Almighty Summoner System Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Wrath!

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Ban checked the Ant Mask's description and he could not help but become even more disappointed.

He ultimately ignored it as he focused his gaze on the forest of Lagom.

"Let's go, little Eva!" He stated while he slowly walked towards the forest of Lagom.

"Oh, yeah! Little Eva, don't recklessly attack somebody again alright? I know where you are coming from but we should be careful on who to offend!"

Ban decided to talk about it. The earlier he could educate Eva on what to do, the better.

Krrr! Krrr!

Little Eva replied in a dejected tone and Ban could not help but patt her head to console her. "Jeez Look, I'm not saying that it was a bad thing alright? In fact, you made me feel proud by protecting me like that."

"However, before you attack, let me know first. There are certain people that we could not offend in the city, at least for now, we should avoid offending them."

Krrr! Krrr! Krrr!

"I know! that Delo guy's gaze was also uncomfortable for me! However, we could do nothing other than to endure it. He's stronger than us and we also don't know his circle of friends."

Ban felt salty about Delo's gaze and attitude earlier. He was so frustrated but still chose to act as nothing happened. It was only a small incident that originated from a misunderstanding after all.

However, he already secretly promised to himself that he would become stronger so that he will no longer experience that kind of gaze in the future.

Little Eva finally nodded her small head as she released a series of Krrr sounds that Ban interpreted as her trying to assure him that she would also become stronger.

"Good girl!" Ban praised her wholeheartedly with a pat on her small head.

Ban then continued on his way towards the quest location.

Just as its name suggested, the Red Cave Rocks could only be found inside the cave of Red Termites.

Red Termites are X- Mortal Rank Beast. However, due to them digging and eating rocks all day long, they are considered as less dangerous than the others. Unlike other Beasts, they also seldomly attack humans as their diet only mostly consists of rocks and minerals.

They are also seldomly seen above ground as they always stayed deep under their cave to dig and eat minerals.

This is also another reason why the Quest was only graded as F Grade even though there's a risk of being attacked by the Red Termites.

After searching for a while, Ban finally found a cave hidden behind a huge tree. He knew that it was the same cave that the person who issued the Quest was referring to as the cave really do have some red rocks covering it.

Ban just could not understand the reason why that person still issued the Quest if they could go here and collect the Red Cave Rock for themselves.

"Maybe they got a lot of coins?"

"Or are they afraid of the incoming Beast Tide? Jeez"

Ban shook his head upon realizing that. It was not that he was not afraid of the Beast Tide, it's just that earning coins is his priority for now.

Especially now that he knew he could strengthen Eva with various herbs and Beast Cores.

Beast Cores are not common items and Ban does not expect to have them every day. It's better to earn coins from Quest and buy Beast Cores and other items with the coins he will earn.

Ban stopped for a moment and double-checked his [Skills] cooldown before he finally proceeded inside the cave.

Aside from the [Skill] Greed, all of his [Skills] are available to use, including the new [Skill] Reinforce, that he got after he completed the Mission, Hatch and Train the Demon Ant egg.

He also checked little Eva's skills including the new ones that she gained after she Ranked Up to F-Apprentice Rank. Fortunately, when she evolved to her new form, her new [Skills] did not disappear and they even became more stronger.

Her [Skill] Enrage in particular evolved into another [Skill] called, Wrath!

It still has a duration of 5 Minutes but what Ban felt pleased about the Skill's evolution is that it will no longer cause pain after being used. The cooldown of Wrath was also the same as of the previous [Skill] Enrage.

Her new [Skills], Bite, Sensor and Fluid Release also has their own uses and Ban already thought of how to use them properly.

The Royal Ant Guard that Eva received upon her evolution is already explanatory. Eva could Summon her guard with a duration of 30 Minutes per day.

Although the Quest was relatively safe, Ban thought that being careful would not hurt him.

After all, there's an ongoing Beast Tide and he was not sure if the cave was still safe.

Anyway, Ban reached the entrance of the cave and he slowly went inside it with little Eva on his side.

The Red Cave Rocks was actually the Red Termites excrement.

Although the entrance of the cave has some red spots on it, however, that was just the residue of the previous Red Cave Rock that has already been collected by other people.

According to the Quest, he needs to go a little deeper to spot his first Red Cave Rock.

Ban did just that, however, as he went deeper it continued to get darker. He did not bring any torch when he came here so he now has a little problem.

However, he then recalled little Eva's new [Skill], Sensor. It is a [Skill] that utilizes little Eva's two antennae to scan the area around her with a 10 Meter radius with her as the center.

It has a duration of 30 seconds and a cooldown of 15 Minutes.

However, Ban did not let little Eva use it yet as he could still see his surroundings. He always stayed on the right side while walking as he left some mark on the cave wall so that he won't get lost inside.

After a few minutes, Ban still did not find any Red Cave Rock even though he was already deep enough for him to have a little hard time breathing.

He could only barely see his surroundings now, and just as he was about to let little Eva use the skill, Sensor, to sense their surroundings, he finally managed to spot a glowing red stone in the distance.

Ban's eyes lit up and he did not waste anymore time as he ran towards it eagerly.

However, if only Ban let Eva use the [Skill] Sensor, they would surely spot the two Red Termites, that are hiding behind a huge boulder just beside the glowing Red Cave Rock!


Extra Chapter as a celebration for winning the contest!

300 Power Stones= 1 Chapter

And if somehow, we manage to reach 500 Power Stones before reset, I will release another 2 Chapters beside the 1 Chapter reward for the 300 power stones.

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