Astral Pet Store Chapter 726

Chapter 726: Invincible In The World Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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What is robbery?

In mid-air, Su Ping was surrounded by golden light, and his mind was completely immersed in his own world. From the mysterious breath of "catastrophe" he had grasped, he wanted to explore its root.

If he masters it, he can master... Thunder Tribulation!

Even he can bring down the robbery himself!

During the analysis and exploration, Su Ping slowly discovered that the source of this calamity did not seem to be a rule, or in other words, it was not the kind of rule he understood.

This calamity is deeper than that rule. It contains both the power of rules and transcendent rules, just like a certain order...

As if not knowing the passage of time, Su Ping explored the deepest layer of all the wisdom he had exhausted, and found that he had reached the top, but he felt that he seemed to have just touched the fur of this "catastrophe"...

Moreover, the more he studied, the more he felt the vastness of "catastrophe" and the faint heavenly might!

"Can't explore anymore..."

Su Ping's consciousness quickly returned. He felt that if he continued to explore, he would anger the real Tianwei. Just the faint fluctuations, he felt that he would be wiped out in an instant, which was not the level he could explore at present.


He is not completely unreaped. He has captured that trace of robbery, and can be integrated into his own swordsmanship, attacks, body skills and so on.

Opening his eyes, Su Ping looked at the roaring Jie Lei above his head.

His sight was completely filled with deep purple and incandescent thunder. Su Ping felt the pain in his whole body getting lighter and lighter. Under the forging of thunder tribulation, his physical body became stronger and stronger, and the Golden Crow bloodline in his body was stimulated to be closer to his body. Connected, becoming more and more one!

"My Thunder Road resistance seems to have improved..."

Su Ping felt the earth-shaking changes in his body during the process of crossing the catastrophe.

The power of thunder in the robbery was offset by his body a lot, and the main thing that caused him damage was the power of robbery contained in it.

The star power in the cells in his body was also stimulated by the thunder, and his whole body was in a better condition than before crossing the robbery. This robbery was like a great tonic to him.

"It's time to end..." Su Ping looked at the thunderclouds surging above his head. At this moment, the thunderclouds were not as dense as before. They faded away a lot, and the inside of them seemed to be pouring out almost.

Just when Su Ping thought this way, suddenly, the continuous thunderstorms stopped. The next moment, thunderclouds all over the sky gathered from all directions and kept tightening.

And as the thundercloud tightened, a terrifying thunder wave spread out.

This Lei Wei made Su Pingdu's face slightly changed, and his eyes narrowed.

The Ji Yuanfeng and others below, as well as the many Destiny Demon Kings, suddenly changed color and were a little frightened. They felt that the energy contained in the thundercloud was enough to crush this land and even this planet!

The Lord of the Abyss, who was absorbing the power of a thousand-year blockade of the stars, also changed his face slightly.

Although it didn't feel the power of rules, it was already a starry sky in terms of energy intensity!

Unexpectedly, as soon as Su Ping stepped into the legend, the Thunder Tribulation he was about to face would reach such a terrifying level. Although there was the credit of the Thousand-Eyed Rakshasa, most of its power was not inferior to this.

"come on!"

Su Ping's eyes converged, his palms opened, and the dark Shura sword appeared in his palms, and the magic flames burst.

Behind him, the **** patterns of the Golden Crow clan became more and more radiant, and after he merged into a wolf, a dark and dark devil gas appeared in a cyclone!

He aroused his own divine body in the Golden Crow clan, and at this moment the divine body was running, and surging demonic energy emerged.

In the thundercloud above Su Ping's head, a huge whirlpool like a swallow collapsed. This whirlpool was hundreds of miles in size, with lightning and thunder in it, chaotic and violent.


From the inside, a thunder pillar with a thickness of thousands of feet was suddenly shot out, and the thunder pillar whistled down like a thunder dragon.

Su Ping's head was full of silver hair flying, and instead of retreating, he stepped on the thunder light, and the dazzling golden body rushed forward on the dark devilish energy, and slashed out with a sword.

Hundreds of feet of sword energy tore through the space, and hit the thunder pillar head-on, with a bang, thunder rang from the sky and the earth!

The huge thunder pillar split apart, divided by sword aura, and then still swept over, covering Su Ping's body and submerging it.

With a bang, the ground under Su Ping's feet was pierced by lightning pillars and rumbled. The ground nearby was like a volcanic eruption, all uplifted and cracked. The nearby buildings had long been broken and could not be broken again. pit.

Ji Yuanfeng and others had already hid, standing in the distance, looking nervously.

In mid-air, the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast guarding beside Su Ping disappeared at the moment the thunder pillar tilted down, and Su Ping was forcibly summoned into the space.

Even if the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast was unwilling, Su Ping's current heyday was enough to force it in.

The thunder was fading away.

And the dark clouds that hung over everyone's heads seemed to have completely exhausted their remaining energy, and gradually dispersed, revealing the originally blue sky.

The light reappeared between heaven and earth.

While this piece of thunderclouds dispersed, everyone looked at the place where Su Ping was, and suddenly saw that Su Ping was still standing there in midair, holding a divine sword.

But on him, the divine light extinguished, and the blood surged like a shot, and his whole body was like a blood man.

Blood dripped from his sword-holding fingers and down the blade.

"Boss Su!"

The faces of Xue Yunzhen and others changed in shock, but Su Ping was injured so badly!

Seeing this scene, the lord of the abyss suddenly laughed and said grimly: "You are dead!"

It immediately cut off its accumulation to draw star power, and its devilish energy burst out. At this moment, without thunder tribulation hindered, it could finally kill Su Ping.

Just absorbing the viscous star power that had been blocked for thousands of years, it also restored its state to nearly half. This is the best time to take action.

"He is dead!"

"I didn't expect that the last Jie Lei was so terrifying, I feel that I will die if I touch it!"

"That should be regarded as an attack from the Starry Sky Realm. He is a mere human, who has just stepped into the legend, and can withstand a single blow from the Starry Sky Realm. It is enough to wake up with a smile!"

When many demon kings of the Destiny Realm saw this scene, they were relieved and smiled.

Only when Su Ping is dead can they act unscrupulously.

However, Ji Yuanfeng and others had ugly faces and sadness in their eyes. They didn't expect to struggle to this point and still have to face such an ending. They were too unwilling!

boom! boom!

The Lord of the Abyss strode towards Su Ping, trampled the ground rumblingly, and the earth shook.

But when it took a few steps, suddenly, its footsteps paused, its eyes shrank slightly, and it stared at Su Ping.

I saw Su Ping's body covered in blood, and a strong, radiant golden light burst out little by little. This light was like a bamboo shoot after a rain, blooming from Su Ping's **** body.

In an instant, divine light enveloped Su Ping's body again.

And an overwhelming atmosphere, like a **** or devil, also diffused from Su Ping.

Su Ping raised his head, his eyes were indifferent, and he stared at the Lord of the Abyss without any emotion. With his eyes closed, the divine light shot on the Lord of the Abyss like a sharp sword.

A look of shock appeared in the eyes of the Lord of the Abyss.

At this moment, Su Ping's breath is extremely strong, even stronger than when he had just crossed the catastrophe!

Damn it!

It is the benefit of helping to stabilize the cultivation base after crossing the catastrophe!

The Lord of the Abyss quickly reacted with a gloomy face, but by now, there was no way to shrink back, and even when the thought of shrinking appeared in its mind, it angered itself.

Its dignified starry sky realm demon king, facing a guy who has just crossed the catastrophe and became a legend, actually thought of shrinking? !

"Die to me!!"

The lord of the abyss exploded hideously and suddenly punched out, the ancient magic characters on the wings appeared like scriptures, shot out, and swept out a sea of blood in the void.

This sea of blood hovered in the sky, tens of thousands of meters in vertical and horizontal directions, and the strong smell of blood made some monsters feel suffocated.

The Lord of the Abyss standing in the sea of blood is like the Demon God of the Abyss. It roars and steps out, the realm of demons reappears, the demons roar, and the world is dim.

Standing in the sky above the sea of blood, Su Ping's divine light grew brighter, like a god.

Facing the monstrous sea of blood and **** in front of him, Su Ping's eyes gradually shone with a strange light, becoming more and more cold and cruel.

He stepped out one step at a time, and with a thud, the void vibrated, and the sea of blood rolled!

Under his feet, thunder appeared, like a thunder flower growing wantonly!

Step by step Leilian!

Seeing the thunder at Su Ping's feet, the Lord of the Abyss suddenly tightened his eyes, revealing a look of horror.

"Raidao rule? Impossible, this is a perfect rule of mine!"

It feels crazy, totally unbelievable.

As soon as Su Ping stepped into the realm of legend, he actually realized the rules of Thunder Road!

Moreover, this rule is more perfect than the rule contained in the swordsmanship that Su Ping previously displayed, and it is close to the complete rule!

"You have been in the abyss for thousands of years, you shouldn't come out!"

Su Ping was full of divine light and thunder light. When he was crossing the thunder tribulation, he suddenly realized the thunder dao. The newly promoted medium thunder dao perception has become the advanced thunder dao perception under the prompt of the system.

However, the advanced Lei Dao felt the rules.

Su Ping did feel Lei's rules and trajectory from that robbery, and had a profound understanding of Lei.

After all, he rubbed too many thunders, and every time he was between life and death, he felt extraordinary. At this moment, he could have an epiphany, promoted and waited for the realization of Lei Dao, not too unusual.

"Just use your body to test the swordsmanship I just created!"

Su Ping raised his hand, and the star power in his body's cells tilted like a tide and surged out.

Between his wrists, the thunder light sprinted away, and there was also a large amount of thunder in the void around him, as if he was holding the sky full of thunder!

"Thunder Prison, Void Tribulation Sword!!"

The intense thunder, intertwined and contracted, gathered on the Shura Divine Sword in Su Ping's hand.

There is still a strong magic energy covering the sword, and the divine light converges, this sword is extremely bright, turning into a purple and black thunder sword energy that tears the world!

"I won't lose, die for me!!" The Lord of the Abyss roared furiously, his whole body gushing from the acupuncture points in his body, the magic energy covering half of the sky, as if the Demon King of the Abyss was born, his aura was amazing.


Su Ping stepped out, the divine light in his eyes skyrocketed, and the sword energy in his hand burst out. In an instant, thousands of thunder in the sky exploded at the same time, and the whole world seemed to be only the thunderbolt of thunder.

Immediately after that, the sword energy that tore through the world, lying in the void, with a length of thousands of feet, beheaded to the Lord of the Abyss!

When the sword qi fell, the sea of blood under the feet of the Lord of the Abyss was tumbling and splitting. The huge sea of blood was not even approaching the sword qi, and it was oppressed and split involuntarily!

This sword shocked the world, shocked all the creatures here, and suffocated their speech!

boom! ! !

A loud noise came out loudly. The lord of the abyss whistling around the ten thousand demons tore apart under the sword-inspired thunder, and the giant fist that he raised froze in the high air. The next moment, his body burst open. For two!

From where his body splits, the void collapses, and inside is the violent thunder of destruction, tearing his body into a rain of blood for a long time!

The flesh and blood of its skin fell off, leaving only two cut-off bones, like tall buildings and giant peaks, which collapsed and shook the ground with a landslide-like sound, crushing many buildings and monsters.

A sword to the bone!

When many demon kings of the Destiny Realm saw this scene, their eyes were almost bulging, and they were so shocked that they could not speak.

The Lord of the Abyss was actually defeated!

Was killed by Su Ping with a sword, even the flesh and blood!

You know, Su Ping just stepped into the legend!

As soon as he became a legend, he killed the starry sky. This was beyond everyone's cognition, and it was extremely terrifying!

Ji Yuanfeng and others were also astonished. They looked at the scene in front of them inconceivably, feeling like they were dreaming. They were already desperate the moment before. Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, Su Ping gave them hope again, and this time hope. Completely become settled!

Once the Lord of the Abyss dies, the tide of beasts collapses without attack. With Su Ping's power at this moment, no one can stop it!

"Dead, it's dead..."

"Are we saved..."

Xue Yunzhen and some other legends were all staring blankly in the void. Some people had already shed hot tears. The dawn of victory did not come easily!

They have died too many people and sacrificed too much!

There were dead bones everywhere, and those who didn't even know their names, but who stood by to the end, are all heroes!

High in the sky.

Su Ping gasped slightly, and as soon as the triumph was over, the cultivation base in his body had not yet been consolidated. At this moment, this sword almost exhausted 90% of his body's strength!

However, the effect is also very significant.

Combining his rules of thunder and annihilation, coupled with the breath of robbery he captured, the power of this sword far exceeds virtual swordsmanship, and is more than ten times that of virtual swordsmanship!


The Lord of the Abyss is completely dead!

Su Ping could feel that its soul was torn apart by the robbery, the life force in the body was completely destroyed by the rules of Thunder Road, and the remaining energy that was not shattered was also annihilated. Up!

They won this battle!

Su Ping's backlog of depression made him scream.

Su Ping's whistling sound echoed throughout the mighty sky and the huge battlefield.

Numerous demon kings of the Destiny Realm had recovered, their faces were pale and their bodies were trembling. The Lord of the Abyss was dead, and now only the monster Su Ping remained.

Even the Lord of the Abyss was killed by him, who can match it?

This human... is already invincible in this world! !

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