After Mr. Pei Marries An Overweight Lady Chapter 1069

Chapter 1069: Let Me Hug My Girlfriend

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Chapter 1069 Let me hug my girlfriend

Pei Hao returned to the ward and Su Bixi had just comforted her mother. Seeing him come in, she raised her eyes and said, "Are they gone?"

"Well, I won't bother you again in the future." Pei Hao said smoothly.

Su Bixi didnt know what Pei Hao did, but subconsciously believed that Pei Hao was not in good condition. She was a little worried.

Pei Hao saw Su Bixis worries, "After your scene is finished, I will send auntie to stay abroad for a while to relax."

"Mom, can you?" Su Bixi also felt that her mother really needed to change her environment. She stayed in the country to avoid facing the troubles of the Su family from time to time, although Su Yangde said this time that Ma Mingxue and her son would be driven out. Su family, who can believe it?

Even if she did it now, it should be for the company's expediency. She would still not know Su Yangde's nature, even if she didn't want anyone, she couldn't have a son.

Before, when the Shen family was still rich and wealthy, he dared not be too blatant about his mother and himself. Later, the Shen family plummeted and became the most ordinary family in Yanjing city. Su Yangde's nature was exposed.

It may be a while for the company to converge now, but after which? I don't know what moths will come out.

And with the green tea characteristics of Ma Mingxues woman, its weird if she doesnt come to her mother to show off her power? Rather than let the mother be irritated and have an accident again, it would be better to go to live abroad first, as Pei Hao said.

Sus mother did not expect that Pei Hao would give such a proposal. Then she looked at her daughters caring eyes and hesitated. She wanted to escape from her current life, but she couldnt let Su Bixi go. "Xixi, what do you do if I leave?"

"Auntie, rest assured, I will take good care of Xixi. At the moment when the Su family is trapped, the Su family will definitely be in chaos. They will definitely find a way to survive. Xixi will play the role of Ye Dao's first girl. The fire is only a matter of time. Entanglement, you just leave first to let Xixi..."

"It's my mother's business to be inseparable, don't say such things." Pei Hao was afraid that Su's mother would not want Su Bixi to stay, so he simply spoke out, but Su Bixi glanced at it and interrupted him.

He shut his mouth at the right time, but knew that Su Mu should understand what he meant.

Sure enough, the next moment Su's mother spoke, "Pei Hao is right. I stayed will only serve as their handle for you, and my mother really wants to change the environment. I have been staying in Yanjing for these years and I have been trapped in Su's house. That side of the world revolves around a man every day, but in the end he is completely abandoned by betrayal, it is better to go outside and see the world."


"Okay, it's so decided." Afraid of her daughter's heart burden, Su's mother interrupted again, "I will often contact you when I am abroad, don't worry about my mother."

Su Bixi pursed her lips and nodded, "Thank you, Mom."

"What do you stupid kid say to your mother, thank you, mother also thank you, or your mother might not have the courage to leave Su's house, and was humiliated by him all day..." When it came to that house, Su's mother had some eyes. Flushed.

Although she and Su Yangde are not childhood sweethearts, they are also young couples. They thought they could reach whiteheads along the way, but unexpectedly turned out to be like this in the end. She doesnt even know when the person next to her betrayed her.

"Well, mom, don't say anything, let the past pass, you are less than fifty, there are many possibilities in life." Su Bixi interrupted her mother to recall the unbearable past, and softly encouraged.

Sus mother returned to her senses, and heard Su Bixis words a little funny repeating, "There are still many possibilities in life...hehe, silly boy."

Su Bixi didnt bother with her mother on this issue, and changed a lighter topic, "Where does mother want to go?"

Su's mother who asked this question was taken aback, but couldn't answer for a while.

Pei Hao reached out and poked at Su Bixi, and said gently to Su Mu, "Dont worry, auntie can think about it slowly, I have home ownership in many places abroad, and you can arrange it wherever auntie wants to go."

"Will this trouble you too much..." Mother Su was a little embarrassed, she was not very optimistic about Pei Hao and Xixi being together before, but at the moment whether it is Su Yangde's affairs today or going abroad is the other party Helping them.

"No, I am Xixi's boyfriend, and I will be your half son in the future. Do what you should do." Pei Hao answered this sentence very quickly, as if he was waiting for Su's mother here.

Sure enough, Mother Su was taken aback, "Boyfriend?"

Su Bixi gave Pei Hao angrily, then nodded at her mother with a shame, "Mom, we are together."

"Um...very good." Su's mother was stagnant. In fact, she had guessed it in her heart, but she guessed it was different from what the two children said in person. But after these few days, Su's mother is still somewhat satisfied with Pei Hao. Yes, he said something very good, then looked at Pei Hao again with a serious expression, "Are you serious about Xixi? Are you planning to get married?"



Su Bixi and Pei Hao answered almost in unison.

Its just that Pei Hao said yes, but Su Bixi said no.

Su Mu looked at the two with complicated expressions.

Pei Hao reached out and held Su Bixis hand, not allowing the woman to interrupt, and then seriously answered Sus mother, "I am serious about Xixi. As for marriage, as long as Xixi agrees, I can propose to her at any time."

"Then I can rest assured." Su's mother looked at Pei Hao's sincere gaze. Although there are still countless questions in her heart, she also knows that it is useless to ask too much about feelings, and it is useless to say more eachother. Today, Pei Hao Just assure her that if she changes her heart one day, everything she says will be nonsense.

It's like Su Yangde promised so much to her at the beginning, and he didn't forget it.

But she was not sure about the future, but she could see that Pei Hao was sincere to Xixi at this moment.

All she can do is tell Xixi not to be as stupid as she used to be.

Waiting for Pei Hao to leave, Su's mother held Su Bixi's hand, "Xixi..."

Su Bixi heard a lot of advice from her mother. You cant believe what a man said. You must learn to grasp the mans heart, and you must keep your mind at all times. You must have your own private money... In a word, Su Bixi has a lot of life advice, and Su Bixi is directly troubled. .

After finally comforting her mother, Su Bixi came out and faced a magnified handsome face. She looked at Pei Hao in surprise, "Why haven't you left?"

"You started to despise me the next day you were together?" Pei Hao asked dissatisfied.

Su Bixi helplessly, "Who dislikes you? I just surprised you why you went out half an hour ago and didn't leave."

"Of course I am waiting for you." Pei Hao said while holding Su Bixi's hand, and looked to Su Bixi's face intently.

Su Bixi was stared at, stepped back a little nervously, glanced at the corridor again, and said lowly, "This is the hospital, don't mess around."

"I just see how your face is. What does it have to do with the hospital?" Pei Hao raised his eyebrows when he heard Su Bixi's sentence.

Su Bixi realized that she had misunderstood the man, and her pretty face blushed immediately, "Its nothing, my face is getting better, are you out of play this afternoon? Lets go."

Speaking of Su Bixi, he stretched out his hand to push Pei Hao.

Pei Hao held her tighter, "Dont go, first tell me what you thought I was going to do?"

"I didn't think what you were going to do!" Su Bixi became a little bit angry.

"Is this angry?" Pei Hao chuckled, pulling Su Bixi out.

As a result, there were several female nurses passing by in the corridor. Seeing them two, they looked over curiously.

Su Bixi found out that Pei Hao was not wearing a mask, and hurriedly pulled the man to the elevator entrance, and found the mask from his bag to put on Pei Hao.

Her movements were completed in one go, and Pei Hao was also extremely cooperative, looking at her with a smile throughout.

Su Bixi was uncomfortable being seen, "Why are you looking at me? I don't know if I am an actor at all. It will be very troublesome to be recognized."

"Oh, I thought you were worried about your boyfriend's beauty being coveted by other women, and that was the end? Su Bixi, you are so sad." Pei Hao looked disappointed.

Su Bixi's eyebrows bounce lightly, this drama is fine!

"Shut up." Seeing someone else around, Su Bixi stretched out his hand to cover Pei Hao's mouth, and took advantage of the elevator to open and pull him into the elevator.

In a crowded hospital on weekdays, it would be miraculous that there was no one else in the elevator. Pei Hao took advantage of the situation and buckled Su Bixi's slender waist with his long arms, so that it would be easier for her to cover his mouth.

But there was no one in the elevator at the time of the problem. Su Bixi didnt need to cover the mans mouth anymore, letting go of the somewhat embarrassed command, "You let me go!"

"Don't let go." Pei Hao refused without even thinking about it.

Su Bixi couldnt help staring at him, and saw Pei Hao sulkily pushing her waist up, and then complained against the tip of her nose, "Ive been busy all morning, let me hug my girlfriend to relieve her."

"You...huh..." Su Bixi heard this sentence, her heart was throbbing, and what else she wanted to say, the tall man in front of her with long arms slightly hardened, she was hugged tighter, and the tip of her nose hit the man's chin with a light sigh. , I wanted to say something, I felt that the man's strong muscles had a higher body temperature than her, and he became dumb and blushed and let Pei Hao hold him.

Until someone came in the elevator, Su Bixi struggled to push Pei Hao away, but her face was flushed and she was embarrassed to raise her head, so she buried her head on Pei Haos chest until she exited the elevator.

Waiting to get in the car, Pei Hao met Su Bixi's red face, first for a moment, and then chuckled. He used to think this woman was cold and proud, but now he realized that he might have misunderstood her at the beginning.

The so-called high coldness and arrogance may just be this woman's protective color, the real she is soft and messed up.

"Don't laugh." Su Bixi was uncomfortable with Pei Hao's smile, and snorted, raising her eyes to stare at Pei Hao.

But Bae Hao approached her as a rogue and kissed her eyes, and then asked seriously, "Are you shy?"

No one knowingly asked, Su Bixi coldly did not speak.

Pei Hao smiled more happily, knowing that Su Bixi wanted to get out of the car, he grabbed her, "Well, I'm not smiling, don't be ashamed, what I just said is the truth, especially for you."

Su Bixi flushed her cheeks unconvincingly, and looked at Pei Hao in shame. She suddenly felt that this man was really good at flirting, was it because of his rich experience?

Thinking of this Su Bixi was a little sour.

Pei Hao didnt know the mind of the person in front of him was off the track again, so he lowered his head and pecked at Su Bixis lips, "What do you want to eat?"

"Whatever." Su Bixi was sour in her heart, and she was listless in answering Pei Hao's question.

Pei Hao didnt know what was wrong with Su Bixi, so he reached out and raised Su Bixis face, "whatever?"

"It's okay, let's talk about Su's family." Su Bixi knew that it was strange that she was like this, so she hurriedly changed the subject to prevent herself from falling into strange emotions.

"Where is there anything to talk about? You can rest assured that I won't let the Su family go bankrupt." Mentioning the Su family, Pei Hao thought of Su Yangde's aggressiveness towards Su Bixi, and a gloom flashed in his eyes.

Su Bixi's brows frowned slightly, "Don't interfere with the Su family's affairs. Su Yangde is not good at medicine and has no business skills. Su's mismanagement and bankruptcy are only a matter of time. At this time, if you make a mistake, he may not be able to rely on him. Fuck you, although you can solve it, it's always disgusting."

"Are you caring about me?" Pei Hao raised his eyebrows happily.

Su Bixi shut up immediately.

Pei Hao gave a chuckle, and quite evilly went to Su Bixis ear and bit her earlobe gently, "I have received your concern, but you are really willing that Su Clan will be over. I heard that Su Clans consumption All the hard work of your grandpa's life."

Su Bixi was a little dazed by Pei Haos scornful smile. After being bitten by such an ambiguous smile, Su Bixi's body became tense, but he accidentally mentioned his grandfather from his mouth, and his eyes dimmed. , Did not speak for a long time.

Indeed, Sus grandfather spent his entire life.

And to say that Su Bixis most respected person in Sus family is her grandfather. Unlike her grandma who prefers sons to daughters, her grandfather has always valued her very much. She can be cultivated by the best resources of Sus family and most of them are proud of her grandfather, even Grandpa used to educate her as the heir of the Su family, which shows that she has high hopes for her.

Unfortunately, the entire Su family changed when Grandpa passed away.

As for she also gave up medicine and started to enter the entertainment circle.

It took a long time for Su Bixi to raise her head and murmur softly, "I let Grandpa down."

If Grandpa knew that she had given up Su Clan, he would be very sad, but what can she do for Su Clan in such a situation now?

"Have you never thought of taking Su's clan into your hands?" Pei Hao looked at Su Bixi's emotions in full view, and looked at her seriously as the topic changed.

Su Bixi's eyes widened and looked at Pei Hao. He was obviously shocked by the man's ambitious idea, but then shook his head, "Impossible, Su Yangde has an absolute stake in the Su clan. In addition to the second room, there are other shares. For the old lady, no one of them can give Su Shi to me."

After listening, Pei Hao raised her brows slightly. What this stupid woman kept saying was that it was impossible for those people to hand over the company to her, but she didn't say that she didn't want to.

"Oh, let's do it." Pei Hao didn't go deep into this topic anymore, and he gave a faint sigh as the closing remark.

Su Bixi was disturbed by his words, but she was no longer the self-righteous Su family eldest for more than half a year. She quickly sorted out her emotions, and Su Yangde could promise her to drive Ma Mingxue mother and son out of Su. At home, she is very satisfied no longer letting their mother and son disturb her and her mother's life.

As for the others, she will earn slowly by herself.

"Here." Just when Su Bixi was thinking about it, the driver reminded them that the restaurant was here.

Su Bixi suppressed the messy emotions just now, and let Pei Hao lead her out of the car.

(End of this chapter)

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