After Mr. Pei Marries An Overweight Lady Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131: The moment of death of a female star

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Chapter 1131 The moment of death of a female star

Su Bixi had a mess with Pei Hao all night, but was woken up early by Kaili's phone call the next day.

The sleepy Su Bixi took the phone and listened to Kellys voice in a daze. There was an illusion that she felt like a world away. It took a long time for her to gradually hear the voice over there. She has an announcement today.

"Ah!" Su Bixi whispered and suddenly sat up and fell back. After touching his sore waist, he struggled again, and saw a tall man walking out of the bathroom.

She was stunned for a moment, "You haven't left yet?"

"Why don't you sleep more for a while?" Pei Hao asked softly as he watched Su Bixi's sleepiness.

"I have a magazine shooting in the morning." Su Bixi said and got up again, with infinite annoyance in her voice. There was too much happening yesterday, and she completely forgot about the magazine shooting today.

Pei Hao glanced at the time, then looked at Su Bixi's sleepy look, "Just finished and won't you take a break? Ask your agent to reschedule."

"It's been settled long ago, how can I just change it?" Su Bixi said, having got out of bed barefoot and ran to the bathroom, but was picked up by the waist when passing by Pei Hao. She was frightened and sighed, "Pei Hao, you Don't mess around, I really want to rush to the announcement. Sister Kaili worked so hard to fight for me."

"Put on your shoes." Pei Hao carried Su Bixi to the bed and looked at Su Bixi's feet.

Su Bixi realized that he had misunderstood the man, and suddenly cheek pink, patted Pei Hao's big hand, struggling to put on the slippers, only then planned to continue rushing to the bathroom, but he was buttoned by the man again.

"Pei Hao..." Su Bixi shouted, and Pei Hao was clasped and blocked his lips.

After the kiss ended, Su Bixi's gasping gasping didn't forget to give Pei Hao a fierce look, and then he found that his mobile phone was still nearby and still on the phone.

Su Bixi stayed for a while, then unwillingly picked up the tentative shout, "Sister Kaili?"

"I didn't finish my words, you suddenly called out. I was worried about what happened to you..." Kelly tried to explain, but it seemed to get darker and darker, so she turned her head around, "If you are too tired, I can talk to the editor-in-chief. Re-arranged time."

"Cough, cough, cough!" The following sentence almost made Su Bixi want to get into the mouse hole. This is probably the moment when the society died?

"No, no, I can." Su Bixi took a deep breath and said with full momentum.

Kelly thought for a while and said, "Xixi, don't force yourself."

"I won't force it!" Su Bixi threw down the sentence in embarrassment and hung up, then glared at Pei Hao angrily, "Blame you!"

"Well, okay, blame me, then I'll take you there?" Pei Hao laughed and teased when he heard the conversation between Su Bixi and Kaili.

"No need!" Su Bixi said this sentence aggressively and went into the bathroom.

Wait for her to go downstairs, Pei Hao was already waiting at the door, "I have prepared sandwiches for you to eat on the way, dont be in a hurry to catch up."

"Huh." Su Bixi snorted proudly, but her body honestly took the man's handbag, and followed Pei Hao out of the room step by step.

Pei Hao planned the time very well. The time for Su Bixi to the shooting site was just right. This made Su Bixi greatly relieved. Although she has made two major productions now, none of them has been released so far. Fame relies on previous scandals and a few fast-moving ads, and it can be said to be a real newcomer in detail.

As a newcomer, being able to shoot second-tier magazines is already the top treatment. This is Kelly's exchange for her previous favors. If she is late, it will not only be bad for herself, but also affect Kelly's credibility.

Fortunately, I caught up.

Kelly rushed up to grab Su Bixi and walked to the dressing room. When she walked halfway, she suddenly realized that Pei Hao was next to Su Bixi. She stopped to say hello to Pei Hao, but Pei Hao waved her hand, "Go ahead."

After finishing talking, he didn't drive the car directly, but watched Su Bixi enter the elevator before starting the car.

"The makeup artist is already waiting. Today's photographer is a big guy in the circle. You have to behave well." Kaili entered the elevator and told Su Bixi.

Su Bixi still trusts Kaili at work and nodded, "I will try my best."

After talking about work, the elevator suddenly quieted down, and the atmosphere became a little weird, especially when Su Bixi thought of the morning phone call, she wanted to hide in embarrassment.

Kaili was thinking about another thing. After she went back last night, she dragged Zhang Tiantian out. Then she knew something about Su Bixi and Pei Hao. From Zhang Tiantian's mouth, she heard another Pei Hao, what kind of love Will spoil others again, very good to Su Bixi.

This is different from the Pei Hao that Kelly heard from the rumors. In addition, she now knows that Pei Hao is Pei Hao. A little bit of search can also find out the scandal between him and Zhou Zhou, a new star in the circle in May and June. , And Pei Hao played the second male in the filming of "Medical Heart", and his rumored girlfriend played the third female.

What kind of complicated relationship is this? Kelly only understands a little bit and she is very big. Last night, she didn't sleep much all night, half-dreaming and half-waking until dawn, she called Su Bixi.

It's just that she didn't expect that this phone call would tell her to confirm another thing, that is, Su Bixi and Pei Hao are living together.

This is simply a big thunder.

Kelly feels that her heart is not good now, but that person still can't afford it.

"Sister Kaili..." The atmosphere in the elevator was solemn, and Su Bixi stretched out her hand and pulled Kaili's skirt, with a little coquettish tone in her tone.

"Speak well." Kaili said sadly.

"Don't be angry, I didn't mean it." Su Bixi's voice was flattering. It was indeed her fault this time.

Its just that she thought Kaili would be happy when she knew that the other party was Bae Hao.

After all, having the identity of Young Master Pei supporting her is a guarantee for her.

But Kellys reaction made Su Bixi very comfortable.

Kelly was angry because she was really thinking about her.

"Hmph, I think you did it on purpose." Kelly snorted, then sighed lightly, "Have you ever thought about your future, Xixi?"

Its not that Kelly is negative, but she has seen too many warmths and tears in this circle, how many lovers are sweet as honey when they fall in love, but after the breakup, they are shaking the world, everyone wants to stand on the commanding heights of public opinion and kill each other.

But women are inherently weak, and they are too demanding. Once their relationship is exposed, they will inevitably attract discussion from all sides. It is good for the two to get to the marriage hall. If they are separated halfway, let alone Peis power, they will be a little careless. The public opinion of netizens can ruin Su Bixi.

"Sister Kaili is afraid that we have no future, right?" Su Bixi revealed the question Kaili really wanted to ask.

Kelly did not deny it, but looked at Su Bixi seriously, "You are not stupid, you should be very aware of Peis monstrous power, but this is more than good for you. It is a double-edged sword, which can send you a bright star. It can also trample you into hell, especially...he has a bad reputation, and sister is afraid that you will be sad."

This bad reputation is already Kellys restraint.

In Kaili's view, Bae Hao's notorious description is not too much.

"He proposed to me." Su Bixi understood what Kaili was talking about, and did not go around the corners, and directly played his hole cards.

Kelly was startled first, then thought she had heard it wrong, and it took a long time before she said, "Proposal?"

"Well, we will get married, and I trust him." Su Bixi said this mainly to reassure Kaili, and she herself believed in Pei Hao.

What the other party did for her is not something that can be said clearly. She can't explain to Kaili one by one, but she can express her own position.

"When did it happen?" Kaili was a little dazed, and she was full of thoughts about Pei Hao, who proposed to Xixi to marry him. Isn't it a lie to Xixi?

"Last night." Su Bixi answered honestly.

After hearing this, Kelly shook her heart. She had always thought that Su Bixi was a very sensible girl, but since she left the crew in a costume last time and returned to the crew with a trace of ambiguity, she found that this girl has a high probability It is also a love brain.

But she didn't expect that Su Bixi would fall in love to this level. How did she propose to marry me last night?

So far, the two of them have not even heard any scandals, let alone other news of their engagement, and it is this stupid girl who believes the mans rhetoric.

Maybe this young man is really different to Xixi, but even if the wealthy young master is sincere, it is still unknown how true his sincerity is.

For a time, Kaili's eyes on Su Bixi were full of sympathy. She deeply felt that the person in the eyes of the public and the person in the eyes of lovers were really not the same person.

Su Bixi originally thought that she would feel relieved when she said that, but she didn't expect that after she finished speaking, she not only didn't feel relieved, she also looked at her sympathetically, and suddenly wondered how famous Pei Hao was as a bastard. difference?

"Sister Kaili..."

Ding Dong!

Su Bixi still wanted to plead for Pei Hao, but the elevator door opened, and she had to swallow again when she was about to escape, and walked into the studio with Kaili.

Zhang Tiantian and Qin Sang were both waiting inside. Seeing Su Bixi and Kaili coming in, both of them had scornful expressions. It was obvious that they had been reprimanded by Kaili last night, and even Qin Sang had not escaped.

"Take Xixi to make-up." Kaili told Zhang Tiantian with a cold face.

Tiantian responded quickly and winked at Su Bixi, "Sister, hurry up."

Su Bixi shrugged to follow, and Qin Sang followed her step by step.

Kelly snorted deliberately, but she looked sad when the three of them entered the dressing room.

Everyone in this circle depends on the gold master, but is the gold master so reliable? It happened that her celebrity had a clever look, but he was innocent.

When Su Bixi came out of makeup, I saw Kaili all over her body, and she was helpless for a while. Taking advantage of the photographer's preparation, she sent a message to Pei Hao, "Sister Kaili really broke her heart for me. Seeing her like that, she knows that you are my boyfriend. , More sorrowful than a dead husband."

"Knowing that I am your man, shouldn't she set off firecrackers to celebrate?" Pei Hao said narcissistically, and finally warned very seriously, "Don't compare me with her scumbag husband, this is an insult to me."

Su Bixi laughed, Pei Hao knew a little bit about Kaili's back tone. Kaili's frustration was the main reason for her withdrawal, but there is another reason for her to get married.

Its a pity that Kelly was expecting to get married, but within three years her marriage was declared broken by her husbands derailment. She returned to the entertainment industry this time not only to find her career, but also because of the custody of her husband. Forced helplessly.

There is a reason why Bae Hao refuses to compare herself with Kai Lis husband.

Su Bixi smiled and replied, "Okay, no comparison, it's the best. It's just that Sister Kaili doesn't know, and just explained to her that you have proposed marriage, but Sister Kaili looked at my expression with sympathy, as if I was myself. Deception, who do you blame?"

"Xixi, ready to prepare." As soon as Su Bixi pressed send, she heard Kaili's voice, and she hurriedly handed her mobile phone to Tiantian to start preparing.

The subject of todays shooting is roses and lisianthus.

Su Bixi has two film shooting experiences. Although she is regarded as a newcomer by the outside world, she has already undergone a major transformation. Whether it is her own role or the understanding of the subject, she has her own set of views. , Which makes her performance also particularly tense.

Kelly paid a lot of money for Su Bixis shooting this time. Although it is only a second-tier magazine, she invites top-tier photographers.

The other party didnt look at Su Bixi very much at first, especially when he was preparing before the filming, but Su Bixi was still playing with his mobile phone, thinking that Su Bixi was a worthless capitalist, but he didnt know that he just shouted a start in front of the camera, the characters on the screen. It changed immediately.

The photographer went from shock to surprise, and then did not dare to neglect the slightest, and devoted himself to the shooting.

Originally planned to shoot for six hours, in the end it only took four hours. After the shooting, the photographer also handed his business card to Su Bixi, which was an implicit invitation for a second collaboration.

Su Bixi faded from the lens, changed back to her own smile, took it, and then went to the dressing room to remove her makeup.

At this interval, she took out the phone and saw Pei Haos reply four hours ago, "Blame me."

There was no more words after just two words. Su Bixi felt that the man was upset inexplicably, so she thought about it and said playfully, "Blame you, how are you going to compensate me?"

Rather than a solemn explanation, Su Bixi thinks this would be better.

But when she sent out this news, it seemed like she had fallen into the ocean. Su Bixi did not wait to reply after removing her makeup. She felt a little worried when she got out of the dressing room and looked a little bit lonely.

Kelly saw all this in her eyes and sighed, as expected.

When he was out of the shooting building, Su Bixi looked at his phone from time to time, wondering if Pei Hao had a reply. Kaili, who was next to him, looked even more worried, and finally couldnt help saying, Xixi, I cant oppose you. Love, but I hope that your love will not affect your work and emotions. Love is not the only one when you are still young, especially since he is a...busy person..."

Kelly used a busy person to describe Pei Hao very implicitly. This is her restraint, and she also loves Su Bixi.

But before she finished her words of comfort, Su Bixis phone suddenly vibrated, and then Kaili saw that the person who had looked sad just now suddenly answered the phone with bright eyes, "Aha!"

I dont care about her anymore!

"Xixi, come here." Pei Hao played with a red book in his hand and said with unclear emotion.

Su Bixi's heart tightened, what happened to this tone?

(End of this chapter)

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