Astral Pet Store Chapter 723

Chapter 723: The Ultimate Guardian Step Into The Legend Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Die to me!!"

The Lord of the Abyss broke free from the confinement of the special-class beast ring, exuding monstrous power, hatred and anger in his heart, even surpassing the battle with Nie Huofeng.


It feels just a little bit, and it will be sealed again!

Moreover, the seal this time is different from the repression thousands of years ago. The place where the seal is this time is smaller and darker, making it even more fearful!

boom! !

It suddenly raised its hand to pat it, and the sky was dimmed for an instant, the space was torn into several claw marks, and the huge claws fell on Su Ping's head in a blink of an eye.

Su Ping also awoke from the result of the failure, seeing the giant claws covering his head, his face changed wildly, and he wanted to dodge.

But the previous sword almost emptied the energy in his body.


The white bones covering him suddenly stood up, rolling Su Ping's body back quickly, trying to escape the attack of the sharp claws.

However, the area covered by the sharp claws was so large that it was too late.

The bones were suddenly intertwined, turning into an elliptical shield of white bones in front of Su Ping, wanting to take this blow for Su Ping!

"Boss Su!"

"Brother Su!!"

In the distance, Ye Wuxiu, Li Yuanfeng and others saw this scene, their expressions changed drastically, and they rushed over, wanting to stop them.

Ji Yuanfeng's face was pale and his silver hair scattered. At this moment, he reluctantly raised his arm, trying to use the space to move Su Ping away from the master of the abyss.

"I'll help you." Next to him, the tower master was also injured, gritted his teeth and said.

But the power of the two was superimposed, but they found that they couldn't shake that space at all.

The Lord of the Abyss had decided to kill Su Ping and completely sealed off the space without giving Su Ping the slightest chance to escape!

The faces of the two of them became difficult to look at, despairing.

Bang bang bang bang bang...

Suddenly, a huge burst of sound rang out, and suddenly a series of defensive skills appeared in the air where the sharp claws fell.

These defensive skills cover all types, with mottled elements, crimson inflammation, azure ice, cyan wind... The variety is staggering and shocking.

But at this moment, as soon as these king-level defense skills of each department appeared, they were shattered like a mirror!

In the face of the power of the starry sky, these skills are like pieces of paper, vulnerable to a blow!

The withered, broken energy slid across Su Ping's eyes, and he was stunned as if struck by lightning.

I saw a gap in the confined space more than ten meters in front of him, and Ergou's figure squeezed out of it.

However, he obviously did not call Ergou! !

"What are you doing out, go back quickly!!"

In an instant, Su Ping reacted and suddenly roared wildly.

In front of the power of this starry sky, he did not plan to use Ergou's power to defend, because he couldn't prevent it at all!

In addition to this, even if he is really dead, at least the Ergou and Violet Python in the summoning space can be randomly teleported to other places to save their lives.

But in front of him, without his permission, Ergou forcibly tore the summoning space and rushed out! !

"Go back, go back to me!!"

Su Ping's eyes were red with urgency, bleeding and tears flowed in his eyes.

The two dogs did not look back, but only left Su Ping with an eternal back figure. The next moment, it burst out with incomparable power, burning its own life.

Bang bang bang bang bang...

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang...

There was a burst of sound in the sky, and a series of defensive skills were instantaneously constructed in the interweaving of star power, and then burst into pieces, one after another, dozens, hundreds, hundreds! !

It seems to be superimposing never so far!

But in front of the absolutely overwhelming power of the Lord of the Abyss, it shattered quickly!

Su Ping almost stopped breathing when he saw it, and snarled angrily: "Stupid dog, hurry back, it's useless, you can't stop it!!!"

"Go back soon!!"

He tried his best to use his energy to summon the two dogs back, but his power has been exhausted, and he can only force the summon with the power of the contract!

In the next moment, a raging flame of contract was burning on Ergou's body, burning wildly!

Su Ping's face changed drastically.

It is resisting the power of the contract and violating the contract! !

Why, why should I be so stupid to suffer the fire of contract? !

With a bang, the sharp claws of the Lord of the Abyss descended from the sky, carrying the power of ruining the world, and slammed them on Ergou, and Su Ping whistled out together.

Bang bang!

Their bodies flew out, hit the ground, and shot out two large holes.

Su Ping felt his bones fall apart, and his brain buzzed. As soon as he recovered, he thought of Ergou, his complexion changed drastically, pale and bloodless, and he looked around.

In another big pit, he saw Ergou, but at this moment, it was covered with blood, lying motionless in the pit, and on his body, the contract fire was still burning!

No, no, stop!

Stop! ! !

Su Ping was roaring wildly, trying his best to contain the contract force in his mind.

Soon, that contract fire gradually extinguished.

Su Ping found that the white bones outside his body were also full of cracks, and his brain buzzed suddenly. In order to protect him, the little skull must have withstood most of the attack power!

Even the little skeleton was injured so badly, the situation of Ergou can be imagined! !

Su Ping rushed out like crazy, and came to Ergou. He suddenly found out with excitement that Ergou hadn't died. Although he was angry, he still breathed.

"Stupid dog, why are you so stupid, why are you so stupid!!"

The tears in Su Ping's eyes were hot, he did not shed tears easily, but at the moment he could not restrain it.

"Huh? Humph, die for me!!"

Seeing that Su Ping hadn't been slapped to death, the Lord of the Abyss was a little surprised and immediately annoyed. It was not in a good state at the moment. He wanted to quickly kill Su Ping, and then seize the time to adjust his state to avoid any abnormalities. , Outer branches.


It suddenly raised its foot and stomped on Su Ping.

This foot blocked all the space around Su Ping, and Su Ping was to be trampled to death!

"Boss Su!"

In the distance, Ye Wuxiu and others sprinted at full speed, shouting anxiously.

Su Ping saw the shadow covering the surroundings. Although he knew the hope of escape was slim, he still held Ergou's body and dragged it with all his strength.

In the countless life and death exercises of nurturing the world, even if it is a mortal desperate situation, he will not give up hope until the last moment!

Bang bang bang bang...

Above the head, suddenly there was a popping sound.

The mottled energies of various colors split and turn into chaotic particles.

Su Ping's knees softened and fell to the ground. He looked up and saw that the giant palm was getting closer and closer. Under the giant palm, lines of defense skills still appeared...

Those are the skills of Ergou.

It was already extremely weak at this moment, Su Ping didn't know where its power came from, and it was able to release these skills.

"silly dog"

Su Ping turned his head and looked at it, "Why are you so stupid? You have to learn so many defense skills? Didn't I tell you that the best defense is to attack..."

Ergou's head had been deformed by the palm of his hand, and the eyeballs were about to squeeze out, and the hair was covered with blood.

It turned its head hard and looked at Su Ping.

"Because I... want to protect you..."

There was a thud.

Su Ping was stunned.

At this desperate moment, Ergou actually opened his mouth to speak, and these words made Su Ping's blood all over his body seem to be frozen and dumbfounded.

Silly dog, how do you realize that all you know are defense skills...

Stupid dog, how afraid of death are you...

Stupid dog, can you comprehend some offensive skills like little skeletons...


Because... I want to protect you! ! !

When Su Ping sat on the ground in a daze, the two dogs dragged in his hand suddenly propped up on all fours, dragged his **** body, and let out a tearing growl.

This roar shook the fields, and seemed to be the only sound between heaven and earth!

The strong wind swept around.

Su Ping raised his head and looked at the roaring figure of the two dogs...

Thumping, pounding!

The frozen blood all over his body seemed to warm up in an instant, his eyes became blood red in an instant, and the figure kept moving away from him.

Because, I want to protect you...


Su Ping stood up abruptly, and hundreds of millions of crackles erupted in his body. Each of these crackles was very weak, but the billions of cracks were superimposed on each other, like countless stars burst!

That's right, the countless dim star swirls in Su Ping's body at this moment are all cracked at this moment.

This made Su Ping burst out with terrifying energy, his eyes were red, and he stretched out his hand madly.

Silly dog, I want to protect you too! ! !

"Come back to me!!!"

Su Ping uttered a roar that resounded through the entire defense line. There was only one thought in his mind, and that was to catch Ergou back and never let it leave him!

no way! !

With a thud, Su Ping felt like something inside his body was torn apart.

The next moment, the two dogs in front of him suddenly glowed white light all over, then suddenly transformed into a white light ball, rushing towards Su Ping.

Su Ping shocked all over, feeling something entered into his body.

Immediately afterwards, a violent and unmatched energy emerged from the hundreds of limbs in his body.

This power is horribly strong, beyond Su Ping's imagination, and is the most powerful force he has ever felt in his life!


In the distance, Ye Wuxiu and others who were rushing over saw this scene, their eyes widened in horror.

You know, Su Ping at this moment is already in a state of fit, covered in white bones, but unexpectedly, his pet beast turned into energy again and fits with him!

This is... a double combination! !

Everyone was so shocked that they could not speak, could not understand, could not imagine!


A black thunderous sword light suddenly tore through the void. The next moment, the ground was trembling, and the Lord of the Abyss stomped down severely, stomping the ground out of a huge pit.

The surroundings are shaking and turbulent like a magnitude 12 earthquake.


The Lord of the Abyss was stunned, his face completely gloomy, and he turned his head suddenly, staring at a spot in the air.

Ye Wuxiu, Ji Yuanfeng and others, who had rushed to help, were shocked by Su Ping's double combination beyond imagination. At this moment, following the gaze of the Lord of the Abyss, they looked into the void.


In the surrounding sky, lightning and thunder suddenly rose.

In that empty void, a figure stood there, holding a black divine sword, and a silver turbulent hair flying in the wind!

Su Ping's appearance changed drastically at this moment.

Previously, he was covered with white bones, but at this moment, although there are still white bones on his body, his physique has become nearly three meters high, his figure is still well-proportioned and agile, and his black hair has also transformed into silver hair, which is as long as his waist.

On his fist bones, there are sharp claws, and there is a thick silver tail behind him!

And his legs, at this moment, turned into a pair of wolf legs, full of explosive power!

In the thunder and lightning, Su Ping slowly raised his head, his eyes were still red, but the violent killing intent was restrained.

He felt the power, and he also felt... the catastrophe!

Just like in the dark, there will be judgment coming, and he can even feel that there is something watching him in the sky above this world, in an invisible place, in that distant to inaccessible space.

That seems to be... God!

"Finally, are you willing to bring the catastrophe to me..." Su Ping murmured.

He lowered his head and looked at his hands and legs. The changes in his body were clear at a glance. He already understood what was going on.

Moreover, he can also feel that Ergou's life is still there, and he is firmly bound to himself, within his body... his consciousness is closer to what he has never had before!

Is this the feeling of being fit...

Su Ping feels that this kind of combination is somewhat different from the combination of the small skeleton. To be precise, the combination of the small skeleton is possession, which is the skill of the small skeleton.

At this moment, he is truly a fit!

He looked up and looked at the thunderclouds gradually gathering above his head.

The sky was originally torn apart by the energy of the war, and there was no cloud or mist, but at this moment, dark clouds gathered from all directions.

The area of this dark cloud...too big!

Su Ping looked up and saw that he hadn't seen the end for thousands of miles under the dark clouds!

"I didn't expect to become a legend at this time..." Su Ping took a deep breath. Before, he did not hesitate to explode and detonate all the stars in the cells in his body. Unexpectedly, this would lead to a breakthrough in his cultivation. So at a critical moment, he and Ergou completed the integration.

This Chaos Star tried to cultivate the method, when his cultivation reached the limit of the ninth rank, he also cultivated to a bottleneck, but he did not expect that this method of breaking through the bottleneck was such a way of putting it to death and resurrecting!

At this moment in his body, the countless bursting star swirls were gone, and every cell wall was covered with bursting star swirl fragments, making the whole cell look...like a round planet!

This is also the second realm that Chaos Star tries to do, the Star Realm!

Su Ping can feel that the star power that can be accommodated in the cell is more than ten times the previous one! Moreover, the speed at which the star power bursts is much faster and stronger than before!

"I am now a legend in the vast sea realm..."

Su Ping sighed lightly. At the moment the realm broke through, most of the injuries in his body were healed. The energy that had dried up had already filled his body when the star swirl burst, and he was in excellent condition at this moment.

However, what he has to face next is his own catastrophe.

As Su Ping saw, the area of the tribulation above his head seemed to be much larger than he expected...

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