Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou Wn Chapter 410

Chapter 406

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Arifureta Chapter 406
Abyss Lord Chapter Three Guwaaaaaaah!?

*Tick tock* There was only the sound of the clock ticking echoing inside the room.

Silence envelopedthe interrogation room.

The one sitting on the business swivel chair with cushion that was considerably worn out in large part while shrinking into himself in shame was of course Kousuke.

In front of him was a male officer wearing a suit. He looked to be in his fifty with a stern look. He was sitting while displaying a skilful gesture of smiling gently despite the stinging aura that was radiating from his whole being.

Through one thing or another, the silence had continued for five minutes already.

He couldnt bear it.

The invisible "police officer pressure" was mercilessly whittling down Kousukes mind

(Hinata-chan isyeah, looks like she is fine.)

To escape from reality, he confirmed Hinatas situation through a clone that he placed in the corner of the room she was in. A female officer was currently taking care of her in a different room with great attentiveness and kindness.

It seemed Hinata was smiling wryly at the mountain of sweets and juices that were frequently offered to her.

Actually, they were moved from the police box to this police station due to a certain reason. After that just when the questioning started, Hinatas stomach loudly growled *kukyurururururu~*.

Thinking back, Hinata hadnt eaten any food other than water for more than a day, so it couldnt be helped.

Hinata covered her face that turned bright red in shame with both her hands while crouching down. Seeing that, even the grim faced police officers reflexively broke out into a warm smile. From there they decided to give her dinner first for the time being.

Also, the meal that was provided wasnt katsudon. It was McDonal. When a young police officer who dashed out to buy the meal returned the first time with katsudon, the female officers looked at him with gazes that seemed to say Dont choose with your usual standard you damn brat! Buy a little girl meal you stupid idiot-!. The young officer was trembling fiercely at that time.

Anyway, this was after they had finished such dinner. Hinata must have been full already.

However, the courteous, obedient, and amiable Hinata had already turned all the female officers into her captive. They were in the competition of feeding her right now.

Perhaps that was why. Since some time ago, Hinata had been sending glances toward the clone.

Her gaze was looking for help. But from there it could also be felt that she was feeling relieved that he was staying at her side.

(As I thought, Hinata-chan can perceive me normally huh.)

Naturally, normal people couldnt notice Kousuke unless his mind was drowned with grief or they had paid a strong attention on him right from the start. In fact, none of the polices around Hinata noticed the clones existence.

It was a very joyful thing for him that the number of people who could perceive him was increasing.

Even if Hinatas gaze was mixed with sparkling gaze filled with determination and conviction of I understand! I will definitely never tell anyone that Endou-sama isnt human! toward Kousuke who wasnt noticed by anybody else and was able to make a clone of himself.



A voice suddenly called at him while his focus was directed at Hinata. Even though the call was gentle, the officers sternness that was like tundra was lurking in it. Kousukes voice unconsciously turned shrilly. The grim faced officer narrowed his eyes. Scary.

Do you feel like talking to us seriously now?

To be honest, no.

The officer talked in a roundabout way, but Kousuke understood.

After all, this was exactly the reason he was separated from Hinata and put into the interrogation room right now where the officers looked at him with cold gaze.

Right now you are being suspected of violating various illegal acts. Are you aware of your own position?

Y-yes, well

Abduction or kidnapping of minor. Destruction of cultural assets, Holding an event and filming without permission (the police suspected). There were civilians who fell due to the commotion, so there was also suspicion of inflicting bodily injury on him.

Certainly. If all those suspicions were true than he was spending a life that was out of the norm. Even though Kousuke himself was still a minor.

Kousuke nodded with a conflicted expression. The stern looking officer nodded un un and thinking that he might talk now, he continued speaking

Your identity


A scream suddenly resounded.

The voice came from Kousuke. His hands clenched on his chest and he gasped and writhed in agony.

Normally anyone would get panicked if the one they were talking with suddenly acted like that. But, the stern looking officer wasnt flustered at all. He didnt even look worried.

Rather he folded his arms with a fed up expression while saying This again. He leaned back on his chair deeply.

His eyes were astonishingly cold. He looked like he was going to blurt out This damn brat anytime now.

That couldnt be helped.

Guwaaaaaaa, aa, my chest hurt

There, Kousuke had returned back to normal with the same suddenness when he started screaming.

How many times are you going to repeat that until youre satisfied?

Y-you misunderstand! My chest suddenly feel hurt out of nowhere!

Is that from your pangs of conscience?

Thats not ittt!

Did the back of your neck also feel hot?

T-thats right! After that the pain receded quickly and gone without a trace!

Is that so.

The officer didnt believe him. Not at the slightest at that. The chillingly cold atmosphere of the stern looking officer clearly conveyed that.

It was only natural because this was already the tenth time it happened.

You see, it has been thirty years since I became a police, but this is the first time I see a kid who try a deception that sloppy.

P-please believe me! The pain I felt is real!

Then you must have some kind of disease, lets go to the hospital right away.

Thats a bit

Certainly, it couldnt be helped that the officer was thinking This damn brat, fucking around like this. No wonder the officers got angry and threw him into the interrogation room.

In the first place, Kousuke himself was an incomprehensible existence.

The police received a report from the hotel that said A young man who is acting and talking nonsensically is trying to check in with a ten years old girl who is wearing worn out clothes and the officers from nearby police box came running to the scene location first. And when they interrogated him at the police box,

The young man said that he was a student of a class that had finished their school trip already. He also had the student ID to prove it.

But if what he said was true, that meant the school had been intentionally leaving him behind. There was no way such thing could happen.

Also, none of the hotel staffs remembered seeing Kousuke among the students of the school trip who stayed in the hotel at that time. The teacher in charge also didnt really show any sign of panicking or searching for a lost student.

In the first place, there was no way that the class could just nonchalantly continue their school trip and then went home without ever realizing that one of them wasnt present!

Inevitably they thought that this young man was faking his identity, but if that was the case, why would he immediately make such an obvious lie that could be easily seen through? It was incomprehensible.

The possibility that came to mind was an involvement with the incident at Fushimi Inari.

It seemed an altercation occurred there. There were also pictures and videos of the scuffle there circulating.

But, mysteriously, only the person who was producing a ton of clones all around got his image blurred with mosaic by some unknown method. The most that could be seen from the images of "a man carrying a girl in kimono in one hand" if only barely.

There was also a lot of witnesses and testimonies, more or less, but even their testimonies immediately became vague when they were asked to describe the person.

Even so, Kousuke and Hinata fitted the situation timing wise and the minimum characteristic of the culprits, so the officers were suspecting that Kousuke and Hinata were performers in the unapproved filming and they were covering for the adults who organized the event.

As always it was incomprehensible why Kousuke was introducing himself as an existing student of a known high school, but perhaps it was something like a password to join up with the adults who had vanished from the scene before anyone knew it even though should be unconscious.

And yet!

Why is your identity exactly like you claim huhhh.

Im sorry for all the troubles Ive been guwaaaaaaaaaah!?

No, really, enough with that already.

N-no, ah, my neck feels hoo~~~t not?

The young man who only looked like he was screwing around the whole time even now had been confirmed to be exactly the student he claimed to be. It gave even more confusion to the polices.

No, the confusion also came in a different sense.

When they tried to contact the school, at first the vice principal was the one who dealt with them and he also confirmed that Kousuke was a student at his school, but the moment the police talked about the circumstance here,

Vice principal faintedd~~!!

Crap, he is puking blood! A hole is opened in his stomach!

This is because this happen right after he relaxed thinking nothing happened in the school trip!

Kazuko-sensei! This isnt the time to put his wig back in place! Call the ambulance!

What atrocity-. Where is Aiko-sensei!?

She only gave the report before going home right away!

Call her back immediatelyy-

That kind of commotion came from the other side of the phone. It felt like it wasnt the time at all for the police to ask anything further.

Whats more.

They also tried contacting Kousukes family, and this time the one who answered the call was someone who claimed as the his elder brother, but,

Haa!? Its a little girl this time!? That shitty Abyssgate-sannnnn-. I dont care! Please just sentence him to death!

Then the call was ended after that voice full of resentment said that.

It went without saying that the stern faced officers were dumbfounded for a while after that.

On top of that.

Why did an order to "move him to the station and safeguard him there" come from the top for you?

It seemed that he had gotten into some kind of conversation with the other side. For some reason someone really high above from the National Police Agency had given such order to this station.

And, because Kousuke was also a minor, after the transfer, at first he was given dinner at the reception office and the officer also tried to ask him about the situation gently, but the moment when he was going to talk, he would immediately go Guwaaaaaaaaaaaah!? like just now.

Well, surely its because you are one of the "returnees" I guess.


The stern looking officer narrowed his eyes when he saw Kousuke letting out a dry laugh in front of him.

Returnee. That name was still fresh in his memory. It was a group disappearance incident that happened to the whole class of a high school. Although it was outside of his field as a police, there was no way that he never heard about the topic. He had even cooperated with the investigation once.

To think that the young man before him was one of the people in question

There was an overheated media storm and strange incidents that were centered around them. And yet all those commotions strangely receded so easily. When the officer recalled that, he sighed inside his heart This isnt something that a grunt should get involved with huh.

But, although there wasnt any clear evidence, eight or nine out of ten this young man was involved with the people who rampaged as they pleased in a very, very important sightseeing spot in their territory, and there was also an amnesiac girl involved in it.

Saying Oh is that so and drawing back from this would be a dishonor as a police.

Thinking that, he tried to investigate the situation like this but

Ah, it comes again! Really just what the hell is guwaaaaaa, ah? Have I gotten used to it?

There was this. Did that mean that he had no intention to talk with his acting?

The stern looking officers face looked as though he withered in fatigue.

Umm, really, Im sorry for everything. Im not screwing around by any means. Really.

T-thats right! Hinata-chans familyhas there been any contact from them?

There isnt. There is also no enquiry. In the first place there isnt even any report or request for searching a missing girl that fit her description.

Is, that so.

For now we are still continuing the investigation but, just relying on the name "Fujiwara Hinata" will be quite. It will be a great help if we at least understand the kanji of her name.

Of course it is~. Hinata-chan doesnt even have her smartphone and wallet with her after all.

They are with you arent they?

They arent!

Even while having such exchange, Kousuke was holding hope that Hinatas father or mother might come to pick her up. That faint hope was one of the reasons why Kousuke was voluntarily allowing himself to be questioned by police.

He thought that her identity would immediately get identified if there was a request for police search for her or the like, but as expected, it seemed that things couldnt be that easy. He unconsciously sighed.

(Its clear that Hinata-chan isnt a normal person, so its not completely strange that her family isnt relying on public institution isnt it.)

Or perhaps similar with how the attackers were able to specify Hinatas location through an unknown method, her parents might grasped their daughters location with the same method and came running. Kousuke held some hope for that, but currently there wasnt any sign of that.

(Those people saying that they were from a clan is concerning.)

What if even the parents held the same stance like the attackers? Or perhaps, if the boss of the attackers was really Hinatas parent

He made a heartfelt prayer for that to not be the case.

He didnt even want to imagine that such small child had hostility directed to her from her family. It would freeze his heart too coldly.

Kousuke shook off the unpleasant imagination from his head and switched his mood.

(Now then, the officer said that there is order from the top. It should be fine for me to believe that Nagumo and others had told them about my situation and did something so)

His other reasons for coming to the police station were because he had already displayed his identity to the hotel, so it would give unnecessary trouble to his family and school if he carelessly ran away. If that happened then the mass media would make a ruckus again. And for some reason his number was still blocked by his friends (perhaps they had forgotten that they had even blocked his number, he wanted to cry), so by getting the police involved he also could convey his current situation to them through the police.


(Hinata-chan should be really tired. For now, lets ask the polices to let us stay here for today.)

Letting Hinata rest was also one of the reasons. As expected the attack shouldnt come while they were being surrounded by polices.

(Well, this abnormal condition that is making me in pain must be their attack though.)

Right now there wasnt any harm to Hinata, and somehow even without doing anything, the pain would die down after several seconds. So for now he decided to wait and see.

And so, you.

Ah, yes.

With how the big wig is paying attention to this case, someone will surely come to pick you up later but, can you tell us what you know first before that?

Even if you ask me that

In a sense, he was making use of the polices, so Kousuke too was feeling slightly guilty to them.

As he thought that, it seemed that the "pick up" had arrived unexpectedly quickly.

Now now, you shouldnt bully a student like that.

*Click* The interrogation rooms door was opened and someone came in. It was a middle-aged man with sla~ck atmosphere whose special characteristic was his lack of special characteristic itself.

His expression was also cheerful, but for some reason, he gave an impression as "someone who you couldnt let your guard down with" that could only be picked instinctually by those who had long, or perhaps thick experience.

And you are?

The stern officer looked at the man with suspicion. He asked with a tone that was radiating wariness.

The man took out a business card from his pocket and presented it while,

Greetings, greetings. Im Fukube from Public Safety.

He introduced himself with a rea~lly slack atmosphere.
















After that.

Kousuke and Hinata were now in a room of a mansion located inside Kyoto.

Come in, come in, just relax like its your own home.

He urged Kousuke and Hinata to go inside with very respectful attitude. It seemed that this was one of the safe houses that the Public Safety owned.


Hinata tightly pinched Kousukes cuff. He turned his gaze on her. She was looking up at him with eyes that were filled with slight anxiety.

Thinking carefully, they had just gotten taken from a trusted place like police station to an unknown mansion like this by an unknown person. It was only natural for her to feel anxious. It was even more so because there was an argument at the police station when they were taken away.

Err~, just like I already told you on the way here, this person is a mister police acquainted with me so there is nothing to worry about.

Oh my, forgive me for this. It seems that I have made the little miss uneasy.

Fukube bowed his head with excessive respectfulness again. It slightly flustered Hinata and she bowed her head too while saying Im sorry.

Kousuke had more or less gave her the minimum explanation inside the car while on their way here.

The explanation was about the summary of the returnee incident and how Kousuke was a member of the group that was called returnees.

How he had special power.

And then the one acting as the coordinator, or perhaps contact person between the returnees and the government was this Fukube Koutarou.

In addition, he was the number ten-odd person who took the role as contact person since the returnees return. Currently he was the record holder for keeping the position with the record being continuously updated even now, etc. By the way, the shortest record of keeping the position was two days. The records title holder was apparently raising strawberry at the countryside right now.

Well, I myself dont really understand why its Fukube-san who came here though

No, Im fine if Endou-sama is also together with me.

I see.

Fukube was sending glances through the curtain to check the situation outside while he listened to the twos conversation. After that he gave a warning just in case.

Endou-san. Please dont do anything strange by all means okay?

What do you mean by that!?

I havent known you for that long or that well butwell, the demon kingcough. Nagumo-san has told me about quite a lot of things.

Im really curious about what you have heard from him!

About that, well, how every time you go to a trip women keepwhen Fukube said that, Hinatas pure eyes started staring fixedly at Kousuke.

More importantly! I want to hear why Fukube-san came here!

Kousuke forcefully changed the topic. The pure Hinata-chan was still looking at him.

They sat face to face on the sofas that were still brand new. Then after taking a breath, Fukube suddenly began talking.

The first reason, is about the incident at Fushimi, Endou-san.

Fushimis..aa~, err, Im sorry. Is it because there are pictures or videos circulation about it?

Yes. After all its a commotion that occurred in an important cultural property. Not only the polices, every department is furious about it. It seems that Nagumo-san is taking measure with things at the internet, but for the movement at the government side, the likes of me have to handle it. As expected, I cant possibly deal with this just through phone. It will be more effective to do it by being here personally.

You know, if I just leave it to the demon king-sama, everyones mind might get send to la la land after all, Fukube said with a wry smile.

Him being able to smile here was the reason he was able to stay as the record holder for keeping the role as contact point the longest.

Im sorry for all the troubles I have put you through.

Forgive me for all the troubles, Fukube-sama.

No, no. Dont mind the likes of me. It seems that its you two instead who are being the most troubled after all.

Fukubes eyes were slightly narrowed.

The video, it wasnt faked wasnt it?

In the videos or pictures, the white mist monsters that Kousuke and Hinata faced werent recorded. That included the strange techniques of the attackers.

However, it was confirmed that they were doing something which caused physical destruction as the result.

Normally it would be suspected as some kind of trick or video editing, but Fukube was someone who stood at the side that had the knowledge about "that kind of existence".

Thats not it. It seems their target is actually Hinata-chan.

Kousuke summarized about what happened to them until now. Then Fukube sighed So Japan is unexpectedly filled with fantasy too as he looked to the ceiling.

Then, we still dont know about Fujiwara-sans true identity or the objective of those people then?

Well, I think we will find out about those soon thoughmore importantly, what about Nagumo and others? I feel like crying because my call to them is still getting blocked here.

Endou-sama, please dont be sad.

*Pat pat*. Thank you, Hinata-chan. By the way Fukube-san, why are you taking out a handcuff?

Aa~, about that you see. There is this suspicious movement from a part of the government and foreign country.

Eh? What do you mean?

If we are unlucky it might develop into the second returnee commotion. Aa, my stomach hurt.

No no no, really just whats going on!?

According to him, there was a movement within the government, or perhaps some parts that were centered around several influential politicians that was made against the returnees. Furthermore, it was a movement to a direction that wasnt really good.

At the same time, foreigners who were in the watch list of Public Safety were also entering the country in a bad timing. There were conflicts among themselves or suspicious actions that had been observed from them.

Individually their actions are not really that significant, but with this timing, you know.

I see. So Nagumo and others are currently occupied with those things?

Yes. Especially with the families of the returnees. Some said that they felt gazes on them, or they were being followed. That kind of disquieting occurrences are happening right now it seems.

Although they were feeling fed up because this happened right after their return from the school trip, just in case, Hajime and others tightened the security on the whole class while setting out to investigate.

Hmm~, certainly the timing is bad huh.

Right it is. I dont know whether this case that Endou-san is involved with is connected butwell, anyway, they cant send reinforcement for Endou-san right now, so in exchange there should be reinforcement from the government side at least. Thats also why I come here.

There wont be any problem if its us that got targeted directly but, if we also have to protect our families or friends and acquaintances, then thats certainly difficult. Understood. Im really thankful just for having Fukube-sans cooperation for this.

Sorry that I cant be of much help.


Can I ask Fukube-san to call them? Everyone forget to remove their call block. Tell them that Endou is crying here.

Ha, hahaharight away.

Fukube smiled wryly seeing Kousukes nihilistic gaze and left his seat.

He left to the corridor to make a call to the other returnees about the situation here and also for his own business.

Endou-sama. Is it alright for you to not return?

Hmm~, but doing that will waste Hinata-chans time unnecessarily.

Kousuke talked as though it was only natural that he wouldnt leave Hinata behind but brought her with him if he was going to return to his friends. Hinatas lips loosened happily when she heard that.

Without noticing that, Kousuke folded his arms and fell into his thought for a bit while saying.

They will contact me if they really need me no matter what. I wont block their call no matter what if that happen! No matter what!

Endou-sama. Please leave it to me. When I meet your friends in the future, this Hinata will firmly tell them! Blocking call is no good! Absolutely!

Ah, yeah, thanks?

Being defended by a little girl Please dont block a call of your friend! would also be painful in its own wayeven while thinking that, Kousuke couldnt say anything to Hinata who was huffing fully motivated.

*Cough* He cleared his throat.

Anyway, first we need to learn about Hinata-chans circumstance.


My clone will soon arrive with the man that I hid in the trash can near the hotel. We will interrogate him.

AhI-I, have forgotten about that person

Hinata hid her face shyly with the sleeve of her kimono. She then asked to cover up her embarrassment.

Has that person woken up already? As expected, wont he not say anything to us?

No, he still hasnt woken up.


It was clearly strange. Perhaps he got hit on a bad place and in a critical state? Hinata thought. She looked worried even though it was about a person who attacked her.

Kousuke shook his head.

Im just guessing here but, I think he is also receiving some kind of remote attack like me.

Dont tell methey are, silencing him?

According to Kousuke, the man wouldnt wake up no matter what he did to him. Worse, his complexion seemed to be worsening as time passed.

And so, while they were at the police station, Kousuke created his third clone when there was an opening and entrusted it with an artifact that had recovery effect to treat the man. With that the mans condition was somehow stabilized.

Endou-sama, you arent feeling the pain anymore? It seems like you havent felt the pain anymore slightly after we left the police station

Hinata asked that and rubbed Kousukes chest worriedly. She leaned forward and half leaned on Kousuke to listen to his heartbeat.

She saw how Kousuke pressed his chest when he was in pain. He had told her many times that he was alright, but it was clear that she was deeply worried from her deep frown.

To reassure the worried Hinata, Kousuke patted her head while speaking with especially bright tone.

Im fine Im fine. I think that they have given up already seeing how its not effective. Im not feeling pained at all now.

Thats good if thats the case but

Anyway, that attack isnt effective against meor rather, it was affecting me but it got repelled, so if the man I captured is placed beside me the real body

He might wake up then?

Hinata nodded in understanding.

As expected from Endou-sama. The malicious intent that human directed to you is nothing at all before you!

Because Im inhuman? If you dont stop with that already, Im going to pinch that cheek of yours okay?

Kousukes gaze turned reproachful, but Hinata looked happy with that for some reason.

It was then, Kousukes smartphone suddenly rang out.

That damn Nagumo. He finally feel like contacting me huh.

Kousuke smiled wryly while picking up the call without looking at the screen. Then,

Kousuke! Are you safe!?

Ueh!? Emily!?

Emilys voice struck Kousukes eardrum piercingly. It seemed someone among Nagumo and co finally contacted her. Apparently after that she hurriedly called him in a hurry.

Im sorry! I was too absorbed with researching in the sanctuaryI didnt even notice that Kousukes clone vanished-

I-its alright! Im completely fine!

There was a sniff and tearful voice coming from the phone. It seemed that she was really worried and also regretted that she didnt immediately notice that something had happened to her loved one.

Really? Are you really alright? You arent injured or anything?

Yeah, Im fine here, really. Just like usual. I only encountered a slightly confusing case that cant be dealt with normal means. This is like what those guys at the security bureau often said, that heros destiny thing.

Fufu. That might be so.

Emily finally was convinced of Kousukes safety from his lighthearted line. Her voice also regained her usual composure and brightness.

You know, a lot of things are also going on over here, and

It seemed that something also happened at Emilys place. From the phone he could hear that it was really noisy over there.

But, just before Emily could speak about the detail,

Endou-san. Just now I contacted Nagumo-san and others

Fukube entered inside. And then, his expression quickly turned serious when he saw Kousuke and Hinata.

Endou-san. Just what in the world are you doing while I was gone?

Ha? You ask what

Kousuke followed Fukubes gaze while not knowing what he meant.

There Hinata was closely cuddling on his chest. And then Kousukes hand was circled around that Hinata to hold her tightly.

Hinata had been staying quiet like an exemplary good kid the whole time so that she wouldnt get in the way of the phone talk. Perhaps that was why they had been staying in their posture before this until now.

I see, this is reaal bad.

If asked what was bad,

U-um Fukube-sama, its a misunderstanding! Im just snuggling up on Endou-sama because Im worried for him!


Im the one who initiated this vulgar conduct!

Tsu! Tsu!?

Hinata-chan! Anymore than that

Endou-sama was simply treating me gently!

See, because it became that kind of development.

Because it came from the other side of the phone. The terrifying presence. *Slither-*


E-emily! Its a misunderstanding! Let me explain

wait for me okay? ill be there right away

*Click* There was the sound of the call being dropped. *Tuut tuut tuut* The sound of connection lost resounded mercilessly.

Fukube smiled wryly and let out Ouch, while Hinata was going awa awa in fluster thinking that perhaps further misunderstanding was created because of her fault. Meanwhile Kousuke put his smartphone back into his pocket with a trembling hand.

And then.



He writhed around while holding his head.

In the end, was it because he was under attack of the remote attack once more? Or else, was he unable to stop from screaming due to another reason?

Either way, it made Hinata desperately nursed him. But Kousukes mind was completely occupied that he didnt even notice how Fukube secretly took picture of them.

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