Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1729

Chapter 1730 Accumulating Experience

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Chapter 1730: Accumulating Experience

“Damn it!”

Ling Han quickened his pace, yet when he arrived before the cliff face, Zhang Chong and Mao Shuyu had already disappeared.

This cliff face possessed a mystical power of heaven and earth that could obstruct one’s vision and divine sense. Thus, Ling Han only knew that Zhang Chong and Mao Shuyu had entered one of the caves in the cliff face. However, he didn’t know which specific one they had entered.

He shook his head, and said, “There’s nothing I can do about this now. They can only rely on themselves now.”

However, the Empress didn’t think much of this, saying, “As a cultivator, one naturally can’t be overly reliant on others. Otherwise, they’ll only wind up as trash, regardless of how high their cultivation level is.”

Ling Han nodded in agreement. Since Zhang Chong and Mao Shuyu had dared to enter the Severing Mundane Pool, they were naturally prepared to risk their lives as well. Moreover, without enough confidence, who would dare to enter the Severing Mundane Pool?

“Let’s also choose a cave to enter.”

Ling Han casually chose a cave before entering with the Empress and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden.

The cave wasn’t small, and it was wide enough to comfortably fit five people side-by-side.

However, the cave was extremely dark, and the floor was also especially uneven, with some places higher and some places lower. After blindly walking forward for several hours, a glimmer of light suddenly appeared before them. The world around them became radiant, and they were surprised to discover that they had actually arrived in a snowy plain.

‘What a strange environment.’

Snow drifted through the air, and there was not a single footprint on the snow-covered ground. Perhaps they were the first ones to arrive, or perhaps the people before them hadn’t left any footprints.

They continued to walk forward, lightly treading on the snowy ground. Although they left footprints, these were extremely shallow footprints that were quickly covered by the snow.

As they advanced, the cave behind them eventually disappeared from sight. All that they could see was an expanse of white snow. There was no notion of north, south, east, or west.

However, Ling Han’s sense of direction was extremely strong, and he continued to advance in a direction that was opposite to the direction of the cave.


Ling Han suddenly stopped and looked to his left.

The Empress also looked to the left with an alert expression.

A patch of snowy land there was slightly bulging up, and this bulge had stretched over from far away in the distance.


The mound of snow suddenly exploded upon reaching them, with a giant claw reaching out and swiping at Ling Han and his two wives. Immediately afterward, a colossal figure rose up from the snow. This was a giant white bear that had a pair of bat-like wings on its back. These wings were crimson like flames, and it was as if they were burning.

The Empress humphed coldly as she stepped forward and extended a finger. A burst of Sword Qi instantly soared into the sky.


The white bear howled in pain as blood sprayed from its body. It hurriedly beat its wings and retreated, leaving a trail of sanguine blood on the snowy-white ground.

“Roar!” The white bear’s howl instantly received a reply from the distance. As if losing the pull of gravity, the layers of white snow instantly flew into the air. Only when the roar subsided did the snow slam back down into the ground.

“Severing Mundane Tier!” Ling Han said solemnly.

This was definitely the might of a Severing Mundane Tier grand elder. This might far surpassed what Genesis Tier cultivators could unleash.

As it turned out, the white bear before them was only a cub!

However, the Empress didn’t show any mercy. This bear had attacked them, so she saw no reason to spare its life. She was extremely ruthless as she aimed to dispose of the white bear in just a few strikes.

At this moment, a colossal white bear appeared in the distance. It then flapped its two fiery red wings, soaring hundreds of kilometers with each flap. It was swooping toward Ling Han and his two wives.

Meanwhile, the “small” white bear howled frantically. It couldn’t hold on for much longer.

The colossal white bear roared in fury upon seeing this. It was as if it were warning Ling Han and the others to stop, or else it would definitely kill them if they dared to kill the small white bear.

However, Ling Han was completely unfazed. After all, would this colossal white bear spare them if they spared the small white bear? He transported the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden into the Black Tower before jumping up and charging at the colossal white bear.


He unleashed his Nine Heavens Flame. This was his only technique that could threaten Severing Mundane Tier grand elders.

Meanwhile, the Empress continued to ruthlessly attack the small white bear. After two more strikes, the small white bear gave a cry of pity as its divine sense was obliterated.

The colossal white bear instantly unleashed an earth-shattering roar of fury. It ferociously charged at Ling Han, yearning to kill him and everyone around him.

Ling Han unleashed his Lightning Sword Technique and imbued it with the Nine Heavens Flame, causing it to become extremely destructive. However, the colossal white bear was at the Severing Mundane Tier, and Demonic Beasts more so possessed extremely powerful physiques. As such, Ling Han’s Sword Qi was only able to slice some fur from the colossal white bear.


Ling Han was sent flying by the colossal white bear’s palm strike. A searing pain shot through his body, causing him to bare his teeth in agony.

This bear wasn’t at the first severance, but rather at the second severance. Otherwise, it couldn’t have made Ling Han experience such torturous pain. It was as if all of his bones were about to break.

Ling Han landed next to the Empress, and he immediately reached over to transport her into the Black Tower. At the same time, he didn’t waste the small white bear’s corpse, either, also transporting it into the Black Tower. The flesh of Genesis Tier Demonic Beasts was extremely nutritious.

The colossal white bear went wild with fury. Not only had these two humans killed its cub, but they were even taking its corpse? It launched a flurry of ferocious attacks at Ling Han. It had to kill him no matter what.

Ling Han engaged in a life and death battle with the colossal white bear. He was about to advance to the Severing Mundane Tier, so battling against a Demonic Beast at this cultivation level would definitely be extremely beneficial to him.

Moreover, casting one’s gaze over the entire Celestial Realm, only Ling Han possessed the ability to challenge first severance or second severance grand elders while still at the Genesis Tierat least this was the case among the forces under the Celestial King Tier.

However, Ling Han wasn’t feeling too great at this moment. His Godly bones were far from being able to withstand attacks from second severance grand elders, so fractures would appear on his bones with each attack from the colossal white bear. The Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll couldn’t heal them in time, so the number of fractures in his bones became greater and greater until they eventually shattered.

Ling Han channeled a drop of Indestructible True Fluid, and instantly healed all of his wounds. He then started to furiously battle against the colossal white bear again. However, what ensued was merely a repeat of his previous pummeling. All of his bones were shattered again.

This time, Ling Han didn’t have any more Indestructible True Fluid to channel. Thus, he could only enter the Black Tower to flee from the colossal white bear.

Anyhow, he had already battled for long enough, so it was time for him to analyze and comprehend the process of his battle.

Ling Han sat under the Reincarnation Tree, carefully analyzing each moment of his battle as he continued to recover from his wounds. This allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the Severing Mundane Tier. Although he had battled against Ding Hu before, Ding Hu had been far too weak, and hadn’t been able to wound him at all. Meanwhile, Ding Yaolong had been far too powerful, so Ling Han hadn’t been able to gain any comprehension from him, either.

As for that colossal white bear, its power had been just right. It had left him with many wounds, yet it hadn’t threatened his life straight away.

“If I wanted to sever my own mundane matters this time, I would already have full confidence in performing a flawless severance. However, if I want to sever heaven and earth then I don’t have any confidence at all,” Ling Han said in summary.

However, this didn’t matter too much. After all, Ling Han had yet to genuinely come into contact with the mystical power of heaven and earth. At that time, he would definitely gain some extra comprehension.

The three of them exited the Black Tower. The colossal white bear had already left long ago, leaving only a large number of giant craters in the surroundings. These craters were most likely the result of the colossal white bear venting its anger after being unable to find Ling Han.

Ling Han and his two wives quickly left this region. After several hours, they were fairly certain that they had already left the colossal white bear’s territory. However, their surroundings were still a vast expanse of white. The environment hadn’t changed at all.

This place was far too dangerous, and Ling Han and his two wives encountered many battles. Apart from the colossal while bear, they also came across a snow eagle, an ice wolf, and a snow leopard. Some were at the Genesis Tier, while some were at the Severing Mundane Tier.

Facing those at the Genesis Tier, Ling Han directly killed them and placed their corpses into the Black Tower. Their meat was extremely nutritious, so he naturally couldn’t waste them. As for those at the Severing Mundane Tier, Ling Han simply charged over to exchange a few strikes. This was in order to accumulate experience.

Meanwhile, the Empress had also fought against some of the first severance Demonic Beasts. She had developed a Divine Fetus, and her 10 bodies could also split the damage that she received. Although her defensive abilities were inferior to Ling Han’s, she could still exchange several blows with the first severance Demonic Beasts.

The husband and wife continued to battle as they advanced, and this left the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden feeling extremely envious. Her battle prowess was far inferior to Ling Han’s and the Empress’.

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