Astral Pet Store Chapter 725

Chapter 725: Thunder Robbery Doubled Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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On the ground, Ji Yuanfeng and the others were relieved when they saw this scene.

Except for Ji Yuanfeng and the deputy tower master, everyone on the scene felt it was difficult to resist such a terrifying thunder.

Some of the legends of the vast sea realm are even more bitter. The intensity of this thunder tribulation, if it is theirs, it is estimated that it will be turned into ashes in an instant!

Only a monster like Su Ping can summon such a terrible calamity and endure it!


After the first thunder pillar ended, the ink cloud above Su Ping's head was still surging, and the second thunder disaster was brewing!

Su Ping raised his head, eyes like torches, staring at Jieyun.

He has experienced more than a hundred thunder tribulations in the Demigod Land. Although they are all rubbing against others, he is no stranger to thunder tribulations. He has just endured a thunder tribulation. In contrast, he found his own thunder tribulation. Yes, obviously stronger than those thundering robberies!

But... still within his tolerance!

Just the mighty thunder calamity was enough to make the Void Cave Realm feel pressured, but the bombardment on him only made him feel some slight tingling pain!

When his physical body stepped into the second stage of the Golden Crow God's demon body, it was already comparable to the Destiny Realm Demon King. Attacks at the Void Cave Realm level could not help him.


Su Ping opened his hands and shouted loudly.

He burst into blazing golden light, ready to endure it.

At this moment, he stands majestically in the sky, covered in golden light, just like a **** in the world, looking unparalleled arrogance!

Inside the entire line of defense, the world was dim, and many people who were taking refuge all looked up and saw the only golden light that attracted worldwide attention at this moment!

Some monster beasts that were looting in various bases became stagnant when the thunder tribulation Su Ping called appeared, and the air became dangerous in the area covered by this tribulation cloud, which made these monsters feel Gods Majestic, not dare to act rashly, some timid monsters are creeping on the ground.

All creatures have feared thunder since ancient times.

Not to mention the heavy tribulation thundercloud that seems to be sticking to the ground at this moment.


As if responding to Su Ping, the robbery cloud suddenly surged more intensely, and suddenly a thunder light burst out from it. This time the thunder light was not as vast as the previous thunder pillar, but it was as fast as a snake, and it hit Su Ping in a blink of an eye.

Thunder light burst, covering Su Ping's body.

Surrounded by this thunder light, Su Ping's silver hair was flying, his eyes opened and closed, and the golden divine light flickered. He felt the pain of being struck by the thunder lightning on his chest. The pain was not strong, but it made him feel like blood boiling. .


Su Ping felt a strange power faintly contained in the burst of robbery cloud.

There seemed to be rules, and they seemed to override the rules.

He rubbed the thunder tribulation in the demigod land more than a hundred times, but this time he felt the deepest. In his mind, the small insights he grasped during the thunder tribulation, all came to his heart at this moment.

The epiphany is not a castle in the air, it is generated out of thin air, but the accumulation of precipitation erupts!

Surrounded by the bursting thunder power, Su Ping felt the strong thunder power, and his mind was instantly moved into a state of profound and profound sentiment.




Su Ping closed his eyes and stood in the void. Above his head, the ink cloud was like a dragon, rolling and roaring, and thunder was shot out again from it. Each thunder seemed to destroy the world, illuminating the world as bright as day!

Within the entire defense line, no matter how far away, under this dim thundercloud, you can see this flash of thunder, illuminating the world!

And the thunder was condensed in the air, slashing a figure, it seemed that God was fighting humans!

This scene was extremely impactful, shocking countless people.



The golden light of Su Ping's body became brighter and brighter in the thunder. His body was like golden glaze. The thunder that kept bombarding could not extinguish the power of his whole body. On the contrary, it made his skin more transparent and exuded like a treasure. Brilliantly brilliant!

Behind Su Ping, a scorching red gold pattern faintly appeared, it was a golden crow bird with wings spread out!

The ancient and reckless spirit of God and Demon radiated from Su Ping. After stepping into the second stage of the Golden Crow God and Demon Body, Su Ping basically inherited the blood of the Golden Crow clan, which is equivalent to a young Golden Crow!

The Golden Crow was an ancient **** and demon, and this breath that belonged to the **** and demon was blasted out of Su Ping's body in the thunder's slashing and filled the world.

"He, is he really human?"

"I feel like a super monster!!"

Ji Yuanfeng, Xue Yunzhen and others were all staring in horror, Su Ping's aura at this moment, instead of being wiped out by the thundercloud, was getting stronger and stronger, as if to tear the world apart!

Just the breath that Su Ping exudes made them feel frightened and want to crawl!

This feeling is more terrifying than seeing the Lord of the Abyss, in awe!

"This guy"

The king beasts rushing from all directions were all shocked, and some of them even shivered, as if looking up at the Supreme Supreme.

The good and evil in the king beast, and the demon beasts of the fate realm such as Bi An, were all horrified and frightened.

There is only one thought in their minds, and that is that this human being can no longer continue to cross the catastrophe!

Once he succeeds in crossing the catastrophe, it must be extremely terrifying!

However, even though this thought appeared and hovered in their minds, no one dared to make a move. Their bodies stood still in place like imprisonment and did not dare to make a move!

Not only did they dare not attack Su Ping, who exuded the coercion of the gods and demons at this moment, but also did not dare to be involved in this terrifying thunder robbery. They were not confident that they could bear it like Su Ping!

At this moment, the power of Jieyun has risen to the level of fate!

Even Ji Yuanfeng, the deputy tower master, and the many Destiny Demon Kings present felt tremendous pressure. Once they were involved, they would anger Jieyun and double the pressure even more violently!

Not far away, the Lord of the Abyss was fully absorbing the blocked thousand-year star power, its aura condensed, and it dared not escape, for fear of being perceived by this robbery cloud and involved it.

Seeing Su Ping who was floating to the height of his head, his eyes shrank slightly, especially when he saw the looming red gold **** pattern behind Su Ping, his face changed wildly.

"This, this is the breath of the ancient demon..."

From Su Ping's body, it actually felt the breath of the ancient demons!

It couldn't be more familiar with this breath. The reason why it can evolve is that it is willing to have the power of the ancient demon in its own blood.

And besides that trace of ancient demon aura, there is also an extremely ancient, bright and sacred aura that makes it feel fear and rejection from the bottom of its heart.

"You can't let it succeed in crossing the catastrophe, and you must never let it succeed in crossing the catastrophe..." This thought suddenly appeared in the mind of the Lord of the Abyss. Before, he didn't care about Su Ping very much. , A gap of a big realm, enough to crush Su Ping into ashes!

But at this moment, the unknown premonition in its heart became more and more strong, and finally couldn't bear it, and roared at the king beast gathered on the ground nearby: "Stop him for me!!"

This roar shook the sky, causing all the king beasts who had been stunned by Su Pingdu Tribulation to react, changing their colors.

Ji Yuanfeng and the others were also stunned. They were frightened and changed color. They immediately understood what the Lord of the Abyss meant. It did not take action, but allowed other king beasts to interfere with Su Pings crossing the robbery, even if the other king beasts died. It will anger the catastrophe, so that Su Ping's difficulty in crossing the catastrophe will increase sharply, and he will die with Su Ping!

"Damn it!"

Ji Yuanfeng and the others were furious, and immediately burst out, trying to stop them.

Among those king beasts, they looked at each other, and no one dared to attack.

"Give it to me!!" Seeing this scene, the Lord of the Abyss was furious, suddenly looked at one of the Void Cave Realm King Beasts, and furiously said in a commanding tone.

This king beast trembled all over and his body trembled, but under the pressure of the Lord of the Abyss, he dared not fail, and quickly rushed into Su Ping in the sky.

The faces of Ji Yuanfeng and others changed suddenly, and they quickly tried to stop them.

On the other side, the Destiny Demon King of Good and Evil also took action, but instead of attacking Su Ping, he blocked Ji Yuanfeng and others.

Ji Yuanfeng and the others are in a hurry. Crossing the Tribulation is a matter of life and death. It is not good to cross the Tribulation in public, and it is easy to be disturbed.

Roar! !

At this moment, a trembling dragon roar came.

I saw that in the Longjiang Base City in the distance, Su Ping sent there to assist Xie Jinshui's Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, soaring out, erupting a dragon roar that shook the entire battlefield.

This dragon roar was inherited from the Dragon King of the Starry Sky Realm, and overwhelming the world, made some demon kings of the Destiny Realm feel scared and a little scared.

Although this fear was quickly dispelled, it still shocked them.

With a bang, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast burned with thunder and flames, and rushed over quickly. In a blink of an eye, it slammed into the Void Cave Realm King Beast. The divine light on the dragon claw broke out, tearing its body on the spot, and the blood rained all over the sky!

The lord of the abyss was furious. At this moment, under Su Pings robbery cloud, if they act rashly, the energy will easily spread to Su Ping and be involved in the robbery cloud, but Su Pings battle favor is not afraid because of the power of the contract. The existence of, the breath of the same origin, they take action as Su Ping's action, have the right to fight against the thunder robbery, will not double the power of thunder robbery.

"Go, kill me from the Destiny Realm!"

"Bloodeye, give it to me!!"

The Lord of the Abyss roared.

Some of the Destiny Realm Demon Kings of the abyss are discolored. Among them, the Thousand-Eyed Rakshasa beast with blood-red and huge eyes has shrunken pupils and trembles. It looks at the furious gaze of the Lord of the Abyss with a look of despair in its eyes. I have been with him for hundreds of years and laid the ground for it. In the end, before I can enjoy it with him, I have to be cannon fodder in advance!


The thousand-eyed Rakshasa beast rushed forward with grief and anger, and wanted to die with Su Ping!

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast burns all the star power and wants to stop it, but it is quite different from the Thousand Eyes Rakshasa Beast's combat power. It is directly suppressed by the space and cannot move.

With a boom, violent scarlet rays shot out one after another, attacking Su Ping.

At this moment, Su Ping opened his eyes, and a bright and sharp divine light seemed to shoot through the sky and darkness in front of him, illuminating the world.

His expression was extremely cold, without the slightest emotion, it was like a pair of eyes that had seen countless lives and deaths, and all the tragedies in the world, such as joys and sorrows. They contained divine light and looked down indifferently.

With a bang, outside of his body, a thunderbolt suddenly rolled out, smashing many scarlet rays in an instant, and then turned into a thunder axe with a diameter of more than ten meters, which was cut down in the air!

With a bang, the space in the middle was broken, and even the second space inside had cracks, which directly slashed on the thousand-eyed Rakshasa beast.

The eyes of the Thousand Eyes Rakshasa were almost split apart. It was incredible that he couldn't stop Su Ping's blow? !

impossible! !

It roared, blood and soul burning all over, but just halfway through the roar, its body burst open and it was blasted by a thunder axe!

This scene was extremely shocking and shocked the many Destiny Demon Kings below.

The Thousand Eyes Rakshasa is by no means weak, it has the Mandate of Heaven in the later stage of cultivation, and Su Ping understates it to kill!


Jieyun above Su Ping's head felt the attack of the Thousand Eyes Rakshasa, turning more and more violently, and more violent thunder was brewing.

Su Ping looked up, but there was a strange light in his eyes, he was looking forward to it!

The power of those thunder tribulations just made him feel that the taste is not enough, and he is looking forward to the stronger and more "troubled" atmosphere of Thunder.

"The Way of Thunder..."

Su Ping felt the thick thunder that permeated his body, closed his eyes again, and returned to his previous perception.

When Su Ping returned to enlightenment, the Lord of the Abyss on the other side had a gloomy face. In this short moment, Su Ping had a rapid growth, the span of which was even comparable to the hard work of several years of practice.

Looking at the more and more violent Thunder Tribulation, it retracted its gaze and stopped calling other Demon Kings to attack.

The Destiny Realm Demon King has already taken action, and other Destiny Demon Kings can only provoke the power of this robbery to this level, but they will die for nothing.

Unless it was shot in person, or let the sea empress shot.

But at this moment, it found that it had not found the female emperor. Otherwise, with the opponents combat power, it would display that shallow, rule-based attack, and most likely would cause the Jieyun to drop the Jieyun that contains the power of rules, and kill Su Ping. The power will explode more than ten times, and it will definitely be able to kill!

If it shoots in person, it will also have this effect, but the descending Jieyun, it may not be able to withstand its serious injury at this moment!


The Lord of the Abyss quickly absorbed the blockade of the Millennium Star Power, speeding up the healing of his injuries, and prayed that Su Ping was seriously injured after the catastrophe, when it would be easy to kill.

On the ground, the many Destiny Demon Kings were relieved to see that the Lord of the Abyss had not forcibly ordered them.

On the other side, Ji Yuanfeng and others also breathed a sigh of relief. They all stopped and looked at Su Ping anxiously. The Jieyun above them was obviously more violent than before. I dont know if Su Ping can. Block.


In a blink of an eye, the violent Jieyun landed again and bombarded Su Ping.

Su Ping's body stood still, and he withstood Jie Lei's attack abruptly.

As the thunder burst, the second thunder thunder came in an instant, giving Su Ping no chance to breathe.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Su Ping is like a piece of golden stone standing in the sky, receiving thunder hammers to forge brutal blows.

All the monster beasts hoped that Su Ping's body would be knocked down by the thunder, but Su Ping's body became brighter and brighter under the thunderous robbery again and again.


"Every Jie Lei's attack is comparable to my attack with all my strength!"

"It's even getting stronger..."

Ji Yuanfeng was shocked to see. At this moment, Su Ping was enduring thunder and the power of destroying the world was extremely terrible, making him frightened. Even in his heyday, he could catch three ways at most!

And Su Ping has already endured ten times one after another!

Beside, Ye Wuxiu, Xue Yunzhen and others were already speechless, their eyes fixed on Su Ping, only hope that Su Ping can hold on, and hold on anyway!

Beside Su Ping, the body of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast floated in the air, like a guard, with his back facing it, looking around the monster beasts in the audience, preventing them from sneaking.


boom! boom!

In this dimly vast sky, only the roar of thunder tribulation burst, resounding endlessly.

The number of thunder robberies has far exceeded the normal number of legendary thunder robberies. No one knows when this thunder thunder will stop.

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