Astral Pet Store Chapter 720

Chapter 720: The Remaining Fire Burns 4k For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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Xue Yun was really stunned.

Looking at Xiang Fengran's angry and sad gaze, her entire skin trembled, and she suddenly woke up.

Are they afraid of death?

Yes, they are afraid of death, but they are already ready to sacrifice and die at any time!

They have been garrisoned in the abyss for these years, they have long been conscious of facing death, and they are brave to stay and fight in front of them, but...this will destroy the last hope of mankind!

The blood must be left, and the fire must be left to continue! !

Xue Yunzhen bit her lips tightly, and the smelly blood filled her lips and teeth. She raised her head to look at the **** eyes around her, gritted her teeth and said: "Sorry, I have to leave!"

Since she is going to die, she hopes that she can die worthy, to be the strongest **** for mankind and the last kind of fire! !

"Lord Legend, you go!"

"Lord Legend, we are here, you are not deserters, you are heroes!!"

"Yes, Master Legend, you go, we will hold on to the death, even if we use our flesh and blood!"

What made Xue Yunzhen tremble all over was that what responded to her was not cursing, but sincere and passionate voices. The words of Feng Ran and Ye Wuxiu were also heard by the surrounding pet masters, tears filled their eyes. Completely understand.

They know that these legends are not fleeing, but are still making the last effort for mankind!

Is there any reason to question such a hero? !

Xue Yunzhen's eyes were wet, and she suddenly felt that all these hundreds of years of battle in the abyss were worth it!

For this piece of soil that she loves, the people she loves, her contribution is worth it!


There was no goodbye, nothing else, Xue Yunzhen gritted his teeth and rushed into the giant wall defense line quickly. The back image flees, but with the tragic and unrequited tragic!

Beside her, the bald legend who was going to leave with her immediately followed.

The many pet masters around, no longer speak out to retain the legend of fleeing from nearby, but burst out of star power, call out their respective pets, and prepare for the final battle!


In the line of defense, Longjiang.

Su Ping, who was the first to rush back to the shop, looked a little pale. He quickly swept into the shop and found that the security area inside the shop was a bit empty and there were no people.

"Immediately contact Mr. Qin and them, let them all withdraw, and your Tang family, let them send the women and children, here can protect them!"

Su Ping stepped into the store, saw Tang Ruyan and Su Lingyue approaching, and quickly ordered.

His body is trembling slightly, although he knows that he will not die and is protected by a system, but he can imagine what a disaster scene will be next!

Outside the shop, it will all be purgatory! !

Hearing Su Ping's words, Tang Ruyan and Su Lingyue were dumbfounded. They also saw the shocking battle in the starry sky outside. Seeing Su Ping fleeing and returning at this moment, they immediately knew that with Su Ping's power, it could not be saved. Up.

However, Su Ping's words at the moment left them a little confused and at a loss.

They are about to usher in annihilation, can this shop become a place of refuge?

Could it be Joanna in the store?

However, if Joanna can kill the Lord of the Abyss, why not come forward and kill him directly?

"Brother..." Su Lingyue was puzzled and wanted to ask Su Ping. She had long seen that Su Ping attached great importance to this shop, and this shop was also quite mysterious. For example, she never knew that those in the shop Where did Su Ping buy the pet beast.

"Don't ask, do it now!" Su Ping suddenly roared.

Time is life. This is the most suitable word for now. How can there be time delay?

Hearing Su Ping's roar, the two women were a little startled. They saw Su Ping so frustrated and anxious for the first time.

I didn't dare to ask any more, and I didn't have time to think. The two girls quickly took out their respective communications and quickly connected. Since Su Ping said there is a way, there is probably a way. Even if there is no way, it is better than waiting to die elsewhere.

When they contacted, Su Ping also took out his communication, quickly contacted Xie Jinshui, Ye Wuxiu, Li Yuanfeng and others, and asked them to gather at his store.

It just happened that his shop was upgraded before, and a virtual dueling venue was added to the shop, which also doubled the area of the shop. From the original area of most of the street to the area of two streets, it is his The area in the shop!

These areas, if squeezed, can accommodate tens of thousands of people!

There is also a space area, which can be stacked high, and the height of 100 meters above the store is a safe airspace!

In this way, if people are stacked like goods, one hundred thousand people can be packed!

Although...Compared to the billions of people in the entire defense line, this mere 100,000 people is simply shuddering, but...this is the only thing Su Ping can do at present.

Some of the communication was not connected, and some were connected. As soon as Su Ping was connected, he quickly notified the other party. After the explanation was completed, he directly hung up, and then continued to contact other people.

He contacted all the people he knew that he could think of. As for the others he didn't know, he wanted to call and didn't have any way to contact him.

Soon, a group of figures galloped over, with titles and legends.

"Boss Su!"

"Brother Su!"

Ye Wuxiu, Li Yuanfeng and others all rushed over. They were in the virtual cave realm, and they were able to rush to the Su Ping shop first.

"Boss Su called us over, is there an escape route?" Ye Wuxiu looked at Su Ping and asked quickly.

His eyes were full of hope, and Su Ping's previous combat power should be the strongest they have now, second only to the original peak master Nie Huofeng!

If Su Ping cooperates with them and rushes out a route with all his strength, as long as the Lord of the Abyss hasn't had time to stop him, there is hope to kill him!

Even if he can only keep Su Ping alone, he is willing to escort!

With Su Ping's cultivation base and talent, he is now second only to the starry sky powerhouse. If you find a hidden place to practice, you may not have the hope of becoming a starry sky in the future. Once you step into the starry sky realm, Su Ping can avenge them!

"Boss Su!"

At this time, Xiang Fengran, Xue Yunzhen and others also arrived one after another.

Behind them, Qin Lao and Zhou Tianlin maintained the posture of their battle pets, using the power of their battle pets to teleport over and land outside Su Ping's shop.

This empty street was instantly filled with powerful aura from everyone.

"Boss Su, let's protect you from killing!" Qin Duhuang looked at Su Ping, his old face, but his eyes were torch at the moment, a strong breath and fighting spirit broke out between the opening and closing, and it seemed that he was several decades younger.

What he said is sincere, and he has achieved this awareness!

His battle pet was given to him by Su Ping. He can become a legend, half of the reason is that he was inspired by Su Pings insights from his king beast battle pet. He kept saying that he owed Su Pings kindness, in fact He also secretly remembered it in his heart.


It's time to pay back!

"Boss Su!" Zhou Tianlin also spoke, staring at Su Ping, his eyes were unwilling, but more decidedly, he just became a legend, he still wants to live, and he wants to feel the charm of the legendary realm, but ... There is no time, no hope, he just wants to use his last strength, and what else can he do.

Everyone's eyes focused on Su Ping.

In the distance, Su Ping's parents also walked over, their eyes were extremely complicated.

"Ping'er, you don't care about us." Mother Li Qingru said, her eyes full of love and reluctance, but more gratification and affection.

Next to him, his father Su Yuanshan didn't speak, but Su Ping could feel his heart, the passionate heart of caring for his children!

Looking at their eyes, Su Ping took a deep breath and said, "You all stay in my store, don't go anywhere, here is an absolutely safe place!"

The audience fell into a moment of silence.

After a few seconds, everyone reacted and all looked at Su Ping in amazement.

Just stay here?

Ye Wuxiu came back to his senses and couldn't help but said, "Boss Su, are you right? We are just sitting here and waiting for death?"

On the other hand, Qin Duhuang and Zhou Tianlin were stunned. They had a long contact with Su Ping, and they knew Su Ping better than Ye Wuxiu and others, or in other words, they knew more about the horror of Su Ping's shop.

After all, this should be the only shop in the world that can sell the virtual cave realm at will.

Moreover, they still remember that there was a legendary blond woman sitting in the Suping store!

Is that woman able to protect them?

Soon, they felt the same confusion as Tang Ruyan and Su Lingyue. If that woman can resist the Lord of the Abyss, why not let her go out to fight? !

Seeing everyone's shocked and puzzled, even gradually angry eyes, Su Ping knew that he couldn't explain it. He responded quickly and said, "Don't worry, there is an ancient God formation in my store, even the Starry Sky Realm attack can resist. , Therefore, as long as they are within the scope of the stores **** array, these monsters cannot be killed!"

Everyone was stunned when he said this.

The ancient **** array that can withstand the starry sky? !

They looked at the shop behind Su Ping. There was such an exaggeration in this shop!

"But, even if we hide inside, they can't get in, but they can surround us, and we can't do without here..." Soon, Xue Yun was really keen and said immediately.

Although she looks carefree and bold as a tigress, she is very delicate in her mind.

The surprise that other people had just risen suddenly stunned.


Even if they stay in the store, others can't get in, but they can't get out. Even if they are hungry, they can starve to death!

Even if these legends like them can eat nothing and feed on star power, what if the Lord of the Abyss robs all the star power in this vicinity?

Then they will age and die!

This is just a way to delay death!

Just as Su Ping was about to speak, suddenly the system voice in his mind sounded, saying: "It's useless."

Su Ping's face suddenly changed.

This voyeuristic mad demon system has discovered his thoughts again! And what he just wanted to say was to appease everyone and tell everyone that he could send the shop away and leave this place!

"Why is it useless?!"

Su Ping was frightened.

The system does not seem to be lazy on weekdays, and coldly said: "Although upgrading to a level 4 store gives you an opportunity to move the store immediately, the migration rule of this store is that the store must be moved to a place where there are enough customers. And now within the scope of migration...Only you, the line of defense, can meet this condition, that is to say, even if it is migration, you can only migrate within the line of defense!"

Su Ping was stunned.

What the **** is this? !

What shit!

He was furious.

"If you are in another place and have enough population, you will be able to migrate, but now you, people from all over the world are gathered here." The system ignored Su Ping's rage, indifferent and authentic.

Su Ping said angrily: "Why didn't you remind me in advance? Don't you know what I think? I have such a plan, why didn't you tell me before?! And, aren't you trying to make money? Now so many people are dead. According to your statement, they are all customers and all have the possibility of becoming customers!"

"Then you, should you help, help me save them?"

The system said in a deep voice: "It is your duty to take good care of customers, not my duty."


Su Ping gritted his teeth, a little gaffe.

But he also knows that the system can't be blamed, but his mentality is a little impatient.

"Boss Su?"

Xiang Fengran frowned and called out tentatively.

Gang Suping seemed to be talking, but suddenly his expression changed and his face was full of anger, making them a little confused and uneasy.

Su Ping came back to his senses with an ugly face, and continued with the previous words: "I'm nothing. Even if we can't get out, they won't be able to get in. We can practice here and wait until we have enough strength to compete. It's not too late to kill!"

Hearing this, Xiang Fengran and the others were all startled, and looked at Su Ping. At present, Su Ping is the most hopeful being who has cultivated into a starry sky realm.

"No, if you practice here, if the Lord of the Abyss swept the nearby star power, you can't practice at all." Xue Yunzhen said again, shaking his head.

Everyone's face changed slightly, this is indeed a problem.

Qin Duhuang was silent for a few seconds, and said: "If this is the case, we can radiate the star power in our body for Boss Su to practice."

Everyone was shocked when he said this.

Distribute the star power in their bodies for Su Ping to cultivate here?

This... is not a solution!

Thinking of this, Xue Yunzhen's eyes brightened, and he glanced at Qin Duhuang, admiring his face.

Su Ping was shocked when he heard this, and he felt that his throat was suddenly blocked.

Dissemination of star power in the body... this is a self-distribution cultivation base!

He gritted his teeth slightly, although he knew that he would not need to use their star power, after all, he had cultivated the world, but this hot and selfless mind made him unbearable!

As everyone talked, more and more figures gathered.

Yuuki Yuanfeng, the deputy tower master, they also rushed over.

Su Ping is currently the only hope for a breakthrough, and they also want to join Su Ping and break the siege together!

Seeing Ye Wuxiu, Xiang Fengran and many other legends gathered outside the Su Ping store, they knew that they had not come wrong, they were all pleasant surprises.

At the same time, Yuan Tianchen and other legends also flew in successively. They were all legends who had been on the surface all year round. They had some problems with Su Ping, but they all rushed over at this moment.

The only hope for a breakthrough now is Su Ping!

When they arrived here, looking at the many vigorous auras gathered here, everyone knew that they were right, they found the current peak power collective!

"Brother Su!"

"Mr. Su!"

When Ji Yuanfeng saw Su Ping, he immediately greeted him, and then said, "You tell me a route, let's kill it together!"

Just as Su Ping was about to speak, a large wind roared in the distance, one after another named figures, riding a flying battle pet, and on the back of the battle pet were many women and children.

These...all belong to the Tang family.

Su Ping and the Tang family had already settled their previous suspicions. In fact, there was nothing too deep between them. The Tang family came to the door to suppress Su Ping and **** back their young master.

However, Su Ping's consecutive slashing of several titles and annihilation of a 2,000-strong master army caused heavy casualties.

Later, giving gifts to apologize and apologize, this matter has passed.

Su Ping is a person with clear grievances, one yard goes to one yard.

Now that Tang Ruyan is in the middle, and she has been promoted to the position of patriarch, Su Ping doesn't bother to care about this Tang family.

Now his shop is a sheltered place, but no one knows this. He needs someone to come over and take shelter in his shop, otherwise such a big place will be empty and it will be wasted.

"They're here." Tang Ruyan breathed a sigh of relief when he saw everyone in the Tang family.

She had a lot of contact with Su Ping, and she completely believed it when Su Ping said about the ancient **** formation, because she believed that this man would not aimlessly.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

On the flying battle pet in front, one after another Tang family titles jumped down from above, looking at the many legends gathered in front of the Suping store, they were all shocked.

"Lets go to the Tang family, see Mr. Su!"

"Lets go to the Tang family, see Mr. Su!"

One by one, the titles landed, and they quickly knelt down on one knee, doing them with the highest salute.

Today's Su Ping makes these titles completely willing to kneel down. After all, this is the top of the legend, and even the legend has to respect the existence of respect!

"The Tang family took office as the patriarch, Tang Linzhan came to plead!"

"Old Tang Yuanqing of the Tang family, come here to plead!"

Several figures flew out of the title. It was the former patriarch of the Tang family and Tang Ruyan's father. At this moment, he directly rushed out of the crowd, knelt on one knee in front of Su Ping and bowed his head.

Behind him were other Tang family elders who had come to attack Su Ping.

Although Su Ping has put down this grudge, but in their hearts, they are always worried. After all, whoever provokes a big terrorist will worry about whether that big guy still has any grudges in his heart.

"Tang Family...Tang Ruyu, come here to plead!"

In the crowd, a girl with a petite figure also flew out, and she already had a title-level cultivation base, she was also kneeling on the ground at the moment, lowering her head.

This scene was quite shocking, making Ji Yuanfeng and Ye Wuxiu who were present were puzzled, and they didn't know what these people were like.

Su Ping looked at these familiar faces. He didn't care about the holiday between them a long time ago. With a wave of his palm, he said: "Hurry up, now they are in a critical condition, so I will immediately settle them in my store."

In the next moment, Tang Linzhan, Tang Ruyu and others felt a powerful force holding them up, and they were unable to resist.

Everyone was frightened, and they became more and more in awe. When they heard Su Ping's words, they all breathed in their hearts. Obviously, Su Ping didn't care about their previous offense by the Tang family.

This made them excited and surprised, like a shadow in their hearts, finally dissipated.

"Quick, quick!" Tang Linzhan immediately turned and waved to settle the Tang family women and children who had been sent over.

Seeing this scene, Ji Yuanfeng was a little stunned, and said, "Brother Su, what are you?"

"We're not leaving." Su Ping looked at him, and didn't have any disgust with this Ji Yuanfeng, and said: "There is an ancient **** formation in my store, and the Lord of the Abyss cannot be destroyed. As long as you stay in my store, It's absolutely safe, you all come in too."

Ji Yuanfeng's pupils contracted, a little startled.

The Yuan Tianchen and many other legends next to him were all dumbfounded, so Su Ping actually mastered such a terrifying divine formation?

Yuan Tianchen looked at the shop behind Su Ping. When he came here last time, he came back with a feather and was almost shot through by the blond woman like a **** of war. Now it is the second time he has come here and found that Su Pings shop is more recent than before. Magnificent.

Thinking of the blonde woman, his eyes changed, and he still had lingering fears.

What puzzled him was that in the previous battles, it seemed that the blonde woman had not been seen participating in the war. Su Ping personally appeared on the field but did not send the woman, which was a bit strange.

Did he take that woman's life more importantly than himself?

At this moment, more figures flew from afar.

Its Lu Qiu, Shi Haochi and many other members of the Cultivation Association, as well as the president of the Cultivation Association. There are two elders beside him, the breath is holy and ethereal, one is from Lei Mingzhou, the hair is Milanese, and the other is The people of Long Zezhou have pale blonde hair and deep facial contours.

Su Ping could tell at a glance that these two, like the presidents of the Educator Association, are both Holy Spirit-level educators, and their temperaments are very similar!

"Mr. Su."

"Legend of Su."

Everyone came here and saw the many legends gathered there. It was a surprise. Obviously, these legends planned to gather here and take them out!

"Go help me settle them and call more people over." Su Ping told Qin Duhuang and the others in front of him. His figure soared into the sky and came to the shop hundreds of meters high in the sky, hot fireworks gathered. At his fingertips, he glanced around the shop, raised his hand and rowed away.

Puff puff!

The fireworks compressed at his fingertips shot out like rays, drawing lines of safe areas around the shop.

After the painting was finished, Su Ping landed and said, "Let everyone enter the area within the line, don't step out!"

Qin Duhuang, Ye Wuxiu and others understood, and immediately went to meet the others.

"You are all staying in the store." Su Ping said to Su Lingyue and his parents next to him, and rushed out quickly. Currently, there are not enough people coming by 100,000. He wants to bring more people.


Suddenly, Su Ping's communication rang.

Su Ping saw that it was Xie Jinshui who had not been in contact before, and immediately picked it up and said, "Old Xie, come to my store for evacuation. In addition, you immediately notify everyone in the base to rush to my store. There is the blessing of the gods, which can withstand the attacks of the beast wave!"


Over there, Xie Jinshui just uttered a word, trying to explain why he hadn't received Su Ping's communication, but before he said it, he listened to the whole paragraph of Su Ping's speech, and was immediately stunned.

"it is good!"

He reacted quickly and quickly agreed.

After hanging up the communication, Su Ping quickly flew out.

Soon, he saw a chariot galloping nearby. In the car was a few acquaintances. Among them were Xu Kuang, who always called his teacher, and his sister.

The others are middle-aged, seemingly their parents and relatives.


Seeing Su Ping high in the sky, Xu Kuang in the car suddenly shouted with excitement.

"Go to my shop!"

Su Ping shouted immediately.

After that, he flew directly to a farther place.

Inside the car, Xu Kuang was stunned, and the middle-aged man behind the car was surprised: "Is he your master?"

Xu Kuang nodded vigorously, "Well! I always call that."

"Did they agree?"

"Oh, why are there so many questions, sister, hurry up to the teacher's shop, he asked us to wait for him there, he wants to take us out!"

Xu Kuang called out quickly.

Next to him, Xu Yingxue rolled her eyes and she said four words. How could she say anything to kill you?

But now, she hopes that what her unreliable brother said is true.


Su Ping flew more than a dozen miles away, and when he saw people along the way, he asked them to go to his shop, and those who were farther away, Su Ping directly lifted them with star power and carried them back to the shop.

When he came back, he found that many people were already standing in the area of the store, which was close to full.

Next, people can only stack people!

boom! !

Just when Su Ping was about to let Ye Wuxiu, Qin Duhuang and the others arrange, suddenly, a loud noise rang out, and the many legends outside Su Ping's store suddenly rose into the sky, and their expressions changed wildly.

Although it had been predicted before, when this scene actually appeared, it was still very impactful.

The huge wall built outside the defense line was broken!

The huge body of the Lord of the Abyss has stepped across two outer walls and has entered the line of defense!

In other places on the huge wall of the defense line, there were many huge bodies of King Beasts of the Destiny Realm, as well as some King Beasts of the Beast Sea.

Without legendary barriers, these king beasts are rampant and brazen!

It can be seen from a distance that Su Pingping felt that he could hear countless screams.

Their bodies trembled, and the tide of beasts flooded into the water and vented like a flood. The scene of the battlefield in front of them was a scene of purgatory without looking at them.

Su Ping's physical body is comparable to the Destiny Realm, and his vision is extremely far away. He can even see the pet master on the huge wall in the distance.

At this moment, the huge wall has been broken through several holes, and where there is still standing, there are still a large number of pet masters fighting. The skills released, such as dots and dots, are extremely weak. They slapped on the king beasts, like fireflies, without killing. force

However, for some reason, Su Ping was crying.

Beside, Ye Wuxiu and many other legends were also silent, some clenched their fists, their eyes red.

Roar! Roar!

Roar! !

A deafening roar sounded from all directions, the entire line of defense was surrounded, and everywhere was lost and breached!

When the abyssal beast tide launched a general attack from all sides, this line of defense was like paper and was easily torn!


In the distance, dozens of black shadows flew from the sky, shockingly one after another, all of them were pet masters.

Su Ping's eyes changed, and they flashed out in a hurry, catching the pet masters who had thrown over.

In the distance, I saw that a tide of beasts had already killed Longjiang's base!

The huge body of the king beast of the Destiny Realm hundreds of meters easily crushed the city wall and rushed in. In the rear, a tide of beasts vented like a torrent, venting into the base city along the gap.

Embarrassed on all sides, beacon fire everywhere!

This scene, the end of the world!

In the charge of this beast tide, Su Ping saw a large number of figures galloping forward, all titled powerhouses, riding battle pets with people on them.

These figures seem to be coming to Suping's shop.

Soon, they all flew here, seeing the legends of Su Ping and Ji Yuanfeng who were there, and they knew they had not found the wrong place.

"Lord Legend, please save us!"

Some titles saw Su Ping, and quickly knelt down in the air with fear and pleading expressions on their faces.

Not all of these titles belong to Longjiang, and some belong to other base cities.

Xie Jinshui spread the news, and the news was passed on to the command center of the defense line, so that all the people who got the news from other areas of the defense line came to Suping shop at the same time.

Some survivors from other continents who didn't know where the Suping shop was located either asked someone to ask, or they chose to die in place.

Seeing a large number of figures gathered, Su Ping immediately greeted Ji Yuanfeng and others, and quickly helped settle down.

With a bang, a rock battle pet appeared. It was Xiang Fengran. He passed on the battle pet to him. In an instant, the ground rolled, and within the line drawn by Su Ping, a thin rock slab was erected. , Completely shrouded Su Ping's shop, the rock slab lay on top of everyone's heads, divided into layers, and in a blink of an eye, a huge cube was formed.

This cube is like an oversized container with compartments inside, which can stack more people to the maximum.

"Quick, let everyone in!" Su Ping said quickly.

The people who rushed here were all arranged in the shop. Some of them didnt know the situation, but when they saw that everyone else did it, they followed along. Anyway, Master Legend arranged it like this, so listen. .

Roar! !

The vibration sounded, and in the distance, a group of dozens of people rushing to Suping's shop was suddenly photographed by a rock claw protruding from the ground, killing them all!

This scene caused Su Ping and Ji Yuanfeng's pupils to shrink.

With the rumbling sound, I saw that the figure of the king beast had appeared in Longjiang, visible to the naked eye!

"Stop it!!"

Suddenly, Xue Yunzhen, who was patrolling in the air, suddenly reddened his eyes, flashed out, and saw a group of ordinary people gathered in a street ten miles away, including men, women, and children, right in front of them at this moment. But it was an eighth-order evil monster with a hideous physique.

This evil beast looked like seeing a group of delicious meals, and his long tongue was covered with mucus.

Fear crawled on everyone's face.

boom! !

Xue Yunzhen, who flashed violently and instantly, suddenly appeared above the eighth-order evil beasts. As soon as he appeared, he stepped on the ground, and the body of the evil beasts was exploded into blood mist!

Xue Yunzhen looked at the stunned people in front of him, Xingli scrolled, and said loudly: "Come with me!"

Roll them up and fly back to Suping shop.

But at this moment, a sharp claw suddenly burst out of the void next to it, and with a thud, in Xue Yunzhen's incredible gaze, the group of ordinary people who held her up and protected were all shattered.

The child inside was also photographed into plasma!

Xue Yunzhen's pupils stared extremely wide, and even after feeling the blood rushing to the brain, her eyes flushed, and she shouted wildly, "Ahhhhh!!!"

The violent star power exploded, and she raised her hand and blasted towards the giant claw.

The body behind the giant claws was completely revealed. It was an extremely majestic Destiny Realm Demon King, covered with snow-white hair, like a giant polar bear.

It looked down at Xue Yunzhen and opened his mouth: "Good luck, I found a delicious one."

At the next moment, Xue Yunzhen felt that the space around her body was completely blocked, her pupils contracted, but then she burst out an even more angry roar, a whirlpool appeared next to her, and she merged directly, and then a fiery thunder broke out all over her body. She also had a battle body. Thunder system combat body, with extremely strong power.

At this moment, the battle body broke out in an all-round way, and she displayed the ancient secret skills, released thousands of thunder lights all over her body, tearing the imprisoned space into a gap.

Just as she was about to escape, a giant claw fell down, blocking her way.

But at this moment, a bright sword light suddenly appeared, cutting off the giant claw.

Su Ping's figure appeared in front of Xue Yunzhen, his black hair flying, his eyes full of killing intent and anger.

When the Fate Realm Demon King saw Su Ping, his original relaxed expression suddenly changed, revealing a look of horror. He didn't expect that the base city he stepped into was actually the place where the fearful killing **** Su Ping was.

It was a little frightened, and quickly tore through the space to escape.

Su Ping wanted to kill him, but he escaped. He didn't chase him down and immediately said to Xue Yunzhen: "Go back to the store."

Xue Yunzhen glanced at him, Su Ping's face changed abruptly before she thanked him, and disappeared instantly.


In the distance, two Beasts of the Vast Sea Realm ran wildly on the street, chasing and killing a group of titles. Su Ping rushed to this place and quickly slashed them away.

The sword light crossed and slashed the two Beasts of the Vast Sea Realm on the spot. This was not a virtual sword technique, and no sledgehammer was needed to kill chickens.

Su Ping took the group of titles back to the shop, but found that the shop was almost full!

In the distance, there are still a large number of people rushing here.

Su Ping's face was difficult to look.

Ji Yuanfeng, Ye Wuxiu and others also noticed this and approached Su Ping, "What should I do?"

How to do?

Su Ping knew the answer, but couldn't say it.

What else can I do, I can't hold it!

Then you can only...abandon it!


"Help!! Help me..."

In the distance, a wailing sound sounded, and several pet masters who rode their pets galloping over, cried out for help, but soon, a king-level flying pet screamed and crushed them with one claw.

On another street, a private car screamed and galloped, chasing a Tier 5 monster beast, and fleeing.


Farther away, buildings collapsed, some were destroyed by monsters, and some were collapsed by the aftershocks of the battle.

The two huge walls in the distance...have been completely broken, missing a lot of cracks, like an upside-down nail rakes, at the gap, dense monsters are rushing over, like a group of ants, like a torrent.

What is the end?

Just open your eyes and see countless deaths.

The only wailing and screams can be heard.

All you can smell in your nose is blood and stench...

However, this is only a scene in hell, but it appears in front of you alive at this moment, happening in reality.

Looking around the vast land, wailing and despair!

"Lord Legend, save me..."

"Legendary Lord..."

More and more people broke through the attacks of the monsters and rushed to the Suping shop, floating densely in the air, most of them were titles, and some were advanced warfare pet masters with flying pets.

Many of them are dragging their families, and there are ordinary people around them.

On the ground, chariots galloped over, blocking the streets nearby. Those people abandoned their cars and ran outside the Suping store.

Seeing Su Ping and many legends here, these people found some sense of security, but the continuous roar and wailing behind them made them frightened and frightened.

Su Ping's face was shrouded in the shadows, and there was no expression.

The shop behind him was already full of people.

The halls inside were full, and his parents, Su Lingyue and the others, also let Joanna settle in the petting room, which was also full!

...Can't fit it anymore.

Ji Yuanfeng and others also have ugly faces. There are too many people around. After all, there are billions of people in the entire defense line. Even if only one percent comes, it is enough to fill the area for dozens of miles. !

Seeing that Su Ping was silent, the two knew immediately that Su Ping was also helpless.

"Sorry, there is no place." Ji Yuanfeng looked around everyone, sighed and said.

Hearing this, everyone who rushed here was shocked, looking at each other, and the panic on their faces suddenly became more intense. Some people knelt on the spot and knocked their heads on the ground, banging!

"Lord Legend, please help us!"

"Lord Legend!"

Many titles in mid-air also knelt down in panic.

One after another pleading sounded, making Ji Yuanfeng's face a little unsightly, and he was helpless.

The people standing in the Suping store looked at the crowds of people who were kneeling and kowtow outside. Some were fortunate. Fortunately, they came early and got close, while others had complicated faces and felt uneasy.

"I give up my position, I can still fight!"

In this wailing, someone suddenly said.

From the Suping store, a burly man stepped out of the shop. His appearance was extremely ordinary, and he would definitely be submerged in the crowd quickly.

But at this moment, he pushed hard to push away from the crowd and walked out of it.

Everyone in the audience looked at him, this person is a battle pet master, but...just a seventh-order battle pet master.

"Lord Legend also, take care of my wife and children." The rugged man arched his hand to Su Ping in the sky, knelt down and knocked his head, then stood up and came to a woman with a baby in her arms, saying: "You go in, talk to your kid."

This woman was just an ordinary person, she was shocked when she heard this, but she didn't expect that she would be saved.

The next moment, she burst into tears, holding the child in her arms to kneel for him.

But the strong man caught him in time, then glanced at the man next to her, and he saw that it was the woman's husband.

"Sorry, I have only one position." The strong man said.

The man shook his head again and again and said gratefully: "Thank you, thank you! Really thank you!!"

He said many thanks in a row, and he was grateful from the bottom of his heart.

"Go ahead." The strong man urged immediately.

The husband next to him also reacted and quickly urged.

The woman hugged the child and glanced at her husband extremely reluctantly, and finally ran to Su Ping's shop with the child, and was accepted by the crowd inside.

At this moment, the place of this shop is like a prescription boat, carrying the hope of life!

Seeing this brawny's actions, after a short silence, there were a series of voices in the store suddenly: "I can give up my seat!"

"I can fight again!"

"I am a dignified title, how can I be a tortoise with a shrunken head!!"

"Child, father can't accompany you, I'm going to fight for you!"

"Tell our children in the future, his father, never flinched, never!!"

Inside the store, a group of figures stepped out, there were old men and strong men.

Some people were still hesitating, but seeing other people around them stepping forward, under the atmosphere at this moment, the unquenched blood flame in their hearts also burned, and they walked out of the shop together.

However, there are still some people inside, with their heads down, afraid to look around, or go out to die.

As the figures walked out, many places were vacated in the store, and some people kneeling on the ground begging in the distance were also stunned. Some of the titles were originally filled with fear and weak pleading gazes, but suddenly at this moment After the change, all of them stood up, eyes full of fierce fighting spirit.

Others can dedicate their own hopes of life, they continue to kneel on the ground begging, it is too ugly, some people can not accept such ugly themselves, picked up dignity.

However, more of them saw the vacant positions and hope, and they all swarmed up, pleading more sincerely and fiercely.


I found out last night that the monthly ticket seems to be doubled from the 1st to the 7th of this month. There is a monthly ticket for a single reward of 1500, and a reward of 1500 between 8 pm and 12 pm. There is also a monthly ticket... well, ask for a ticket ~!


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