Almighty Summoner System Chapter 35

Chapter 35

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"Ehh? Are you sure about this? Even though it's also an F-Grade Quest, if it involves going out of the city, it means that there is a risk that you might encounter some Beast along the way."

Ban already knew of that fact the moment he took the Quest paper from the Quest Board.

He nodded his head without hesitation while saying, "Yeah, I'm already a little familiar with that forest anyway and I also know the quest location!"

Marrie shrugged her shoulder as her Monster, Stella the Money Monkey handed her a small wooden stamp.


Marrie stamped the Quest Paper immediately after recording it on another piece of paper that she was keeping.

"Here, show this Quest Paper after you've completed the Quest. Usually, this kind of gathering Quest has a limit of twenty-four hours, but it was not indicated on the Quest information so you can hand in the Quest whenever you want."

"Alright, thank you! I'll go now!" Ban said as he turned his back from them.

Delo was still staring at him curiously while Eva also stared back at him fiercely in return.

Belle was also interested in the Quest but Marrie did not let her see its content.

"Oh wait, before you go, I'll make an announcement first," Marrie stated as she recalled the job that the Guild Master tasked her to do. It was also the reason why she was a little late earlier.

Ban nodded his head after hearing Marrie's unusual tone. 'It must be important for her to make an expression like that.' He thought.

Marrie went towards the center of the floor and climbed on a wooden platform.


She announced in a not-so-loud voice but could still be heard by many.

With that, she garnered the attention of almost everyone from the crowd.

"Please gather here for a moment, I have an announcement to make!"

When they noticed who it was, the Adventurers hurriedly flocked towards the platform she was standing.

"As you might have already known, we have an impending Beast Tide forming just outside the city right now. The Beast Tide mostly formed in the western part of the forest of Lagom but they were still few in number."

"However, the Guild Master still declared that all Wood and Bronze Rank Adventurers are forbidden to go there for the time being!"

"As you may all know, the City Guards are not enough to stop the Beast Tide. The date of the Beast Tide is still being estimated but for the time being, the Guild Master requests everyone to be ready."

"When the Beast Tide came, the City Lord and the Guild Master will personally issue a Quest for everyone to participate. Those who participated in the defense will immediately receive 5 Gold Coins in advance. And every Beast that you killed will also be bought by the City Lord and the Guild Master with double their prices."

"However, everyone. I must also warn you in advance, no cheating! And those who dared to flee during the battle, there is only one punishment for all of you!"

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The crowd gasped in shock at her strong tone. However, a moment later, they all jumped in joy and cheer as they recalled the rewards that they can get during the Beast Tide.

"Fuck yeah, I'ma participate on that Beast Tide defense even though I'm still a wood rank. I might get lucky if someone missed a kill."

"Greedy bastard! But don't worry I'll accompany you during that time! You might need some of my 'protection'!"

"That's all for me, everyone. Good Day and happy Questing!" Marrie smiled before she climbed down on the platform.

Ban nodded his head towards her before he turned around and left the area.

He still has Mission and Quest to complete, staying idle won't give him any rewards.

He decided not to think of the Beast Tide as of the moment as he estimated that it might not even occur during this week.

After all, for a Beast Tide to happen, a large amount of Beast was needed. And with the Adventurers and City Guards slowly grinding them down, it would take time for the Beast Tide to grow.

Fortunately, the Quest location of the Quest he accepted was at the Southern side of the forest.

Ban checked the Daily Mission that the System issued and nodded at the 2/21 Kilometers task. He planned on running all the way to the Forest of Lagom and do the rest of the Mission Task there.

He did not waste any more time as he started running the moment he got out of the Adventurers Guild.

After an hour straight of running, Ban finally saw the forest of Lagom in the distance.

However, he did not stop yet as he still has a kilometer to run to complete the Mission Task.

After a few minutes, Ban returned with heavy breathing and sweats dripping on his cheek.


Ban released a heavy sigh along with little Eva who also started to run halfway through the course.

They then rested for a bit before Ban did the remaining task of the mission issued by the System. Namely, the remaining 100 Push-ups and 100 Squats!

Ban finished the two remaining tasks after a few minutes. It was then that the virtual screen appeared in front of his eyes.

[New Daily Mission:

Complete a Total of 201 Push Ups!


Complete a Total of 201 Squats!


-Run a Total of 21 Kilometers!


Status: Completed!

Rewards: Gain some muscles, endurance and strength! 1x Random [Item]


[Distributing Rewards, in 3 2 1]

[Congratulations, you have gained some muscles, endurance and 1x [Item] Ant Mask!]

[Please check your [Item] Dimensional Storage for the new [Item] that you've gained!]

As he was reading the row of words on the virtual screen, Ban felt his energy recovering little by little. He also felt a little itch all over his body but chose to ignore it as he noticed his shirt and pants becoming tighter in every second that passed.

After a few minutes, his energy had fully recovered and the itch had already subsided. He noticed that just like what the System had said, he really gained some muscles. Although it was barely noticeable, Ban was sure of it as he knew his body best.

As for the endurance, he was still not sure if it really increased.

After checking his whole body, Ban finally turned his attention to the Dimensional Storage.

He accesses the storage with his senses and inside it is a reddish-black mask that looks like the face of an ant.

Ban felt frustrated due to the [Item] that he received. He chose to complete the Mission before entering the forest of Lagom as he was hoping for the reward item to be of use to him.

However, he felt disappointed as what he received was a mask.

'Should he use the Ant Mask to pick the Red Cave Rocks?'



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