to the kitchen, I saw Shi Yan standing in front of the cooking table washing vegetables.

"What are you doing?"

Shi Yan said in a hurry: "Cooking dinner for Editor Zheng."

The three words "Editor-in-Chief Zheng" really pleased Zheng Shuyi.

"If you were so sweet, our children would be able to make soy sauce."

The speaker had no intention, but he listened carefully.

Shi Yan raised his eyes to look at her, with floating sunlight in his eyes.

But Zheng Shuyi left this sentence and ran to the cloakroom.

Tomorrow is the first day she officially takes office. For her new position, she has to prepare a set of best-looking clothes.

A few minutes later, Shi Yan heard a scream from inside.

Shi Yan wiped his hands slowly before walking in.

In the cloakroom, Zheng Shuyi was barefoot and his eyes widened, looking at a blue velvet ring box on the jewelry cabinet.

She asked: "What is this?"

Shi Yan leaned against the door and said with a smile: "What do you mean?"

Zheng Shuyi didn't seem to recover, and stood blankly, silent.

Shi Yan stood up slowly, walked up to her, and took out the ring.

"Editor-in-chief Zheng, when do you plan to let me get promoted with you?"

When he was about to raise Zheng Shuyi's right hand, she suddenly took two steps back.

"Where's your report?"

Shiyan: "..."

The momentary silence in exchange for Zheng Shuyi's back.

"Are you silent? Then you're over."

After speaking, she pulled her slippers and ran to the outdoor balcony as if running away.

There is no wind or rain today, and the setting sun is like broken gold.

Zheng Shuyi sat on the rattan chair, not knowing where to put his hands, so he pulled out a few waxberry in the vase beside him and hugged him.

She needs a cold wind to calm her mood.

Shi Yan did not follow.

After a while, Zheng Shuyi smelled a light scent of food.

The fragrance of food always seems to affect people's thinking.

Sometimes, when Zheng Shuyi walks to a certain place and smells a scent of cooking smoke, his memory will be drawn back to his childhood and think of the days at his grandparents' house.

But the scent she smelled at the moment made her mind many, many years later.

Hope that year after year, day after day.


When Shi Yan walked over, there was no footsteps, "It's cold outside, come in and eat."

Zheng Shuyi didn't open his eyes, but curled the corner of his mouth.

"Sir, who are you, don't talk to beautiful women casually."

"I have a husband."

End of text

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