Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1818

Chapter 1819 Killed By A Trap

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Chapter 1819: Killed by a trap

This was none other than Ling Han!

The beam of light had entered completely into his body, but no one noticed that it had not shot out of Ling Han’s body.

What everyone had seen was that he had stepped out and taken a strike for Bewitching Maiden Rou!

And now, his body was bent over, his hands gripping his lower abdomen, and his expression extremely agonized.

“Hahahaha!” Beiyu Xiong and his group roared with laughter after a moment’s pause.

Didn’t die, the Bewitching Maiden Rou did not die, and that was good enough!

“I didn’t think that you are also a romantic fool! Too bad, your life will also end with this!” Teng Sen said.

“He should have died long ago!” Beiyu Xiong smirked coldly, his gaze flickering slightly.

He had an idea. He wanted to snatch Ling Han’s corpse, and he could claim credit from Zihe Bingyun in future with that in his possession.

Though this staff weapon possessed obliterating destructive power that could even possibly kill Dividing Soul Tier elites, who would believe that this could match a Celestial King?

Thus, he still wanted to enter under the banner of a Celestial King Tier sect, and if that happened, he would naturally flourish.

“Give me back my precious weapon!” Tan Wei finally realized what had happened, and stretched out a hand to grab the staff weapon, but how could Lin Fang possibly hand it over to him? Her palm descended in a palm strike, and he was thrown back forcefully by her cultivation level of fourth severance.

Meanwhile, Bewitching Maiden Rou’s small mouth was gaping open as she looked dumbly at the man that was standing in front of her.

He had his back towards her, and she couldn’t see his face, yet he had still decisively used his body to protect her!

She had been flattered by who knew how many men with how long she had been alive, and which one of them had not made solemn vows that they were willing to sacrifice their lives for her, but when she had really been in desperate straits, which one of them had stepped out to protect her?

Only Ling Han!

A man who had never fawned on or complimented her, but had used his mountain-like body to protect her.

In this instant, Bewitching Maiden Rou’s heart practically melted. She felt her vision blur, and tears streamed unwillingly from her eyes.

Had she fallen in love with Ling Han?

Perhaps not yet, but it could not be denied that she had really been touched to the extreme at this moment.

“You are a member of our Ling Clan, so Husband would definitely protect you!” Behind her, the Empress’s voice rang out.

Bewitching Maiden Rou turned her head, and saw that the Empress was all smiles. She did not have the slightest bit of grief in her expression.

‘You, you are a bit too cold-hearted, aren’t you?

‘Your man has already been killed, and you are actually still smiling?

‘What kind of wife are you!’

Beiyu Xiong showed an expression of malice.Xiu, he pounced out, leaping out towards Ling Han.

He had made his decision; he was going to take Ling Han’s corpse.

“Damn it!” Bewitching Maiden Rou rebuked harshly, and was just about to launch an attack at Beiyu Xiong, yet was restrained by the Empress. Initially, it was the former that was stronger, but when the Empress’s stern eyes passed over her, it intimidated her spirit, and she involuntarily stopped.

Beiyu Xiong saw this, and his lips quirked up involuntarily in a grin. In his eyes, the Empress had clearly given up on Ling Han. Exactly, what was there to miss about a dead man?

With such a practical nature, it should not be too difficult for him to take her into his harem.

He pounced over, and stretched out a hand to grab Ling Han.

But just at this moment, an incredibly panicked expression appeared on his face.

That was because he saw that Ling Han had smiled at him!

He had to be seeing things.

Beiyu Xiong immediately realized something was off, but it was already too late.

Pu, a fist penetrated his chest, and an indescribable coldness invaded his divine sense instantly, such that he could not come up with any other thought. Then, the fire of his spirit had also been frozen and eternally extinguished.

A great fourth severance peak stage king tier had actually been insta-killed with a single blow!

“How could this be” He looked at Ling Han’s face, and stretched out a hand as if he wanted to grab Ling Han, and get to the bottom of this matter.

Ling Han did not move, but Beiyu Xiong’s hand could not touch him at all. It had already dropped down weakly. Only then did he grit his teeth, and with one hand gripping onto his lower abdomen, he said, “Wife, don’t speak nonsense! Aiyo, it damn hurts!”

There were two Source Powers inside his body, and no Regulations could possibly overwhelm him with a superior level, so they naturally couldn’t kill him. However, that death light was a manifestation of Source Power, after all, so it still caused him much pain, and he couldn’t get his breath back even after so long.

There was no sound in the surroundings at all; everyone had turned into stone.


‘You are definitely a f**king monster!

‘Didn’t you see that Qianzhao Tian had been turned into a pile of dirt just from being hit once, and you actually just feel a little pain? Furthermore, you took advantage of the opening to lay a trap for Beiyu Xiong, and killed this fourth severance king tier!’

Actually, it was Beiyu Xiong himself who was to blame. Why did you go and try to snatch his “corpse” for? Fine then, now it was you that had been turned into a corpse.

The Empress suddenly showed an expression of heartache, and hurriedly supported Ling Han. Thankfully, Ling Han managed to channel the Nine Heavens Flame and Xuanyin Source Water in time, so this blow didn’t even manage to penetrate his clothes at all.

“You scared me!” She slapped Ling Han’s shoulder lightly.

Ling Han chuckled, and grabbed the Empress’s hand. “Seeing them so expectant, I had to reluctantly accommodate them in the act. After all, they already had their expressions long prepared, so I had to give them some face at least.”

‘F***, so apparently, you were just playing us like fools?’

Everyone’s face was black. The worst off was naturally Beiyu Xiong, who had directly been killed by Ling Han’s trap. Otherwise, with his strength as a fourth severance peak stage king tier, how could he have possibly died in Ling Han’s hands?

Worse come to worst, he could have run. With a gap of two minor levels, wouldn’t it be a simple thing for him to have run?

But why was Ling Han capable of sustaining a strike from the staff weapon and surviving?

Not only had he not died, he wasn’t even the slightest bit wounded. It was as if that actually wasn’t the light of death at all, but a genuine Shattering Void Tier-level attack. He had just been completely playing around.

“You, how could you be all right?” Tan Wei asked dumbly. This was really too much of a shock to him.

Ling Han shrugged, and asked, “You want to know? Come then, 10,000 catties of top-grade Saint Metal in exchange for a single question. Everyone can line up that’s not right, I can kill all of you, so all of that would be mine, wouldn’t it? Why should I do more than is required?”

These people had previously wanted to kill him so they could claim credit from Zihe Bingyun. They had just been intimidated by his powerful strength and tough physique later on, and had thus reined in their horses in the nick of time, but now they were restless again, so why should he still have to be polite with them?

“Bad Giants, attack! Attack!” At this moment, the dwarves had also come back to their senses. As they clamored, their attacks were launched again.

Lin Fang and the others hurriedly dodged, but they, too, possessed a staff weapon, and immediately proceeded to counterattack.Pa, it landed on one of the dwarves. Its speed was really too fast. Even Ling Han didn’t know whom they were aiming at, so it was not possible for him to block the attack.

“Ah, I’ve been hit!” that dwarf yowled, but he actually didn’t turn into dirt, either, and was merely yowling out endlessly.

This was also a monster!

Lin Fang and the others were all king tiers of the present generation, prodigies of prodigies, so realization immediately dawned on them. These dwarves were naturally resistant to this light of death. It could wound them, but if they wanted to use this to kill them, it would be difficult!

The battle royale had begun, incredibly intense.

Ling Han, Bewitching Maiden Rou, and the Empress also took a staff weapon each, and launched an offensive against Lin Fang and her group.

It was absolute chaos.

They similarly only needed to pull the trigger to launch an attack, but how could the speed of Ling Han and his group be anything that could be matched by those dwarves?

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