After Mr. Pei Marries An Overweight Lady Chapter 1070

Chapter 1070: xixi Is It Okay?

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Chapter 1070 Xixi, is it okay?

Su Mu was discharged from the hospital two days later, and Su Bixi also resumed filming.

Its just that as the movie gets closer and closer, Su Bixi has gradually become known, and successive invitations have also increased.

From small sanitary napkin advertisements to large TV drama heroines, Su Bixi has to find suitable for her from these complicated invitations. This is easy for a professional agent, but for Su Bixi who is just entering the circle. Xiaobai seems very troublesome.

In the past few days, Su Bixi has been off work. In addition to memorizing the script, it is to screen these invitations, trying to find options that suit her and can make money to support her life without making her price drop.

However, after a few days, Su Bixi didn't choose a suitable one, but found a lot of pits instead.

This makes her head big.

Pei Hao's role has been completed, but Su Bixi did not leave, so he refused to leave. In the past few days, Su Bixi stared at the phone from time to time and frowned, and finally grabbed her mobile phone intolerably.

"What are you doing?" Su Bixi asked listlessly when he saw that Pei Hao did it.

She used to think that being a celebrity is good as long as she is glamorous, but as she joined the group, she didnt know how to choose when she encountered an invitation, only to realize that it was not easy for the celebrity or the celebritys agent.

"I want to know what you are doing, and you are not paying attention to eating." Pei Hao muttered and looked down at Su Bixi's cell phone, only to find that the woman had listed all the job offers she received recently, and all the advantages and disadvantages were written down. Above, he raised his eyebrows slightly, "So I was choosing a job, are you optimistic?"

Su Bixi originally didn't want Pei Hao to intervene in these things, but this meeting was seen, so she nodded and pointed to a few invitations that she thought were good.

Pei Hao frowned slightly, and finally shook his head at Su Bixi, "No."

Su Bixi was puzzled, "Why? I chose for a long time, and I think only three are good. I am hesitating about the final option."

"You take a closer look at the magazine you chose?" Pei Hao handed the phone to Su Bixi.

Su Bixi glanced, "JQ, isnt this magazine the top magazine in China? I heard that many celebrities want to be included...Hey, there is a letter under this..."

Speaking halfway through, Su Bixi suddenly raised her head to look at Pei Hao.

Bae Hao nodded towards her.

Su Bixi suddenly collapsed half of his body onto the chair. Isn't this too pitted?

She ruled out a lot of pheasant invitations, but she did not expect to choose for a long time, and there was such a fake and shoddy product in it. What the **** is the next super-shrink M of JQ? At first, she was curious about how big magazines like JQ could do it. The invitation was sent to her, but the other party was sincere, saying that she was the first female of Ye Dao, not to mention JQ, as long as you want to publish the top ten magazines.

Taking a deep breath, Su Bixi pointed to the second one. It was a script she chose. Although it is not a movie, it is invested by big-name companies, and there are many celebrities in the circle. The production team looks good.

"You know why this is such a good book, but did you choose you to be the female one?" Pei Hao asked with an inscrutable expression.

Su Bixi asked, what does this man mean, it seems to be a low price to choose her, but I think that I am not popular now, and I have no money and no background. "Heart of Medicine" has not been released yet. It is really strange to find her, so I can only cooperate with men to ask questions. ,"why?"

"This play is adapted from a web text. The original work has a lot of diehard fans, but the content is too dark, and the script has not been tried for several times. In the end, it was modified by demons and can only be broadcast on the web. Several heroines have been changed. Now in the circle Those who are slightly more well-known are not willing to pick it up. The webcast is one reason, and the other is the chaos of the plot change. Once it is broadcast, it will inevitably be boycotted by book fans. It can be said that it is a poisonous cake." Pei Hao is also in the circle. After a while, I happened to know this.

"So miserable?" Su Bixi sighed after listening to it, and thought to herself that fortunately she didn't choose, and finally pointed to the last one reluctantly, "Why can't I pick up this ad?"

Su Bixi just saw that this clothing brand is real, not a pirated miscellaneous brand, and the popularity is also good. I dont understand why Pei Hao even passes this one.

"His familys political leanings are unknown, he has had improper behavior in design, and was boycotted by netizens. Although he was low-key later, but the foundation is not clean. Once the endorsement happens later, it will be a thunder spot, and it will explode at any time." Pei Hao Explain patiently.

Su Bixi understood in an instant that although the domestic form is tolerant, some things cannot be tolerated.

This clothing brand is tantamount to touching Guo Jia's bottom line.

"I see, that means I can't choose any of these invitations." After saying that, Su Bixi threw her mobile phone aside. She still wanted to earn some money so that her mother would have to go abroad, but Pei Hao With that said, she found that most of these invitations were pits.

But she can also understand that, after all, she is not from a major class, has no reputation, and the only movie she starred in has not been released yet, so why should people give her a good job?

"Nor." Pei Hao took Su Bixi's phone and scanned all the other invitations he hadn't read. Finally, he fixed his eyes on one line and pointed to Su Bixi, "You can choose this."

Su Bixi leaned over and saw that Pei Hao was referring to a sanitary napkin advertisement. She frowned, "Why? I don't want to endorse this."

Born in Su's family, Su Bixi had been in contact with elite celebrity education since she was a child. It was a bit embarrassing for her to accept sanitary napkin advertisements, and she was really embarrassed.

"But this is best for you now. The nationality of the other party is okay, and the price is moderate. After receiving it, it can quickly open up the popularity for you." Pei Hao analyzed.

Su Bixi's cheeks flushed, "I don't want to."

She blushed just thinking that she was wearing a large piece of sanitary napkin to shoot an advertisement.

Pei Hao chuckled, "Just forget it, but let me remind you that before the release of "Heart of Medicine", this may be the best and most reliable endorsement you can receive. The others are mostly like those just now, no A pit is a deep pit."

Su Bixi's eyes widened instantly, and he seemed to be asking, am I so miserable?

Pei Hao understood her expression and nodded very seriously, "Yes, so if you take it for your own consideration, of course I can support you without taking it."

"Who wants you to raise?" Su Bixi muttered unconvincedly, then took her mobile phone and stared at the invitation for the sanitary napkin advertisement for a long time, and finally couldn't help sending it to Song Mianmian, "Mianmian, you say I will take this. How about an endorsement?"

Song Mianmian quickly replied, "Wow, SOFY came to you? Their family is not bad. I spoke for it before, but unfortunately, I didnt renew the contract after I got too angry."

Su Bixi looked surprised and sent Song Mianmian a series of question marks.

Song Mianmian answered a series of question marks in confusion.

Su Bixi coughed awkwardly before tapping on the keyboard, "Just...wouldnt you be embarrassed to shoot this?"

"What's the embarrassment, everyone is a woman? What's the matter? And the girly style of his house only chooses beautiful girls who have just debuted. The nationality is good. Many female artists are vying for endorsements. Unfortunately, once they get older If it exceeds twenty-five, he will be rejected by his family." Song Mianmian replied with sigh.

Su Bixi was full of emotion after hearing it, and it turned out to be like this.

Then isnt she lucky?

"Huh?" Pei Hao raised his brows and asked when Su Bixi hadn't spoken for a long time.

Su Bixis endorsement of this sanitary napkin has been loosened, "I will consider it again."

Su Bixi, who was sitting by Pei Hao, was close and tall, and he could easily spot who Su Bixi was talking to. After meeting Song Mianmian, she was moved and was upset. This woman didn't believe me, but Song Mianmian just said a few words and she listened.

Su Bixi saw that Pei Hao was suddenly upset, and looked over strangely, with puzzled eyes, as if to say that it was not okay just now?

Seeing Pei Hao, he was immediately discouraged, and he yanked her cell phone, "Eating."

Su Bixi, "..."


After complaining, Su Bixi lowered his head to eat.

But thinking about things in her heart, Su Bixi was absent-minded when she was eating. Now that she has decided to join this circle, she must do her best, but how to do her best is a problem.

The last time she heard Song Mianmian said that signing the studio of Emperor Pei saves a lot of trouble, does she also need to sign a company?

But where to sign?

Although Su Bixi doesnt really distinguish coming to business, she also knows that the current entertainment company is very dark-hearted. The company Song Mianmian signed before was not only hidden, but also very detained. Now her former agent also DISS whenever she has a chance. she was.

So where to sign is a very prudent thing.

Pei Hao started to stun when he saw Su Bixi eating. He was angry and funny. He reached out and rubbed Su Bixi's head, "What are you thinking about again?"

"Do you want me to sign a company..." Su Bixi focused on thinking and told the truth without paying attention.

"Yes." Pei Hao didn't expect that Su Bixi was thinking about this, and he answered in the affirmative. As an artist, if he doesn't have a company, he will be alone in this circle. Unless his personal strength is the best, it will be difficult to become a climate, and Su Bixi's personal qualifications Not bad, but before it's time to go solo, signing a company is the only way to go. In fact, Su Bixi didn't mention it, he had already thought about it for her.

Su Bixi was startled by Pei Haos affirmative answer, and then realized what she had just said, her face was a little uncomfortable, "Im not in a hurry, and I will talk about the contracting company after the release of "Medical Heart"."

"If you believe me, you can sign in to Pei's film and television company." Pei Hao asked Su Bixi directly without giving Su Bixi a chance to dodge.

Su Bixi was surprised, and then thought of something, "You are not talking about Ruiyu, are you?"

At the time, Ruiyu was widely exposed because of the accompaniment scandal, and other illegal and disorderly issues were involved. Now it has already fallen, she did not expect Pei Hao to mention it suddenly.

"Not really, but I got away from Ruiyu. Now it is called Bishui Entertainment. It is completely separated from the past. I will be in charge. If you are willing, you will be the first contracted artist of Bishui." Pei Hao said very seriously.

Su Bixi was embarrassed, "Bitian? That bi that water?"

Pei Hao stubbornly stretched out his hand and touched his nose, "The green of the yellow spring is blue, and the water is the water of the river." He couldn't tell this woman that he had a second-in-second name when his mind was twitched. Of course, Bi is Su Bixi's name. Bi, the water is next to the water with the word Hao.

"Oh." Su Bixi looked at Pei Hao with a complicated gaze, and thought for a while, "Is there any preferential treatment for the company I signed with you?"

"Naturally." Pei Hao wants to say that the company can give you anything, but he is afraid of scaring Su Bixi away, so he can only be vague, "Now the company has not signed an artist, you come naturally and all resources are inclined to you, but you don't want to come now. If there are more artists signing contracts later, resources will definitely be allocated, so do you want to sign?"

"Okay." Su Bixi was still worried about signing the contract, but I will listen to Pei Hao, so he will no longer worry about these things, and the answer is very simple and affirmative.

Her attitude made Bae Hao stunned, "So simply?"

"Didn't you say that if I believe you, I will sign, I believe you." Su Bixi shrugged.

Bae Hao was stunned, "..."

She believes in herself?

"I'm not afraid I sold you? And you should have heard of Ruiyu's previous scandals, are you not afraid?" Pei Hao asked cautiously after a moment of shock.

"I'm afraid, isn't there you?" Su Bixi looked at the emotional change on Pei Hao's face, with a sense of accomplishment inexplicably.

"Okay." Pei Hao met Su Bixi's clear gaze, the corners of his lips raised slightly, and he happily returned.

Su Bixi came over at this moment, "Can I discuss it with you? Let's change the name of the company, Bishui sounds strange."

And she is really afraid of being misunderstood in the future.

Although it may not be her narcissistic misunderstanding.

"Already registered." Pei Hao rejected Su Bixi's idea.

Su Bixi pursed her lips, "Bishui Entertainment? That's okay."

Looking at Su Bixi's reluctant appearance, Pei Hao couldn't help reaching out his hand to hold her face, and kissed fiercely, "Put you and me together, do you have any comments?"

Su Bixi was kissed ruthlessly, her mouth hurt, and at the same time she heard the mans sentence, she was surprised at first, then realized, she couldnt help but laugh, and when Pei Hao let go, she asked curiously, "Your company wont be just for me. Is it established?"

"Thinking beautifully, Pei's is expanding, Pei Er's enchanting ambition, and entertainment is a big pie, how can Pei's give up the opportunity to share a piece of the pie? It's just that the third uncle played too dirty before, resulting in Pei's reputation. It is affected, so this time I will separate Bishui and I will lead it. Whether it can be achieved is still unknown." When mentioned the previous incident, Pei Haos smile faded, but he did not say that the entertainment industry is Peis inevitable involvement. In the industry, but Bishui was the first to register after he knew that Su Bixi was going to take this road.

"I believe in you." Su Bixi saw the dimness of Pei Hao's eyes, and suddenly reached out and held the man's big hand.

Pei Hao felt the softness of his palm, and chuckled, "Of course, I have to pay you back to me, right?"

Su Bixi, "..."

Bored man!

Seeing Su Bixi's gaze, Pei Hao smiled more and more wanton, and finally went straight up and started kissing Su Bixi again.

Su Bixi couldn't escape being forcedly kissed, and she resisted at first, but she lost her clarity after being kissed, and raised her small face to cooperate. As a result, Pei Hao's movements became more and more excessive, and her big hands began to poke into her shirt.

The atmosphere at the dining table became more and more ambiguous, and only the gasps of each other could be heard. The seductive Pei Hao acted more wanton, and finally directly put Su Bixi on the chair and asked in a low voice, "Xixi, is it okay?"

(End of this chapter)

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