Astral Pet Store Chapter 724

Chapter 724: Robbing A Continent The Third One Is For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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"What's the situation?"

In the distance, Ji Yuanfeng, Ye Wuxiu and others raised their heads, staring at the sky where dark clouds suddenly gathered, a little startled.

Suddenly they felt a familiar breath from the dark clouds.

This seems to be

Heavenly Tribulation?

Could it be that Su Ping broke through and stepped into the starry sky? !

Thinking of this, everyone suddenly opened their eyes, all in ecstasy!

However, Ji Yuanfeng and the deputy tower master among the crowd were not excited, but were full of doubts. Ji Yuanfeng stared at the dark clouds under the sky, with his sword eyebrows furrowed, and said: "This doesn't seem to be the robbery of the starry sky!"


Everyone quickly looked at him. Ji Yuanfeng's cultivation base was at the top of the Destiny Realm, close to the Starry Sky Realm, and he knew more than them.

"Tower Master, what do you mean?" Yuan Tianchen asked immediately with a complicated mood.

Ji Yuanfeng raised his head to look at the sky, and fixed his eyes: "According to the information I have obtained from the classics, the catastrophe of the starry sky does not seem to be the thunder calamity, but the calamity that erupts from the body, that is to say, it is his own calamity... "

Everyone was stunned. It was the first time they heard of this kind of thing.

What is crossing the starry sky is one's own calamity?

The catastrophe in front of me is...

Li Yuanfeng suddenly thought of Su Ping's "joking", his eyes shrank suddenly, revealing an expression of extreme horror, and said, "He, shouldn't he be the robbery of the legend?!!!"

When this remark came out, everyone was shocked.

Cross the legend of the robbery?

Ji Yuanfeng's expression also changed, he suddenly thought that he could not perceive Su Ping's cultivation!

He is already at the top of the Destiny Realm. Su Ping is in front of him, it is difficult to conceal the cultivation level, and it seems that there is no need to conceal it. After all, they are on the same front, and even if it was before, Su Ping was forced into a desperate situation. , He didn't even see the real cultivation level hidden by Su Ping, what realm it was.

What he perceives is only the title limit...

Could it be that that is his true cultivation base?

Thinking of this, Ji Yuanfeng felt his brain throb, like an explosion, a little blank.

A fellow in Title Realm... is actually fighting with them, and is he still the strongest of them? !

Other legends were also shocked by Li Yuanfeng's words, unbelievable.

"Boss Su often said that he was only in the Title Realm, I thought he was joking..." Qin Duhuang muttered to himself, his face dull.

Zhou Tianlin next to him was also dumbfounded.

At the same time, the Lord of the Abyss also saw the dark clouds gathering above his head, and was a little shocked. It suddenly thought of something and looked at Su Ping in amazement.

Earlier, it felt that this human being's cultivation base was not even a legend!

But it didn't take it seriously.

Only when Su Ping has cultivated some ancient secret skill that is good at camouflage, after all, if it is really a ninth level, how can it be flashed, and the swordsmanship he uses is accompanied by the power of rules!

This is definitely not something Tier 9 can do!

But... at this moment, the scene in front of them made it have to believe that the human in front of them was actually a rank 9 ant!

A legend is not a guy, and it was almost sealed! !


The Lord of the Abyss burst out with a furious roar, and roared: "Asshole, asshole! I'm going to kill you!!"

In the void, Su stood quietly. Hearing its words, the killing intent that had just disappeared from his eyes appeared in an instant, but he tried his best to restrain it and looked at it deeply: "Then you will try it. "

One advantage of Crossing Tribulation is that in the process of Crossing Tribulation, if others attack the people of Crossing Tribulation, they will also be attacked by the Tribulation!

And the power of this day's robbery attack is not judged by the legendary level, but based on the attacker's cultivation base!

If it was an attack from the Starry Sky Realm, the tribulation that came down would be the strength of the Starry Sky Realm!

After all, Crossing the Tribulation, this is a catastrophe from the sky, a test for the Crossing Tribulation people!

In this process, the "Heaven" is on trial. If someone tries to kill the object that Heaven is going to judge, it will be contempt and disrespect for the Heaven!

Facing the Lord of the Abyss, Su Ping was full of murderous intent at the moment. He was not afraid of the other party interfering with his triumph. Even if the other party did attack, he was not afraid and confident that he could stop it!

Now he is in the realm of legend, only the final triumph.

The energy in his body at this moment is more than tens of times the previous amount. Using that virtual sword technique, there is no pressure on him, and he can release it by raising his hand!

"You're looking for death!!" The magic light in the eyes of the Lord of the Abyss radiated and was full of hideousness. His heart was extremely angry. Its original opponent was Nie Huofeng, but he finally defeated Nie Huofeng. He was dying, almost dying. But another guy appeared in front of him.

"Even if you let you cross the calamity, step out of the legendary realm, it's just an ant, I will kill you like me!!" The Lord of the Abyss gritted his teeth, full of killing intent.

Its voice rumbled and spread.

Ye Wuxiu and others who were still surprised and guessing on the ground heard this and were finally completely convinced, all in shock.

Su Ping is really the fate of crossing the legend!

This guy is really just a title! !

Before thinking of Su Ping, two in and two out in the corridor of the abyss, they were all shocked to speak, even their legends did not have the patience and courage!

And Su Ping could do it by relying on the title realm's cultivation base!

"Hey, this guy..."

The deputy tower master next to Ji Yuanfeng's eyes shrank. He turned his head to look at Qin Duhuang, who is very familiar with Su Ping, and couldn't help saying: "He entered the peak tower and killed our three legends. What is his cultivation base?"

Qin Duhuang came back to his senses, glanced at the deputy tower master, recalled a bit, and suddenly the corners of his mouth twitched, saying: "If I didn't feel wrong at the time, his cultivation base at that time... seemed to be the seventh rank. "


The whole audience was silent!

Seventh order...

With only a seventh-level cultivation base, Su Ping, who had just stepped into the ranks of advanced warfare masters, rushed to the peak tower and cut three legends in a row!

Moreover, there is also the legend of the virtual cave realm! !

The deputy tower stood up, and was stunned by Qin Duhuang's words.

Only 7th rank... He came forward at that time, trying to restore the dignity of the peak tower, and shot to keep Su Ping, but Su Ping resisted his attack.

At that time... Su Ping turned out to be Rank 7? ! !

He couldn't help a seventh-order person? ! !

Not only the deputy tower master, Yuan Tianchen and others are also dumbfounded, especially Yuan Tianchen. He suddenly thought of Su Ping's robbing of his granddaughter's inheritance. No wonder his granddaughter didn't win, this is a monster at all!

And it's an unprecedented super monster!

"His legendary tribulation... why is the scope so large?" At this time, someone noticed the thundercloud of Su Ping tribulation, and this thundercloud looked up, but couldn't see the end at a glance!

Others also noticed this, all dumbfounded.

"When I became a legend, the thunder robbery shrouded eight miles and covered a mountain, which shocked the world."

"The thunder calamity I crossed was only about five miles away, and it attracted thousands of onlookers..."

"This guy's thunder robbery... my god, it's more than a hundred miles, right? How do I feel that it stretches for hundreds of miles..."

Many legends talked about it, and it was shocked again.

The Thunder Tribulation they crossed at the time was already a sensation enough. The scene was very spectacular, but compared with the Thunder Tribulation above Su Ping's head at the moment, it was a small black cloud!

Ji Yuanfeng's face changed. When he became a legend, Thunder Tribulation was only less than twenty miles away, which is extremely vast. He learned in some ancient secret books that the size of Thunder Tribulation depends on aptitude.

The higher the aptitude, the greater the thunder robbery, and similarly, if the robbery is successful, the greater the benefits will be.


Ji Yuanfeng soared into the sky, tens of meters above the ground, starlight condensed in his eyes, looking towards the limit of the horizon.

At this look, he was shocked to find that he could not see the boundary! !

This is no longer hundreds of miles, but thousands of miles! !

"Hey, this guy..."

Ji Yuanfeng raised his head and looked at Su Ping in the sky. What an enchanting aptitude this is. If this scene is filmed and placed in the entire Interstellar Federation, it should be a top genius!


in the north.

In a high altitude, two figures whizzed and sprinted.

These are two legends, one of which was sent by Gu Siping back to the peak tower to be responsible for the transmission, and the other is the legend of the drunk immortal who has been guarding the gate of the peak tower.

After all, the first generation peak master has already left the customs and rushed away first.

Taking the cultivation base of the first generation peak master starry sky realm to sit in town, in their opinion, it is enough to smooth the beast tide!

At this moment...Suddenly, the sky above the two of them was covered with dark clouds.

In the next moment, there was a thunder in the dark cloud, and the thunder was full of destruction, making both of them feel familiar.

"This, this is the Heavenly Tribulation Thunder Cloud?!"

The two stopped and looked up, both staring.

"How could it be possible that someone who crosses the Tribulation will have such a big thundercloud? Could it be the Thunder Tribulation of the Starry Sky Realm?!"

Farther, on the edge of the sub-land area, the sea here is surging, and there are still a large number of sea monsters coming ashore. The number of these sea monsters is too much. If they all come ashore, it will be enough to fill the entire continent. Corner!

Suddenly, some of the monster beasts with high cultivation level stopped and looked up.

I saw that the sky at the end of their vision suddenly darkened, and there seemed to be dark clouds gathering and surging.

[Penquge 5200www.bqg5200.xyz] "?"


Many sea monsters are full of question marks, with a blank expression.


In the line of defense.

At this moment, thunderclouds were covering, and the sky within the entire defense line was dimmed.

"What is this?" The good and evil who was killing him suddenly raised their heads and their pupils tightened.

The other king beasts also stopped, and they were all shocked by the thundercloud above their heads.

"Someone crosses the robbery, what kind of robbery is this, is it in the starry sky?"

"Could it be that my majesty of the sea is going to be detached?!"

Some Sea Territory Destiny Realm Demon Kings suddenly became excited and already cheered loudly.

This caused the other Abyss Destiny Realm Demon Kings to look at each other.

If the female emperor in the sea becomes a starry sky, there will probably be a battle with their king. After all, a mountain cannot tolerate two tigers unless there is one male and one female.

Outside the little naughty shop.

The people hiding in the safe area of the store looked at the dim sky outside and the thunderous clouds above their heads, without knowing what was going on.

The empress, who was kneeling outside the store, also felt the situation outside. At this moment, her head was low and she couldn't raise her head, so she could only sweep away with her left light, and suddenly saw the distant horizon, which was actually dim.

"Someone crosses the robbery? How could it be possible, this is not the robbery of the starry sky realm!"

"Is it the legendary calamity? Impossible, the legendary calamity can't be so strong..."

The empress was shocked in her heart, bursting with energy in her body, trying to break free, to see who was going through the catastrophe.

In the shop, Joanna also squeezed out of the crowd and moved outside.

She looked at the thunderclouds densely over her head at the moment, the divine light in her eyes gathered, the building in front could not block her sight, she directly saw the extremely far place.

"Sure enough it is him..."

Joanna was taken aback, glanced at the Thunder Jie above her head, her eyelids twitched slightly.

When Su Ping drew Baili's Thunder Tribulation, she was already shocked. It was already the capital of the starry sky. She did not expect that the scope of the Thunder Tribulation drew now is larger, and she can't see the boundary. This qualification is estimated to be able to conjure a **** Up! !



The thunder robbery turned, and the surging black thunderclouds, like countless giant dragons stirring and coiling inside, the accumulated thunder pressure became stronger and stronger and terrifying.

Under the thunderclouds, Su Ping's gaze became solemn. He glanced at the Lord of the Abyss in the distance. The latter was now back to the torn ten-square lock sky formation, greedily absorbing the star power inside. Repair the injury.

Su Ping couldn't make a move at this moment, otherwise he would interrupt his tragedy.

"Damn it, come down to me!"

Su Ping looked at the thundercloud above his head and couldn't help but roar out.

As if irritated, the thunderclouds suddenly surged, the ink-like sky, like an upside-down ocean, the thunderclouds rolled, and thick thunderstorms gathered from all directions.


Su Ping roared.

boom! !

In the thundercloud, a thunderbolt suddenly penetrated down. The thunderbolt seemed to destroy the world. It was hundreds of meters thick, like a pillar of thunder, illuminating the world.

At this moment, everyone in the entire defense line felt the light from the thunder pillar and looked in the direction of Su Ping Dujie.

"This Thunder..."

Ye Wuxiu and the others turned pale when they saw this scene. They felt that they could not withstand this thunderous calamity if they used their cultivation base of the Void Hole Realm in the past!

In the various bases in the distance, good and evil and some abyss destiny demon kings, after seeing the dazzling thunder pillar, they immediately knew the direction of the robber.


Good and evil roared and rushed over.

Other Destiny Demon Kings also followed one another, wanting to see who was crossing the catastrophe.

Centering on the place where Suping crossed the catastrophe, more and more king beasts gathered from all directions, all wanting to see this rare spectacle. At this moment, even the killing did not arouse their interest.

With a bang, the Lei Zhu submerged Su Ping's body, and then the Lei Zhu slammed on the ground with a violent trembling.

The incandescent thunder light is so dazzling that people can't see the situation inside.

After seven or eight seconds, the thunder pillar dissipated, but Su Ping's figure still stood there in mid-air, his clothes and secret armor were broken, revealing his fit body.


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