An Illustrated Guidebook To Other Races Chapter 106

Chapter 106:

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Today is Saturday, and you went to the hospital early in the morning.

Because your grandmas attending physician has notified you that her condition and beginning to improve, if there is no accident, she can be discharged from the hospital in two days.

You solemnly thanked the attending physician in person. The doctor showed you a gentle smile like a brother next door, and reached out and rubbed your head affectionately.

This makes you feel a little shy, I dont know why, you feel like you have a natural feeling of closeness and admiration for this doctor who looks like a mixed-race, tea-haired and blue-eyed doctor, he is also very popular among women, every time you When I went to the hospital to look for him, I could see beautiful female nurses or patients talking to him shyly.

But you have heard that this doctor once had a beloved wife, but died a few years ago because of an accident, so the doctor never remarried.

You can't help but sigh the doctor's infatuation and nostalgia, and feel very sorry for his wife who died young.

After talking to the doctor, you walk out of his office and sit in the chair next to the hospital aisle to take a break.

Suddenly, I felt that I was looking at you. As soon as I turned my head, I met a pair of beautiful purple eyes that were as deep as purple glaze.

Oh my God, whose child is this, he looks so pretty.

If it werent for him to stare at you intently, you would have thought that this exquisite and beautiful little boy who looked like an SD doll was a simulation doll. Purple eyes are too rare. You have never seen such a peculiar pupil color. Is it genetic or natural?

You looked around, and you didn't find the boy's parents, so you asked gently, "Kids, where are your parents?"

The little boy with silver hair and purple eyes was taken aback, then slightly frowned, as if he didn't understand what you were talking about.

Is he a foreigner and can't understand Chinese?

After you think about it, you stumble and change to another language: "Hello...therewhere are your parents"

The beautiful eyebrows of the little boy have deepened. He leaned in your direction, and then touched your face very familiarly, as if confirming something.

Although the little boy looked like he was only six or seven years old, his strength was unexpectedly great. The cheek that he touched was a bit tingling, and he couldn't help but frown.

The boy stopped, his dark purple eyes staring at you.

"Does it hurt?" he asked in a low voice.

You are a little scared by him, because the other person's eyes don't look like a child at all.

On the contrary, there is a certain kind of obsessive madness and gloomy anger that shocks you.

You couldn't help shrinking your shoulders, and tentatively said: "Little friend, sister, there is something else, can you..."

"I want to run away again." The little boy said with a cold tone.

He squeezed your arm hard, making you feel a little pain.

"Don't go, don't leave me..."

The boy murmured in a low voice, his words seemed to carry some kind of strange magic power, which made your consciousness gradually become fuzzy and hazy. Just when you wanted to respond, a slightly harsh and gentle voice called you back Sanity.

"Mey! Stay away from him!"

You wake up instantly.

He looked at the boy with purple eyes whose aura suddenly darkened, then looked at the serious-looking doctor, and blinked almost blankly.

Doctor Cai seems to call you May?

But you are not by this name.

Seeing the doctor and the little boy seem to know each other, is the doctor the parent of this beautiful little boy?

You guessed it in your heart, and suddenly remembered in your mind that you promised your friend to accompany her to the aquarium today. You quickly got up and said goodbye to the doctor and left the hospital.

After you left, the boy with silver hair and purple eyes suddenly looked at the doctor coldly.

"Why stop me?"

The doctor with Chafa Bimu said expressionlessly: "Her soul is now very fragile and cannot bear your soul imprint. If you want to destroy her again, I will send you back to your original world. I can't see her either."

As soon as the doctor's voice fell, the surrounding space was suddenly distorted, as if unable to bear some powerful and terrifying dark power.

The six-to-seven-year-old boy with purple eyes suddenly heard a squeaking sound of bones. His height and hair suddenly grew at an incredible speed. A pair of thick/strong horn-like demon horns came from long black hair. Snaking out from inside.

But in a blink of an eye, the little boy who was exquisite and cute like a doll has grown into a tall, sturdy, pale skin, cruel and handsome black-haired devil.

"Hines, better not let me find that you are lying to me."

The cold, hoarse voice overflowed from the black-haired devil's throat, his eyes staring coldly at the doctor with tea-haired blue eyes, clear cruelty and coldness emerged in his purple eyes.

"Otherwise, I will make you dead and ugly."


Your spine suddenly felt a chill, and couldn't help but shiver.

"Xiaomei, what's wrong with you?"

Concerned inquiries from friends came from the side.

"It's okay, maybe the temperature of the indoor air conditioner in this aquarium is a bit low." You sip and smile.

Its just strange that you dont seem to see the air conditioner installed inside this aquarium. Is it installed in some hidden place?

But my friend did not hear your answer, because her attention was once again attracted by a handsome staff passing by your side.

He is a handsome, black-haired brother in a slim waistcoat uniform.

In addition to this little brother, the other aquarium staff you have seen before are also very handsome and outstanding. The guests who come to the store are almost all women. If it is not for the aquarium sign hanging at the entrance of the store, you I thought you came to a Cowboy shop with many handsome guys.

I dont know if its your illusion. You always feel that these handsome-looking aquarium staff are polite and alienated from other female customers, but they only seem to be very friendly to you. They are not only given to you in the name of aquarium activities. I have several bottles of juice, and I have been talking to you very enthusiastically, making other neglected female guests stare at you very unhappily, which makes you feel very embarrassed and embarrassed. Fortunately, they were all called away by the black-haired brother Otherwise, you dont know what to do.

Do you think the reason why these handsome staff entertain you so warmly is because you look bully and want to trick you into running an aquarium membership card.

Don't think that using beauty can make you bait, you will not be easily fooled.

Suddenly, a burst of beautiful singing voice like the sound of nature slowly spread into your ears.

You can't help but follow the beautiful and ethereal singing and walk into the aquarium.

When you regained consciousness, you found yourself standing in front of a huge transparent glass wall.

A long fishtail studded with beautiful silver-blue scales flashes past your eyes.

"Come on... come to me, come here..."

The whispers of the magic charm sounded in the ears became more lingering and dull.

On the reflection of your iris, a beautiful face that is exquisite and distorted slowly appeared.

His ears are not small and round like human ears, but are shaped like fish fins. Under the flat chest and abdomen, there are thin abdominal muscles similar to those of a human male. Wide and slender, replaced by fish tails covered with beautiful silver-blue scales.

Mermaid... It's a mermaid!

Your eyes widened in astonishment.

Before you have time to marvel at the beauty of the mermaid, you will find that this mermaid is staring at your eyes with those icy blue eyes dull and full of love.

The mermaid opened his pale white lips, exposing the white fangs and scarlet tongue, and a wonderful but unfamiliar sound came out from his throat.

Found, you... my love...

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