After Mr. Pei Marries An Overweight Lady Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132: They are born with talents and girls

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Chapter 1132 They are a natural pair of talents and women

Su Bixi turned around and saw Pei Haos car as expected.

Kelly and others have also seen it, except that it is different from Su Bixi's accident, Zhang Tiantian's gossip, and Qin Sang's accustomedness, Kaili is nervous.

She scanned the surroundings very nervously, and after making sure that there were no reporters to follow her, she breathed a sigh of relief. That is to say, Su Bixi has already walked to Pei Hao's side.

Kelly looked at Su Bixi with regret, as if the good cabbage was arched by a pig.

Zhang Tiantian reached out and poked Kelly gently, "Sister Kelly, don't worry too much. Xixi is not hot now and no one will follow her, and she and Hao Shao, don't you think they are a good match?"

"Good match? Where is good match?" Kelly recognized the previous sentence, but what the **** is the last sentence? Pei Hao's kind of romantic dude is worth tens of billions and hundreds of billions and can he match the daughter of a good family?

Zhang Tiantian immediately listed some of Pei Haos advantages. After listening to it, Kaili coldly glanced at Tiantian, If Xixi is your daughter, do you think they are a good match?

"Sister, I dare not take advantage of Sister Xixi..."

"Account now, think right away." Kaili interrupted Zhang Tiantian.

Zhang Tiantian thought about it seriously with a round face, and then shook his head, Its not a good match, Im definitely reluctant to let my daughter look for someone like this... What should I do if I am scumbed? Their family didn't even have room to fight back.

Kelly heard a soft snort, that's what she thought.

Unfortunately, it doesnt matter what they think, Su Bixi has already ran to Pei Haos car.

"Xixi get on the car." Pei Hao opened the door and protected Su Bixi on the car.

Subconsciously, Su Bixi looked back at Kaili and the others, but Pei Hao pressed them back, "I asked Qin Sang to send them back."

"But I walk like this..."

"Take you to do something important, it is not convenient to take them." Pei Hao interrupted Su Bixi.

Su Bixi couldn't but dialed Kaili's phone and spoke.

Kelly held her mobile phone and looked at Su Bixi, who was still waving at her, and truly experienced what it means to hate iron but not steel.

She especially wanted to reject Su Bixi, and then pulled her off Pei Hao's car. Unfortunately, although she was angry, although she felt that Pei Hao was a dude, she thought of the behemoth Pei family behind him and finally watched Pei Hao with a smirk. Take away Su Bixi.

Zhang Tiantian on the side because of the brain-filling just now, watching Pei Hao take away Su Bixi, she felt an inexplicable pain in her heart, and threw herself directly into Sister Kailis arms, "Sister Kaili, what can Xixi do!"

The Qin Sang who was sent back twitched his eyes and looked at the two people who were almost crying, "What are you doing?"

"Aren't you sorry if Xixi left with Hao Shao like this?" Zhang Tiantian asked Qin Sang, turning her eyes red.

Qin Sang even started to twitch at the corners of his mouth, "They are born together with talents and girls, what do I deplore?"

"You forgot that she was Pei Hao's person." Kaili poked Zhang Tiantian.

Zhang Tiantian was even more sad, and suddenly thought of something, "Sister Kaili, strictly speaking, we seem to be Pei Haos people?"

Kelly was taken aback for a while, then her face collapsed, "Why did I forget this? We are paid very little."

"How do I feel that Sister Xixi is even worse?" Zhang Tiantian was startled, this time she was really sad for Su Bixi, as if Su Bixi's life was controlled by a scumbag.

Qin Sang thinks that a person who is calm and self-sufficient is stunned by these two people to cover his face. It is really unreasonable worry!

Over there, Su Bixi got into the car and looked at Pei Hao, "Where are you taking me?"

"You'll know when you go." Pei Hao drove the car in person. When Su Bixi asked this, his mouth was slightly tucked. There was a kind of serious coldness that Su Bixi hadn't seen in the past.

Su Bixi was made nervous by Pei Haos attitude, "What's the secret?"

"Don't worry." Pei Hao seemed to realize that his attitude was too cold, and added a soft tone.

But Su Bixi's heart was already tense, looking at Pei Hao, "Did something happen?"

"No." Pei Hao answered very quickly, giving people the illusion of a guilty conscience.

Su Bixi's complexion is not very good, but she can't figure out what happened. She thought about it for a while and finally asked nervously, "Did something happen to my mother?"

She thought for a while, as if only her mother had something wrong with Pei Hao to be so serious.

"No, don't think about it, I'll be here soon." Pei Hao comforted Su Bixi, the car drove faster, and he watched the time from time to time.

Su Bixi was so confused by Pei Hao, she wanted to ask about the man's appearance and finally endured it, sitting patiently and watching Pei Hao drive.

After half an hour, the car finally stopped at one place, and Pei Hao took Su Bixi out of the car and carried a bag of documents in his hand.

Su Bixi frowned slightly, she really didn't understand what the man was going to do, and then she was led to a government office building. She looked at Pei Hao in confusion, and Pei Hao pointed to the civil affairs hall not far away. "Do you receive a certificate?"

"Cough, cough, cough..." Su Bixi was nervous and worried all the way, but never thought it was this. She choked on her saliva and coughed for a long time before looking at Pei Hao in shock, "Are you kidding me?"

"Isn't it because people think I'm unreliable and think you're crazy? Let's get the certificate, and see if they dare to think like that." Pei Hao said this very imposingly, but Yu Guang has been sneaking at Su Bixi for fear that the little woman will turn around. Just go.

Su Bixi opened her mouth, "But... I didnt mean that..."

She just complained to him.

"I don't care, my woman can't suffer this kind of grievance. What's more, you agreed to my marriage proposal last night, why do you want to regret it now?" Pei Hao's tone changed, and Sapo said threateningly.

Su Bixi didnt know if she coughed a little bit earlier, and she was confused, "Um... are you serious?"

"Natural." As he said, Pei Hao led Su Bixi into the Civil Affairs Hall, because it was almost time to get off work and it was not a special car lobby. There were not many people in the car lobby. Pei Hao led Su Bixi in and an assistant handed them a bag of clothes.

"I'm wearing it, you can change it over there." Pei Hao took the costume and handed it to Su Bixi.

Su Bixi opened it and saw that it was a white shirt, only to find that Pei Hao was also wearing a brand new one under his coat.

So this is to prepare after she finished complaining?


"Go and change." Su Bixi wanted to say something, Pei Hao interrupted and urged.

Before Su Bixi's mind was clear, he was pushed into a small room by Pei Hao. He changed into a white shirt in a daze. When he came out, he met Pei Hao's smiling handsome face. Then he was held by his hand and went to the registration office together. Fill out the form.

After filling in, they went to take pictures, and after the series was completed, the two of them stood on the oath table in the Civil Affairs Hall.

Su Bixi's mind was dumbfounded until he came down, Pei Hao seemed to see that she was still dizzy and took her red notebook with her big hand, "I will save it for you first."

"Oh." Su Bixi said softly. After the cool wind from the Civil Affairs Hall hit her face in September, Su Bixi completely awoke and turned to look at Pei Hao, "Did I be tricked into getting married?"

"Fraud marriage?" Pei Hao repeated these two words slightly displeased and then opened the certificate in his hand, "Do you think this is like a fraudulent marriage?"

Su Bixi looked over and saw that she smiled like a little fool on the big red marriage certificate, but Pei Hao, who was next to her, had no expression on her lips, and seemed to be very reluctant.

She was dissatisfied!

"Why are you crying and crying when you want to marry me?" Su Bixi was indignant.

"I didn't." Pei Hao denied it without thinking, and at the same time was a little guilty. How could he let this woman know that he was nervous? Want more images!

"Then why don't you laugh?" Su Bixi was angry. This contrast made her look like a fool, as if she was expecting to marry him. She was obviously fooled into getting married.

"I..." Pei Hao was pressed and couldn't answer, so he lowered his head and blocked Su Bixi's lips.

Su Bixi struggled a few times to no avail, and finally his body softened and he was let go after the man kissed enough.

It's just such a trouble, she stares at Pei Hao again, there is no deterrence, but more like acting like a baby.

Annoyed and helpless, Su Bixi simply got into the car, while Pei Hao satisfactorily placed the two red notebooks in his palms and took a picture, and sent it to a few close groups, and then stuffed the marriage certificate into his chest pocket. I got on the car slowly.

"Is Xixi tired? I'll take you to dinner." Pei Hao got on the car and relaxed himself like a big-tailed wolf.

Su Bixi glanced at the man, and suddenly thought of something, "Are you nervous in the car?"

"Cough cough cough... how come? What am I nervous about!" Pei Hao denied.

Its just that he denied it was too fast, and told Su Bixi to see through everything immediately and couldnt help asking, So you were nervous when you took the photo just now?

She is too dazed and never reacted, but it doesn't mean she is stupid.

Pei Hao coughed again, "What am I nervous about? You are the one who was deceived, and you are the one who should be nervous."

"Finally admit that you lied to the marriage?" Su Bixi asked quietly.

Bae Hao, "..."

Why did he step on so many pits in a while?

"I don't care how we got married, but Pei Hao, I have to tell you one thing clearly. If you have any betrayal during our marriage, you will get divorced right away, okay?" Su Bixi was sitting in the car. This will be completely clear-headed, and even think of many things.

But she found that she didn't resist marrying Bae Hao, she was just worried.

Witnessing the broken marriage of her parents, Su Bixi always had some distrust of men. Even if she knew that Pei Hao loved her, she also loved each other, but what if one day he didn't love him?

Su Bixi hopes that when he doesnt love her, he can tell her honestly and let her choose to leave cleanly instead of being deceived and deceived.

"Stupid." Seeing Su Bixi's tight expression, Pei Hao reached out and rubbed her head.

Su Bixi insisted on Pei Hao to give her a promise. Pei Hao couldn't move his head over and whisper, "If I really can't control my lower body one day, how about you hit me and let me go out? "

After speaking, he held Su Bixi's hand under her lower abdomen. Su Bixi had a very serious question that was dealt with by Pei Hao. He immediately pulled her hand out of the man's crotch with a red heart, and looked at it with shame. Bae Hao, "You...you..."

Shamelessly, she is no better than this person, you haven't done anything for a long time.

Pei Hao smiled happily, and said to Su Bixi's ear full of scorn, "Xixi, I'm serious."

Su Bixi was anxious, "Seriously, your uncle!"

"Hahahahaha..." Su Bixi exploded, and Pei Hao stayed for a while, then laughed hahaha, feeling extremely good.

"You still laugh!" Su Bixi threw angrily on Pei Hao's shoulder and took a bite.

Pei Hao snorted but didn't move. Su Bixi bit herself, and then said slowly, "If you want to think about it, Xixi, let's go home and do it. This is the government building...not good influence."

Speaking of the bad influence, Pei Hao also paused on purpose.

"You..." Su Bixi suddenly stood up and looked at the man's puffing place, his mouth opened but did not make a sound, and said to this shameless man!

But Su Bixi didn't dare to stay here anymore, but she knew that Pei Hao was a bastard, but she was the one who suffered the most beastly.

In Pei Haos playful gaze, Su Bixi sat up straight, tidied up his loose shirt, and then pretended to be cold and commanded, Im hungry when I drive.

The reason why she wanted to be hungry was because Su Bixi knew that she didn't say she was hungry, but the person might still tease her, but she said she was hungry, then he would definitely put her body first.

Sure enough, Su Bixi finished talking about Pei Hao and started the car.

It's just that Pei Hao didn't drive the car back to Ruikai City, but drove in the direction of Moon Lake Manor.

Su Bixi was slightly surprised, "Shall we go see them clearly?"

Pei Hao glanced at her sideways but did not answer and continued to drive attentively, but Su Bixi became nervous. This was the first time she saw Pei Hao's family after receiving the certificate.

The city of Yanjing at six o'clock was a bit congested, but neither Pei Hao nor Su Bixi were in a hurry, and the two were inexplicably secure.

It was already seven o'clock when the car arrived at Moon Lake Manor. Pei Hao took Su Bixi all the way into Moon Lake Manor, and found that the manor today was different from the last time he came.

The manor in September already has a strong autumn feeling, with clear purple grapes hanging everywhere, exuding a strong sweet fragrance.

The pink Lonza gems are swaying on the wall, and the rose garden is also well-opened. Unlike last time, a sunflower field is also in full bloom. It is very splendid in the dimly yellow manor by the night, waiting for them to arrive. The street lights of the manor were suddenly lit up when the house was in.

Then Su Bixi heard the noise for a while, and looked at Pei Hao in surprise, "Are there many people in the manor tonight?"

Pei Hao raised his eyebrows and smiled, with a little meaningful meaning, Su Bixi suddenly understood.

Sure enough, when they arrived, a lot of people came to the manor. Song Mianmian and Xu Xiaoen were both here. Xia Qing was not allowed to come out by Pei Zhengyang in the living room because he had not been out for a hundred days. But the old man and Xiongxiong were all standing outside, seemingly waiting for them. general.

"Pei Hao..." Su Bixi suddenly became nervous, her voice dumb.

Pei Hao heard Su Bixis changed voice and said with a laugh, Dont be nervous, its just to celebrate our certificate, its not a wedding.

Its okay if he didnt say that. When he said that Su Bixi became more nervous, he swallowed his throat unconsciously, "How do you all know?"

(End of this chapter)

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