After Mr. Pei Marries An Overweight Lady Chapter 1130

Chapter 1130: Miss Su, what's your morals?

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Chapter 1130 Miss Su, what is your morals?

Su Yangde looked at Pei Hao in horror, then looked at Su Bixi, who was already sitting on the main seat, suddenly understood something, pointed at Su Bixi, "You...you..."

"I remember that today should be a meeting of the senior management and the shareholders?" Su Bixi did not speak, but Pei Hao looked at Su Yangde in a cool manner.

Su Yangde thought that he had sold all the shares on hand, and his heart sank uncontrollably, and suddenly thought of something, "You harm me?"

He asked Su Bixi, and asked Pei Hao that he didn't have the guts yet.

Pei Hao wanted to speak, but Su Bixi smiled, "How did I harm you?"

"You...you deliberately let me sell the shares, maliciously bought them at a low price...and you also pitted your father with outsiders!" Su Yangde said these words with no confidence, especially there was a Pei Hao standing next to Su Bixi.

"I'm really capable." Su Bixi listened to the summary.

Su Yangde was angered by Su Bixis understatement, "You still have the face to say, if it wasn't for you..."

"If it wasn't for me, the Su family had declared bankruptcy half a year ago. If it weren't for me, your cooperation with Dechang Industrial would not hurt your own wealth. If it weren't for me, would you still have a chance to stand here and be angry with me?" Su Bixi suddenly interrupted Su Yangde.

After Pei Hao pressed her to the position of Su's executive president, Su Bixi knew what this man had done for her behind his back.

Since the other party has done ninety-nine steps for her, how can she ask the other party to do the last step for herself?

"You...you dare to confront me?" Su Yangde looked down on women all his life, and now he was questioned by his daughter as if he could stand it in public, and immediately yelled irritably.

Su Bixi just watched calmly. In the past, she always felt that her father was unattainable. When she was young, she even admired each other. It is a pity that the admiration and love for her father when she was a teenager disappeared with each other's repeated abuses.

Dare to stand up? Maybe she didn't dare before, but what can she not dare now?

"How many shares do I own in the Su family?" Su Bixi ignored Su Yangde and looked at Pei Hao.

"75%." Pei Hao replied softly.

Su Bixi was stunned for a moment, and then looked at Qin Sang who followed him like a shadow, "Kick him out."

Qin Sang did not hesitate to step forward.

Su Yangde's face is even more ugly, "Su Bixi, you bitch, I'm your father, you dare to drive me away?"

Su Bixi's words completely angered Su Yangde, making him forget the scruples of Pei Hao on the side, and directly cursed the **** Su Bixi.

It's just that he doesn't scold someone at the scene, but he will sympathize with him somewhat, but he said a **** and ruined everything in an instant.

A father scolded his daughter as a **** in public, how did he humiliate him behind the scenes? If Su Yangde hadn't done too much, how could his daughter deal with him like this?

If Su Yangde used to worry about these things, but now he has red eyes, and he wants to go up and slap Su Bixi after cursing, but before he gets close to Su Bixi, Qin Sang cut his hands from behind.

In an instant Su Yangde let out a painful howl, and when he realized that he was being held down by a thin woman, he was painful and angry, "Let go of me, what do you dare to do to me!"

But no matter how angry Su Yangde was, the Qin Sang who pressed him was indifferent. There was no way that Su Yangde could only aim at Su Bixi and yelled for Su Bixi to let him go, otherwise he would go to the media to expose her torture of her father and rob Su's family. the property of

Su Bixi was indifferent, looking down at the document Pei Hao handed her, Qin Sang slightly forced Su Yangde to be speechless, and then threw the person out of the meeting room.

After Su Yangde was locked out of the office, Su Bixi probably read what Pei Hao gave her again, and then raised her brows with arrogance and coldness, "Please circulate these documents."

After speaking, Su Bixi looked at Qin Sang who came back.

Qin Sang distributed the printed documents.

Soon the sound of inhalation in the entire conference room came and went, and finally turned into disbelief.

"Is this true?" Su's side support who had been watching the excitement couldn't help asking first.

"Naturally it is true. Starting from today, the Su family will reach a long-term cooperative relationship with the Pei Group. From now on, Sus focus will still be on the pharmaceutical industry. The specific content is in the document. If you have any objections, you can raise it now. Or you can submit your resignation if you have any dissatisfaction with me." Su Bixi's voice is not rushed, but with a shocking spirit.

The scene fell silent, and the breath could be heard for a while.

Finally in this silence, an old Su employee stood up, "Can Miss Su guarantee that the cooperation with Pei has not changed?"

"The contract is clearly written in black and white. You don't have to worry about it." Su Bixi knew this high-level person. He had talked to his grandfather before, and his tone was somewhat respectful.

The other party was still worried after listening, and turned his attention to Pei Hao.

Bae Hao smiled, "Xixi is my fiancee, what do you think?"

The scene was in an uproar again.

They had guessed something when they watched Pei Hao come in with Su Bixi just now, but the guesswork was not as good as what the other party admitted in person.

Everyone knows that the young master of the Pei family is a romantic young man, and he will dump Su Bixi someday, and Sus interests will not be guaranteed at that time, but the meaning of the fiance is different.

After everyone's emotions were almost vented, Su Bixi spoke again and arranged the next company's affairs one by one.

In fact, there is not much that she needs to do. Pei Hao made complete preparations for her, and the company did not need her to manage it, but continued to hire previous professional managers to take care of it.

Because the company was taken care of by the professional manager arranged by Pei Hao before, everyone did not have much opinion on this, so the matter was settled.

Then came some trivial things. When the meeting was over, it was six o'clock in the afternoon. Pei Hao took Su Bixi to eat, and the two returned to Ruikai City.

Until the shower, Su Bixi still had a dreamy feeling lying on the bed. She thought that Su Clan would not be able to keep it under Su Yangde's work, but she didn't know that turning around Su Clan not only survived, but also became hers.

"Pei Hao, am I dreaming today?" Seeing Pei Hao coming out of the bathroom, Su Bixi suddenly sat up and asked.

"Heh." Pei Hao lightly cursed the little fool.

Not only was Su Bixi not angry, she also climbed down from her clothes abruptly and yelled at him, "Don't move."

Pei Hao held the towel in his hand and looked at Su Bixi incomprehensibly. Su Bixi rushed up and grabbed the towel in Pei Haos hand, How can Hao Shao come here in person for wiping hair? Ill come, Ill come.

That posture is really terrible.

Pei Hao was stunned for a moment, and then his shoulders trembled slightly when he laughed. He looked at Su Bixi playfully, "Ms. Su, what about your ethics?"

"What is the ethics?" Su Bixi looked at Pei Hao with an innocent look, while pressing Pei Hao on the sofa with his hands, he carefully wiped the man's hair.

For the first time in his life, Pei Hao enjoyed the service of his girlfriend and the whole person had to float into outer space. He directly took a selfie with his mobile phone, and then sent it to the group, "I saw it, my family Xixi wiped my hair. Do you have this treatment in front of your wife?"

There were several bursts in the group instantly.

Shen Hong disgusted, "sprinkle dog food at night, watch the knife!"

Ye Dan despised, "What's the point of letting my wife wipe her hair? If you have the ability, let your wife do something else for you, such as (not suitable for children)...Oh, you almost forgot that you are not a wife, right? "

"Are you driving?" Lu Zhen Ai Te Ye Dan.

Ye Dan coughed slightly, "The Marines still care about this?"

Pei Zhengyang, who got out of his busy schedule, sneered, "Do you still have a face to let your girlfriend serve you?"

Cheng Hanyu, who doesn't know how to get into this group but has always been corpse, said, "The second master said something human today."

"Why did this strange creature get in the group?" Pei Zhengyang asked displeasedly. This is the thing that remembers Cheng Hanyu's love rival for him.

Cheng Hanyu sighed, "What is a strange creature, isn't it your rival in love?"

"Tsk, watch the annual drama." Shen Hong yelled excitedly.

Ye Dan and Pei Hao did not show weakness, cheering for the two of them in various ways, and even Lu Zhen sent out an emoticon bag with a dog.

Pei Zhengyang suddenly disliked this group of people, and went to change the children's diapers without being careful.

Cheng Hanyu continued to stand up, thinking about whether he should do something for Xiaoxiao himself?

Pei Hao, who showed off to no avail and was robbed of the limelight, didn't bother him. He threw his phone aside and concentrated on enjoying Su Bixi's head-wiping service, thinking of Ye Dan's words, isn't he a wife, right?

Not a wife yet!

It seems that he has to keep working hard!

"What do you want?" Su Bixi found that Pei Hao was a little distracted when she wiped it halfway, and the man on the sofa was still motionless after she finished wiping the sofa, so she immediately approached Pei Hao curiously and asked.

Pei Hao suddenly woke up, and with a twitch of his mind, he asked what was in his heart, "Xixi, shall we get married?"


The hair dryer in Su Bixi's hand fell to the ground with a clatter, shocking herself, and squatting down to pick it up, but Pei Hao took her hand first.

"Scared?" Pei Hao asked with some annoyance when he looked at Su Bixi.

"No." Su Bixi shook her head hurriedly, and then couldn't help asking, "What was your proposal just now?"

She asked Bae Hao about this, do you propose to marry him? It seemed a bit crude, but he had said everything, and now he could only nod his head.

Su Bixi looked at Pei Hao like this, "Are you sure?"

"What's unsure of me? Anyway, I will recognize you in this life, so you just say whether you will marry or not?" Pei Hao suddenly put on a stern posture, actually panicked.

Su Bixi looked at the man like this, her hands were a little tight, and she nodded for a while.

Pei Hao didnt understand Su Bixis meaning at first, and couldnt help but urge when she saw that she hadnt spoken for a long time, Is it okay? You give me a scream!

"Laozi and Xiaoye for a while, what do you want to do with me?" Su Bixi asked dubiously.

"I want to be your man!" Pei Hao stretched out his arms and suddenly dragged Su Bixi into his arms. Without the anxiety and anxiety just now, he held down Su Bixi, "You can say yes or not!"

"En." Su Bixi said lowly as he looked at the man who pretended to be aggressive.

Pei Hao was still brewing in his heart for a while, or whether Su Bixi would agree that he would have to use some extraordinary means, such as conquering people, how could he know that Su Bixi suddenly gave him a favor.

Rao thought he was knowledgeable and Pei Hao was still stunned by En. He stared at Su Bixi blankly, fearing that he had misheard, or the other party didnt mean that. He stared at Su Bixi steadily. ...I speak louder."

The Lao Tzu who just uttered the sentence was replaced by me abruptly.

Su Bixi looked at Pei Hao with a slightly cunning mouth, "You are so fierce, do I still dare to speak?"

"I'm fierce? You haven't seen me fierce anyone? Su Bixi, take it seriously for me, do you agree or not!" Pei Hao said that he had already pressed Su Bixi on the sofa, and he covered Su Bixi's body and continued to be fierce. Said.

If Su Bixi didnt understand Pei Hao in the past, he would have been particularly annoyed and wronged, but now its different. She knows that this man is just bluffing, because he cares so domineering, and the smile on the corner of his mouth rises even more. The answer just now is that you did not hear clearly."

"I heard clearly, but I still want to hear it." Pei Hao said a little arrogantly.

Su Bixi insisted on not fearing power, Pei Hao anxiously softened his tone, "Xixi, please say it again, OK, I want to hear it."

A handsome man of 1.83 meters covered his ears and acted like a baby. The other party was still his lover. Su Bixi thought he was a sane person. This would be totally unbearable, and he nodded to the man, "Uh, uh."

"What do you mean?" Pei Hao asked in an inch.

Su Bixi only felt the heat tumbling beside her ears, her body was so soft, she bit her scalp and said, "Yes, it's okay."

After hearing an excitement, Pei Hao stretched out his hand to hold Su Bixis face, and the whole person was also suppressed.

Su Bixi was pressured to breathe hard, "You get up...well, it's crushed!"

Pei Hao just sat up abruptly, while Su Bixi was breathing heavily.

Waiting for her to catch her breath, Su Bixi found that Pei Hao was staring at her intently. She couldn't help but reach out and touch her cheek, "What are you doing?"

"Xixi, you promised to marry me, but can't you go back?" Pei Hao stared at Su Bixi while the iron was hot.

Su Bixi thought that Pei Hao was going to say something, but the result was such a sentence, funny and angry, "Do I seem to be such an unbelieving person?"

After listening to this, Pei Hao finally felt relieved, and his long arms hugged Su Bixi into his arms again, with a broken lips, "Then we should celebrate, okay?"

"How do you celebrate this big night? Don't you have to go to work tomorrow?" Su Bixi glanced at the night outside, really wondering what this person was going crazy?

Pei Hao posted a whisper to her ear.

Su Bixi's face was flushed, "You... shameless!"

"Hahahahaha..." Pei Hao was not only lifeless, but also laughed unscrupulously.

Su Bixi was annoyed by his smile, and stared at Pei Hao bitterly with her beautiful eyes.

Pei Hao finished laughing, bowed his head and pecked Su Bixi's eyes a few times, and then sighed, "Xixi, you said why are you so cheating? You promised to marry me without preparing for anything. Don't you feel a disadvantage? "

Su Bixi snorted softly, "It's not always true that we two will suffer."

Pei Hao was taken aback, then laughed again, and said meaningfully, "Xixi, are you sure?"

Su Bixi kicked the person off the sofa in embarrassment, this **** man!

(End of this chapter)

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