Almighty Your Persona Has Collapsed Chapter 632

Chapter 632:

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Chapter 632

Notebook Meng Fu was sent directly by Charlie to Duan Yan, and there is definitely nothing wrong with it.

It's Duan Yan who can go wrong.

Meng Fu finished speaking, and did not give Duan Yan and Liang Si a chance to speak directly, so he directly called Charlie with his mobile phone. .

She was going to take Duan Yan and Liang Si directly to dinner. At this time, she put aside the meal, and she directly took Duan Yan and Liang Si back to the base.

Meng Fu glanced at the two of them, lifted his chin, and motioned for the two to follow her, "Clean up, let's change places."

Holding a notebook in one hand.

Duan Yan and Liang Si looked at each other and followed Meng Fu silently.

Meng Fu did not continue to ask what happened to Duan Yan and Liang Si's notebook.

Duan Yan subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief, and cleared things up with Liang Si.

They dont have many things, just a few pieces of clothes, mostly notebooks, and a bunch of perfume tools.

As soon as the things were packed, the managers voice came from outside, "Small, why are you directly coming back, lets go..."

The door was half open, and the administrator was familiar with them. He knocked on the door at random and walked in directly. After entering, he saw the two of them packing things, and was taken aback, "You are..."

Hearing the sound, Meng Fu also took a test and squinted at the administrator.

Duan Yan saw the administrator coming, and was afraid that he would talk more, so he interrupted the administrator quickly, "I am leaving with my junior sister, this is my junior junior sister, Meng Fu."

After finishing talking, take the box and point to Meng Fu's introduction.

"Oh," the administrator nodded, and glanced at Meng Fu, "It turns out that it's your junior sister, how are you..."

Halfway through the conversation, he turned his head to see Meng Fu's face, and suddenly he was speechless, as if he was taken aback.

This attitude Duan Yan didn't notice. He was afraid that Meng Fu would ask more, and wanted Meng Fu to introduce him, "This is the administrator of our practice room and has always hated to take care of us."

This sentence is true, because the Fengzhi is not there, many things here are solved by the administrator for them.

Meng Fu had no expression on her face. When she heard Duan Yan's words, the expression in her eyes became a little slower, and her attitude towards the administrator was very polite: "Hello."

"Hello." The administrator looked at Meng Fu and said again.

Duan Yan was afraid that the administrator would talk about the school status and those of Qiong, so he hurriedly said: "You are busy, I will leave with the little sister first."

The two had almost packed their things. Although the administrator was surprised that Duan Yan had left so early, he didn't say anything, and watched Duan Yan, Meng Fu and the others leave.

It's just that he has been standing behind the three of them, which is a bit strange.

"What's the matter with you?" The people around the manager looked at the manager in a daze, and asked.

The administrator took a cigar and shook his head, "It's okay."

Here, Duan Yan and Liang Si returned to the base all the way. Duan Yan was a little frightened along the way, but Meng Fu hadn't asked more about it, which made him relieved.

Su Xian was also at the base, and Meng Fu introduced the two to Duan Yan and Liang Si, "This is Sister Su."

Miss Su's family, Duan Yan and Liang Si naturally heard about them, and they both greeted them politely.

"You are welcome, go upstairs to pack things first." Su Xian smiled.

Duan Yan didn't know how to communicate with Meng Fu now, and he went upstairs with Liang Si directly with things.

After waited for the people to go up, Su Xian looked at Meng Fu and frowned, "What's the matter?"

Meng Fu said that when he left in the morning, he is going to take the brothers and sisters to the base today. It is definitely a problem to come back so early now.

(End of this chapter)

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