Ah Chun Chapter 373

Ah Chun Volume 1 Chapter 338 - Settling Sect Master Zhong

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"Mother is right we will need to repay everything back. For every bruise and thing you did to my mother, you will pay for it ten thousand fold. You will not die but live a life wishing you were dead." Ah Chun's eyes were cold. From what she heard she could tell this man had done things to her mother against her will. She raised her hand and viciously slammed it down onto the Sect master Zhong's dantian, completely destroying his cultivation.

"Ahhh! Nooo!" Sect Master Zhong's face went pale as he screamed out in agony. Thousands and thousands of years of cultivation were now gone. He was nothing more than a normal human.

"Hahahaha! How does it feel!? How does it feel to be at the mercy of everyone around you?" Mei Liling voice was full of ridicule for the old man in front of her. She turned to Ah Chun and asked: "Chun'er, give me his sword and cover your eyes. You do not need to see what I am about to do."

Ah Chun did not need Mei Liling to explain, she already knew what she planned to do. She felt no pity. This man deserved it. He had forced himself on her and taken away her purity. This was just the beginning of his torment. Ah Chun held on to Sect Master Zhong and flew over to Mei Liling. She then touched Mei Liling's dantian with her free hand. A gentle stream of spiritual qi flowed into her dantian destroying the seal that was placed on her cultivation. "I figured you would prefer to be as merciless as possible. Chun'er will leave this trash to Mother and will go back to finishing wiping his sect from the immortal realm."

Mei Liling smiled and hugged Ah Chun. "Chun'er mother has missed you very much."

"Mmm. Chun'er has missed Mother every day since the day we parted. But it doesn't matter now. From this day forward you and I will travel together. I will not let anything happen to you. We will transcend time and space and return to our old world. As for the Heavenly Sword Sect there I already destroyed it and killed the sect master. I did the same in this world as well..." Ah Chun blushed. She knew her mother probably wanted to gain a little bit of revenge but she went ahead and destroyed it out of anger.

"Haha! It doesn't matter. Chun'er has vented Mother's anger for her. Mother is not mad. I will deal with him, go have fun." Mei Liling smiled warmly. Her daughter was still the same, nothing changed about her. This feeling of nostalgia brought warmth to Mei Liling's heart. Her heart that was once frozen over, due these past years of misery, now felt warm once again.

Ah Chun nodded her head and went off to join in on the destruction while Mei Liling held up Sect Master Zhong by the collar of his robes with one hand and with her other she used the sword in her hand to slice open his robes. She looked down at the little thing between his legs and laughed. "Haha! I see why I never felt anything. With how small this thing is I just may still be pure. But this was still used to violate me so I will be getting rid of it now."

Her voice was cold as ice and caused Sect Master Zhong's eyes to grow wide before he screamed out in pain as he felt his manhood being cut right off at the base. Mei Liling formed a smile on her face. She felt much better now that she got to torture this man. Seeing that Sect Master Zhong had passed out, Mei Liling took the sword and slowly and carefully skinned a layer of skin off his arm causing him to wake up screaming in pain.

"You can't be falling asleep on me now. I must hear your screams of pain or I won't feel like I am doing a good enough job!" Mei Liling was taking great pleasure in listening to Sect Master Zhong's screams of pain. She continued to slowly slice the skin off his arm layer by layer making sure the process was as slow as possible. She had also hit a few acupuncture points and made it so he would not pass out anymore. What she was doing would not kill him but the pain would make him wish he was dead.

While Mei Liling was having her fun, Ah Chun was busy collecting rings from all the dead Thunder Tree Sect disciples. She didn't care what was in the rings, she could always get rid of any junk later on. All she knew was that if it was in her hands it belonged to her. She reached down and picked up another ring when she heard a noise coming from close by. She looked over to see a Thunder Tree Sect disciple trying to hide behind some bushes. Ah Chun stood up and walked over to the bush to see a young girl squatting down shivering in fear. This girl was wearing outer sect disciple clothes but there was something peculiar about her. "You're not a human are you?"

Her voice startled the young girl as she fell down and looked at Ah Chun in fear, shivering even more than she was before. "If you make a contract with me I will make sure you grow strong and continue to live. Or I can feed you to one of my dragons. You pick."

The young girl's eyes went wide as she finally understood what Ah Chun was saying. She had no idea how Ah Chun knew. All she knew was that Ah Chun's offer was basically live or die. She looked up at Ah Chun and asked: "Do you promise to not mistreat me?"

"Mmm. I can tell that you had no part in what had happened here. The only ones I care about that must die are the elders of this sect, inner sect disciples, and the core disciples. The rest can run away for all I care but if they get caught up in the sect's destruction it is their own luck whether they survive or not. I could care less if they live or die. But I will offer you a chance of survival because at the rate you are going even if you escape here tonight you will die elsewhere or be captured once someone figures out that you are from the ancient white tiger bloodline. So what is your choice?" Ah Chun explained before asking what the young girl wished to do.

"As long as you promise to never mistreat me I will form a contract with you."


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