Astral Pet Store Chapter 722

Chapter 722: To Become A God First Adult Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"The Lord of the Sealed Abyss?"

Su Ping's words shocked everyone.

Ji Yuanfeng hurriedly said, "Do you have a Sealed Divine Formation in your hand?"

His eyes were expecting, some shining.

Since Su Ping had a defensive array that could withstand the Starry Sky Realm, and this array had shown a terrifying effect, suppressing that Haidi, he was still kneeling and unable to move.

Su Ping still has the same level of Sealing Divine Formation, it is also extremely possible!

The others thought the same way, looking at Su Ping with surprise and excitement.

Su Ping nodded slightly: "Almost, but the probability of success is only 10%! You can only try it. If you can seriously hurt the Lord of the Abyss, it will increase the probability of sealing."

"Ten percent!"

Everyone stared, Ji Yuanfeng took the lead to speak, resolutely said: "This probability is not low! One-tenth of hope is better than none, even if it is one-percent of hope, I am willing to try!"


"This probability is already very high!"

"Boss Su, what you tell us to do, we can fully cooperate with you!"

Ye Wuxiu, Xue Yunzhen, Li Yuanfeng and many other legends all spoke.

Su Ping took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "Now we cant contact Nie Huofeng. We can only wait for the master of the abyss to take action. It wants to unblock the star power and the mainland that have been blocked for thousands of years. When it absorbs, Nie Huofeng will We will not come out to fight, if he comes out, we will cooperate with him and find the opportunity to severely damage the Lord of the Abyss!"

"If he doesn't come out..."

Hearing this, everyone's face changed slightly.

That being said, the key to suppression lies with the original peak master.

Previously, Nie Huofeng was severely injured by the Lord of the Abyss and fled to the third dimension. Now he does not know where he is hiding, and it is unknown whether there is any accident inside.

"If he doesn't come out...I'll try it alone." Su Ping said slowly with a deep gaze.

Everyone's pupils shrank slightly and looked at Su Ping in shock.

go alone? Isn't this going to die!

"No!" Ji Yuanfeng said quickly.

Ye Wuxiu also said flatly: "No! Although we can't help much, but at least... even if it wants to kill us, it will take some time. Then, in one second, we can also find a chance for you. go with!"


Beside, Li Yuanfeng nodded.

Xue Yunzhen and Xiang Fengran have the same attitude.

"Boss Su, if you have an accident, even if we hide in your safe house, we will stay for a while, just postpone the death. Instead of doing this, we might as well try our best!"

"I am willing to bet on everything I have and accompany Boss Su to the challenge!"

"I am also willing to bet on everything I have and accompany Boss Su to the challenge!!"

Other legends spoke, all with awe-inspiring fighting spirit, and their eyes hot.

The Yuan Tianchen and others on the other side had ugly faces and could not speak. They were used to being pampered on the surface, and after all, they kept the **** supply.

Hearing the words of Li Yuanfeng, Xiao Mo, the bald man and many other legends, Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly. At this moment, he deeply felt how important his responsibility was!

Once they fail, not only will they die, but everyone in this line of defense will be extinct!

"Okay, listen to me then!"

Su Ping took a deep breath, his eyes serious and authentic.

He did not persuade, nor hinder.

Because he doesn't want to fail, he really needs help.

And everyone's sincere heart, this willingness to do everything, he has already received, letting them stay here will only make them more painful.

Some people are not afraid of death, but rather fearful of life!

Hearing Su Ping's agreement, everyone smiled and was extremely happy.

"Thank you Boss Su!"

"Wish to listen to Boss Su's instructions!"

"Wish to listen to Boss Su's dispatch!!"

Everyone responded.

Beside, everyone who rushed to ask for help was shocked and speechless when they heard Su Ping's dialogue.

This is the legend!

It is such a group of indomitable legends, covering them from the wind and rain, and moving forward!

"I am willing to help too!"

"My Tang family is willing to follow the legends and charge into battle!!"

"My Qin Jiaerlang, I am willing to fight to the death with you legends!!"

On the ground, all those who chose to stay to fight, all screamed wildly, wanting to fight, and dedicate their own strength!

This should be a huge support, spread throughout the audience.

Those men, women and children standing in the safe area of the Suping store all shed hot tears, and some people stepped out inside and chose to stay!

At this moment, all people are one mind!

Su Ping clenched his hands tightly as his eyes became fierce when he heard the excitement of participating in the battle.

At this time, Ji Yuanfeng said to Su Ping: "How does Haidi solve it? Is it going to be cut?"

The legends heard this and couldn't help looking at the empress on the ground. At this moment, the other party was still kneeling outside Su Ping's shop, kneeling on the safety line drawn by Su Ping.

"Leave her a dog's life, let her make atonement here, and leave a legend here, if there is a sea destiny realm monster to invade, use her dog's life to threaten!" Su Ping said coldly and coldly.

Hearing Su Ping's life as a dog, all the legends were dumb, but thinking of the various things that the empress did, although her transformed female body is beautiful and beautiful, she is unparalleled in the world, but it is indeed hateful and killable!

on the ground.

The Empress also heard Su Ping's words. Although she was unable to move at the moment and was tightly bound to the ground, all the movement around her was caught in her ears.

She was a little shocked when she heard Su Ping's plan. She didn't expect that there would be a monster like Su Ping in the human race.

He actually mastered the Divine Array that sealed the Starry Sky Realm!

Although it is a 10% probability... But, after all, it is facing the starry sky realm. It is already extremely shocking to have such a high probability!

She was suppressed in front of her, making the empress completely believe in Su Ping's words.

When she heard Su Ping's address to herself, she was shocked, but also extremely angry, resentful in her heart. It is simply unforgivable to describe her respected as a lowly name like Gou Ming!

Damn it! Damn it!

When I break free, I will kill you!

She gritted her teeth in her heart, breathed fire in her eyes, and was extremely angry.

In front of her, those who were standing in the shop all saw the empress gritted her teeth with an angry expression on her face, but she was so angry that she knelt there motionless and couldn't help feeling weird.

boom! ! !

Suddenly, at this moment, a loud noise erupted.

Everyone in the audience was shocked and looked away in amazement.

I saw the lord of the abyss, who was huge in the distance, with a thousand meters high like a giant peak, and a huge crack collapsed in the void in front of him!

In that rift, the azure blue starlight gleamed, looking like condensed real star power!

Su Ping's pupils shrank slightly, and he was a little shocked. The Lord of the Abyss had already destroyed the seal. In that emptiness, the world was sealed!

And the base city that was used to guard it was obviously shattered!

"Is that the world sealed by the first generation peak master?"

"That's Xingli, my God, it feels sticky like honey!"

"The star power accumulated for thousands of years is amazing!!"

Ji Yuanfeng and others were shocked when they saw the huge hole of hundreds of meters in the void.

Su Ping reacted with an ugly face. The Lord of the Abyss did not know how to destroy the seal forcibly, but instead of destroying the entire seal, he broke a corner!

The broken corner failed to release the sealed continent, but from the broken corner, the star power inside!

Obviously, the Lord of the Abyss is worried that if all the seals are broken open, the continents inside will appear, changing the pattern of the blue star, and the star power inside will quickly disperse and dissolve in the brand new blue star in a balanced manner. Its a bit laborious to absorb it when it is time.

And now, it is equivalent to being absorbed in a bowl!

Su Ping looked around quickly, trying to find Nie Huofeng's figure.

After patrolling everywhere, Su Ping didn't see any abnormalities. His heart was anxious and angry, and he became more worried.

If Nie Huofeng doesn't show up, he can only bet on his luck!

The probability of one in ten is very hanging!

"Go, let's get closer. It is now absorbing the thousand-year star power, and it is probably also preparing for the appearance of Nie Huofeng, and has no time to talk to us." Su Ping immediately whispered.

Hearing Su Ping's words, Ji Yuanfeng and the others nodded and looked for Nie Huofeng's figure everywhere.

This first generation peak master, don't run away!

They want to pass Su Ping the news of the Sealed Divine Array to the other party. This is what makes them anxious.

"Are you really going? With the power of the opponent's starry sky realm, you will be killed, and you will not be able to escape when you want to." The voice of the system suddenly appeared in Su Ping's mind.

Su Ping replied without thinking, "Of course, since there is hope, I must give it a try!"

"But hope is very slim!"

The system's voice said coldly: "One in ten chance, you need to gamble with your own life! You have my help, just shrink in the store, practice hard, and come out when you are strong enough. The Lord of the Abyss is definitely not your opponent. Its growth rate is far less than you!"

"Furthermore, with my help, you will even be able to enshrine gods in the future, and your life will be unlimited!"

Su Ping's face darkened, "What do you want to say?"

"My advice to you is not to go. After all, I managed to find a host, and I wasted a lot of time on you. I don't want to waste it." The system said coldly, the sound at this moment was extremely cold, not at all. It's like the slouchy appearance when quarreling with Su Ping.

Su Ping took a deep breath and said, "I have thought about what you said! That's right, I am here, and I can really live. With your help, the future is boundless, and the king becomes a god. possible!"


He clenched his teeth, clenched his fists, and said word by word in his mind: "However, before becoming a god, I want to be a human first! Become a person who has no regrets and is worthy of myself!"

The system fell silent and said nothing.

"Look at my side..." Su Ping said to the system: "They can't see hope, I am their hope! They are even willing to spend their lives for this weak hope, and I just want to All I can do, how can I back down, how can I?!!!"

The system remained silent and did not respond.

Su Ping finished speaking in one breath and took a deep breath. Seeing that the system didn't speak any more, he didn't say anything. Before he made a decision, he had already thought of everything.

It is true that he can live by taking a step back, but...this step is not a chance to survive, but a loss of human dignity!

Maybe he will die, but he tried his best, he has no regrets!


Su Ping shouted.

This was the first time that he did not follow the advice of the system, but acted on his own ideas.


The figure of Su Ping took the lead in rushing out, Ji Yuanfeng and the others were all solemnly, and quickly called for a fit, followed Su Ping one by one.

In a blink of an eye, everyone came to the edge of Longjiang.

Here, Su Ping looked around and saw Xie Jinshui commanding a city wall, surrounded by monsters. He previously notified Xie Jinshui and asked him to take refuge in his shop, but the other party did not come over. Instead, the news was passed on to others...

Seeing Xie Jinshui standing on the dangerous wall to command, Su Ping's eyes were slightly red, he called out the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, let it rush to help.

And he himself, quickly converged his mind. Although he wanted to help himself, he knew the heavy responsibility he shouldered. His eyes quickly searched around. The divine light in his eyes gathered together, he could see through the space and peep into all the spaces in the field of vision. movement.

come out!

come out! !

Su Ping roared in his heart, wanting to see the figure of Nie Huofeng.

If the opponent comes out to cooperate, he is confident that he can increase the probability to 30%!

This is a one-third probability!

In the distance, separated by the distance of a base city, the towering body of the Lord of the Abyss was standing in front of the torn seal, absorbing the thousand-year star power blocked in it.

The star power inside is thick and blue, like honey. Under its absorption, it converges towards its body. The energy on its body is getting stronger and stronger. The injury at the broken arm is also in this strong star power. Next, little by little healing...

Seeing this scene, Su Ping was extremely anxious.

Come out! !

Su Ping roared in his heart, he gritted his teeth, took the special-class beast trap out of the space, and held it in his hand.

He can't wait any longer, he wants to shoot directly!

If the Lord of the Abyss continues to absorb the star power and repair his injuries, he can only hope that the special-class beast ring has a fixed basis.

At present, the Lord of the Abyss is still in an injured state, and the probability of capture can be increased to at least about 20%.

Just when Su Ping was about to take a shot, suddenly, his pupils shrank, and then he showed ecstasy.

At the same time, the Lord of the Abyss, who was absorbing the blockade star power, stopped abruptly and turned his head suddenly. The next moment, a group of raging fires burst out of the void, turning into a fiery golden flame god. The gun, full of terrifying rules, seems to burn the sky!

"I knew you would come out!!"

The Lord of the Abyss roared, full of excitement and ferociousness.

It suddenly plunged into the darkest realm around it, and ten thousand demons roared, and at the same time, the ancient magic characters on its wings appeared, turning into chains of cursive power and rushing out.

The sea of blood was tumbling in the void, and the chain of curse power wound around the golden flame gun.

The bang bang bang loudly, the energy violently, catharsis.

The shock of terror was like a nuclear bomb, blowing Su Ping, who was hundreds of miles apart, with his hair flying straight.

"Let's find a chance to take action." Su Ping's eyes burst out, staring at the battle at the moment, and said solemnly.

"it is good!"

Ji Yuanfeng and others propped up the energy shield, resisting the wind and sand and energy turbulence that swept over, and all responded.

At this moment, Nie Huofeng's figure appeared in the void. He was covered with blood and seemed to be injured in the third dimension. A crimson fire was messy. At this moment, he was obviously at a disadvantage in the bombardment with the Lord of the Abyss.


In midair, Nie Huofeng burst out into the sky and howled, blood stopped from the scars all over his body, and hot energy like magma poured out. He burst out again with all his strength to stimulate his body.

"Die to me!!"

The Lord of the Abyss is also roaring, slamming his fist, the sea of blood rolls, countless waves rushing out with his fists, and there are ten thousand demons around, and the swarms of demons roar, which are both mental attacks and strong rules of devouring. Suck and weaken Nie Huofeng's attacks.

"Shoot!" Seeing this scene, Su Ping suddenly roared.

kill! !

The eyes of Ji Yuanfeng and the others were fierce, and they all exploded with the strongest power, like a swarm of moths, rushing towards the Lord of the abyss surrounded by a sea of blood.


Ye Wuxiu's eyes were about to split, and his star power, vitality and blood exploded, burning his life to display the strongest knack.

On the other side, that Ji Yuanfeng turned into a cold moon-like arc-shaped light, emitting a cold radiance, roaring and rushing out.

The rest of the legends, Xue Yunzhen, Xiang Fengran and others, each displayed the strongest secret skills with the strongest posture, and blasted the head of the Lord of the Abyss.


The sky's energy was violent and blasted out at the same time.

The Lord of the Abyss who was fighting Nie Huofeng suddenly noticed Su Ping on the side. It had sensed it before, but didn't care. It was unexpected that these ants would dare to attack him at this moment!

It is a dignified starry sky realm. In its eyes, these legends are no different from ants. It can be pinched to death by raising your hand, and it dares to attack it at a critical time!


The Lord of the Abyss roared angrily, and several hundreds of meters long blood blades suddenly stretched out from the sea of blood, sweeping toward everyone.

These blood blades swept extremely fast, crushed the space, reached the speed of the second space, and appeared directly in front of everyone. In an instant, Ji Yuanfeng at the forefront was the first to meet the blood blade. The cold moon secret skill he turned into crashed. It burst, was hit by the blood blade, and vomited blood.

Behind him, Ye Wuxiu and the others had their eyes cracked, there was no way to retreat, they could only rush forward.


The crowd roared, greeted the blood blade with a thud, and in an instant, seven or eight legends were killed on the spot!

Most of them are surface legends clustered around Yuan Tianchen and others. They stay on the surface all the year round, and their combat power is obviously much inferior to the legends of Li Yuanfeng and other deep battles.

"team leader!!"

The attack in front of Xue Yunzhen shattered and was about to be assassinated by another blood blade. At this moment, the bald man behind her suddenly roared, rushed out, and knocked Xue Yunzhen away.

With a bang, in an instant, his body was hit by the blood blade and turned into a cloud of blood on the spot!

Xue Yunzhen, who flew thousands of meters away, looked back, only to see the burst of blood fog, his eyes suddenly opened!

She let out a sorrowful cry, bleeding and tears in her eyes.

With a bang, there was a sudden loud noise, and the sea of blood rolled and the blazing divine wheel burst out from inside. Nie Huofeng's body followed the divine wheel, pushing the divine wheel with both hands, and the whole skin fell off. Split, the whole person at this moment, turned into a fire **** cast by magma.

"Break for me!!!"

Nie Huofeng's roar shocked in the sky.

The God Wheel whizzed, condensing all the energy in his body, burning life, tearing through the sea of blood, and killing towards the Lord of the Abyss.

The face of the Lord of the Abyss changed drastically. He just distracted and attacked the group of ants next to him, causing its energy to fluctuate. Nie Huofeng found the opportunity. Looking at the divine wheel that was expanding in sight, his heart was shocked. Also felt a strong death threat.

In this terrifying threat, it also couldn't keep its hands. It was full of demonic energy. Behind it, a huge magical shadow suddenly appeared!

That magic shadow is thousands of feet high and can overlook the entire base city and even the entire defense line!

The terrifying magic power came, causing the monsters and people who were slaughtering and fleeing in the defense line to stop at this moment, terrified!

Roar! !

The Lord of the Abyss suddenly roared, and the demon shadow behind it was attached to its body. It was burning the demon blood in the body, calling the ancient demon **** in the bloodline, and borrowing a weak demon god's power.

Although it is weak, it and Nie Huofeng are terrifying!

boom! !

The demon shadow possessed the body, and the Lord of the Abyss blasted out with a punch. In an instant, the sea of blood was swept into the sky, the dazzling **** wheel collided with the demon fist, and the world suddenly fell silent!

Only a few seconds later, the violent sound waves burst out, and the **** wheel shattered. Nie Huofeng, who was pushing hard behind the **** wheel, also spurted blood, his body was like a bird with folded wings, flying thousands of meters away, full of flames. The light is rapidly dimming...

The shock wave that swept through everything destroyed all the buildings within their attack range, the high walls of the base, and the ground collapsed deeply.

The huge body of the Lord of the Abyss was also shocked backwards, and the breath of the whole body quickly faded at this moment.


At this moment, a black shadow suddenly flashed out, appearing on the side of the Lord of the Abyss, it was Su Ping!

In the distance, Ji Yuanfeng and others, who were vomiting blood, all lifted up, their eyes widened, and success or failure was a matter of success!

Must succeed! !

Everyone shouted in their hearts.

"Jun!!" Su Ping, who had been looking for opportunities, had cold eyes and crazy, throwing out the special-class trap ring in his hand.


The Lord of the Abyss turned his eyes and saw the ant suddenly appearing next to his head, his eyes ignited again.

It squeezed out a bit of strength and shook away. Although it couldn't see what Su Ping had thrown, it could feel that these humans seemed to have some premeditated plans.

It will shatter the black object and Su Ping together!

broken! !

Su Ping swung his sword abruptly, slashed out with virtual swordsmanship, exhausting all his energy.

This swordsmanship tore the void and directly broke through the shocking power.

At this moment, the Lord of the Abyss hadn't had time to gather more power, so this shocking force was not strong, and Su Ping's virtual swordsmanship directly cut away.

"It must be successful!!"

Su Ping's eyes flushed, staring at the black ring.


The black ring smoothly hit the Lord of the Abyss. The next moment, the whole world seemed to be silent for a second. Then, the black ring shattered and collapsed into a huge space.

A terrifying suction power came from that space, and chains stretched out from it, entwining toward the Lord of the Abyss.

At this moment, the face of the Lord of the Abyss changed, and his pupils shrank.

From this collapsed dark space, it felt fear, and it seemed that once it stepped in, it could no longer break free!

What the **** is this!

Is this the method these humans use to fight desperately? !


The Lord of the Abyss erupted with a strong roar, which shook the sky and the earth, dispelling the clouds and mists nearby for hundreds of miles.

The collapsed dark space evoked the deepest memory of the Lord of the Abyss, the strongest fear!

It doesn't want to go back underground, it doesn't want to be sealed again, it doesn't want to be suppressed again! ! !

"Break for me!!"

The Lord of the Abyss burst out with a furious roar, and just now the battle with Nie Huofeng exhausted the energy in its body, but at this moment it directly burned the devil blood, and the terrifying energy burst out again, with a bang, it raised its hand to tear the void. , Directly cut through the third space, the next moment, it used space transfer to transfer the collapsed black hole space directly into it!

The black hole space is suspended in the third space, but it is still unbroken, and the chains projecting from it are still firmly entangled with the Lord of the Abyss.

This scene was extremely critical, causing Su Ping, Ji Yuanfeng and the others in the distance to watch them almost holding their breath, and they were so nervous that their hearts stopped beating.

Roar! !

The Lord of the Abyss was violent, slammed his teeth and bit the chain on his body with a bang, and a chain was shattered!

Immediately afterwards, its body suddenly broke away, with a bang, all the other chains broke apart!

The unusually crisp sound of chains...like the bell of death, gently knocking in Su Ping's mind.

He stood there on the spot.



He failed

Su Ping felt like his mind was blank.

Ji Yuanfeng and others in the distance also opened their eyes wide. The hope in their eyes extinguished in an instant, and they all stood in place.

They tried everything. In the legend that came together, many people had already sacrificed their lives, including that Nie Huofeng also appeared, and stood until the oil was exhausted, but in the end... it failed.

The reality was not at all moved by their hard work, and the lucky balance did not fall to them.

Everyone felt the naked cruelty and the despair that followed...

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