Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1819

Chapter 1820 The Treasure Mountain Opens Its Doors

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Chapter 1820: The Treasure Mountain opens its doors

“Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!” Lin Fang and the others all yelled. With the aid of the staff weapon, Ling Han and his group were too frightening. They could not be matched at all.

This was what the saying “the few are no match for the many” meant. They only had a single staff weapon, and their disadvantage in numbers was too great. Furthermore, Ling Han and those dwarves had a strong immunity to the light of death, so how were they supposed to play this?

In the end, only three managed to retreat successfully, and they were Lin Fang, Teng Sen, and Wei Nian. The others had all been killed by the light of death, and turned into dirt.

“We won!” The dwarves raised their hands and cheered.

“Let’s drink!”

“Lay out a feast!”


These dwarves had no awareness of suffering at all, and did not worry in the slightest that Lin Fang and the others would make a comeback. Neither did they realize that the gap between the cultivation level of both sides was like the gap between heaven and earth. If they had not had the help of Ling Han and his group, they would definitely have been completely eliminated in an instant. Even if they had the staff weapons, it would be no use.

Ling Han and his group were also treated to warm hospitality from the dwarves.

Bewitching Maiden Rou was a little displeased. She was touched by Ling Han’s action of sacrificing himself to protect her, but the latter was not even the slightest bit wounded, which made her feel like she had been deceived. ‘You didn’t move for such a long period of time; were you deliberately cheating me out of my sympathy and tears?’

However, it could not be denied. Ling Han had indeed saved her life, and this was a favor that she would have to recognize.

“Want to repay the favor?” The Empress raised the Bewitching Maiden Rou’s delicate chin. “Then serve my husband in bed tonight!”

Bewitching Maiden Rou blushed furiously. ‘You are really too unreserved, aren’t you?’

But what might be a perverted line from the mouths of others seemed like a golden rule when it was spoken by the Empress’s mouth. It was filled with dignity, and made others feel like their own wish was to obey strictly.

This was the enchantment of the Empress.

Ling Han shook his head and forced a laugh. Why was the Empress constantly thinking of getting hold of the Nine Revolutions Charm Physique? Could it be that he would not be able to ascend to the summit if he did not have the aid of the Nine Revolutions Charm Physique?

However, something that the Empress had set her mind on was clearly nothing he could stop. Thus, Ling Han couldn’t even bother himself to advise her otherwise, and merely directed questions at the dwarves.

These dwarves did not have any consciousness of guarding against others by nature, and furthermore, because they had fought with Ling Han on the same side, they were filled with trust towards him. If they knew the answer, they would reply to all questions he asked.

They called the staff weapons they had in their hands Sacred Weapons, which they had obtained from a mountain cavern, and what caused Ling Han incredible surprise was the fact that these dwarves were actually not born through the “normal” method, but had originated from that mountain cave themselves.

Every 100 years, they would enter into the mountain cave, and carry out a few dwarves that had just been born. Then, they would bury those dwarves that had died of old age inside that mountain cave.

Ling Han came up with a guess. Actually, these dwarves were manifestations of the Source Power of Earth.

The Heavenly Dao Jade was a Source Power of the heaven and earth, so what kind of valuable existence was it? And earth was the mother of all life, so what would be so strange about it having birthed such earth spirits?

The proof was the fact that they had all been “born” in the cave, as well as being completely fine even after being hit with the light of death from their staff weaponsthey were one and the same in the first place, and had both originated from a certain power of the Heavenly Dao Jade.

Ling Han proposed a request to go to the mountain cave, which met with the objections of a part of the Gururu Tribe, but there were also a few dwarves that expressed agreement. Ling Han had provided them extremely great help, so how could they refuse the request of their benefactor?

In the end, these dwarves said they needed to have a discussion, ask the tribe elders to make a divination, ask the spirits of their ancestors, and so on. Only then would they be able to give Ling Han a reply.

Ling Han did not rush them. Though these dwarves didn’t have a very high cultivation level, they had possession of various techniques, and could not be underestimated. Who knew, that mountain cave might contain a powerful weapon, right?

He, the Empress, and Bewitching Maiden Rou thus settled down, and waited for the result of the discussions of the dwarves.

Ling Han and the Empress entered into the Black Tower. They had already reached the second severance peak stage. They only had to push aside the barrier of their cultivation level, and would be able to deliver the third severance, and their battle prowess would naturally soar innumerable times.

They only had to advance into the third severance, and they would not have to be wary of anyone else within this Mystery Realm.

Under normal conditions, this was impossible. It would have to take at least tens of thousands of years of accumulation at least. If your comprehension ability was poor, then it would be hundreds of thousands, or millions and millions of years, and you still might not be able to break through.

But Ling Han had the Reincarnation Tree, and more importantly, after the Reincarnation Tree had been “reborn”, its effects had also been improved a good few times. Coincidentally, Ling Han had also just gotten hold of a few fruits.

The Reincarnation Tree bore fruit very rarely, but as the source of all plants, the fruits that it bore had to be at the Celestial medicine’s level!

Even if this present Reincarnation Tree had been grown from accelerated growth, so the effects of its fruits were not as expected, they were still celestial treasures.

Ling Han and the Empress divided four Celestial Fruits between the two of them. Then, they comprehended Dao underneath the Reincarnation Tree. They hoped to complete the breakthrough in the shortest time possible.

Seven days later, Ling Han and the Empress exited seclusion.

Though neither of them had made a breakthrough, both of them had gained an extremely great certainty. They only had to enter into seclusion once more, and they were 90 percent certain that they could deliver the third severance. Unfortunately, the Celestial medicines had been expended. After all, they couldn’t consume the Seven Lives Divine Clouds too, right?

“That mutated Celestial medicine!” Ling Han recalled that Celestial medicine that had taken the form of a rabbit with the head of a wolf. If that could be refined, then he and the Empress should be able to advance into the third severance.

The discussions of the Gururu Tribe had also come to an end. They agreed to let Ling Han and his group into the mountain caves, but there was a prerequisite condition: they had to harvest a Mountain Treasure as sacrifice.

In these mountains, there were some rocks that had gained consciousness and become mountain spirits, and they were called Mountain Treasures. In the eyes of the Gururu Tribe, Mountain Treasures were the best sacrificial item.

Furthermore, aside from the specific time every century, even dwarves were not able to enter into the caves. They could only do so by using a Mountain Treasure, which meant that the dwarves did not mean to cause trouble for Ling Han and his group at all.

Ling Han and his group definitely would not be able to wait as long as 100 years. After more than nine years, the restrictive power of the volcano would vanish, and this place would turn back into a zone of violence, and only the living creatures native to this place would be able to survive.

Thus, Ling Han and the Empress immediately set out, and Bewitching Maiden Rou also chose to follow them. What reason was there for her to stay behind in the village?

“Let’s make things clear. Saving you is one thing, traveling together is also one thing, but don’t even think that we are going to divide our treasures with you,” Ling Han stated solemnly.

Bewitching Maiden Rou couldn’t help but grit her teeth. ‘The treasure hasn’t even appeared yet, and you are already drawing a clear dividing line between us!’

Damn, man, why had he saved her previously?

She was very defiant. With her charm, any man should be running around her in circles, and agree to whatever she said. Even if she made any excessive request, she merely needed to smile and make an appeal in a soft tone, and there logically should be nothing that they could deny her.

Why had she encountered this kind of guy?

Bewitching Maiden Rou looked towards the Empress. It had to be admitted that if any man possessed this kind of exquisite celestial maiden, he would definitely develop an immunity towards other women. Even a great bewitching maiden like herself was no exception.

But she was still unreconciled. There was no man that the Purity Sect could not conquer!

If she did not turn this man into her willing subject, she was afraid that this would become a lingering shadow in her heart, and she would not have any hopes of breaking through to the Dividing Soul Tier ever in this lifetime.

‘Damn man, then let’s come and have a battle; I don’t believe that I will not be able to make you submit!’

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