All Heavens Check In From Douluo Chapter 553

Chapter 553: Nine Nether Fire Emperor Yan Shows His Might

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"The king is angry!"

"The king is angry!"

Seeing the appearance of the fire ghost king, the little ghosts around immediately knelt on the ground, buried their heads and shivered.

They have lived in this lava **** for hundreds of years, and they know how terrible the consequences of the fire ghost king's anger!

Especially in recent years, the Fire Ghost King has acquired the Fire Spirit Orb, his strength has skyrocketed, his temper has become more and more violent, and he will get angry from time to time. In severe cases, it will even cause lava **** to be turbulent!

Now seeing Yun Feng completely angered the Fire Ghost King, the surrounding little ghosts scolded Yun Feng secretly in their hearts, but also constantly prayed that they would not be affected by the Fire Ghost King's anger!

"As a price to irritate you, Grandpa Fire Ghost -"

A purple flame was beating in the eyes of the Fire Ghost King, and he shouted angrily: "My uncle wants you to be very soulless, and you will never be born again!"

A cold light flashed in Yun Feng's eyes when he heard the words, and immediately showed ridicule, and said with disdain, "It's up to you?"

The Fire Ghost King was already extremely angry, and when he heard Yun Feng's frivolous words, he completely lost control. The purple flames pulsating on his body rolled frantically, gathering into a huge fire cloud over the floating island!

Immediately afterwards, a group of fist-sized purple fireballs fell down like raindrops, covering all the floating islands where the Fire Ghost Palace was located!

Meteor fire rain!

"Lord, please spare your life!"

"Lord, please spare your life!"

Seeing this scene, the little ghosts around were all dead, countless little ghosts knelt on the ground and kowtowed, begging for their lives.

The little ghost near the edge of the floating island quickly got up and ran towards the outside of the floating island.

In the panic, many little ghosts were squeezed from the rocky path and fell into the lava, their souls scattered.

But more little ghosts were hit by the fireball, ignited by the fireball, and dissipated in blue smoke in the mournful wailing!

"You still have some ability!"

Seeing this scene, Yun Feng snorted, and the imitation Zhuxian Sword in his hand swung one after another, and the sword aura formed in an instant, turning into a sword curtain to block it above.

A large number of purple fireballs smashed on the sword screen, turning into circles of flames and spreading out, just a few breaths, and the sword screen turned into a sea of fire!

"A senseless struggle!"

The Fire Ghost King just smirked when he saw it, and then he took out a fiery red iron ball exuding strong spiritual power fluctuations from nowhere, and smashed it towards the condensed sword curtain of Yunfeng!

The iron ball turned into a stream of light and hit the sword curtain. Accompanied by a fine cracking sound, the sword curtain under Yunfeng instantly shattered, and the sea of fire above the sword curtain fell like a waterfall, instantly sealing the space around Yunfeng dead!

"Boy, let's see how you resist the Nine Nether Fire of your grandfather Huogui Wang!"

When the fire ghost king saw this, he let out a frantic laugh, his eyes fixed on where Yun Feng was, as if he saw Yun Feng screaming and screaming under the Nine Nether Fire, and finally the tragic appearance of his soul flying away!

"Nine Nether Fire?"

"But so!"

At this moment, a cold snort of disdain suddenly came out of the sea of flame formed by Nine Nether Fire.

At the next moment, a ray of golden flame burst out from the sea of fire formed by the Nine Nether Fire, and then spread quickly with the power of a prairie fire.

In the blink of an eye, the sea of fire composed of Nine Nether Fire turned into a dazzling golden color. The next moment, the sea of fire composed of golden flames suddenly separated from the middle, and the unharmed Yun Feng held a group of pale golden flames in his hands, slowly Out of the fire.

"How can it be?!"

The fire ghost king looked shocked, looking at Yun Feng who was unharmed, the purple flame in his eyes fiercely beat twice, and he lost his voice.

The reason why his Fire Ghost King was able to fight against the impermanence hall was that besides the geographical advantage of this lava hell, the biggest reliance was the Nine Nether Fire!

If ordinary creatures are caught in the Nine Nether Fire, their souls will be burned out in an instant, and they will end in an inexhaustible reincarnation; even the well-known strong men in the six realms will have their souls damaged under the Nine Nether Fires , The strength has fallen sharply, and even a little carelessness will fall under the Nine Nether Fire!

It can be said that if it were not for the Nine Nether Fire, he had been cleaned up by the impermanence hall judge thousands of years ago, and it would be impossible for him to live in this lava **** for thousands of years!

But today, facing Yun Feng, his Jiu Nether Fire, which was always detrimental in the past, lost its effect. It failed to cause any threat to Yun Feng, and even was assimilated by the pale golden flame in Yun Feng's hand. , How can this not shock him?

"Nothing is impossible."

Yun Feng glanced at the Fire Ghost King when he heard the words, and said with disdain: "You will feel shocked, it's just because you are ignorant."

It is true that the Jiu Nether Fire in the hands of the Fire Ghost King is extremely powerful, and can be called the top flame in the fairy sword world. In addition to the sky fire controlled by the Fire Beast among the Primordial Five Elements Beasts sealed by Nuwa, there is only the demon worlds soul Demon Flame can be compared with Jiu Nether Underworld Fire.

But it is a pity that no matter how extraordinary the Nine Nether Fire is, it is only the top flame in a high-level middle-thousand world.

And the Emperor Flame possessed by Yunfeng comes from a top-notch world such as the Great Domination of the World. Not to mention, the characteristics of Emperor Flame commanding the heavens and the earth to abounding fire are enough to make the Nine Nether Flames mastered by the King of Fire Ghosts cant exert anything before him. effect!

What's more, in addition to Emperor Yan, the Xunfeng robe on his body also possesses the characteristics of invading water and fire.

Although the Jiu Nether Fire is only aimed at the soul, not the flesh, as long as the Jiu Nether Fire is not out of the flame level and its power does not exceed the upper limit of the Xunfeng robe, it will not be able to hurt Yun Feng under the protection of the Xunfeng robe. !

The fire ghost king wanted to use Jiu Nether to hurt or even kill Yun Feng directly, which is simply idiotic dreams!

Hearing Yun Feng's words, a anger flashed across the Huogui King's face, but looking at the golden fire sea on both sides of Yun Feng, he was speechless.

In the case that hand-to-hand combat is not Yun Feng's opponent, Jiu Nether Underworld Fire is already his last reliance.

But the Jiu Nether Fire, which he had given high hopes, failed to have any effect on Yun Feng, not to mention, it was even assimilated by the golden flame in Yun Feng's hand, becoming Yun Feng's help!

Seeing that the Fire Ghost King didn't speak, Yun Feng smiled coldly, and Emperor Yan bounced lightly in his hand twice, and suddenly exploded, turning into a large number of fine flames and submerged in the golden fire on both sides of Yun Feng.

In the next moment, the golden flames on both sides of Yunfeng, as if they had received a certain summon, rose up quickly, turning into roaring fire dragons and rushing towards the Fire Ghost King!

Seeing this scene, the face of the fire ghost king suddenly changed, and the rising purple flames rolled, turning into countless spirit snakes to meet the rushing fire dragon!

"A needless struggle."

Seeing Fire Ghost King's response, Yun Feng shook his head, disdainfully said.

If it were replaced by the Fire Beast in charge of Skyfire, it might be able to easily cope with this attack.

But the fire ghost king's own strength can only be regarded as second-rate in the fairy sword world, but it is only through the geographical advantage of the lava **** and the nine nether fire that have the capital to fight the impermanence hall.

Having lost these two great reliances, relying solely on the strength of the Fire Ghost King, trying to block the fire dragon transformed by Emperor Yan is simply a dream!

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