All Heavens Check In From Douluo Chapter 552

Chapter 552: The King Of War

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Yun Feng ignored the yells of those little ghosts, but walked directly towards the Fire Ghost Palace.

As for those little ghosts, sounding warnings under his coercion is already the limit, even if they want to stop him, they are powerless.

"Who knows how to live and die dare to break into Grandpa's Fire Ghost Palace!"

Yun Feng had just walked outside the Fire Ghost Hall, a roar of anger suddenly came from the Fire Ghost Hall, and then a head-sized fiery ball of fire flew out of the Fire Ghost Hall.

Upon seeing this, Yun Feng directly raised his arm to block him.


The fireball hit Yun Feng's arm and exploded instantly, covering Yun Feng.

"The king is mighty!"

The little ghosts around saw this scene and immediately cheered.

You must know that even the judge of the impermanence hall would not dare to hold on to their great king's attack.

In the eyes of those little ghosts, even if the strength of this person who claims to be a casual cultivator of Yunfeng in the human world is strong, it will never be better than the judges of the impermanence hall!

That Yunfeng sturdily received this blow, even if he didn't die, he would peel off his skin!

When the little ghosts were cheering, Yun Feng slowly walked away from the flames, without seeing any injuries on his body.

Obviously, the flame that covered his whole body did not affect him at all!

Seeing this scene, the cheers all around came to an abrupt end. All the little ghosts looked at Yun Feng in disbelief, as if they had never thought that their great king's attack did not affect Yun Feng in the slightest!

"It's no wonder you dare to break into Grandpa's Fire Ghost Palace, you have some ability!"

When Yun Feng walked out of the flame unharmed, a burly figure appeared at the entrance of the Fire Ghost Palace.

The figure was about two people tall, with an ugly face, three single horns on top of the head, two arms with distinct muscles, and the blue veins surrounding it like a horned dragon, full of explosive power.

Except for a piece of unknown animal skin around his waist, there was no covering on the figure, and it was getting closer, and he could even faintly smell the stench emanating from the figure.

"Boy, take your Grandpa Fire Ghost first!"

As soon as the burly figure appeared, he directly smashed his fist toward Yun Feng.

The fist wind screamed, as if a huge mountain hit Yunfeng head-on!

Facing the attack of the Fire Ghost King, Yun Feng's expression remained unchanged, and he directly greeted him with a fist with his right hand!


Accompanied by the dull collision sound, the fists of Yun Feng and the Fire Ghost King slammed together.

The next moment, the Fire Ghost King let out a muffled hum, and his body flew upside down like a broken kite, hitting a stone pillar outside the Fire Ghost Palace, splashing a lot of rubble.

However, Yun Feng only shook it twice before quickly stabilizing his figure.

"The king was defeated?!"

Seeing this scene, the surrounding little ghosts couldn't help but exclaimed: "That little white face turned away the king with a punch?!"

No wonder the little ghosts around him were so surprised, the previous scene was really shocking.

You must know that Yun Feng's height is not even half the height of the Fire Ghost King, and his body is well-proportioned and slender.

Before Yun Feng and the Fire Ghost King fought, no one thought that Yun Feng could overpower the Fire Ghost King!

But the final result was that the fire ghost king who seemed to have a huge advantage was knocked back by Yun Feng, but Yun Feng himself only shook it twice!

"Bah! What a powerful force!"

The Fire Ghost King got up from the ground, spit out a mouthful of blood foam, and muttered: "Grandpa looked down upon you as a kid!"

As he spoke, the Fire Ghost King stretched out his hand and grabbed a stone pillar beside him. He grabbed a stone pillar as a weapon and swung it at Yun Feng!

"If you don't see the coffin, you won't cry!"

Yun Feng snorted when he saw it, and his figure instantly appeared behind a little ghost who was onlookers, and kicked it.

The kid exploded like a cannonball and collided with the stone pillars swung by the Fire Ghost King!


The little ghost kicked out by Yunfeng instantly exploded into a cloud of red ghost gas, which spilled over the lava hell, while the fire ghost king was a staggered stone pillar in his hand, smashing the ground, splashing a lot of rubble.

"What other means, just use it."

After resolving the fire ghost king's attack, Yun Feng stood indifferently and said coldly.

In the original world process, the Fire Demon King once suppressed Sedum and others with his own powerful force. In the end, Sedum and others relied on the power of cartilage pulp and other poisons and the power of Water Spirit Orb to greatly weaken the power of the Fire Demon King. Barely won.

But Yun Feng is different. Although Yun Feng looks a little thin and weak, his physical strength and internal strength have already reached a very exaggerated level under the constant nourishment of meteor tears.

In terms of physical strength alone, Yun Feng is not even inferior to some of the six realms known for their brute force!

It's just that the opponents Yun Feng faced in the past could not be solved by brute force, so he never revealed his own strength.

"Dare to underestimate your Grandpa Fire Ghost?!"

The Fire Ghost King lived in the environment of lava **** all year round. His temper was very irritable. He was furious when he heard Yun Feng's words. He grabbed a stone pillar with both hands and slammed it at Yun Feng!

"Really no brain!"

When Yun Feng saw this, he couldn't help but curl his lips.

Originally, he wanted to see how strong the Fire Ghost King was when he got the Fire Spirit Orb, but he didn't expect that the Fire Ghost King only knew how to use brute force, which really disappointed Yun Feng.

Disappointed, Yun Feng lost interest in continuing to play with the Fire Ghost King, and directly took out the imitation Zhuxian Sword and slashed at the Fire Ghost King!

A **** sword aura formed in an instant, and collided with the stone pillar swung by the Fire Ghost King.

With the sound of two invisible sounds, the stone pillars in the hands of the fire ghost king broke apart, and the **** sword aura remained unabated, and hit the neck of the fire ghost king!

Even if the fire ghost king has thick skin and thick skin, if he is slashed by this sword, I am afraid that the corpse will be separated and killed on the spot!

The Fire Ghost King naturally noticed the power of Yun Feng's sword energy, his pupils shrank slightly, and he rolled on the spot without hesitation.

Although the way of avoiding it was a bit unsightly, the Fire Ghost King managed to avoid Yun Feng's attack after all.

The sword energy that had lost its goal hit the Huogui Palace behind the Huogui King, directly cutting off the shabby Huogui Palace by half!


Seeing the miserable condition of the Fire Ghost Palace, the Fire Ghost King couldn't help but shiver, and then subconsciously reached out and touched his neck, feeling a moment of fear in his heart.

If he hadn't reacted quickly to avoid the blow, I am afraid he would have died now!

But soon, the fear in Fire Ghost King's heart disappeared, and it was replaced by unstoppable anger!

"Boy, you angered your grandfather Huogui Wang!"

The Fire Demon King screamed, with a purple flame rising from his body, and it looked very scary when combined with the Huo Demon King's hideous face.

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