Ancient True Dragon Art Chapter 3663

Chapter 3663: Borrow Wan Lei Zhu

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Qin Feng sighed helplessly when he heard the words of Cursing the Devil King.

no way!

He can't help it now!

If the Great Emperor Wan Lei had to do something against him and refused to give up easily, then he could only do his best to fight.


Judging from the situation where the Great Emperor Wan Lei suddenly stopped and withdrew during the intense collision of soul power just now, it seemed that the other party had no intention of hurting the killer.

Mindful of this!

Qin Feng relaxed a lot in his heart, but he still didn't dare to be careless, so he could only raise his head, and carefully looked at the majestic Emperor Wan Lei in front of him.


The Great Emperor Wan Lei in front of him is the image of a middle-aged man, his face is straightforward, his long hair is tied behind his back, his bearing is extraordinary, he is not angry, his eyes are purple, giving a deep vicissitudes of life...

not simple!

Just by looking at it, you can feel the extraordinary temperament of Emperor Wan Lei.

And this is the real peerless powerhouse!

Even if you stand there and do nothing, you can still deter countless creatures with the aura that diffuses out of yourself!


Although the aura of the Great Emperor Wan Lei is very strong, his soul and body shape at this moment looks illusory, like a cloud of mist, as if it will dissipate at any time!

It is clear!

This is because the other party is just a ray of remnant soul now!

Do not--

To be precise, the Great Emperor Wan Lei in front of him is not even a remnant soul, it can only belong to a wave of will.

This is the Great Emperor Wan Lei, relying on his once strong will, forcibly retained a weak soul power, in the form of an illusory soul, it has existed in the Wan Lei Orb for millions of years.

And because his soul form was only retained by a strong will, it looked very weak and not as solid as the real soul body.

Even the Cursed Sky Demon King encountered at the first time, its soul form during its weakest period was far more solid than that of Emperor Wan Lei.

after all!

The Curse of the Devil King is a ray of remnant soul in the true sense, not a wave of thoughts like Emperor Wan Lei, which is only retained by a strong will.

of course!

Even under such circumstances, the Emperor Wan Lei in front of him is definitely not something that ordinary people can easily contend.


It is precisely because the opponent is not even a strand of remnant soul, but it can be matched with Qin Feng, which is more enough to prove the horror and powerfulness of the opponent.

This is the peerless emperor of an era!

Even if it was just a wave of thoughts that was forcibly preserved by the will, it was comparable to a powerhouse at the peak of the Dharma Image Realm, and the fighting power was beyond imagination.


It's really amazing!

And such a peerless powerhouse, no matter what era, is enough to make anyone admire.

not to mention!

The Great Emperor Wan Lei was once a close friend of the Great Emperor Tianwu, fought side by side, resisted alien races outside the territory, and guarded the human beings of the Tianwu Continent.

Such a great powerhouse deserves to be respected by every descendant of the human race!

Mindful of this!

Qin Feng took a deep breath, stretched out his hands and clasped his fists, saluted the Great Emperor Wan Lei before him, and greeted him respectfully: "Junior Qin Feng, I have met the senior Emperor Wan Lei!"


Seeing Qin Feng take the initiative to say hello, the Great Emperor Wan Lei phantom raised his brow slightly, and stared at Qin Feng with a deep gaze.

in this way!

After looking at it for a moment!

The phantom of the Great Emperor Wan Lei slowly asked, "No one told you, how do you know that I am the Great Emperor Wan Lei?"

After speaking!

The purple eyes of the Great Emperor Wan Lei fell on Qin Feng once again, staring at Qin Feng intently, as if he wanted to see through Qin Feng as much as possible, all the secrets.

Hear the words!

Qin Feng was shocked. It was really not an easy thing to be watched so close by such a Great Fortune Realm Great Emperor.

If it is replaced by another warrior who is not strong enough, it is very likely that he will be frightened and lose his mind, and he will not be able to resist this pressure originating from the soul level.


How powerful is Qin Feng's soul, and how solid is his mood?

Under the gaze of the Great Emperor Wan Lei, he did not change his expression at all. Instead, he raised his head and met the gaze of the Great Emperor Wan Lei. The younger generation really cant imagine, who else can be compared to the predecessors peerless elegance and unparalleled aura..."


Qin Feng quickly circumvented this topic and saluted again: "Senior Emperor Wan Lei, this junior came here for the first time, and there is no hostility. He inadvertently offended senior, so please don't blame senior!"

Hear the words!

The Great Emperor Wan Lei was silent for a moment, then smiled calmly, looked at Qin Feng meaningfully, and slowly said, "Hehe... there is no hostility?"

"Then why did you just hurt my Leiqiulong tribe, forcibly destroying the Leiqiulong weapon I refined, and even have a covetous heart for this ten thousand thunder bead?"

"Human junior, what you said is too ridiculous, too hypocritical!"

The voice falls!

Suddenly, the Great Emperor Wan Lei burst out again, and an extremely powerful aura and coercion enveloped Qin Feng.

Hear the words!

Qin Feng was shocked in his heart, but he was still calm on the surface, fully urging the soul power in his body to resist the opposing force.


Qin Feng straightened his body, holding his fists again neither humble nor arrogant, and replied: "The treasures in this world are available to those who are predestined and capable!"

"Junior came to Wanlei Palace by accident and discovered that there may be a legacy of seniors hidden here. What a magnificent character is senior? It is natural that juniors can't miss this great opportunity!"

"Furthermore, the junior believes that anyone in this world who knows the inheritance of seniors, I am afraid they will not give up easily!"

"As for wounding the seniors of the Leiqiulong clan, destroying the weapons and magic weapons refined by the seniors, it is really an unintentional move by the juniors, and the juniors are only to protect themselves, so they have to take action..."

Qin Feng's remarks were justified and well-founded, and he praised the Great Emperor Wan Lei without a trace.

Hear the words!

The Great Emperor Wan Lei was silent for a moment, looking at Qin Feng's eyes, he couldn't help showing a hint of approval, nodded and replied: "You younger generation, you are very exciting!"

"However, what you said is indeed reasonable. Even if you are the emperor, you may not be indifferent when you encounter this kind of opportunity!"

Perhaps it was Qin Feng's explanation that worked.

The aura and coercion on the Great Emperor Wan Lei slowly withdrew and went back, no longer suppressing Qin Feng.

See it!

Qin Feng couldn't help but heaved a sigh of relief secretly. It seemed that the Great Emperor Wan Lei was quite easy to talk.


"No! No!"


Qin Feng's body trembled slightly, and a bright light burst out of his eyes!

this moment--

On the contrary, Qin Feng calmed down a lot, and suddenly realized it.

Since the Great Emperor Wan Lei hadn't acted murderously towards him from the beginning, it meant that he was not disgusted with his actions.

Just now, the reason why the Great Emperor Wan Lei asked himself to explain, I am afraid it was just looking for a step down!

"This also means that Emperor Wan Lei shouldn't mind, lending Wan Lei Zhu to himself?"

Figured this out!

Qin Feng took a breath again, plucked up his courage, but once again clasped his fists and bent over to salute, and said respectfully: "Senior Emperor Wan Lei, this junior came here just to use this one Wan Lei Orb to improve himself. The strength of, the heart to seize the heart unselfishly!"

"When the time is right in the future, the juniors will definitely return the Wan Lei Zhu back to the Lei Qiu Long Clan!"

"Please also senior Emperor Wan Lei, who can borrow Wan Lei Zhu to the younger generation, the younger generation will definitely remember this kindness forever!"

Qin Feng's remarks obviously had a lot of courage, which would be very incredible in the eyes of ordinary people.


Even the Curse of the Devil King didn't react at all, thinking that Qin Feng was joking. Not only did this kid not admit his mistake with the Great Emperor Wan Lei, he even dared to ask the Emperor Wan Lei to borrow the Wan Lei Orb?

But Qin Feng didn't care about these.

At this moment, he is staring at Emperor Wan Lei with his eyes burning, his face full of sincere and expectant expressions...

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