Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 1077

Chapter 1076 : Restraint

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That was Lin Lis forte, and he naturally wouldnt be gullible enough to believe Elder Zumar. However, now was not the time to bother with that, and Lin Li was too lazy to continue asking questions. Getting the information he wanted was enough for him.

Since the seal was set up by the ancestors of the Gilded Kingdom, and had to be reinforced every once in a while, the seal was of such a level that Lin Li was still relatively confident in repairing it.

After saying those words to Lin Li, Elder Zumar didnt feel remorseful or guilty at all. Instead, he asked with an expectant look, "President Felic, did you think of any solution?"

"Can you guys give this dragon corpse a heavy blow?" Lin Li asked, not answering his question.

Elder Zumar was instantly frustrated after hearing Lin Lis question. If he was capable of striking the dragon corpse hard, he wouldnt have to go around looking for help! He felt that Lin Li was scolding him.

However, Elder Zumar knew that Lin Li definitely wasnt joking with him in the current situation, and thus had no choice but to say with an awkward look, "President Felic, Im afraid we cant do that."

In fact, not to mention a heavy blow, their current problem was that they simply could not even cause significant damage to the dragon corpse. Even Elder Zumar, who had massive power that was near the peak of the Sanctuary-realm, could not do anything to the dragon corpse with any special means.

"Oh," Lin Li said. He didnt have much of a reaction, nor did he mock Elder Zumar over this issue. Instead, he nodded slightly, and continued, "In that case, think of a way to help me hold it back."

What!?Elder Zumar was really dumbfounded as he initially thought that Lin Li had come up with some feasible solution. Why did Lin Li still want him and the others to fight the dragon corpse at the end of the day? To put it nicely, they were told to hold back the dragon corpse, but in fact, they were just getting themselves abused!Stall for time? Were putting our lives at risk!

However, Lin Li did not give Elder Zumar the opportunity to refuse, and instead activated the Space Robe on his body before disappearing beside Elder Zumar in a flash. Thus, Elder Zumar had to face the dragon corpse alone again. No matter how unwilling he was, he had no choice but to go all out to fight the dragon corpse.

However, this time, Lin Li did not idle on the battlefield like he had just now, but he immediately opened his Domain World after avoiding the dragon corpses attack from the front. However, Lin Lis Domain World could not be opened easily in such an environment, and the pressure around it caused the Domain World to make an overwhelming cracking sound as soon as it appeared.

Usually, the Domain World opened by Sanctuary powerhouses would play a protective role in such circumstances, and once it expanded to a certain buffer space, it would be enough. However, Lin Li didnt stop after unfolding the Domain World, and instead increased the output of mana, and continuously expanded the Domain World to a larger range.

Normally, the Domain World of a Sanctuary-realm powerhouse would be able to expand almost infinitely, and it could even engulf a city or a kingdom. However, the area here was the domain of the dragon corpse where every inch of space was filled with the massive power of the dragon corpse. It was extremely difficult for Lin Li to expand his Domain World in such an environment.

It was tantamount to a Sanctuary-realm powerhouse going into another Sanctuary-realm powerhouses Domain World, and unfolding his own Domain World. It was just like two Sanctuary-realm powerhouses having a face-to-face battle. Besides, it was almost a battle that was devoid of any fancy tricks.

Although Lin Li did not seem to be fighting the dragon corpse now, the expansion of his Domain World was equivalent to a toe-to-toe battle with the dragon corpse. Lin Li might have told Elder Zumar and the others to hold the dragon corpse back, but the one who really put in the most effort and was in the greatest danger was him.

The others couldnt understand what Lin Li was doing. To put it bluntly, they felt that he was just courting death. They all knew how terrifying the dragon corpse was. The two Sanctuary powerhouses and four pseudo-Sanctuary powerhouses were all helpless in the face of the dragon corpse whose strength was probably close to that of the gods. If it was just a fight, the few of them could still persist for some time. If they were to really fight it head-on, it would be a death wish.

However, Lin Li did not explain anything to them. Of course, he didnt have any extra energy to explain anything, and simply constantly increased his output of mana to expand his Domain World that was almost about to crumble inch by inch. Compared to Lin Lis Domain World, the surrounding space simply seemed to be frozen, as if someone was blowing an airbag that was hidden deep in the ground.

Everyone was confused about what Lin Li was trying to do, but faced with the current situation, they had no choice but to follow Lin Lis instructions. In fact, even without Lin Lis instructions, they still had no alternative, as it seemed unlikely for them to escape as well. Elder Zumar had a reason not to escape, while Elvis and the others were too weak to do so. Even if they chose to escape, they would probably lose the trust of their companions in addition to facing the pursuit of the dragon corpse. By then, they would die a horrible death.

Now, they could only put all their hopes on Lin Li in hopes that he, the young Sanctuary powerhouse, was not really doing nothing. They bucked themselves up, and focused on compressing every ounce of power in their bodies to escape from death again and again under the dragon corpses attacks.

At the beginning, the dragon corpse was still chasing Elder Zumar and others, emitting a terrifying dragon breath that was so powerful that it seemed to be able to rip the sky apart. However, although the dragon corpse did not have any soul and self-awareness, its powerful combat instincts allowed it to quickly detect what Lin Li was doing, and thus his actions vaguely seemed to be posing a threat to it.

The dragon corpses instinct was actually simple. Anyone who posed a threat to it would be finished off first. Hence, the dragon corpse immediately shook off the people it was chasing before flapping its wings and rushing towards Lin Li.

However, in the face of the dragon corpse that was pouncing on him, Lin Li stayed still as if he didnt see it at all. He was still working hard to expand his Domain World. It was not that Lin Li wasnt aware of the danger involved, but rather that the expansion of his Domain World just now would be a waste of effort if he suddenly moved away. Hed have to start from scratch.

Of course, Lin Li would not really put his own life at risk. He had already weighed the dangers, and if he wanted to dodge, he could just flash away. Hence, the reason that he was staying still now was considered a test for others. If they couldnt hold the dragon corpse back, Lin Li wouldnt have to try anything else. Anyway, it would be unlikely for him to succeed no matter how many times he tried. He just had to evade. On the contrary, if those people were reliable, Lin Li would have a peace of mind and do what he wanted.

In the beginning, Elder Zumar and others really hesitated a little. After all, they were facing the ferocious dragon corpse, and they could not dodge in time at all. How could they possibly dare to charge forward and stop the dragon corpse. However, when they saw that Lin Li was actually staying still without evading, and was still expanding his Magical Domain, they knew that they had to go over.

I hope you really have a way to deal with the dragon corpse!Elder Zumar thought to himself with resentment. However, he dared not slow down at all, and instead waved the staff in his hand while approaching the dragon corpse. He did not dare to wait for the dragon corpse to approach, and instead pointed the staff from afar. The surging mana immediately spread outwards, and countless ice series and water series magic spells converged to form a huge magic torrent that surged towards the dragon corpse.

At the same time, Elvis and others did not dare to hesitate any longer at this point as they simply started activating the mana in their bodies, and flew towards the dragon corpse. All sorts of magic spells like thunderbolt, lightning, flames, and hail swarmed towards the dragon corpse like a storm. They surprisingly drowned out the massive dragon corpse.

If it was at the beginning, the crowd might still be excited about it, but they had already gotten used to it at this point. Everyone knew that the seemingly powerful offensive spells could barely cause an impact on the dragon corpse. The dragon corpses defense was absolutely invincible, and they couldnt imagine what kind of weapon was actually able to leave such a huge wound in the dragon corpses chest.

Sure enough, just as everyone expected, the dragon corpse flapped its massive wings twice amidst the countless magic spells, and all of the magic spells were instantly extinguished like candlelight. The figure that emerged from the magic storm was intact without any wounds, just like before.

Although the indiscriminate bombardment of the crowd did not hurt the dragon corpse, it successfully attracted the latters attention. It might have a strong combat instinct, but that did not mean that it was smart. After all, it had lost its soul, and everything was based on instinct. Compared to low-level animals, its intelligence was probably inferior.

Of course, Elder Zumar, Elvis, and the others had to begin escaping in a mess after being targeted by the dragon corpse. Fortunately, they were already prepared for it, but when they saw the dragon corpse surge towards them, they still immediately fled like shocked birds. Although it seemed embarrassing, no one cared about their pride in this situation. Staying alive was the most important.

Not to mention, the enemy they faced was a terrifying existence at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm. To be able to survive under the attack of the dragon corpse that was at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm was already something worth bragging about. Only fools would try to act like heroes. If they died at the hands of the dragon corpse, others would definitely not say that they were heroes, and would simply call them idiots.

The five Sanctuary powerhouses including Elder Zumar fled in all directions, while the dragon corpse followed its instincts without hesitation, and surged directly towards Elder Zumar who was the strongest. That made Elder Zumar feel extremely depressed.Whats wrong with being stronger? Why did the dragon corpse attack me!?

Although the dragon corpse was large, it wasnt clumsy when it flew. It only took two flaps of its wings to catch up to Elder Zumar. Immediately afterwards, the dragon corpse opened its mouth, and spat out a ball of dragon breath that resembled black clouds. It surged towards Elder Zumar like a storm.

Elder Zumar was more experienced in dealing with it; hence, he managed to block the dragon breath with a layer of magical defense. However, at the same time, Elder Zumar did not stop, and instead made a sharp turn to change direction before speeding up to escape the dragon breath. It was because he knew that no matter how many layers of magical defense, he could only block the dragon breath for a moment. Staying in place would just be courting death.

As expected, in the instant that Elder Zumar was about to dodge, the dragon breath had already destroyed dozens to 100 layers of magical defense, and was about to press against his back. Although Elder Zumar had already evaded several times, he still could not help but break out in a cold sweat. He didnt feel the slightest bit of joy for escaping. Instead, he felt like he was dancing on a tightrope. God knew when he might no longer be able to dodge.

Besides, just as the dragon corpse was about to chase Elder Zumar, Elvis and the four other pseudo-Sanctuary powerhouses also once again launched an attack on the dragon corpse to attract some of its attention. Although they were also very reluctant to do such a silly thing as to make others attack, they were well aware that without Elder Zumar, a high-level Sanctuary powerhouse, it would be more difficult and dangerous to hold the dragon corpse back.

"Pester it, not let it chase after you!" After Lin Lis Domain World expanded to a certain level, it was as if it had reached its limit, and no matter how much mana he put out, it would be impossible to make the Domain World expand by another inch. The Laws of the Domain World had already begun crumbling too, and the entire Domain World looked like it was covered in spiderwebs.

Clearly, although the crowd drew the dragon corpses attention to themselves to prevent it from disturbing Lin Li, the dragon corpses instinctive control over the power of this space was something that they couldnt affect at all. Hence, Lin Li wanted Elder Zumar to pester the dragon corpse, but not just lead it around. Instead, he wanted them to make it end up having no time to control the power in the space.

To be frank, Lin Lis request was a little overboard. Elder Zumar and the others would be left with no choice but to flee under the attack of the dragon corpse. If they wanted to affect its power, they would have to fight it head-on.

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