After The Full Level Boss Is Reborn Chapter 194

Chapter 193: Same Way Different Ways

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Now the two great demons of Lingyang and Shen Zhishui have turned to each other one after another, and the demons and human races have come to help, and the demon king promised not to do anything for two years, the situation has long been different from the past, and the immortal gate is invincible. Finally, when the next winter snow falls, they will gather in the East China Sea.

The devil's palace is high above the sky, like the old sage village, with the grandeur of stepping on the seven stars and competing with the sky.

The army was stationed at the foot of the mountain. It was late at night, and the lights came on one after another.

Huaibo stood in front of the court, dressed in green clothes, looking at the pine forest on the mountain.

The moon was bright and clear, and the ground was as clear as water. Jing Yi opened the door and asked in surprise, "Xiaobai, isn't Peiyu with you?"

The two are always stuck together, it's rare to see them separate.

Huaibo gently shook his head, "She went to see Liu Huan to look around."

Jing Yi: "???" After a moment's stunned, she said unbelievably: "You let her go to see the devil alone?"

Huaibo sighed and rubbed her eyebrows, "After all, that is her only relative in the world."

Jing Yi: "But she is a demon now, she is a demon, how can you rest assured that Peiyu will go alone!"

Huai Bai fixedly looked at her, and suddenly smiled, "Senior Sister, my jade, used to be a demon king."

Jing Yi was speechless.

Huaibo said, "Have you not found out yet? Liu Huangu has long wanted to win. Otherwise, Hua Zhi and I have agreed that she does not need to put her beak. With the power of the devil, the immortal gate is already a mortal situation at this moment."

Jing Yi frowned in confusion, thinking of Gushan, regretful in her heart, "What the **** is she thinking? Why did she release all the demons, causing the lives to be charred?"

Huaibo was also puzzled, "Retaliation?" She rubbed the hilt in the cloud, "Even if there is no Liu around, there will be other people. Sister, the order of the fairy gate will not change for a day, and the world will be unclear. There will always be someone. Being forced into demons by this cold immortal gate. They are innocent, but we are the one who is guilty."

This war may be an opportunity. The entire fairy gate is united, the hatred between different races is also eliminated by fighting side by side, and everything is developing in a better direction.

Huaibo's gaze turned to the devil's palace, frowning slightly.

What the kid wants, is it...

The cold wind on the mountain was bitter, and the cold wind mixed with snow particles poured into the room.

Peiyu leaped onto the eaves, white clothes fluttered, and the moon reflected in the distance, Liu looked around sitting on the roof, holding his knees, and looking up to admire the moon.

The snow flakes are icy, and the thousands of miles of palaces are all white.

Peiyu stared at the girl's thin figure, the corners of her eyes were slightly wet, and she was silent for a long time before she trembled: "Sister..."

She rarely understands the warmth of the world, and naturally she will not understand how to persuade people to turn back.

Liu Huan looked at her body and shook without looking back, "Why are you here?"

Peiyu: "The immortal gate is about to attack, the day after tomorrow at the latest."

Liu Huan laughed lowly, "What's this, turn around, or betray information?"

Peiyu clenched her sleeves tightly, "I don't want you to die." She lowered her head and looked at the snowflakes under her feet, "You are my sister."

They are all widows.

There has never been a life in harmony with ordinary sisters.

However, ever since I heard that there is a blood-linked relative in this world who is not alone, there has been a touch of joy and satisfaction.

Peiyu lowered her eyes and said softly: "I don't know how to persuade you."

I also understood that maybe she would not look back at all.

Liu Huangu smiled and said, "Why do you want to persuade? It's just a different choice. There are thousands of ways in the world, and they all end up in the same way."

A thin layer of snow has accumulated on Peiyu's shoulders, "The immortal chaos did not start with you, and those people were not killed by you. They will no longer treat you as before, and Shen Zhishui has also returned. "

Liu Huangu concealed his hand under his sleeve, and a gentle breeze blew gently away the snowflakes from Peiyu's shoulders.

Her eyes bend, "Come here."

Peiyu released her hand, her sleeves were already soaked in blood. She obediently walked to Liu Huangu's side, and the two sat side by side, facing the bright moon and the sea.

Liu looked around and tilted her head, and the girl beside her had picturesque eyebrows, more beautiful than Lengyue, and more dusty than snowflakes.

Such a beautiful person is her sister.

Thinking about it, she couldn't help smiling slightly, with a gentle expression, and leaned slightly to touch Peiyu's forehead.

The ancient Daoshu formations flew past Peiyu's eyes like snowflakes.

Many things were suddenly squeezed into her mind, such as heaven, inheritance, fate... The things Hua Zhi spent countless thousands of years to comprehend, and the knowledge that was gradually lost with the passing of time, was generously donated. .

The sea, the bright moon, and the snow-covered branches of peaches all left her quickly.

She seemed to be standing in front of the galaxy, and every amazing star in the time flew down from the night and fell into her hands.

Those stars that have been forgotten by people and gradually dimmed, re-emerged with bright light, almost lighting up the dark night.

Too many things poured in, causing Peiyu to have a splitting headache. She held her head, frowned and looked at Liu around.

I want to open my mouth and can't even say a word.

Liu Huan looked at her face like golden paper, and smiled weakly: "Back then, you gave me a jade slip to lead me to the road, but you just reciprocated."

Pei Yu once gave her a jade slip, and she also wears a whole world of jade.

"Sister...no..." Peiyu's body trembled slightly, and her eyes gradually darkened.

Liu Huangu caught her limp body, held her to the foot of the mountain, and handed it to the woman who had been waiting for a long time.

"I will leave my sister to you and protect her."

After Huaibo caught the girl and confirmed that she was safe, he breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, Liu Huangu had already turned and left, and the snow was flying in the cold moon, and her back was very quiet.

"Is it right from the beginning that you are just for today?"

Huaibo asked suddenly.

This person released ten thousand demons from the beginning, not to destroy the fairy gate, but to see if the fairy gate can survive the desperate place and give birth to a new atmosphere. She has never thought of destroying the world. So let Dongting flood the water for hundreds of miles, and show mercy to Xianmen everywhere.

Liu Huangu stopped, "I have cast a soul curse, and she won't wake up in three days. Don't let her see me dead."

Huaibo hugged Peiyu tightly, "You don't have to die. You didn't do those things. When Huazhi killed the immortal gate, another skin was used. As long as we...no matter what, we can always hide from the world."

She thought that as the head of the immortal Tao, she actually said such things, and laughed at herself, "Peiyu, a child who is awkward, clearly puts you in her heart, but she doesn't know how to say it. Now Shen Zhishui has returned, Ji Yue I've been waiting for you, this fairy gate is not as cold as before, why not try it and accept it again?"

Liu Huangu stood in the snow, and the purple clothes were blown up by the wind, floating like an immortal.

Snow drifted, and peach trees were planted on the mountain road.

She sighed suddenly, and said in a daze: "Unfortunately, I can never see the peach blossom after the snow is over."

Two days later, several clans attacked the devil's palace together.

Up and down the mountain, a blood-red, a little bit of blood splashed on the white snow on the tree, it was a bit like a scene when a flower bloomed.

Dongting half-kneeled on the beach with a gun.

The blue clothes were almost dyed red, and wisps of blood dripped down the length and guns, and poured into the yellow sand.

The waves washed and undulated, washing away the blood on the ground.

Lingyang said to the others: "Go and help Xiaobai Peiyu, and give her to me."

Those immortals were slightly worried, but looking at her, they spread out and continued to hunt monsters elsewhere. Only Ye Yunxin, holding the piano in both hands, stood by Lingyang stubbornly.

Dongting laughed, "I shouldn't have let you go."

Lingyang approached step by step, his black robe rolled like dark clouds in the sky. Ye Yunxin grabbed her, "Be careful."

"It's okay, don't worry." She smiled at her little tree, half squatting in Dongting, and looking at her, "Yunmeng, you have become unrecognizable."

Dongting swallowed a mouthful of blood and said sarcastically, "Who is the right person to betray me first?"

Lingyang closed his eyes, "Why are you so persistent? You know that what you want will never come back."

"But I want it, the time will flow, the water will flow east," Dongting said word by word, and suddenly laughed freely, "What if I can't come back? At least I tried, I tried my best, I won't look back, and I won't regret it. ."

She has tried her best, but it is a pity that the two demon kings are not beloved.

All people have accepted the heavenly arrangement, allowing time to pass and drowning the past. She is the only one who is persistently and alone, walking on a road that cannot be turned back.

Lingyang: "When you have a stick of incense, you can run away."

Ye Yunxin disagreed and said, "If you let her go, I don't know how many incidents will happen again."

Ling Yang's face was pale, "I know...I don't want to owe her love."

Dongting stood up with his gun, "Don't regret it."

She was already unable to use the blood escape technique, so she could only stagger forward, dripping drips of blood, leaving a deep blood mark.

Ye Yunxin's sleeves flew out of light, and secretly followed behind her.

Dongting didn't care, she knew she was going to die, but she didn't want to die in front of Lingyang.

I don't want to die so downheartedly and miserably in front of my former best friend.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, he finally got exhausted and knelt on the ground with his head drooping.

She took out the half of the reincarnation mirror from her arms, and tremblingly stroked the mirror surface.

To spend this whole life searching for a glimmer of hopeless hope is like a river that has long known that it will end and ran into the sea without hesitation.

This is the destined homecoming.

The sea lifted up turbulent waves, a crimson light penetrated the waves, and the breath of magic soldiers enveloped all directions.

You Yancui has sharp eyebrows, and the golden armor is shining. After life and death, she is like a phoenix Nirvana, her cultivation base has risen, and her weapons have also been promoted to a **** soldier. She looked at Dongting, gritted her teeth and said: "You have today too!"

Dongting smiled bitterly, and finally believed a word-the fate is hard to violate.

Those who are blessed by the heavens, even if they go through a dangerous situation, can turn the danger into a bargain, and survive from desperation.

But he was clearly in control, but ended up with a losing end.

You Yancui: "What are you laughing at?"

Dongting held the ground with his hands on the ground, full of blood, "I laughed mercilessly, and my prosperity and decline are my own determinants. Today I may not be tomorrow's you. Hahahaha, so what if you win? It's not the ants of Tiandao."

A cold light flashed, and the tip of the gun penetrated her chest.

You Yancui didn't talk nonsense with her, "So what? I only know that blood debts are paid for, the laws of nature are cycled, and retribution is unhappy!"

The blue bracelet fell to the ground.

Before he died, Dongting untied the fate chain, lowered his head, looking at the broken chain with complex expressions.

The blue chain soaked in blood was gleaming, and it seemed to transform into a purple shadow.

"I'll let you go..." Her eyes were in a daze, but the corners of her mouth were filled with a relieved smile, "When I first saw...I thought we were the same people. It turns out that you are the same with them by different paths, and with me... the same path by different paths."

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