After The Full Level Boss Is Reborn Chapter 193

Chapter 192: The So Called Wuhua

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People in the past have taken the Yellow Crane to go, and there is an empty Yellow Crane Tower here.

The yellow crane is gone forever, and the white clouds are empty for thousands of years.

When Huaibo climbed the Lonely Mountain again, he suddenly thought of this poem. The clouds and mountains in front of me are covered with mist, and the pine waves are like waves.

The wind rustled, and she stroked her forehead. It was obvious that she was still drinking in Xitu. Why did she suddenly arrive here, is she drunk?

"Chinese New Year, hurry up!"

The young man leaped several times in the mountains, dexterously like a mountain beast, leaping to the branch and couldn't help but shout back.

The stream was gurgling, and a few young girls holding hands, whispered: "Brother, I want to wear a new dress!"

"I want beautiful jewelry!"


Little Huaibai clapped his hands: "Candied haws! Candied haws!"

Their figures disappeared into the clouds with the flowing water.

Huaibo watched them leave, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, as if sorrow and joy, and followed the mountain road all the way up.

Memories of the past passed by, like Feihong stepping on the mud, leaving only one or two lines of fingerprints, and those Honghu long ago did not know where to fly.

A crackling shuffle came from the top of the mountain, awakening her sad thoughts.

Huaibo was stunned, walked quickly over, and then dumbfounded--

The old pine crown is covered with clouds and lush, Panasonic and Ding Fenghua spread the cards, "Hey, I won!"

Rong Changzhu helped his forehead, "Did you cheat?"

Ding Fenghua stared, "You can question my character, but you can't question my card skills!"

Ning Xiao seemed to be aware of it, and looked over here, "Xiaobo?"

The corners of Huaibo's mouth twitched, "You guys are... quite lively."

Three dead ghosts joined the table, blinding the white hair on her head.

Ding Fenghua shrugged: "New Year, it's so boring, why are you here? Out of your body?"

Bai Bai nodded, "I'm drunk," she smiled, "You don't come into my dreams on weekdays."

Ding Fenghua asked, "Why do you fall into your dream? I'm not your lover. Tsk," he was disgusted by himself, showing a disgusting expression, "If I want to fall into a dream, I also go to my house."

Huaibo sat on the rock, "Three missing one? How many hits?"

Ding Fenghua shook his head, "You are so lucky! You still bring koi."

Rong Changzhu is not from the Lonely Mountain. He curiously asked, "What is a koi?"

Ding Fenghua: "It's nothing, it's a fish, colorful."

Rong Changzhu suddenly realized: "Is it that kind of beautiful colorful fish?"

Ding Fenghua was lost in thought: "It is not a question of whether it is beautiful or not, it is really the kind of fish that is rare, which can make people lucky."

Ning Xiao and Huaibo smiled at each other, "Xiaobai, come here."

Behind him, Ding Fenghua still pulled Rong Changzhu, and talked about his previous experience--"I just got a sword-sharpened meteorite from the extreme cold of the Northern Territory that day, Xiaobai suddenly found me, and she praised my card skills. Okay, just ask Gushan who doesnt know? Then she played cards with me, and all of them are the opening wins, do you know? The opening wins! She wins when she draws the cards!...

The rocky cliffs are steep, the snow falls on the lonely mountain, and the cranes are flying in the white fog.

Ning Xiao's expression was as gentle as before, "Long time no see, you have grown up a lot... Xiaobai, your eyes are red."

Huaibo held back the tears in his eyes, "Brother, I miss you very much."

Ning Xiao smiled and said, "I can meet each other anyway. Is Wuhua okay?"

Huaibo nodded, raised his hand, the light flashed in his palm, and an ordinary koi appeared.

The koi is swimming in the air, gurgling and spitting bubbles, no different from ordinary fish.

Ning Xiao had known that Wuhua had been thrown by her in the pond as a carp, but she couldn't help sighing in her heart when she saw that the beast became like this.

Wuhua has no body, can change all things, and is born by the luck of heaven and earth. The carps in the lonely mountain are mixed with it, and they are contaminated with a rare luck or two. That's why there is the legend of Shouxianfeng Koi transfer.

"Neither huahua nor non-attack is something to be conquered," Ning Xiao said: "It will be useful in the future."

Huaibo teased the Koi, "I know." Non-attack is a tool for defending the city, supporting the Buddhism enchantment; as for Wuhua, luck is a mysterious and mysterious thing, maybe that time gomoku was also thanks to it.

Ning Xiao looked at the misty clouds in the lonely mountain, and smiled gratifiedly: "You can already support the immortal gate, and you live up to Master's hopes that day."

The corners of Huaibo's eyes were slightly wet, and he asked in a low voice, "Brother, why don't you enter the cycle of reincarnation?"

Ning Xiao: "I was always a little worried before, but I finally feel relieved when I see you this time. I hope that you and I will meet in the future. This world of mountains and rivers will be a prosperous scene."

The sky is freezing, the north wind is whistling, and snow is falling.

Thousands of trees are hung with crystal clear icy ridges, like sorbus flowers blooming overnight. The perennial green mountain top has been buried by snow, and it looks like a white head from a distance.

Compared to before, this winter is indeed too long and too cold.

But when Huaibo closed his eyes, he heard the voice of new vegetation under the snow.

"Brother, what are you doing?"

Ning Xiao stretched out her hand and touched Wuhua's back, "I'm feeling too bad, so transfer."

Huaibo: "..."



"Xiaobo, Xiaobo."


Huaibo woke up in a daze holding the wine jar, "Huh?"

The fire was burning in the stove, the small restaurant was warm, the lights flickered, and the shadow on the wall shook.

The crowds scrambled, still feasting and drinking endlessly.

Mingying asked curiously, "What dream did you have, so happy?"

Huaibo curled her lips, crimson clouds flew on her snow-white face, "Good dreams."

Peiyu was under the table and snatched her hand secretly, "Master, it's past New Year's Eve, let's go back and rest."

Waiper pulled her, "Well, I will tell you my dream slowly."

The new year is new, and before the first month has passed, many of Lingyang's former subordinates have come to take refuge.

Monarch Dongting slayed violently and became increasingly crazy. Except for those monsters who only had killing in their hearts, they listened to her dispatch, and the other monsters had long been dissatisfied and defected. At first, the immortal people refused to accept these monsters, but under the persuasion of Huaibo and others, they finally gave them a shelter.

As winter passes and spring comes, the snow melts and everything recovers.

The four tribes of fairy, demons, demon, and demon were all ready to go, divided into three groups of upper, middle and lower, and began to fight back. Peiyu and Huaibo lead the middle road, combining their swords and swords, all the way to the vicinity of Gushan.

The clear water goes with the sky, endless, the green hills are like green girls, and the pavilions stand on the water.

Peiyu rides a small leaf boat and crosses the river in white clothes. The bow of the boat suddenly becomes heavy, and the mirror-like water surface ripples in circles.

She turned her head happily, "Master!"

Huaibo took off his armor, walked to her, and looked at the green mountains in the distance, "I'm going to Gushan."

Peiyu nodded, worried about Huaibai's sadness, glanced at her secretly, and held her.

Huaibo stared into the distance, Tsing Yi fluttered, floating like an immortal.

As the sun sets, the surface of the river is shimmering, and a ray of light flies above the head, the fairy's clothes are flying, the armour is shining toward the sun, and the golden scales are shining.

the river is long and tempestuous, it was like a hero. Only the green hills are still there, and the sunset is a few degrees red.

Peiyu encircled Huaibo behind herself, and put her head on her shoulders.

Huaibo said, "When the world is stable, we will go fishing and drinking here, and watch the stars and the moon together."

Peiyu smiled slightly, "En."

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