Ancient True Dragon Art Chapter 3661

Chapter 3661: Emperor Wan Lei

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"after all--"

"In the entire Leiqiu Dragon tribe, apart from the former ancestors, who else can manipulate Wan Leizhu? Who can release such a powerful aura?"

"If it weren't for the will of the ancestors to show the spirit, and personally take action, who can stop the human junior who has the talent of the great emperor just now?"

The voice of the patriarch of the Leiqiulong clan was loud and powerful, resounding through the void, like a bolt of lightning, slamming everyone's soul fiercely.

It can be said that one stone caused a thousand waves!


After hearing the words of the patriarch of the Leiqiulong clan, every strong Leiqiulong clan present inhaled a few breaths of air-conditioning.

that moment!

The entire surrounding atmosphere seemed extremely silent, except for the sound of inhaling cold air, there was no other sound.

All of the strong Thunder Qiulong clan present, their cultivation bases are not equal, and the experience of natural years is not comparable to ordinary people.

They can easily guess that the old patriarch's remarks do have some truth, at least nine out of ten.


There is no reason to explain the scene just now!

The human being called Qin Feng was so powerful that he was so powerful that no one except the ancestor would be able to subdue him at all.

in this way--

A group of thunder horn dragon clan powerhouses, after a moment of shock, they regained their senses and regained their composure!

"It turns out that it was the ancestor who appeared just now and helped us!"

"The ancestors are alive in the sky, protect me from the Leiqiulong clan forever, and the mere human juniors, how can they dare to covet the holy pearl!"

"The ancestors are really amazing, even if they have fallen for a million years, the killer moves left behind are still not the same!"

"Hi! It's too dangerous! Fortunately, the ancestors left behind, so that the human kid's conspiracy failed!"

"It's a pity! After all, we still rely on the master ancestor's own ultimate move to keep the Ten Thousand Leizhu!"

"Hey, I only blame the members of the Leiqiulong tribe, except for the ancestors, for a whole million years, no one can manipulate Wan Leizhu."


"How can a human junior be so rampant!"

All of a sudden!

The powerful Leiqiu Dragon Clan shook their heads and sighed one after another, and their hearts were obviously weakened because they had just resolved the joy of that human junior.

This time, with the help of a thought left by the ancestor Wan Lei, the Wan Lei Zhu was only saved.

But what if it's next time?

What did their Leiqiulong clan use to resist?

If their Leiqiulong clan still can't operate Wan Leizhu, a peerless treasure, then they won't be truly fearless after all!

To be honest!

They are really unwilling!

Obviously their Leiqiulong clan possessed a peerless treasure, and the entire Leiqiulong clan, but no one could control it, causing the effect of the Wan Leizhu to be completely unplayable.

"That's it!"

"The treasure of heaven is destined, and everything is predestined!"

"Our entire Leiqiulong clan has not been able to control Ten Thousand Leizhus. It may be that the time has not come!"

"I believe that one day, among the descendants of our Leiqiu Dragon Clan, there will surely be someone who can truly control the Wan Leizhu, and lead us Leiqiu Long Clan to the previous peak again..."

The old patriarch of the Leiqiulong clan gave a long sigh, his eyes full of vicissitudes and anticipation, stayed on that one thousand thunder bead for a long time.



A group of thunder horn dragon clan powerhouses waited under the ten thousand thunder bead again, waiting for a long time!

When it was confirmed that the human kid would not appear again, there was no aura fluctuation around him.

They finally breathed a sigh of relief.


A group of Leiqiulong clan relied on the powerful method of the magic image realm to gradually restore the surrounding void using the power of the thunder attribute law.

The shattered emptiness around has returned to its original state!

"All right!"

"Next, everyone go back to heal your injuries!"

"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

After a group of thunder horn dragon clan powerhouses recovered the broken void, they flickered and left without delay, merged into the surrounding thunderstorm clouds, and then disappeared completely...

this moment!

Except for the violent thunder power, the void surrounding the entire Wan Leizhu was surprisingly calm.

Everything is the same as usual, as if nothing had ever appeared.


"Swish swish!"


Just after the strongmen of the Leiqiulong clan disappeared.

I don't know how long it took, layers of thunder and storm clouds, suddenly moved closer to Wan Leizhu, breaking the peace around him.


It can be clearly seen that in those thunderstorm clouds, thunderous dragons with terrifying aura are surging.

Although they were seriously injured, they were still peerless powerhouses after all, and their breath fluctuations were still significant.

"Patriarch, we have waited for so long, but the human kid didn't show up either."

"It seems that he has been completely killed by the ancestor's mind! Do we have to wait any longer?"

The voice of a strong Thunder Dragon Clan came out from the thunder storm clouds.


They didn't plan to leave immediately, but secretly hid in the thunderstorm clouds to observe, wanting to see if that kid Qin Feng was playing any tricks.

However, according to the current situation, they waited for almost half an hour and Qin Feng didn't show up, which is enough to prove that Qin Feng was killed by Wan Leizhu in all likelihood.

The atmosphere of the whole emptiness fell silent for a moment again!

After a while!

A vigorous and powerful voice slowly emerged with a hoarseness caused by a bit of weakness.

I could only hear that the patriarch of the Leiqiulong clan replied, "Even so, we must not be careless!"

"Lei Kuang, thunderstorm, you two have minor injuries, and the impact is not significant. Please stay here to protect the holy pearl for the time being!"

"As for the others, take the amethyst spirit liquid immediately and try to repair the injuries as quickly as possible, so as not to have any changes!"

"Yes! Patriarch!"

A group of thunder horn dragon clan powerhouses responded in succession, and then the surrounding thunder storm clouds disappeared one after another. Only two thunder storm clouds remained, suspended near the Wan Leizhu, which seemed to be protecting it.


Naturally, Qin Feng, who was forcibly swallowed by Wan Leizhu, did not know about the affairs of these powerful Thunder Dragon Clan from the outside world.

just now!

Qin Feng was forcibly enveloped his body by that strange purple light, swallowed into the ten thousand thunder bead, did not make any resistance at all!

This is not that Qin Feng is not willing to resist, but that there is no way at all!


In that purple light, accompanied by an extremely powerful soul mind fluctuation, it completely surpassed any strong man he had seen, and even made his consciousness almost unconscious.

When he came back to his senses again, he saw everything around him clearly.

Suddenly noticed that in front of him, there was actually a purple robe standing back.

At this moment!

The other party clearly turned his back to him, but Qin Feng seemed to feel that he was looking at himself, everything was pervasive, as if he had no secrets at all.

in this way!

Qin Feng couldn't help showing a hint of shock on his face, and he sucked in a cold breath and said, "You...you...are you the Great Emperor Wan Lei?"

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