Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 1133

Chapter 787.2 Ill Kill You If You Dont Sign Part Two

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Chapter 787: Ill kill you if you dont sign (Part Two)

"This is outrageous!" Mu Wan was furious. "Theyre not taking me seriously, right? Okay, Zhao Chun, you put the words out there for me that Ive been wronged by the company and I want to cancel my contract and change my agency. Ill see if Zhang Tianyu is going to be anxious! You are going to represent me and tell the media personally, so that it sounds more credible."

The manager was slightly excited.

Because Mu Wan had a signing fee, she could earn a commission as well.

Zhao Chun immediately told this to the media who they often cooperated with, and they released the news right away, appearing in all the headlines on Weibo and other SNS platforms.

After Mu Wan returned to her apartment, she looked at the time and waited for the phone to ring.

She knew that things would be solved after tonight.

However, her managers phone didnt ring at all.

The PR department on the companys side did not take any actions to clarify on Weibo and acquiesced the news.

Neither the director nor the president called her, not to mention feeling anxious, they seemed like they didnt even care!

When it was almost bedtime at night, Mu Wan couldnt sit still and asked her agent as she was putting on a facial mask, "So did anyone call you?"

The manager shook her head. "I felt that its so quiet tonight, its because the phone didnt ring."

Mu Wan: "Is your phone out of battery?"

The manager: "No, Ive been holding on to it."

Mu Wan: "Did you pay our bills? Is it down? Try calling someone."

The manager laughed bitterly. "If its down, then its my negligence as a manager. It cant be down because even if I go over, I would still have thousands of yuan carried over."

Mu Wan pulled out her own cell phone and said ruthlessly, "I dont believe that such a long time has passed, and no one is anxious about it. You want to test my attitude? Well, then dont blame me for being unkind. Im going to call other companies, and Ill sign whichever company is willing to pay for the breach of contract!"

Having said that, she called the boss of an entertainment company that had treated her with most sincerity before.

"Hello? President Bi, its me Mu Wan."

"I know, whats the matter?"

"Have you heard about my news on Weibo? Yes, its true, and Ive thought about it that Ive been kind enough for this company. If they dont pay me enough respect, then I want to go to another company who will."

President Bi: "Then which company does Miss Mu Wan want to go to?"

Mu Wan was shocked to hear his response.

That was not the dialogue she had expected.

He should be cheerful and welcoming, and say something along the lines of: Alright, come to my company. Ill pay for the breach of contract in addition to the signing fee and give you our top-notch resources.

However, the script did not seem to play out like how Mu Wan expected to.

"President Bi you really know how to chat. I am serious about leaving Dayu and earlier you offered me good terms. I think it is the most suitable for me to go to your company, is that not what you said? This is a win-win cooperation, and I believe in your resources as well as my advantages and popularity!"

The person on the other end of the line laughed grimly, "Did I? Did I say those words? Miss Mu Wan, Im sorry, but I have a meeting to attend now. Its not convenient to talk about this on the phone, but if you are sure about which company you want to go to, please let me know."

Mu Wan: "What for?"

President Bi: "So I can stay away from a company thats playing with fire and end all the cooperation so I dont get myself burned. Hahaha, just kidding. Hanging up."

Mu Wan gritted her teeth and took a step back. "President Bi, I can waive the signing fee!"

President Bi: "Now that you mentioned, I remembered this signing fee. I gave it back to your President Zhang for free. Do you know why? I thanked him for reminding me not to play with fire. Well, lets be direct; our company does not welcome you. Go find someone else. Goodbye."

After she hung up the phone, Mu Wan stayed there unsettled for a long time, and was so angry that she threw her phone away.

When she was furious, her managers phone rang.

"Its from the president!" the manager said excitedly.

Mu Wan sneered. "Finally, hes anxious now, eh? Put him on speaker! Lets see what he has to say!"

The manager nodded, picked up the phone, and put it on speaker.

As soon as the call came through, Zhang Tianyu growled, "B*tch, you want to be on the news? Come back to the office! I have all the contracts for your termination on my desk. If you dont come and sign, then Ill kill you!"

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