Almighty Your Persona Has Collapsed Chapter 633

Chapter 633:

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Chapter 633

Meng Fu took the phone and looked at the direction where Duan Yan and Liang Si were leaving, "A little thing, dont worry."

Hearing the words, Su Xian nodded, "Okay, if there is anything, you can ask me directly."

"Hmm..." Meng Fu nodded.

After she finished talking with Su Xian, she took her mobile phone back to her room, called Jonathan, and asked him to find someone to check the recent Xiangxie assessment.

Duan Yan and Liang Si were reluctant to say that Meng Fu did not want to ask questions, nor did it mean that Meng Fuhui assumed nothing happened.

Feng Zhi is still studying in retreat with Joshua and the others. Meng Fu sent a text message to Feng Zhi to talk about it.

Feng Zhi is now an elite under Joshua's hands. The information provided by Meng Fu is absolutely precious.

Feng Zhi's position in the Xiang Xie will also skyrocket this time.

Although Meng Fu did not approve of Fengzhi coming to the Federation Xiangxie, since she has come, she would not sit and watch Duan Yan and Liang Si being bullied.


Xiang Association.

After the assessment, the results actually came out very quickly.

Ians closed disciple is only Joan, so naturally he only pays attention to Joan's affairs.

At present, because of Joan's new breakthrough, as soon as the assessment was over, even the chairman was shocked.

Seeing the president, Joan suppressed his smile and bent down slightly towards the president: "President."

"This is your final product?" The president watched intently at the spices made by Joan this time, with a rare excitement on his staid face.

Although Qiong is the first student of the Hong Kong Association, there are few opportunities to meet the president.

As one of the five giants of the Federation, the president generally only shows up when he has a meeting with the president of the Association.

Unexpectedly, he would come for his own spice.

And Joan paused while looking at Spice.

did not speak immediately.

Beside her, Ian also reacted quickly. Only he and Joan knew that this spice was originally obtained from the two foreign students.

Seeing that Joan did not speak, Ian was afraid of her talking nonsense, so he hurriedly stepped forward and said to the chairman with a smile and respectfully: "It's Joan's final product, the chairman."

He said that, the president naturally did not have the slightest doubt.

After all, this kind of spice has never appeared in the records of the incense association.

"Okay, okay," the president then glanced at Joan again, his eyes were satisfied, "As expected of our number one student! Come to the office with me! Bring the spices, Ian, you are very good, it seems we The spice has a successor!"

Joan wants to follow the president to the office.

She glanced at Ian. Ian didnt know that even the students spice had such a great influence, and he was taken aback.

Then motioned to Joan with her eyes and asked her to follow the president.

Joan looked at Ians expression and left with the chairman.

Ian didn't go to the president's place with the two of them, and the president didn't care, after all, his goal was Joan, not Ian.

After the others left, the expression on Ian's face sank. He tilted his head slightly and looked at the person next to him, "Is there any contact information for the two students?"

The subordinates beside him nodded slightly.



Meng Fu discussed with Zhao Fan about the recent town, and finally received a reply from the China Association of Devices.

Jonathan called her directly, "It's a bit complicated, but I found someone to find out a little bit about the inside story about the exam. For you, I even used the spies who have been in private for many years. I sent you the specific documents. , You look good."

"Okay, thank you." Meng Fu nodded.

Hang up the phone, she turned on the computer directly.

(End of this chapter)

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