Ah Chun Chapter 372

Ah Chun Volume 1 Chapter 337 - The Capture Of Mei Liling Part Two

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A dark dingy cell filled Mei Liling's eyes. She found herself chained to a wall. Both hands and feet shackled. The worst part was the lack of clothing on her body. Frowning Mei Liling tested the shackles on her hands and feet and found them to be embedded into the wall. Even so, she continued to try to twist and turn her ankles and wrist even to the point that they were cut and blood began to spill.

"It's useless. Mei Liling, my dear. You are now mine. I will also make your body and soul mine as well and not just the flesh. Your skills in pill refinement, along with your beauty, is unparalleled in this world." The old man's eyes looked at the exposed white jade like skin in front of him as he licked his lips.

"Sect Master Zhong you old pervert! You actually stripped me of my clothes!?" Mei Liling felt dirty. She felt like her entire body had been sullied by this disgusting old man in front of her.

"Do not worry my Mei Liling. I have not done anything to you yet. Let's just say for now I am just enjoying the view. You will stay here for the time being. I will soon have you refine pills for me. And do not think of escaping. You see, I have many men around who are starving for a beauty. If it was not for me sealing this area off you would already have learned what it truly means to become a woman. In due time you will also learn but I will be the one training you myself. For now just rest. As long as you behave, I will not harm your daughters." Sect Master Zhong smiled as he caressed Mei Liling's face before taking in the view a little more and walking away.

Just like Sect Master Zhong had said she was forced to refine pills in large quantities. It was only after a month that he allowed Mei Liling to finally wear some clothes.But his actions had become harsher as well. If she did not complete the task he assigned her he would viciously whip Mei Liling leaving long red marks all over her body. Until one day Sect Master Zhong came down into Mei Liling's cell drunk.

"Mmm I have decided it would be a shame to let such a beauty go unused. Tonight I will teach you what it means to be a woman." Sect Master Zhong walked over to Mei Liling who was glaring at him coldly.

Mei Liling wanted nothing more than to run away but she was chained to the wall at night so she could not move at all. She could only watch as the old man in front of her touched her body. Tears rolled down her cheek as she came to a firm decision. She whispered under her breath: "Chun'er, Mother will see you in her next life."

Sect Master Zhong who was getting himself ready to do the deed eyes went wide as he saw Mei Liling's body begin to swell up. "Are you crazy!? You rather die than become my woman!?"

A smile formed on Mei Liling's face as her cold eyes that could freeze the entire world landed on Sect Master Zhong. "To protect my purity and my daughters I do not mind dying as long as I take you with me. Since you are so close you will not survive!"


The underground cell shook.The world around Mei Liling went dark. She felt like she had slept for years. Her eyes slowly opened to find herself in a strange room and that she could not move. Her whole body hurt she could tell she had many wounds all over her body. Tears rolled down her cheek wondering why she was not able to be free from the torment. "Did I not just die!? Why am I back here..."

"Do you think I would let you die so easily? Trying to commit suicide that is the ten thousandths time in the past two thousand years! Mei Liling when will you give up and become my woman?" A familiar voice could be heard that sent chills down Mei Liling's spine.

She looked at Sct Master Zhong who walked into the room, her face turning pale. She could have sworn that she had killed herself and taken this man along with her but why? Why were she and this man still alive!? Many questions and much confusion filled Mei Liling's mind. That was when she felt her cultivation seemed a little strange. It was the same but also seemed more powerful at the same time. Unfortunately, she could not move any of the spiritual qi in her body it seemed to have been sealed!

Mei Liling spent months locked in a room. If she refused to refine pills she would be beaten. Her body was riddled with many wounds but she did not care. She had figured out a few things about this world. It was almost an exact copy of her last world but some things were slightly different. From the memories, she had acquired, the Mei Liling of this world died and her soul took over this body. In this world, she had never met a little girl named Ah Chun. Since the Mei Liling of this world was captured a long time ago from the Heavenly Sword Sect. Unfortunately because of this her body was no longer pure. Sect Master Zhong of this world had sealed her cultivation making her no different from a mortal since she had tried to detonate herself like she did before but was stopped by Sect Master Zhong.

Mei Liling was forced to live in this hellish new life day in and day out. Waiting for the day that she could either die or escape. She had tried to do both many times only to end up severely punished. But all that changed one day. She heard loud noises and screams coming from outside her room. Then a group of Sect Master Zhong's sect elders came and dragged her out of the room and brought her into the sky. It was then she heard a familiar voice. A voice she had longed to hear for so many countless years. When she saw that familiar face she couldn't stop the tears in her eyes from overflowing. She called out that familiar name "Chun'er..."


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