An Illustrated Guidebook To Other Races Chapter 105

Chapter 105:

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The cicadas in summer are mixed with the heat of the afternoon, which makes people feel a little drowsy and unable to refresh their energy.

"Xiaomei, Xiaomei..."

Dimly, you seem to hear someone calling you.

You opened your eyes in a daze, looking at a delicate and energetic face with a bit of youthfulness.

"Xiaomei, why are you crying again? Did you have a nightmare?" My friend looked at you worriedly.

You froze for a moment, touched the corner of your eye, and unexpectedly felt a moist warmth.

"Well, I had a strange dream." You nodded and said hesitantly: "I dreamed of a woman. She seemed to know me. I don't know why in the dream. She kept holding me and crying, so I could bear it. Can't help..."

"Hahahaha, Xiaomei, have you made any mistakes? Others dream of falling in love with a handsome guy. Why do you dream of a woman? Is it possible--"

My friend covered her mouth in surprise, and the thief who winked at you, Xixi said a '9', "Come on, tell me, I won't tell anyone that you are actually...why you hit me, are you? I dont love me anymore..."

You helplessly retract your finger, and you have nothing to do with this tablemate and friend who is always playing tricks.

"Ah, by the way, Xiaomei, I received two tickets for a newly opened aquarium nearby yesterday. Tomorrow is the weekend anyway. Shall we go and see it together?" My friend warmly invited, but his cheeks rose. Suspicious blush.

In view of her criminal record, you stare at your friend suspiciously, a little bit not convinced that she is really just pulling you to be company.

"Okay, let me be honest, it is the owner of this aquarium and some of the staff who are super handsome, we can also take a look at the handsome guy to fill his eyes!" The friend covered his face and said shyly .

"Sorry, I have to go to work after class. There is no spare time. Why don't you go find someone else." You apologize.

Recently, grandma's health is not very good. Grandpa has been with her in the hospital. I don't know how much medical expenses will be spent in the future. Although you can't help much, at least you can't give them any more pressure.

"Oh, what's the big deal, anyway, the coffee shop you went to work in was opened by my brother, so I just tell him once!"

"Really not, I..."

When you just wanted to say no to you, when the end of your eyes swept to the slender figure standing silently on a tree outside the window, your eyes were suddenly dull.

It was a dark figure hung in the shadow of leaves, like a lurking ghost, with a few strands of silver-white hair and cold, thin jaw lines exposed under the hood.

You couldn't help blinking to make sure it was not your illusion.

Its incredible to say that you have always seen some very weird phenomena and some alien creatures that look completely different from humans recently. At first you thought it was your own hallucinations, but recently you have seen these things more and more frequently. , Makes you feel a little uneasy.

You think you... may be entangled in some dirty stuff.

The dark figure standing on the treetop looked at you for a moment, then disappeared instantly.

"Xiaomei! Why are you in a daze again!"

The friend puffed up his face in dissatisfaction, and grumbled: "I don't care, I will drag you today even if I drag it!"

You are also very clear about the decisive and decisive character of your friend, so you had no choice but to respond to her temporarily.

After school, as soon as you packed your textbooks, your friend hurriedly pulled you to the school gate.

You were dragged by her and couldn't keep up with her. When you were at the corner of the street, you didn't pay attention and you almost ran into someone.

"Ah, sorry, sorry!" My friend apologized in a panic.

You took a breath, your cheeks filled with panting blushes, and you felt an unignorable gaze on yourself. You raised your head blankly, but slammed into a pair of narrow gray eyes surging with complex emotions.

The person you hit was a tall, handsome man with three-dimensional features. He was wearing a jacket similar to a motorcycle jacket. His full muscles held the T-shirt tightly, even though he didn't show any arms or Skin, just a powerful mature male body outlined by cloth is enough to be attractive.

"Wow, Xiaomei, he is a handsome guy with a super **** body. He looks like a foreigner. Do you think he has a crush on you?" The friend who has suffered from idiotic disease quietly bit his ear with you. Her tone did not mean extreme envy, but rather a kind of pride and joy from the heart.

Because of your natural soft and harmless appearance and gentle and gentle personality, it is still easy to arouse the eyes of the opposite **** and the desire for protection, but sometimes it will also attract some strange and unkind bad people. Your friends are just once You stepped forward to protect you when you were harassed by bad guys, but she ran away from home because of a conflict with her family, you temporarily took her in to repay her kindness, and became familiar with her once and twice.

The personality of your friend is completely different from the shy and introverted you. You are frank and direct, with a cheerful and lively personality, and you can say anything, but sometimes it makes you feel very embarrassed.

"You are thinking too much, let's go quickly."

I don't know why, you are a little afraid of this person, so you take the initiative to drag your friend away.

The other party didn't stop you, but you can feel his eyes still staring straight at your back, making you feel uncomfortable on pins and needles.

After walking for a while, you can't help but turn your head and take a look, wanting to see if the person has left.

No, he is still looking at you.

You are a little disturbed, just about to take your gaze back, only to find that a pair of pointed, furry, wolf-like dog... animal ears appear on the top of the person's head?

what? ! !

When you take a closer look, the person is no longer visible.

I guess it was wrong just now.

You comfort yourself like this in your heart.

After walking through a few streets, you and your friends come to an intersection and wait for the green light. There are commercial streets and some big supermarkets and squares nearby, so the flow of people is still quite large. In such hot weather, so many people are crowded in one intersection. It's getting more sultry, sweat is already visible on the sides of your cheeks and forehead, and you just feel a little dizzy in your head.

Suddenly, an icy breath came from behind, which swept away your warmth.

You turned your gaze in amazement, but you were suddenly shocked to find that a pair of broad white wings folded in a semicircle circled you inside.

In the end what happened? ?

But no one around you seems to notice your strangeness.

You looked back tremblingly, but only saw a tall and heavy wall of flesh.

He raised his gaze again, and only had time to see the thin open lips of the other party. His figure, together with the wings covering you, turned into a phantom and disappeared.

"Xiaomei, it's green light, let's cross the road soon!"

My friend didnt notice the vision that just happened next to you, so he wanted to leave when he pulled you. As a result, the people behind didnt know who pushed hard and knocked the hands that you two clenched and separated your body. After being hit, he staggered a few times and fell headlong onto a stranger.

Before he could react, a few horrified screams came from across the driveway.

It seemed that a car suddenly lost control and ran wildly toward the sidewalk.

And you are also on the pre-route of this car.

But the expected tragedy did not happen. You were hugged by the person you hit before, and you were protected in his arms. Then you saw him stretch out a hand, just like stopping a toy car. Stop the out-of-control vehicle easily.

You opened your eyes wide in horror, feeling that this is simply not something humans can do.

I just wanted to look up and see this person's face clearly, but only saw a brilliant golden light and blurred features.

Even if you can't see the other person's face, from the rough outline, you subconsciously think that this person must look very good.

He tapped his finger on his lips, the corners of his lips raised slightly, as if he was smiling at you.

"Xiaomei!! Are you okay!"

Your friend rushes towards you eagerly.

You turned your head and looked at the vehicle that saw the incident and the survivor who got out of the vehicle with a terrified face, then shook your head at your friend, "I'm fine, a kind person saved me."

"Good-hearted person? Who? I didn't see anyone else except you?"

The friend looked inexplicable.

You look at the person's position in amazement, but you don't see anything.

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