Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 1078

Chapter 1077 The Descent Of The Sky Castle

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Therefore, the crowd was a bit dumbfounded after hearing Lin Lis words, and they even thought that they had heard wrongly. What he said seemed to be no different from making them step onto the path of death.

Of course, Lin Li also knew that it seemed unrealistic to make them pester the dragon corpse. Regardless of whether or not they had the courage, their strength alone was too low for them to last a long time in the face of the dragon corpse, let alone make the dragon corpse put in more effort.

Sensing that they were somewhat hesitant, Lin Li obviously knew what they were worried about. Hence, while maintaining the expansion of his debris of the stars, he took out four pieces of the debris of the stars, namely Raging Flames, Polar Snow, Rebirth, and Thunderbolt, and tossed them out. The four pieces of the debris of the stars represented the power of the four elements, and could be used to strengthen Elvis and the other four pseudo-Sanctuary powerhouses.

Lin Lis mastery of the debris of the stars had already reached a high level, and he couldnt fully utilize the power of the debris of the stars only because he didnt have the Stars of Fury. However, with this mastery, he did not have to worry about the debris of the stars getting taken away by someone else. Even if someone else took it, he could easily just get the debris of the stars back.

Elvis and others were no strangers to the debris of the stars. Before the dragon corpse appeared, they had already had their strength enhanced by the debris of the stars. However, at that time, they could not use the debris of the stars, and could only accept its power. Now, they finally had the opportunity to use the debris of the stars personally.

No one would be greedy at such a juncture. They didnt think that Lin Li was a fool who would hand such a powerful magic weapon to them without leaving something for himself to rely on. Besides, even if they really had means to control it, they would not have the guts to covet the items of a real Sanctuary powerhouse.

Elvis and others knew very well what Lin Li handed the magical weapons to them for. Hence, after getting the debris of the stars, they immediately began activating the huge power of the debris of the stars, and launching a ferocious attack on the dragon corpse.

Besides, due to the fact that the debris of the stars contained the purest Laws, it was different from the way Elvis, Elder Zumar, and the others forcefully increased their strength by overusing their mana. With the help of the power of the debris of the stars, Elvis and the other four pseudo-Sanctuary powerhouses were actually exerting power that was not inferior to that of real Sanctuary powerhouses.

Seeing Elvis and the others displaying the power of a real Sanctuary powerhouse with the help of those magical weapons, Elder Zumar was filled with jealousy. If he had had such a magical weapon, he would have been able to play a greater role in the battle.

However, Elder Zumar knew that Lin Li obviously wouldnt feel safe about handing the magical weapon to him, because of the Gilded Kingdoms relationship with the Tower of Dusk. However, the fact that the strength of Elvis and the others increased made Elder Zumar feel a lot less pressured. Hence, it was more or less a relief.

The five Sanctuary powerhouses immediately launched a siege on the dragon corpse, and they were no longer just leading the dragon corpse around this time, and were instead exerting their power to the extreme. Although they could not really cause much damage to the dragon corpse even by doing so, they could battle the dragon corpse to a certain extent.

As the enemys strength increased, the dragon corpse also once again increased the power of its output due to its combat instincts. That also caused the balance to be thrown off again. After all, the dragon corpse was the corpse of the Dragon of Destruction which could not be defeated by the attacks of a few Sanctuary powerhouses.

However, due to the fact that the dragon corpse increased the attacks on Elvis and others, Lin Li immediately felt that the pressure outside his Domain World suddenly decreased. His Domain World, which had stopped growing, began to expand outward again. This time, the expansion was clearly much faster than before, as if it was a rebound after being suppressed for too long. In the blink of an eye, the Domain World had already engulfed half of Cage Island, and was still continuing to expand.

Elder Zumar, Elvis, and the others were more and more confused about Lin Lis approach. They could never imagine Lin Lis reason for expanding his Domain World at this moment.Does he want to incorporate the dragon corpse into his Domain World?

Generally speaking, incorporating the enemy into ones Domain World was indeed a means of overcoming the enemy. However, in order to do so, one would have to consider the strength of the target. The dragon corpse was an existence that was at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm, and he would be courting death by incorporating it into his Domain World!

However, Elder Zumar, Elvis, and the others did not have the time to ask Lin Li about it now. Although Elvis and the others had each had their power increased with the help of the debris of the stars, their situation had once again become tough and tricky because the debris of the stars had shifted the focus of its power.

After all, Elvis and the others had only just gotten their hands on the debris of the stars, and were unable to fully grasp their power like Lin Li. Hence, they could only channel a portion of its power for their own use with their own understanding of the Laws. Although that power would allow them to be on par with real Sanctuary powerhouses, they could only be considered beginners in the Sanctuary-realm no matter what. They were still worlds apart from the dragon corpse.

Therefore, apart from when Elvis and the others caught the dragon corpse off guard in the beginning, the subsequent battle was similar to the previous events. The only difference would be that Elvis and the others could no longer flee everywhere. Their task was to attract the attention of the dragon corpse and attack it. In order to do so, they would have to retaliate more intensely.

"Roar!" A hoarse dragon roar sounded, but it was emotionless. A soulless dragon corpse would probably no longer have any emotions like anger. Its roaring seemed to be out of instinct too.

However, Elder Zumar, Elvis, and the others, including Lin Li, could also feel that the dragon corpses power had been increased by another notch after the hoarse roar. The absence of anger did not mean that it wouldnt be explosive. Once its power output accumulated to a certain level and exceeded a certain critical point, the terrifying power that would be exerted would be on par with that of an angry dragon.

With the dragon corpse facing Elvis, Elder Zumar, and the others whom the dragon corpse hadnt been able to get rid of for a long time, the power that the dragon corpse had been investing in the battle broke through that critical point. Elvis, Elder Zumar, and the others would not be able to resist that overwhelming and terrifying power even if they possessed the debris of the stars.

Bang! The huge dragon tail heavily smacked the defensive crystal wall that Elvis and the others had constructed with the power of the debris of the stars. The defensive crystal wall that had just resisted many attacks was instantly shattered. Next, a dragon claw which seemed to be hanging upside down like a mountain peak grabbed the defensive crystal wall with the power of heaven and earth, and smashed it into pieces.

Although Elvis and others were not overwhelmed by the power of the debris of the stars, and were still continuing to increase their defense, the defensive wall constructed with the power of the debris of the stars seemed as fragile as eggshell in the face of the dragon corpse.

The four pieces of the debris of the stars that Elvis and the others were holding were constantly flashing, but the increase in their defense could not catch up with the speed of the dragon corpses attack. Besides, due to the fact that they had given up on running around right from the beginning, they could no longer flee now. They could only watch the layers of defense being broken as their deaths approached.

At this moment, everyone was in despair. Even Elder Zumar who was a high-level Sanctuary powerhouse did not think they could survive the terrifying attack of the dragon corpse. Although it was said that the soul of a Sanctuary powerhouse was indestructible, there was no point in having a soul without a physical body.

As for Elvis and others, they were overwhelmed with even more fear. Although they had also stepped into the Sanctuary-realm, they had only gained an increase in lifespan, and had yet to reach the point where their souls were indestructible. If they died now, it would be the end of everything. It had been less than two years since they entered the Sanctuary-realm, and they hadnt enjoyed the glory of being in the Sanctuary-realm yet. No one would be willing to die like that.

However, at this time, Lin Lis Domain World seemed to explode, and it expanded outward again rapidly in an instant, enveloping the entire sea area of Cage Island. Afterwards, Lin Li immediately chanted an incantation and raised the Helios Scepter without even looking at Elder Zumar and the others.

With Lin Lis actions, an incredibly massive mana fluctuation suddenly emerged above Cage Island, and the space seemed to be trembling. Next, ripples began to form in the sky before spreading outwards. However, the ripples did not gradually calm down, and instead got more and more intense with time. Eventually, they turned into waves, and the sky even became warped.

Everyone was stunned by this scene. Even Elvis, Elder Zumar, and the others had already forgotten that they were in danger at this moment. They could not imagine what kind of power would cause such a terrifying change in the world. Even a peak Sanctuary powerhouse might not be able to do it.

The dragon corpse that was about to kill Elder Zumar and the others also seemed to feel threatened by the enormous power in the sky. Perhaps that was the problem with not having a soul. After sensing a greater threat, the dragon corpse surprisingly gave up even though it was already close to killing the group. It then turned to face the sky, as if it was trying to confirm what it was that was posing the threat to it.

Everyone watched as a sharp object that looked like an inverted tower emerged from the center of the violent fluctuations in the sky with a massive power. It was as if a miracle had descended in space.

Yes, its the Sky Castle!Those who had been to the Tower of Dusk would have seen the Sky Castle before even if they hadnt personally gone to the Sky Castle. At this moment, they immediately recognized the famous Sky Castle that was floating above the Tower of Dusk after regaining their senses. They couldnt help but exclaim in shock.

To be frank, they didnt feel much when they saw the Sky Castle during their visit to the Tower of Dusk, as they felt that it was simply just a building in the sky. However, now that they had seen the Sky Castle breaking through the space and descending on the battlefield, they really felt the shock that the Sky Castle brought them. The terrifying might that was like the descent of a deity left them in awe.

The Sky Castles descent was rather quick, and everything from its emergence to its descent was only a matter of seconds. When the Sky Castle completely descended into the battlefield, Lin Li continued with his actions. Under his manipulation, the Alchemy Array and Mageweath arrays began to be activated at the same time.

The Sky Castle that originally looked gray and dull immediately began glistening with complicated streams of light from the magic, thus turning the entire Sky Castle into a city of light. At the same time, the magical waves emanating from the Sky Castle, also became more and more violent as they surged in all directions like a tsunami.

The dragon corpse of the Dragon of Destruction had clearly felt an unprecedented threat as it flapped its wings twice and abandoned them to fly towards the Sky Castle. Perhaps it might seem foolish to others, but not to forget, the dragon corpse had peak Sanctuary-realm strength, and if it were to charge towards the Sky Castle, they might be the ones at a loss.

However, since Lin Li summoned the Sky Castle, how could he let the dragon corpse break through to the top easily? The countless Mageweath arrays and Alchemy Arrays were soon charged to their maximum. Immediately afterwards, dazzling rays of light radiated out, and they covered the Sky Castle, making it look like a sun that landed on the surface of the sea.

All the magical weapons of the Sky Castle were switched on at the same time. The magic spells launched by the Magical Crystal Cannons, Dragon Flame fireballs, Mageweath arrays, and Alchemy Arrays surged out at the dragon corpse immediately like a raging river that made the entire space quake.

Upon sight of the groundbreaking attack, everyone present could not help but be frightened and petrified. The attack from the Sky Castle could not be compared to the ones that the Gilded Kingdom had launched previously.

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