Ah Chun Chapter 374

Ah Chun Volume 1 Chapter 339 - Xiao Bai

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"Then we have a deal!" Ah Chun gave the young girl a smile.

"Then let's form the contract..." The young girl's body suddenly glowed transforming herself into a young white tiger. The white tiger and Alicia began the process of forming a contract causing everyone around them to stop what they were doing and look over before going back to destroying the sect... The light gradually dimmed and Ah Chun looked at the white tiger and smiled. "From now you will be Xiao Bai. If any of the others boss you around just tell me and I will beat them up. "

"Xiao Bai..." The white tiger transformed back into a young girl and knelt down in front of Ah Chun. "Xiao Bai greets master."

"I said before that you were not human but it seemed you are actually half human and not a full pledge demonic beast You can only hold your transformation for a short time?" Ah Chun asked. She could tell that Xiao Bai's transformation was unstable during the contract which led her to make this assumption.

"Yes. I am half human, half demonic beast. Until my cultivation is higher I will not be able to transform for long periods of time. But because my blood is half demonic beast it does allow me to make a contract with humans and at the same time it will also allow me to contract other demonic beasts as well." Xiao Bai explained.

"That is very handy. In the future, I will help you contract higher level demonic beasts. Are you able to cultivate both ways as well?" Ah Chun knew that demonic beasts did not cultivate in the same fashion as humans until they could take on a human form. Only then could they use the human cultivation methods which would speed up their cultivation by leaps and bounds.

"I can, but the demonic beasts method is extremely slow. Which is why I joined a sect in order to gain resources. But who would have thought that my first week here the sect would be destroyed. But this at least allowed me to meet my master." Xiao Bai smiled as she said this. When she contracted Ah Chun she could sense just how strong she truly was. Which allowed Xiao Bai to relax a little bit.

"I will do what I can to assist you in your cultivation. For now, try going into your space to make sure you can. I do venture into a lot of dangerous places so it would be good if you had a place to hide out until your cultivation is higher." Ah Chun felt lucky picking up Xiao Bai. She could tell from one look that she would become very powerful in the future and would make an excellent companion.

"Yes, master." With a thought, Xiao Bai turned into a ray of light and entered her space with Ah Chun's soul sea. This was where the others stayed, each contracted demonic beast had their own personal space that they could recuperate in and cultivate.

Ah Chun contacted Xiao Bai using the link she had with her and said: "Stay in there for a little while until I finish dealing with this place. You cultivation should also speed up more while in the space."

"Understood master." Xiao Bai answered and went right to work cultivating.

After settling Xiao Bai, Ah Chun could see things were beginning to wrap up so she went back over to the place her mother was at. "Mother, we will be leaving here soo. Are we taking this thing with us?"

The thing she was referring to was the lump of meat that was screaming in agony at the mercy of Mei Liling's torture. "Mmm I want to make him suffer even more. If I just let him go with this it will not reduce my anger. Plus having such a high quality poison tester is very important. He will be forced to test many poisons. But do not worry I do not plan on letting him die anytime soon."

"Okay, then I will have Xiao Long carry him with his tail while we fly back to a small refuge I have in this immortal realm. There you can bathe and change your clothes. I will have this thing chained to a wall someplace. This way you can torture him all you want." Ah Chun said with a smile.

"Mhm! Chun'er knows me best!" Mei Liling smiled brightly. She had not felt this good for a few thousand years. She could now be with her daughter that she had missed so much. But one thing still concerned her. "I wish I could tell Yan'er and Rou'er that I am okay..."

"Mother, Shen'er has my palace so I have been in contact with him through the weapon spirit. I will have him look for Big Sister Yan and Sister Rou and make sure they are okay. I had him recently looking for your whereabouts." Ah Chun explained.

"That's great. Really great..." Mei Liling pulled Ah Chun into a hug, tears rolling down her cheek. She was free, finally free. She had lost her purity but because she stayed alive for so long she was able to meet up with her daughter regaining her freedom. This was all that mattered. She could forget about the bad and start anew helping her daughter reach new heights so they can return home and take care of the enemies she had there before settling down someplace. Her path was not the same as Ah Chun's, her path now was to watch over her daughters as they gained new heights, carving a path that was only meant for them.


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