Astral Pet Store Book 1 Chapter 738

Chapter 738: Moderately Accelerated Illustration Book Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Boss, can you also cultivate a demon pet beast?"

Seeing Su Ping's promise, Mia suddenly thought of something and looked at Su Ping with some expectation.

"Yes." Su Ping nodded.

General trainers have special subjects for pet pets, but his cultivation world covers the heavens and is suitable for pet pets of all families. He can even find many extinct pet beasts in the Federation at present.


Mia was a little surprised, but this time it was not a suspicion. There was a spatial vortex around her immediately opening, and an extremely deep undead aura spread from it, and then, a humanoid pet beast walked out of it.

The body of this pet beast shrank rapidly, and the head on its neck was a ferocious sheep's head. Besides, the body and lower body were roughly similar to humans, except that there was a brown tail like a dragon beast behind.

"The Greedy Nightmare?"

Seeing this demon pet with the head of a sheep, Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly. In his cognition, this is quite a rare demon pet, and the entire Blue Star may not be able to find one!

And this beast is also of the bloodline of the Starry Sky Realm, similar to the Sea Emperor, but it is only the mid-stage cultivation base of the Void Cave Realm. Whether it can successfully stimulate the full potential of its bloodline depends on how to cultivate it.

"Boss, can it be cultivated here too?"

Seeing Su Ping uttering her name, Mia's last worries disappeared, she asked hopefully.

Next to him, Reyen saw her summon the beast, his face suddenly changed. Hearing this, he couldn't help saying: "Mia, it will be the monthly exam of the academy soon. This greedy nightmare is your strongest pet. The cultivation here is broken, and you cant afford to kill this boss. It will have too much impact on your monthly exam!"

Mia didn't look at him, and there was a trace of worry in her eyes, but this worry quickly dissipated and became firm. Now that she has made a decision, these things have naturally been considered in her mind.

However, from the feelings Su Ping gave her and her observations, she is willing to take a gamble here!

If the bet is won, and the pet beast cultivated by Su Ping is as powerful as Xiaobais effect, then she will definitely shine in the monthly examination. Passing will no longer be worth considering, and there is even hope to win Achieve the top five, even the top three good results!

"Boss, if you nurture Xiao Ba, will the time be as short as Xiao Bai?"

Mia stared at Su Ping, nervous and expectant.

Xiao Ba? Su Ping was a little dumb. Girls like to give their pet beasts some weird names, such as his sisters black "snowball" like charcoal... His divergent thoughts converged and he nodded: "Almost , One day if it is late, half a day if it is fast."

Mia breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I have other pet beasts. If they are all nurtured by you, how long will it take to nurture them all and take them out?"

Su Ping suddenly thought of the task given by the system, and couldn't help but smile on his face, saying: "If the number does not exceed 20, if you need it urgently, you can come and get it tomorrow."

Mia was startled and couldn't help asking: "The effect of cultivation..."

"It's all the same." Su Ping said calmly.

Seeing Su Ping calmly and calmly, Mia stared at her for a moment, nodded slightly, and said, "No problem, then I will pick it up tomorrow."

As she said, several whirlpools opened up beside her, and the pets walked out of it one by one.

These battle pets are almost all in the Void Cave Realm, and among them, there are five of them reaching the bloodline of the Starry Sky Realm, including the Frost Blood Star Dragon Beast and the Greedy Nightmare!

This kind of battle pet lineup is quite powerful.

Even Nie Huofeng doesn't have such a luxurious lineup!

"A total of 1.2 billion."

Su Ping counted the number of pets and quoted the price.

Mia took a deep breath and swiped the card to Su Ping to transfer the money. The card she used was a card of the Leyfa family, and the transfer was unlimited.

Seeing the 1.2 billion received and converted into energy, Su Ping immediately received a prompt from the system:

"Target customers consume 1000W of energy in the store, and the task of "Never Missing Orders" is completed!"

"Please draw task rewards within five minutes!"

Thinking that the task reward is the medium-level spirit opening illustration book, Su Ping felt a little excited, and said to Mia in front of him: "Is there anything else you need?"

The implication is that if you don't, you can go.

"Boss, take care of them for me..." Mia looked at the war pet next to her, feeling a little bit disappointed.

Reyen next to him looked gloomy, staring at Su Ping coldly, his eyes flickering, thinking about other things.

"Yeah." Su Ping nodded repeatedly and called Joanna to let her lead the pet beasts to the petting room first.

When all the pets were taken away, Mia also retracted her eyes, glanced at Joanna's back, her eyes flashed slightly, and said to Su Ping: "Boss, your employee, is she really your employee? ?"

"Of course, we have a contract." Su Ping didn't want to be honest.

Mia was slightly dumb, looked at the petting room again, but saw that Joanna didn't turn her head to look at her more, and she closed the door directly, isolating her perception.

Realizing that she couldn't detect the spirit of the beast room, Mia was a little surprised. She didn't expect this little shop to be so in place in detail, and even that door was equipped with a protective barrier.

She glanced at Su Ping, hesitated, and said, "Boss, my babies...I will leave it to you."

baby? Su Ping showed a kind smile on his face: "No problem, I will take good care of them."

Mia looked at the smile on Su Ping's face, and she felt a little weird, but she couldn't tell, so she had to say, "Then I will go first."


Mia turned around one step at a time, looked at the animal pet shop frequently, and finally left the shop.

When Reyen saw this, he glared at Su Ping without saying anything, and ran after him.

When they left, Su Ping came to a place in the store and directly called out the system to start the lottery.


Looking at the constantly rolling roulette, Su Ping was a little emotional. This roulette is full of medium-level spiritual opening illustrations. If you can get them all, I don't know how cool it would be!

Soon, the roulette stopped, and Su Ping looked intently, only to see the pointer staying on a place called "Intermediate Acceleration Illustrated Book".

"Congratulations to the host, I have extracted the "Intermediate Acceleration Illustrated Book"."

The voice of the system resounded.

Soon, Su Ping saw the illustrated book pop up and dropped into his storage space.

Su Ping is a little curious, speed up the picture book? What effect?

Apart from anything else, he chose to use it directly.

Soon, the illustrated book in the storage space disappeared, and then a huge amount of information poured into his mind. The information carried countless pictures, like a flying stream of aurora, and each beam contained a large amount of light. Information.

Su Ping was completely immersed in it.

After a long time, he opened his eyes, and between his eyes, there was a strange light blooming.

"This Illustrated Book of Spirit Opening is too strong!"

Su Ping's eyes were shocked and pleasantly surprised. He didn't expect that his luck was so good this time, and he got a super strong spiritual opening illustration book!



Su Ping's figure flickered, and the world in front of him became slow. The next moment, he appeared ten meters away. Looking again, the slowly floating dust in the sky moved less than 0.00001 millimeters at this moment, almost still. of!

Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong, who were approaching in the store, still raised their soles in the air, and only fell when Su Ping stopped. Then they were a little dazed, as if they didn't expect Su Ping to suddenly appear elsewhere.

"too strong!"

Su Ping is a little excited. He hasn't fully mastered and adapted to this illustrated book, but he knows that this is definitely an extremely powerful skill!

He can super-accelerate his body!

In this accelerated state, the time flow between himself and the outside world will be unequal.

What is the time?

Some people say that speed is the movement of an object. When the object is absolutely still, that is, when the object is absolutely zero, time does not exist.

But just now, Su Ping's speed was completely staggered from the outside world in an instant, and he was in an accelerating time and space. Although he suddenly appeared ten meters away, he could do it through a flash, but the meaning was different!

If in battle, he cooperates with the flash, and then uses super acceleration, then he can make three, four, or even more flashes in the time of the original flash!

"This skill is a perfect match for sneak attack and assassination!"

"From the inside, it seems to be able to capture the feeling of the rules of time. If you use it frequently, you may be able to feel a trace of the mystery of time..."

Su Ping secretly said in his heart, some surprises and excitement, time is one of the most supreme rules, if you master the rules of time, you can even reverse life and death, and life span is even closer to immortality!

And this kind of ability, even the strong of the star master realm, may not be able to master it, which shows how supreme the time rule is!

"What are you running in the store?" At this moment, Tang Ruyan walked over and looked at Su Ping with a strange expression, thinking that he had just used the flashing ability.

Su Ping was in a good mood. Seeing Zhong Lingtong walking behind her, she chuckled: "We have just moved to a new place now. This planet is called Reya Planet. I will give you some money later. You can find one as soon as possible. The foreign language class learns the Common Language of the Federation so that the province can not communicate with others."

"Yeah." Zhong Lingtong nodded obediently.

Tang Ruyan rolled her eyes slightly and said, "Did that woman despise me? Although I can't understand what she said, I can understand her eyes, huh, when I learn Federal Common Language, I have to ask her for it. No place!"

"What can I get back?" Su Ping squinted at her, "Can't beat it, can you rely on your mouth?"

Tang Ruyan suffocated slightly, and said dullly, "Of course, when I can beat her, I will use it to express my victory speech. This lady is a lady, how can she curse like a shrew?"

Su Ping was a little speechless, saying: "If you don't work hard, you never hope to beat her in your life. This is the Federation. There are so many talents. You can still jump on the blue star. After people are educated, they will be honest and study hard in the future, so as not to be defeated eight times in five minutes. It's too shameful to me!"

Tang Ruyan was stunned and stared: "How do you know that I have been defeated eight times in five minutes? Ah, ah, I know, it must be the woman who said it, **** it, I know she didn't say anything good!"

"This is a fact, do you still want to go wrong?"


"From today, I will call you five or eight, and when you can be ashamed, I will change it back for you." Su Ping said flatly.

Tang Ruyan: "..."

When Zhong Lingtong next to him heard this, he glanced at her sympathetically. She had been abused, and now she didn't even have her name. It was so pitiful... But in other words, it sounds pretty nice to call it up.

Thinking of this, she yelled silently twice in her heart, and the more she screamed, the smoother she felt.

Su Ping ignored her, went outside the store, and looked around.

At this glance, I felt a little emotional. The planets in this federation are indeed somewhat different. I saw the streets on both sides are extremely clean. There are magnetic levitation sports cars everywhere on the ground. There are also some electromagnetic floating motorcycles. In the high sky, the stripes are light blue and half. The transparent roads circle and cross, and many vehicles pass by.

The nearby buildings are all pointed hats, quite European style.

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