All Heavens Check In From Douluo Chapter 554

Chapter 554: Fire Spirit Orb is in hand, high-level draw!

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The Fire Ghost King naturally heard Yun Feng's words, but he didn't feel any rebuttal.

He died in the sky fire thousands of years ago, and turned into a fire ghost after death. He possessed the ability to control the fire of the Nine Netherworlds. Because of this, his knowledge of flames is not only the best in the six realms, but also the top of the six realms. .

The Fire Ghost King knew very well that the Nine Nether Fire that he had mastered could not stop the golden flames.

It's just that when things have reached this point, he can only fight to the death, trying to get a chance!

Soon, the fire dragon transformed by Emperor Yan collided with the fire snake formed by the Nine Nether Fire.

As soon as the fire dragon and the fire snake came into contact, they were like hot snow splashing, instantly swallowing the fire snake formed by the nine nether fires, and then the remaining power was unabated, covering the fire ghost king!

"I, the Fire Ghost King, have occupied this lava **** for thousands of years, and even the Temple of Impermanence cannot help me."

"Unexpectedly, I would be buried under the fire today!"

Seeing the overwhelming golden fire dragon in front of him, the fire ghost king muttered with a bitter expression on his face.

In ancient times, he fell under the fire of the sky and turned into a fire ghost.

Originally thought that if he had mastered the Jiu Nether Fire and occupied the lava hell, he would be able to stay away forever.

But he didn't expect that to this day, he who has mastered the Nine Nether Fire for thousands of years will fall under the flames again, really good luck!

Before the Fire Ghost King spoke, the fire dragon that Emperor Yan had transformed whizzed past, directly burning the Fire Ghost King into fly ash.

Previously, where the Fire Ghost King was, there was only a fiery red bead, exuding a strong fire spirit, floating in the air, emitting a faint red halo.

This bead is naturally one of the Five Spirit Orbs left by the Great God Nuwa in the human world. It was the Fire Spirit Orb obtained by the Fire Ghost King by chance!

Seeing the death of the fire ghost king, Yun Feng raised his hand, and the fire dragon that Emperor Yan had transformed into shattered instantaneously, turned into fine flames and flew back to his hands, and was put away by him.

"The fire ghost king is dead, you still don't go to the impermanence hall to confess your sins?"

After putting away Emperor Yan, Yun Feng's gaze swept across the remaining little ghosts on the floating island, coldly said.

Originally, there were thousands of little ghosts on the floating island, but except for a small number of little ghosts who escaped from the floating island by chance, most of the remaining little ghosts were taken by Yu Bo when he and the fire ghost king were fighting. Spread, the soul flies away.

The little ghosts left on the floating island now add up to less than 10% of what they were before.

And Yun Feng was not interested in these little ghosts, so he just spoke to send them to the impermanence hall by themselves.

Hearing Yun Feng's words, the little ghosts around didn't dare to hesitate at all, and hurriedly ran out of the floating island.

Even the Fire Ghost King fell into Yun Feng's hands, how dare those little ghosts disobey Yun Feng's orders?

What's more, without the protection of the Fire Ghost King, they have no ability to compete with the impermanence hall.

Even if they continue to hide in this lava hell, they will still be unable to escape when people come from the Temple of Impermanence.

That being the case, it would be better to follow Yun Feng's order and go to the impermanence hall to confess his guilt and surrender the law, so that Yan Jun might still be treated with mercy.

Yun Feng didn't care about the thoughts of the little ghosts. After dismissing the little ghosts to leave, Yun Feng walked directly towards the Fire Spirit Orb left after the fall of the Fire Ghost King, and grabbed it in his hand.

[The fire spirit orb, a top transcendent item found, is it absorbed?


After hearing the system prompt, Yun Feng immediately ordered in his heart.

As Yun Fengs voice sounded, a faint glow on the Fire Spirit Orb flashed away. At the same time, the system prompt sounded again in Yun Fengs ears

[Congratulations to the host for successfully absorbing the top extraordinary item Fire Spirit Orb, and the Heavenly Energy +200000!

[Congratulations to the host for successfully absorbing the top and extraordinary item Fire Spirit Orb, and obtaining a small amount of the origin of the Heavenly Way in the World of Sword!

[It is detected that the host has more than one million points of Heavenly Energy, and the advanced lottery function is unlocked!


"Premium lottery?"

Hearing the system prompt, Yun Feng's heart moved, and he quickly focused on the newly unlocked advanced lottery.

You must know that the unlocking requirement of the intermediate lottery is only to have one hundred thousand points of heavenly energy, while the unlocking condition of the advanced lottery has been doubled ten times!

Yunfeng is also curious as to how the advanced lottery is different from the previously unlocked elementary and intermediate lottery. The unlocking conditions are so exaggerated!

[Advanced Lottery]: 100000 Heavenly Dao energy/time, 75% chance to get top items, 24% chance to get special items, 1% chance to get original items.

[Advanced Ten Consecutive Draw]: 900,000 Heavenly Dao Energy/time, the probability is the same as a single draw.

Looking at the relevant information about the high-level lottery, Yun Feng couldn't help but shine.

Compared with the primary and intermediate draws, the advanced lottery has a qualitative change. It is no wonder that the unlocking conditions for the advanced lottery are so high!

Although the cost of the high-level lottery is amazing, one hundred thousand heavenly energy at a time, but the top-level items of the high-level lottery guarantee will not lose too much as long as the face is not too dark.

Most importantly, there is a chance to get the original item in the advanced lottery!

Every original item is born from the world of the seas of the heavens, or is cast from the world's origin left over from the shattered world of the seas of the heavens. It is the most precious thing in the seas of the heavens!

Even the Meteor Tears in Yun Feng's hand and treasures like Emperor Yan can't compare with the original items!

"Unfortunately, the price of the lottery is still a bit higher for me now."

However, even though Yun Feng was excited, he did not plan to draw a lottery in a short period of time. At least he would not spend the energy of the heavens on it until the heavenly energy he possessed reached a certain amount.

Even if the high-level lottery guarantees the top items, generally speaking, there will be no loss.

But for Yun Feng now, just one or two top-level items were not enough to increase his strength too much.

But for ten consecutive draws at a time, the amount of heavenly energy consumed was too huge, after a ten consecutive draws, the remaining heavenly energy in his hand could not even be an emergency!

"Lets see Jun Yan first!"

Yun Feng shook his head, temporarily leaving behind the lottery, and walked out of the lava **** with the Fire Spirit Orb.

Soon, Yun Feng's figure appeared outside the lava hell.

"Big Brother Yun, I just saw a lot of little ghosts running out of lava hell, it seems that the Fire Ghost King has been solved by you?"

As soon as Yun Feng's figure appeared, Baguio greeted him and asked with a smile.

"The matter is resolved."

Yun Feng nodded, then looked at Jingtian and others, and said, "Go to the Hall of Impermanence and see Jun Yan first."

After speaking, Yun Feng walked directly towards the direction of the impermanence hall, Baguio and others hurriedly followed.

A group of five people quickly disappeared outside the lava hell...

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