Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1820

Chapter 1821 Search

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Chapter 1821: Search

Ling Han and his group began searching in the mountains. As for the tribe of dwarves, Ling Han had already advised them to be careful. With the help of the staff weapons, they should not encounter too much trouble.

The three of them listened to the description of the Gururu Tribe. The Mountain Treasure was buried underground, and some were even as deep as tens of meters deep. Aside from hunting, the daily lives of these dwarves also included excavating Mountain Treasures, though their gains were very, very limited.

Furthermore, these dwarves were really too sincere and honest. Whenever they dug out a Mountain Treasure, they would anxiously rush to offer it as a sacrifice, and had no concept of “savings”.

In general, Mountain Treasures were very easily recognizable. They would by themselves emit light that was milky white in color, and there seemed to be some kind of transparent liquid flowing in them as well. Previously, there had been an “outrageously bold” member of the Gururu Tribe who had opened the Mountain Treasure and drunk this liquid, and he had died directly.

From then onwards, no other member of the Gururu Tribe dared to joke around with the Mountain Treasure, and they thought that this was a punishment from the gods.

With the ability of Ling Han and his group, they could very easily topple mountains and overturn seas, but this mountain was different.

It was too firm!

Ling Han attempted to blast open the mountain rocks, yet that did not have any good result at all. Thus, he could only slowly dig like any other ordinary person. The inefficiency of this was astonishing. It could be claimed that it was completely up to luck.

There was nothing to be done. The three of them tried their best, searching around for the Mountain Treasure. Bewitching Maiden Rou had even said in a moment of anger that if she was the one to discover the Mountain Treasure, she would definitely not bring Ling Han with her into the mountain cave,

Ling Han’s only response was “heh”

“Small Tower, can you guess what that Mountain Treasure is?” Ling Han asked. Since he had something that could help him cheat, why should he not use it?

Small Tower pondered for a while, and then said, “That could possibly be the Cave Spirit Treasured Jade, something formed from a sliver of the essence of the Heavenly Dao Source Rock being nurtured. That is why it can help to open up the cave that contains the Heavenly Dao Jade.”

“Are you sure that that mountain cave contains the Heavenly Dao Jade?”

“99 percent sure.” Small Tower nodded. “Since the Heavenly Dao Jade is formed, only a Celestial King technique can resist it. What you have to be careful of are that brat and girl from those two Celestial King Tier forces. The others could not possibly retrieve it.”

“Can you find the Mountain Treasure?” Ling Han asked again.

“If I’m close enough, I can sense it,” Small Tower said.

“How close?”

“Maybe within three meters.”

This scope was really too small. However, compared with having to overturn the entire mountain, the advantage of having to dig three meters deep was overwhelming.

Ling Han nodded, and used his movement technique, beginning to circle around in the mountains.

If the Mountain Treasure was within the scope of less than three meters under the surface, then Small Tower would be able to sense it. Compared to digging, circling around the mountain was innumerable times easier.

Unfortunately, after he had done a full circle, Small Tower did not have any reaction.

Ling Han was exasperated, and could only play the role of miner, beginning to clear the area.

It seemed to be all rocks here, and there was a pitifully small amount of sand. Furthermore, the rocks were extraordinarily hard, and he had to refine them with the power of Regulation, so the slowness of his progress could be imagined.

Thankfully, Ling Han and his group had borrowed the staff weapons, which could save them a considerable amount of energy. But even so, it was still exceedingly slow.

And with such work, more than five months had passed. The three young king tiers had eventually laid down their pride, and earnestly did the heavy manual labor.

“Brat, head left!” Small Tower suddenly said.

Ling Han faltered for a moment, and then showed an expression of delighted surprise. “You found something?”

Small Tower was impatient, and demanded, “I told you to head left, so just do it. Why do you have so much nonsense to spout?!”

Would it die if it was not tsundere?

Ling Han still began digging leftwards, but he had just begun when Small Tower said, “You’ve gone too far, head right a bit.”

After a few attempts, Small Tower finally stopped making any noise, and allowed Ling Han to advance forwards.

“Now slower!” After advancing slightly more than one and a half meters, Small Tower spoke up again.

Ling Han slowed his movements as asked. The staff weapon could possibly damage the Cave Spirit Treasured Jade, so he decisively gave up the staff weapon, and only used his bare hands, beginning to dig at the rocks.

His hands were wrapped in Regulations, and were like iron spades. Though they were not as indestructible as the staff weapon, the advantage was that he had full control over the power. If a jade suddenly emerged from a rock, he would not damage it.

In only a while, Ling Han saw something bright. He had discovered a beautiful jade.

It was indeed as what the dwarves had said. This rock was completely milky white, and seemed slightly transparent. One could vaguely see liquid flowing inside it, as if it had a life of its own.

“This is indeed a Cave Spirit Treasured Jade,” Small Tower said.

“Is this a treasure?” Ling Han asked.

“Of course, it is formed from having absorbed a sliver of the Source Power of Earth, and even an Ascending Origin Tier would be tempted by it.”

Ling Han suddenly understood. That dwarf had died after he had consumed the marrow fluid not because the treasure fluid was poisonous, but because its medicinal effects were too strong, and he had directly died from being overnourished.

Those dwarves were only in the Shattering Void Tier. Though they had an unclear relationship with the Heavenly Dao Jade, they could not possibly ignore the restrictions of their cultivation level entirely. After all, this was being directed consumed into the body, and having the light of death land on your body was completely incomparable.

Too bad, this thing had to be used to open the caves. Otherwise, he could save it for his own use.

As the saying went, one could not get a greater profit without making some sacrifices. Using this to trade for the Heavenly Dao Jade, and advancing into the fifth severance; this significance surpassed all else.

Ling Han carefully dug out this Cave Spirit Treasured Jade, and it felt warm in his hand, and there was even a slight wriggly feeling.

“Put down the Mountain Treasure!” An icy voice rang out. Though it was very melodious, it was filled with killing intent.

A person was standing behind Ling Han, and even with how sensitive Ling Han’s divine sense was, he actually did not discover how she had approached him. The strength of her abilities and excellence of her techniques were truly shocking.

Zihe Bingyun, the heir of a Celestial King Tier clan. It was no wonder she had such techniques.

Ling Han slowly turned around and faced Zihe Bingyun directly.

She had a staff in her hand, and the staff’s tip was aimed at him. It was the weapon of the Gururu Tribe. Clearly, she had also found out how this powerful weapon could be used. A sliver of a cold smirk turned up the corners of her lips, as if she was mocking him.

Being threatened by such a powerful weapon, Ling Han could only submit.

Why did she not make a move? That was because she worried that she would destroy the Mountain Treasure along with him. Thus, she would wait until Ling Han handed over the Mountain Treasure, and then deal him a fatal blow.

Ling Han frowned slightly, and his killing intent seeped out.

“You’ve committed murder!” he said. “I sense a powerful air of blood, and further it’s not just one!” He suddenly became very furious. “You massacred that village of dwarves!”

This demented woman!

Zihe Bingyun’s expression was filled with disdain. What was the big deal about having massacred a village of dwarves? They were only Shattering Void Tier natives, and weren’t even qualified to be noted in her memory. She raised a brow, and said, “Stop blabbering, and hand over the Mountain Treasure quickly!”

This man was too despicable. He actually caused her to expose her hip in public. Not only he would have to die, every single person who had witnessed it would have to die!

Ling Han gripped his hand into a fist, and coldly said, “Then trade your life for it!”

“Die!” Zihe Bingyun slanted the staff weapon slightly.Xiu, a beam of light shot out, shooting towards Ling Han’s right leg.

This was a warning.

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