Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 1132

Chapter 787.1 Ill Kill You If You Dont Sign Part One

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Chapter 787: Ill kill you if you dont sign (Part One)

The director on the other end was baffled.

"President Zhang, you you are not kidding? Have you been drinking and socializing? We cannot let Mu Wan hear such words, many companies are trying to scout her. If she hears this and feels wronged by us, many other companies would be willing to pay for the breach of contract fee for her."

Zhang Tianyu was intrigued. "Is that so? Which company is willing to sign her now? You just do as I say, terminate all her activities and if she wants to have a temper, then tell her to f*ck off. My small temple cant afford such a big buddha."

The director: "This will be a huge loss of earnings, around five hundred million!"

Zhang Tianyu: "Without her I can make another five hundred million, but with her I cant even f*cking stay in this industry! Just follow my orders and terminate all contracts. Whichever companys got a problem with it, Ill talk to their bosses. As for compensation, Ill talk to them to aim for the minimum loss. In short, get this Mu Wan out of the company!"

The boss had spoken to end this womans acting career, who would dare to oppose him?

Who dares!

Dayu Entertainment Company

In a separate office belonging to Mu Wan, she said to her manager impatiently with her hands clasped and legs crossed, "Didnt I tell you to talk to the president to find a solution? How come youre imprisoning me now instead? Whatever, lets head to the next schedule first. Isnt there a certain music program to be recorded tonight? Lets go there first."

She stood up and got ready to leave, when the manager frowned with the phone in her hands and said to her with a bitter smile, "Tonights schedule got cancelled."

"Cancelled?" Mu Wan was furious. "I was going to use this opportunity to promote my two historical dramas, and you said its cancelled? Who gave you the right? Do you think I dont dare to fire you? Believe it or not, but I can change to another manager in a minute. Keep in mind that its because youre my manager that people think youre somebody. What I can give you, I can also take back!"

The manager couldnt quite stand Mu Wan, but Mu Wan was the one who was paying her, so she endured Mu Wans temper for money.

"It is the companys side that canceled the program," she explained.

"Are they crazy?!" Mu Wan cursed, "Theyre not trying to help, but to make it worth it? They didnt even tell me beforehand; did they tell you first?"

The manager shook her head. "No."

"This is outrageous!" Mu Wan gritted her teeth. "Ive had enough of the people here! No matter how much fame I have brought in, there are still people who look down on me. I cant feel the sincerity of the company towards me for where I am in this entertainment circle!"

"Not just tonights schedule." The manager hesitated as she continued, "All events in the near future have been cancelled. I first thought its because we did something wrong, but when I called them, they said that our company cancelled it for us."

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