Ancient True Dragon Art Chapter 3662

Chapter 3662: The Mighty Emperor Wan Lei

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Qin Feng had just said this, and suddenly, he felt a powerful aura and pressure, like a giant dragon with its teeth and claws, it was suppressed fiercely towards him.

The powerful coercion carried in it is simply creepy, and the soul trembles.

this moment!

The entire surrounding void, like boiling water, quickly boiled, and the powerful pressure shrouded Qin Feng one after another. It seemed that the entire world was targeting and squeezing out Qin Feng alone.

No one expected it!

The figure in the purple robe in front of Qin Feng did not turn around or speak, but directly used his soul power to attack Qin Feng.


"What a terrible soul pressure fluctuation!"

"This...this is definitely not just the Dharma and Image Realm, but the Good Fortune Realm!"

"Even if I run the "Hunyuan Immortal Sutra" to mobilize my own soul power, and even display various amplification methods, I am afraid it is completely inferior to this soul pressure fluctuation!"

Perceiving this palpitating soul power fluctuation, Qin Feng couldn't help but secretly marveled in his heart, and was shocked by the opponent's terrifying strength.


What kind of person is Qin Feng?

What kind of pride is his character?

Even if the opponent is a great power of good fortune, but after all, it is just a ray of remnant soul thoughts!

Qin Feng may be surprised at the opponent's strength and admire him, but he will never be afraid!

after all--

Since his Qin Feng was reborn in two lifetimes, he has practiced two great magical techniques. Such a chance is against the sky, and no one in the world can reach it!

How can he easily yield and concede defeat easily?

"Good job!"

Qin Feng yelled aloud, a dazzling gleam of brilliance appeared in his eyes, and a ray of high warfare appeared on his face.

That's right!

At this moment, Qin Feng is not evasive, but intends to compete with the other party to fight against each other!


It's between the thoughts!

With a face full of fear, Qin Feng immediately used the "Hunyuan Immortal Scripture", and mobilized the "Furious Battle Spirit" and the increase of the magic dragon and other amplification methods, so that the strength of his soul power was raised to the most extreme state!



Qin Feng's soul coercion fluctuates, if it is seen from the surface, it is only weaker than the opponent, the gap is not obvious at all!




These two invisible soul energy fluctuations began to violently collide in the void around them, and there were bursts of harsh sounds.

Strands of black space cracks continue to fill the surroundings, and quickly extend to all sides, like a spider web... as if the entire void is about to collapse at any time.

It was just a blink of an eye!

The entire area of the void was already in a completely collapsed state, and the power of the terrifying black void was constantly shuttled back and forth around Qin Feng's body.

If it is an ordinary warrior, facing such a treacherous and terrifying force of the void, I am afraid that the flesh will be destroyed long ago!

But Qin Feng's physical defenses and recovery capabilities are the most extreme existence on the entire continent, so naturally there is no need to worry about this issue.



The battle between the souls of the two is still going on, and the collision is getting more and more fierce and fierce!

In that situation, the two obviously failed to use their true essence and martial skills in their fight, and even the remnant soul of the Great Emperor Wan Lei was facing Qin Feng...


The lethality and destructive power caused by the collision of powerful soul forces between the two sides is not bad at all.

Compared with just now, Qin Feng's cracking the scene of the "Ten Directions of Thunder and Extinguishing God" is definitely worse than ever!

in this way!

It is not difficult to reflect from the side, how terrifying is the remnant soul of the Great Emperor Wan Lei in front of him.

of course!

By comparison!

Qin Feng's apparent realm has only the first level of the Aspiration Realm, and his soul realm is only the ninth level of the Dharma-Image Realm. However, he can stand head-on against the amazing and beautiful ancient emperor Wan Lei.

Even if the Great Emperor Wan Lei is just a ray of remnant soul, the soul power has long been inferior to the heyday, but it is enough to prove Qin Feng's enchanting talent!


It was also when the soul power of the two had reached a white-hot stage when they were almost about to destroy the entire void.


There were bursts of piercing voices, and the pressure of the soul around Qin Feng's body disappeared instantly!

follow closely!

Strands of dazzling purple light, carrying the supreme power of the law of thunder, but quickly shuttled around in the void.

In that way, it looked like a lightning thunder dragon, constantly repairing the broken void just now.

And the whole process is very fast!

Almost it is less than half a minute.

The void cracks that were originally caused by the collision between Qin Feng and the soul power of the Great Emperor Wan Lei have actually recovered one after another!

From the surface, the entire void is intact around it, and it seems that no battle fluctuations have occurred.


Such a scene made Qin Feng secretly surprised again.

The broken void can be easily repaired with a gesture of action. Such a method is truly extraordinary!

Even Qin Feng himself couldn't do it so quickly to repair the entire shattered void, at least it would take more than half a day! And we must do our best to repair...

Mindful of this!

Qin Fengqing couldn't help feeling in his heart, and once again secretly marveled at the power of Emperor Wan Lei.

Worthy of being the former Emperor Wan Lei!

Even though there is only a strand of remnant soul left, the means and strength it possesses are still far more than ordinary warriors, and they are incredibly powerful!


"You junior human, you have some tricks!"

"Even the remnant soul of the emperor can't help you!"

It was when Qin Feng was amazed.

The figure in the purple robe in front of him finally spoke, and then turned his body to look at Qin Feng.


It was the moment the man in the purple robe turned his figure.

Qin Feng's entire body and soul trembled fiercely as if being impacted by a huge force.

that moment!

The clear gaze of the other party, like the eyes of a god, seems to be enough to penetrate all the shackles and break any secrets in the world.

But Qin Feng only felt that in the blink of an eye, all the secrets in his body would be seen through by the other party.

of course--

This is just an illusion!

It's just because the opponent's soul cultivation realm is so powerful that it is unparalleled.

How can it be so easy for a person to see through a person thoroughly, even for a true god.

At least, with the remnant soul state of the Great Emperor Wan Lei, it is absolutely impossible to see through all Qin Feng's secrets.


Too strong!

Qin Feng was still amazed in his heart, and secretly became vigilant. Judging from the other's tone, the Great Emperor Wan Lei was afraid it would be difficult to deal with!

not to mention!

Just now, he forcibly broke through the Ten Thunder Thunder Destroying God Formation and wounded so many strong Thunder Qiulong clan.

As for the Curse of the Devil, he had long been hiding in Qin Feng's Soul Consciousness Sea, trembling constantly.


"This guy... is really the Great Emperor Wan Lei!"

"Emperor Wan Lei!"

"It provokes the Great Emperor Wan Lei!"


"Qin Feng, your kid...you're too fierce!"

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