After Mr. Pei Marries An Overweight Lady Chapter 1068

Chapter 1068: So Shao This Joke Is A Bit Big

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Chapter 1068 Hao Shao's joke is a bit big

Su Yangde's hand froze in midair, and he turned his head slowly, with a trembling voice. Although he looked down on Pei Hao in his bones, he knew that he could not provoke this ancestor.

Especially different from other rich men who have a jealousy about doing things. The man in front of him has no abilities, but he is not stingy. He does things without regard to the consequences. Now he wants to really offend the other party completely, then Su Clan will be over.

Su Clan is over, that means he is over!

Su Yangde, who has spent most of his life prosperous and wealthy, can't believe his life after Su's bankruptcy, and he can't care about his face at the moment. He pretends to put away his hands casually, and the pressure on his face is directed at Pei Hao. He smiled, "It happened that a few came here. I am apologizing to Xixi. It was me who was wrong yesterday. I shouldn't do anything to Xixi. Xixi must forgive dad..."

Su Bixi didnt have seen Su Yangdes face change, but at this moment, he was still disgusted. He pressed his lips and did not speak. Yu Guang glanced at Pei Hao, "Im tired."

"Tired? This...Xixi, can't you forgive dad? Tell dad, what should I do to forgive me?" Su Yangde said sincerely, and you can feel the aggressiveness in him by wearing fine products. .

Pei Hao's face was not worried, but Su Bixi held her mother's hand and said nothing.

The scene was very embarrassing, Ma Mingxue stepped forward to round the field when he saw this, "Xixi, your dad really knows that he was wrong, will you forgive him this time?"

At first, Su Bixi was hesitating when she heard Su Yangde's words, but she didn't want to forgive Su Yangde, but she could feel the change in her mother's mood.

Unlike her, her mother obviously had such a fascination with her father, and this Ma Mingxue was really annoying. Every time she heard her call her own Xixi, Su Bixi was disgusted, and suddenly thought of something, "Forgive me too." Its not impossible."

Su Bixi's words shocked everyone in the audience. Even Pei Hao's was slightly surprised, and he looked at Su Bixi with an eye on the bottom of his eyes.

Shen Yue behind Su Bixi also subconsciously held her hand, "Xixi..."

Shen Yue didnt know why her daughter suddenly let go, but she probably guessed that it had something to do with her, so she shouted nervously.

She didnt want her daughter to wrong herself for herself.

She hadnt expected Su Yangde since last night, so she just asked not to disturb each other.

Su Bixi shook her mother's hand back and signaled that she didn't need to worry before speaking to Su Yangde, "My request is very simple, that is, you will drive this little third away and announce that he is not your son. Later, he will also There is no right to inherit the Su family."

"What did you say? You little bitch..." Before Su Yangde could react, Ma Mingxue let out an excited growl, but the little **** just came out and gave Su Yangde warning eyes.

Ma Mingxue swallowed the rest of the words fiercely, but the previous gentleness and virtuousness disappeared on her face. She looked at Su Bixi's mother and daughter bitterly, then bowed her head aggrievedly, and whispered to Su Yangde softly, "My husband, she wants to For my life, I also want the Su family to wean off children and grandchildren..."

After hearing Su Bixis request, Su Yangde's face was not very good. Hearing Ma Mingxue's words again, the eyes looking at Su Bixi were even more gloomy. He is always good and loves his son the most. He intends to let his son inherit a little older. His family business, but now Su Bixi not only wants him to drive away Ma Mingxue, but also forbids him to admit his son and let his son inherit the Su clan. How is this possible?

Can not give in to Su Bixi's expression, coupled with Pei Hao's pressure on the side, Su Yangde tried to curse Su Bixi several times, but in the end he could only bear it abruptly.

It's important to keep Su Clan first no matter what.

"I...I can promise you..."

"How can this husband!" Su Yangde gritted her teeth, but was interrupted by Ma Mingxue in the middle of the conversation. She grabbed Su Yangde's hand and said, "My husband can't..."

"Shut up!" Seeing the woman around him who had always been well-behaved and clever rebelling against him at this time, Su Yangde murmured in dissatisfaction. He knew that his son was important, but if the Su Clan was gone, he would stay. What's the use of having a son? It's better to promise Su Bixi first, and when the Su clan comes back to life, he won't be fine if he takes his son back at that time.

After scolding Su Yangde, seeing Ma Mingxues beautiful face full of tears, his heart softened. At the same time, he was afraid that the other party would cause trouble to him at this time, so he added in his ear in a low voice, "I am just a stopgap measure."

Ma Mingxue heard the tears still falling, and the whole person became more aggrieved, but she didn't dare to stop Su Yangde any more, only lowered her eyes and weeped softly.

Su Yangde did not stop him, and looked at Su Bixi again, with a more affirmative tone, "I promise you, but can you really promise to save Su Clan?"

Su Bixi heard Su Yangdes answer and was not surprised. She felt even more distressed for her mother. His tone was unkind, with a bit of joking, "No."

"You..." Su Yangde almost lost control again, but Pei Hao's gaze made him look like a man on his back, and he could only endure the anger, "Xixi, Dad has agreed to your request, so forgive Dad, you I also know that Su is the hard work of my father for many years..."

Unable to intimidate Su Bixi, Su Yangde shamelessly played emotional cards.

Su Bixi only felt ridiculed, but thought that he could drive away Ma Mingxue, let her feel the pain of her mother, and at the same time limit the woman who was always triumphant, and even nearly killed her mother last night, Su Bixi looked at Pei Hao, "What about the Su family? Intervened?"

Pei Hao's eyes fell on Su Bixi without speaking.

Su Bixi also looked at him.

Ma Mingxue saw the two of them like this, as if thinking of something, "Husband, she has nothing to do with Hao Shao, Hao Shao doesn't listen to her at all, even if you drive my son and me out of Su's house, Su Bixi can't help you..."

"Who said that? As long as she agreed, what can't it?" Pei Hao interrupted Su Yangde's provocation, and then looked at Su Bixi seriously, "Are you sure to forgive them so easily?"

"Forgive? But I don't want to continue to be involved." Su Bixi didn't want to go bankrupt in the future. Su Yangde directly counted it on her, or looked for her endlessly.

I dont even want Pei Hao to be harassed because of his own mess.

"Okay." Pei Hao understood Su Bixi's aversion to Su Yangde, and said nothing more, "I will let the bank continue to perform the contract."

"Thank you Hosoh...Hey, is Hosho just a bank? There are problems with several projects in our company, how can Hosho ignore it?" Su Yangde was half anxious when he thanked him.

Pei Hao couldnt help but sneered, "I only intervened in Sus bank loan. Whats the other thing to do with me? Is it possible that Su always intends to rely on me for all the problems that Su has caused?"

"I'm not... It's just that Su's family has obviously had a lot of things since yesterday. After I left the crew, Young Master Hao begs you to help me with Su's!" Su Yangde didn't believe that the company's project had problems with Pei Hao. It's ok.

"How can I help Mr. Su by a worthless brat? Mr. Su is really cruel to me." Pei Hao replied with a sneer, and his eyes were all disgusting with Su Yangde.

Su Yangde did not dare to believe Pei Hao's words, and turned to ask Su Bixi.

Su Bixi's complexion worsened, and she glanced sideways at her mother who was already a little unstable, "I have already said what I should say, my mother should rest, please leave."

"Xixi, you can't do this, the Su family is your foundation. If the Su family and the Su family are gone, then you will be ruined by a joke even if you marry a few in the future..."

"Ahao, he's so noisy." Su Yangde was excited to hold Su Bixi, and instilled how important the Su Family Su Clan is to her into her mind, but Su Bixi only felt noisy and whispered towards Pei Hao. .

It was the first time that Pei Hao heard Su Bixi calling himself Ahao, and still yelling so intimacy, with a little grievance and small complaints, his heart trembled, and Su Yangde's face was even sharper, "Mr. Su, auntie is about to rest. ,please."

"Variously I..."

What else did Su Yangde want to say, facing Pei Haos eyes, his body shuddered and he didn't say much, and he walked out of the ward with difficulty.

Ma Mingxue followed in small steps, "husband..."

"Wait a minute." Su Bixi suddenly said.

Su Yangde thought that Su Bixi had changed his mind and suddenly turned back, "Xixi, Dad knows you are the most sensible!"

Su Bixi glanced coldly. Su Yangde looked at Ma Mingxue, "Your husband, if I remember correctly, my mother and Mr. Su shouldn't have divorced yet? If I hear you call his husband again next time, believe us or not. Prosecute him for bigamy."

Called to Ma Mingxue's husband Su Yangde again and again in front of her mother. Su Bixi didn't know how her mother felt, but she didn't want to bear it anymore.

After listening to Su Yangde, he realized that he wanted to make a difference. He looked at Su Bixi's bad eyes, which could prevent Pei Hao from having to endure, but he rushed to the hospital today and didn't let off his anger. Instead, he was even more cruel and suffocated. It's so powerful that if you don't vent it will cause internal injuries, you can only get angry at Ma Mingxue, "I heard it, who is your husband? You want to kill me!"

Ma Mingxue opened her mouth. She yelled like this on weekdays. Even last night she yelled in front of Shen Yue. She didnt see Su Yangde saying anything, but because of Su Bixis words, she insulted her, and she was very embarrassed. But he could only endure desperately, nodding his head with red eyes.

Su Yangde then looked at Su Bixi, "Satisfied?"

Su Bixi ignored them, turned around and led her mother back to the bed.

Pei Hao glanced at Su Bixi, turned sideways to open the door and waited for Su Yangde and his mistress to go out. He helped Su Bixi close the door of the ward, and then said leisurely, "Su always wants to save Su's family?"

Already desperate, Su Yangde heard this sentence and suddenly went to see Pei Hao.

Pei Hao smiled and sighed, "I have an idea, I dont know if Mr. Su wants to listen?"

"Of course, of course, as long as a few are willing to help me with Su's family, I will listen to everything!" Su Yangde was very excited, and there was a surprise of another village.

Pei Hao saw the curvature of the corners of his lips upturned, and glanced sideways at Ma Mingxue.

Su Yangde immediately understood what Pei Hao meant, and looked at Ma Mingxue and roared, "Hurry up, havent you heard what Xixi said today? By the way, take your stupid son away too, so dont interfere with my eyes in the future!"

"Husband... Yang De..."

"Hurry up, get off!" Ma Mingxue first called out her husband, and then thought of Su Bixi's words just calling Su Yangde's name, but Su Yangde interrupted immediately.

Ma Mingxue was anxious, ashamed and angry, but she could think of Su Yangde's current situation and the problems facing the Su Clan. She could only bear it. Moreover, Su Yangde said just now that driving away their mother and son was just a stopgap measure, waiting for Su Bixi to beg Master Peis family brought the Su family back to life, and it was not too late for them to come back in the scenery.

With this thought, Ma Mingxue endured the shame now and left with red eyes.

Wait for Su Yangdes mistress to leave, Pei Hao slowly continued to throw his bombs, "It's okay to help Su Clan for you, but I have a request."

"A lot of you, don't hesitate to say it." Su Yangde kindly replied. At this time, Pei Hao can agree to any request as long as it is not too excessive.

After all, the company is important!

"Transfer to Su Bixi's 25% of the Su Clan's shares." Pei Hao is still sluggish, with disdain in his eyebrows.

Su Yangde was surprised when he heard it, "How little this joke is a bit big!"

"Is it big? If you think it's a joke, there's nothing to talk about." Pei Hao shrugged and turned and left.

Su Yangde was anxious, and quickly stopped Pei Hao, "I have something to say, but I also own 46% of the shares. If I give 25% to Xixi, wouldn't it be right for Su? Lost control?"

"Oh, that's Mr. Su's own business." Pei Hao sneered and said nothing, but he knew exactly what Su Yangde meant, and he chose to work for Xixi only because he found out about Su's shares. Twenty-five percent.

A number that Su Yangde can do cruelly, but very painful.

"Is there no other way? I have a lot of properties under my name..."

"I'm just asking for this. Su always thinks it's OK, we'll talk about it again, if it's not right, we won't talk about it." Pei Hao interrupted Su Yangde, he said that he was talking to Su Yangde, but he didn't intend to talk about it.

Throwing down this sentence, he bypassed Su Yangde and walked forward.

Su Yangde was really anxious this time, he caught up again, gritted his teeth and said fiercely, "I promise you!"

"Oh." Pei Hao seemed to hear Su Yangde's heartbreaking voice, he snorted indifferently, and then looked at Li Rui who had been standing not far away, "Go and draft a contract with Su Yangde. The contract will include Su Yangde. The mistress and her son were not allowed to enter the Su family, and at the same time, they were not allowed to inherit any property from the Su family."

Li Rui quickly agreed, but Su Yangde's face turned pale. He originally planned to agree to Su Bixi on the face, and wait for the Su Clan to get through the difficulties before taking Ma Mingxue mother and son back to Su's house, but now Pei Hao has written what he agreed to , Then it will be difficult for him to get Ma Mingxue mother and son back in the future.

That is his only son!

Su Yangdes heart was bleeding, but he thought that if Su Clan went bankrupt now, he would have nothing. It would be useless to leave the two mothers and sons...

"What else does Mr. Su have?" Pei Hao asked slowly when he saw that Su Yangde's head was lowered and his neck was full of blue veins.

Su Yangde hurriedly raised his head, restrained the emotions in his heart, and shook his head towards Pei Hao, "No, how dare you."

"That's good." Pei Hao replied lazily, not looking at Su Yangde again.

Su Yangde looked at the back of Pei Hao leaving, his legs were soft and he was paralyzed, and it took a long time to relax, then he clenched his fists fiercely, "Damn..."

"President Su, please here?" Li Rui popped up like a ghost and asked.

Su Yangde stopped abruptly, and was shocked in a cold sweat. He raised his head and smiled at Li Ruisan, "Okay, okay..."

In his heart, he has already begun to figure out how to take back the shares given to the mother and son, so as to fill the hole in front of him.

(End of this chapter)

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