Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 1131

Chapter 786.2 - Soldiers cannot be insulted (Part Two)

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Chapter 786: Soldiers cannot be insulted (Part Two)

Zhou Zhen: Thats why Im asking to know so they can feel a bit at ease.

Aunt Lan: Okay, wait for my call, Ill try.

Zhou Zhen was relieved to hear this.

The Zhang Family members in the room also had a little bit of hope.

The good friend next to Zhou Zhen envied him. Zhou, you got yourself a good wife.

Zhou Zhen rolled his eyes at him.

Ten minutes later, the phone rang.

Hello, Wife.

Aunt Lan on the other end of the phone said directly, I asked Dads secretary about this. It was his idea but he asked Old Master Ye before he proceeded with it. Are they with you? Put me through with them or put me on speaker; Ill tell him directly.

Zhou Zhen noticed that his wife was very serious and he was also curious about what Old Master Ye said, so he chose to put her on speaker.

Zhou Zhen: Okay.

Aunt Lan thought for a while and then her tone changed suddenly, as if she was not speaking to Zhou Zhen, but to the Zhang family, sounding very serious.

I asked the secretary about this, and he said that the guest was not an ordinary person, but a soldier who had made a significant contribution to this country! His appearance was also his sore spot, and now youve salted his wound. Old Master Ye is very angry about this and he told me this: Soldiers cannot be insulted.

Zhou Zhens pupils contracted as he immediately understood the seriousness of the matter.

Back then, Old Master Ye, Old Master Zhou, and the rest were all soldiers and generals.

At that time, order was above all, and disobeying orders was a great insult to being a soldier. Especially after the establishment of the country, insulting them would only have one possible ending, which was death.

So now it seemed like suppressing the actress was not unjust at all! And there was no need to justify their actions.

The old man asked me whos trying to plead for forgiveness, and he didnt look very happy so I didnt dare to say it was you, Aunt Lan said to him.

Zhou Zhen breathed a sigh of relief.

Zhang and his nephew felt cold sweat running down their backs.

That was when Aunt Lan continued saying, The Zhang Family will be fine, but the actress who insulted him will have her entertainment career destroyed. Whoever is trying to protect her will be stepping in the minefield! Tell the Zhang Family that they dont need to make a fuss about it, only those who were involved will have to be responsible.

Alright thank you wife. Zhou Zhen hurriedly picked up the phone to thank his wife who cleverly prevented him from stepping on a minefield.

Thank you, thank you. The two Zhang Family members also hurriedly thanked Zhou Zhen, glad that the Zhang Family will be fine.

Once the call hung up, Zhang Tianyu felt that his heart landed back to where it should be and continued thanking Zhou Zhen.

Yet Zhou Zhen scolded, Damn you, almost putting me into this situation. Insulting a soldier can only be vindicated with death in their eyes, and I almost got dragged down by you. Hmph.

Having said that, he grabbed his briefcase and left.

His good friend caught up to him and grinned. I was right about you getting yourself a good wife, eh?

Zhou Zhen was indeed very glad that his wife, Aunt Lan, sorted it out for him. Otherwise, not to mention Old Master Ye, even if his own father knew he was involved in pleading for someone who insulted a soldier, he would have his legs broken.

Only those who had defended the country knew that the soldiers, the generals, and the military, all those who made sacrifices for the country could not be insulted!

Zhang Tianyu picked up the phone and called the company director, Cancel all of Mu Wans activities, the company will compensate for any breach of contract, and I want this woman out of the entertainment industry forever!

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