Astral Pet Store Chapter 727

Chapter 727: Transition New Chapter

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Good and evil reacted, and immediately fled in panic. It directly tore the void and its brain buzzed, still can't believe that all this is true.

The Lord of the Abyss was defeated and died in battle!

The dignified starry sky realm was actually lost to Su Ping, who had just stepped into the legendary realm. This was unheard of!

"Want to run?"

Su Ping noticed the movement of good and evil and saw it escape into the second dimension, fleeing at full speed.

From the outside, the figure of good and evil disappeared directly, but Su Ping had thunder in his eyes at the moment, piercing the void, and directly saw the good and evil fleeing in the second dimension.


Su Ping stood still and cut out with a sword.

With a bang, the void split open, and the sword light was a thousand miles away, catching up in the second space instantly, and appeared directly behind Good and Evil!

Feeling the sword aura like a thorn on his back, and horrified by good and evil, he turned his head and pleaded loudly: "I surrender, I would surrender!!"

The Demon King, who has been standing in front of the Blue Star for thousands of years, is now crawling in the second dimension, directly scared to beg for mercy in front of Su Ping's invincible sword light.

But Su Ping didn't show mercy. This good and evil are already at the top of the Destiny Realm. After this battle, no one knows what it has gained. It would be tricky if they suddenly realized the Starry Sky Realm after fleeing.

Besides, this beast slaughtered a lot of people here, and the claws and dragon tail were all covered with human blood!

"Do not"

Good and evil looked at the unstoppable sword light, terrified, knowing that Su Ping's killing intent had been determined, the panic in its eyes suddenly became savage, and roars broke out, and the dark dragon power rushed out, trying to resist.

But this sword light was invincible, directly smashing the energy gathered in front of it, and then flashed past, directly cutting off the black dragon head!

With a bang, there was a thunderous explosion at the fracture, blasting his neck to pieces.

And its body was forced out from the second space, fell out from a high altitude, and fell several kilometers away.

Seeing the beheaded corpses of good and evil, the other Demon Kings of the Destiny Realm were all horrified and trembling, and some of them squatted straight down, begging Su Ping for mercy.

Some directly tore through the void, fleeing outward!

The same is true of other Void Realm King Beasts, which are equally fast and instantaneous, panicking.

The trend is over, they have to choose to escape!

When Ji Yuanfeng and others saw this scene, they wanted to chase after them, but they were exhausted when they assisted Su Ping to attack the Lord of the Abyss. If they chase down at this moment, they might be driven by these anxious Demon Kings. Anti-kill.

Su Ping looked at the fleeing beasts, and his eyes fell on the top demon beasts in the Destiny Realm.

Just when he was about to make a move, he suddenly moved his eyes, turned his head suddenly, looked at the bones of the Lord of the Abyss, and saw a very cryptic shadow there, flew away in the distance.

"Not dead?!"

Su Ping was startled, from the shadow, he felt the breath of the Lord of the Abyss!

The Lord of the Abyss was not directly beheaded to death, and left a hand!

Su Ping immediately ignored other top demon kings in the Destiny Realm, and shook his figure, stepped on the thunder, and quickly chased him away.

Seeing Su Ping leave, these demon kings of the Destiny Realm were all overjoyed, and each fled for their lives.


Su Ping's figure swiftly arrived, reaching a void.

With a bang, a sword cut out, and a black crack appeared, traversing in front of the shadow.

This shadow is a group of little beasts less than two meters long, with long pointed ears and looks similar to the Lord of the Abyss, but without that domineering, it seems to be a reduced and thin version of the Lord of the Abyss.

"You almost let you slip away!"

Su Ping's eyes were cold, and he was worthy of being the Demon King of the Starry Sky Realm. His life-saving ability was so powerful that he almost let it slip away.

Seeing Su Ping appeared, the Lord of the Abyss showed despair in his eyes. He knelt in front of Su Ping, his head banged on the ground, and said, "Forgive me, please, forgive me. I have lost all my strength now. It's just a blood-remaining demon body that I split. Even if I train again, there is no way to regain my previous strength. I will return to the abyss now and never come out again..."

Ji Yuanfeng and others who rushed here were shocked when they saw the Lord of the shrunken abyss and heard this.

The Lord of the Abyss was not dead, which surprised and shocked them, but seeing it so weak and pleading, it was even more dumbfounded.

After finally breaking through the seal from the abyss, Su Ping had to escape back into the abyss and said he would never come out again... This seemed a bit miserable.

Su Ping sneered. It is impossible to spare it. Just because of it, how many people died in the world?

Just when he was about to take its life, he suddenly moved in his heart, thinking of the Sealed Divine Formation in the depths of the abyss. He couldn't help but shuddered and said silently: "I ask you, the Sealed Divine Formation in your abyss lair, What is imprisoned inside?"

Hearing Su Ping's words, Ji Yuanfeng and the others were all startled, their expressions changed slightly, there is still this thing in the abyss?

At this moment, the lord of the abyss, who was as small as a pointed-eared goblin, was stunned by Su Ping's words, and its pupils shrank slightly: "Have you entered there?"

"Don't use questions to answer my questions!" Su Ping's eyes flashed with lightning. This is real lightning. Two lightning bolts shot directly from his eyes, shooting like a sharp blade on the body of the abyss. A trace of thunder and scorched black suddenly burst.

This is not a simple thunder, but contains the power of thunder rules.

The Lord of the Abyss screamed and wailed again and again: "I said, I said, the thing in the Sealed God Formation is a monster stronger than me."

Everyone was shocked when he said this.

Su Ping's expression also changed slightly, stronger than this guy?

"Really?" Su Ping squinted and stared at the Lord of Abyss, "What is that, why is it sealed, you sealed it?"

The Lord of the Abyss wailed for a while and did not answer Su Ping's words.

Su Ping saw its eyes turning, and suddenly a cold light flashed in his eyes, suddenly a sword was drawn out, and with a bang, Annihilation Sword Intent cut off half of its shoulders, and half of its body disappeared!

The Lord of the Abyss was startled, and said angrily: "Stop, stop to me!"


"Don't force me, that thing is much stronger than me. As long as I have a thought, I can split the demon body there, and order me to send the demon king who is stationed there to destroy the divine formation. Once released Everyone will finish the contents by then!" The Lord of the Abyss roared angrily.

Ji Yuanfeng and others were panicking, their faces turned pale.

Su Ping did not fully believe the words of the Lord of the Abyss, feeling that it was lying.

"Hmph, if you really have that ability, since you are now in my palm, you have already released the things there, otherwise you will be killed by me without saying a word, and you will not even have the right to die with me!" Su Ping had sharp eyes and a sharp voice. He looked directly at it and said:

"Since you don't say anything, I will take you to meet someone and let her look through your memory to see what it is!"

The person he was talking about was naturally Joanna.

She masters the special secrets of the Protoss, and can directly read the memory of the opponent, provided that the Soul is stronger than the opponent.

And Joanna's soul is obviously much higher than the Lord of the Abyss. After all, her real cultivation base is a god-level order, a **** general in the starry sky, but it is under his command.

"You, don't force me!"

The Lord of the Abyss was really frightened when he heard Su Ping's words. It didn't know whether Su Ping's words were true or false, but Su Ping's manifestations made it afraid to make judgments about this human being.

Su Ping sneered, and directly stretched out his hand to capture it.

The Lord of the Abyss was full of horror. Seeing that Su Pingtie was about to catch him, his eyes became savage, and he roared, "Then die together!!"

When the words fell, its throat was pinched by Su Ping.

"How can I die together?" Su Ping looked at it, and at this moment the Master of the Abyss was completely lost. There was only energy that could not be found in the Void Cave Realm, and Su Ping raised his hand to suppress it!

Seeing Su Ping's contemptuous words, the lord of the abyss was trembling with anger.

It said grimly: "Just look at it, I have let my demon body destroy the Sealed God Array!"

Su Ping frowned, he did have concerns about this, but from the performance of the Lord of the Abyss, he always felt that this was just an expedient measure of the other party, hoping to win him alive.


The ground under everyone's feet shook suddenly.

Su Ping's face changed sharply, terrified, is there really something terrifying to rush out?

Su Ping's face is also difficult to look.

"Hahaha, you continue, I said, don't force me, you have to force me, now you guys are going to die together!!" The Lord of the Abyss laughed wildly and said: "Tell you the truth, in my When the devil body was cut off by you, I had already destroyed the divine formation, haha..."

"Damn you!!"

Su Ping's eyes were cold, and he clenched his fingers to squeeze it.

The Lord of the Abyss became more and more difficult to breathe, but its face was unusually red, like excitement, like crazy and distorted, and gave out a hoarse grin: "What is sealed in the **** array, I dont I know, cough cough, but I can feel the terrible energy sealed in it..."

"I have been guarding carefully for so many years, for fear of destroying the Sealed Divine Array."

"But I don't need it now. Since I want to die, then you guys will be together..."

Without waiting for its death word to finish, its body suddenly burst open.

In its bursting body, the violent electric light flashed rapidly, tearing its body suddenly, and directly blasted into nothingness, leaving no ashes.

Seeing the master of the abyss burst and annihilated, Ji Yuanfeng and others were pale, and the ground was shaking at this moment, making them feel terrified.

After all, the words of the Lord of the Abyss are too horrible.

There was such a terrifying thing sealed in the abyss, they never knew.

"Tower Master, do you know what is sealed inside?"

Someone looked at Ji Yuanfeng.

Ji Yuanfeng's face was green and he said, "I don't know, I've never heard of anything like this in the abyss. I guess the original peak master knew it."

"The first generation peak master..."

Ye Wuxiu and others' complexions changed slightly, and someone rushed out immediately, it was Xue Yunzhen.

She flew out, rushed to the distance, and then flashed back.

She came back with one person, it was Nie Huofeng who had previously fought against the Lord of the Abyss.

At this moment, Nie Huofeng's skin was cracking every inch, blood covering every part of the epidermis, and the original red hair became like withered grass and lost its luster.

At this moment, his cheeks were dry and thin, like the fat in his body was drained, extremely weak.

"The first generation peak master, do you know what monster is sealed in the abyss?" someone asked hurriedly.

Nie Huofeng raised his weak and muddy eyes. At this moment, his appearance was no longer a young man, but an old man, and he looked tame.

"Then, that is the divine formation left over from the old age, I, I don't know..." Nie Huofeng said in a weak voice.

Hearing his words, everyone's hearts sank to the bottom.

Even Nie Huofeng didn't know what was sealed inside!


At this time, the ground oscillated more and more violently. This kind of turbulence did not come from the feet of everyone, but the entire line of defense, and even the ground of the entire Asian land area!

"Such a big movement, what kind of monster it must be..."

Despair appeared in the eyes of other people, and the movement alone was a hundred times more terrifying than the Lord of the Abyss! !

Su Ping also had an ugly face, and at this moment, the violent shock suddenly stopped, and stopped abruptly, without even a slight aftershock.

Everyone looked at each other.

Suddenly, someone exclaimed: "Look at the sky!"

Everyone was stunned, and they all looked up, all eyes were shocked dumbfounded.

I saw the outline of a huge planet unexpectedly appeared in the starry sky above the high altitude, and on the surface of that planet, a huge star ring could be seen!

In addition, on the other side, there are several planets of different sizes. To be precise, they are at different distances from them, but they can all see extremely clear outlines. Even the larger planets can see the land above them. Plate structure, green vegetation zone, blue sea area, and yellow-brown land.

It feels as clear as looking at the earth from outside the atmosphere!

"This, what's the situation?"

Everyone was a little confused.

In a blink of an eye, the sky above their heads changed their appearance!

Is it a fantasy? Obviously not.

Su Ping also looked sluggish, not knowing what was going on.

At this moment, the voice of the system appeared in his mind, and this time the voice of the system returned to the usual, with a bit of cocky and indifferent authenticity:

"It is detected that the area where the host is currently located is the lowest economically prosperous area in the galaxy. Please be sure to relocate the store to an economic area not lower than the third-class within a week."

Su Ping was stunned.

galaxy? Economic prosperity?

He was a little dazed, and quickly asked: "What is the situation now, what galaxy?"

"The planet where the host is located has just completed a great leap, and now it has entered another galaxy. The economy of this galaxy is prosperous. The planet where the host is located is the economically weakest area of the galaxy. Please move as soon as possible to ensure normal business operations." The system repeated indifferently.

Su Ping blinked.

Somewhat confused!

The Great Leap of the Planet?

Could it be that the current blue star is no longer in the solar system? !

Seeing the numerous planets above his head, Su Ping was in a daze, as if... it really was.

Is the shock just now a planetary transition? !

That... what was just destroyed by the Lord of the Abyss, the seal in the abyss, could it be the teleportation formation of this planetary transition that was released? !

Su Ping's mind couldn't turn around a bit. He glanced at the many legends around him who were still dazed, and said to Ji Yuanfeng: "Tower Master, are you willing to go to the abyss to find out?"

Ji Yuanfeng: "???"

When he saw Su Ping's urgent gaze, his face changed, and he gritted his teeth slightly: "No problem, I can go."

Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief, and said: "Then go quickly, I suspect that the Sealed Divine Array is not a monster. The specifics are a long story and you need to verify it."

The corner of Ji Yuan Feng's mouth twitched slightly, and he became a guinea pig with me?

However, by now, he had already put life and death out of the picture, nodded and said: "No problem, then I will go first." After finishing speaking, he waved his hand directly, teleported away with space, and disappeared within the line of defense.

Su Ping chose to let him go to the abyss, also considering that there are four demon kings outside the Sealed God Array.

"Don't panic, you guys, it is very possible that we are not in the solar system, but in other galaxies." Su Ping said, with a startling speech.

The others stared with wide-eyed eyes and their faces were full of consternation.

The news shattered their three views.

Not in the solar system anymore?

"The planet Gang has completed the transition. We should be in another galaxy, and this galaxy is not like the solar system. Only our blue star has life, and there is life on other planets here. If I'm right, we should be... Relocated to the habitable galaxy zone of the Federation." Su Ping said.

Everyone was stunned by Su Ping.

Planetary transition? Never heard of it.

They all wondered if they could become a starry sky realm and directly cross the vacuum of the universe and fly into the federal habitable galaxy.

Unexpectedly, Su Ping actually said that the entire blue star had jumped to the habitable galaxy of the Federation.

This is equivalent to Blue Star moving from a remote and barren uninhabited village to a densely populated city.


The wonder of the starry sky above them also made them doubtful of Su Ping's words.

But there are still many problems in this, the planetary transition, how can we do it?

Moreover, what galaxy is they currently migrating to?

Can they adapt and live here?

Although the habitable galaxies of the Federation are all remodeled according to the human physique, as long as humans can be habitable, including cosmic rays and sunlight, they are similar, but it is always a little strange.

After all, even on the Blue Star, people living near the equator have obvious differences in skin color from those in the extreme north and extreme south.

"Look, it seems someone is coming, it's a spaceship!"


Someone noticed that there was a huge spacecraft approaching outside the atmosphere above the head. It looked like sesame seeds, but could be seen by their naked eyes. The volume of the spacecraft was probably more than ten times larger than that of the 10,000-ton aircraft carrier of the old era. .

"It seems to be true..."

Seeing these spaceships, everyone believed Su Ping's words, and they couldn't help feeling nervous and perturbed.

They are all newcomers. Spaceships can be built in this galaxy. It must be the more prosperous galaxy in the Federation, and the strong are like clouds.

"Hey, they seem to have stopped."

"Look, the spacecraft is crashing!"

"They seem to be coming in, but they are blocked!"

Soon, someone noticed the behavior of these spacecrafts, which was a bit peculiar.

Some spacecrafts were hitting the atmosphere and shot out things like laser cannons, but they didn't seem to be able to break their invisible obstacles, and they were still blocked out of the atmosphere.

"They don't seem to get in."

As more and more spaceships are colliding and attacking, everyone has discovered this and can't help but wonder, when is the atmosphere so strong?

Su Ping thought of the planetary transition just now and the Sealed Divine Formation in the abyss. Could it be the energy of that Divine Formation that is still protecting Blue Star?

Without the extraordinary energy protection, the planetary transition just now would be enough to break the blue star.

However, this energy will fade sooner or later.

Su Ping's eyes were gloomy, and he didn't know what would happen to these ships entering Blue Star after the energy disappeared.

Logically speaking, Blue Stars also belong to the federal planet. Now they are in the federal galaxy and should be protected by the federal law. These people dare not mess around.

"Everyone, go and clean up the remaining monsters first, and wait until the tower owner returns." Su Ping retracted his gaze from the sky and said immediately.

When everyone heard Su Ping's words, they realized that there were still many monsters remaining in the line of defense.

Those king beasts ran away, but those low-level monster beasts, on the contrary, were ignorant and fearless, and would stay here and continue to forage and attack.

"Yes, let's solve the animal tide first!"


Everyone said quickly.

Although their spare energy can't solve those powerful king beasts, it is easy to deal with the monster king beasts.

As they scattered and left, Su Ping's gaze fell on the cracked ten-square lock sky formation.

On that huge void wall, the star power that has been sealed for a thousand years is like azure blue honey, sticking there viscously, and is gradually evaporating away.

Su Ping was not very polite and flew over.

Through this battle, he deeply knows that only his own power is absolutely reliable, and he must become stronger!

Moreover, there are many spacecrafts outside the atmosphere at this moment, and no one knows when the power to protect the blue star will fade. If they see such a thick star power, it is impossible to guarantee that they will not be moved.


Su Ping came to this honey-like sticky star power, and suddenly turned the chaotic star force map, the cells all over his body were like countless engines, absorbing it with all his strength.

All these star powers poured into his body, his absorption speed was extremely fast, it was completely predatory, this speed was faster than that of the Lord of the Abyss, this was the difference in cultivation techniques.

Soon, Su Ping felt that countless cells in his body were filled with star power, and the breath of his whole body was rising steadily. These star power entered his body and was stripped like a cocoon. The impurities inside were removed and turned into a pure aftermath. Star power.

Su Ping felt that countless cells in his body were swelling, and the star power kept compressing inside.

Gradually, countless cells have become solidified from their empty state, and become more and more solid.

Each cell is like compact planets.

Su Ping closed his eyes and compressed the star power in his body with all his strength, so that the cells were completely filled to the point where they could no longer be filled.

When he compressed again and again, the star power changed from mist to water droplets, and finally into extremely solid stardust, which filled the cells.

His cells are undergoing transformation and glowing with divine light. Under the changes of countless hundreds of millions of cells, Su Ping's whole body burst out with brilliant divine light!

His epidermis was completely cracked, revealing new skin, the impurities in his cells were also squeezed out, and his whole body was reborn, expelling a lot of impurities, becoming transparent and radiant.

Su Ping shook his whole body and shook away the impurities attached to the surface of his body. His skin was white, like a drop of water, full of elasticity and tension, and full of toughness and strength.

Su Ping slowly opened his eyes and found that the world he saw in front of him became clearer. The countless cells in his eyeballs also seemed to have transformed, making his sense of hearing, smell, and five senses doubled and increased.

"My cultivation base seems to be at the top of the vast sea realm..."

Su Ping felt the surging star power in his body, and felt a slight movement, it was the explosion of star power in countless cells, just like countless planets burst, which could mobilize extremely terrifying energy.

The star power in his body at this moment is more than dozens of times the previous one. He feels that if he encounters the Lord of the Abyss again, he will be able to kill him with virtual swordsmanship alone!

As long as the energy is enough, you can break through the opponent's defense with the annihilation rules attached to the virtual swordsmanship, and you can directly defeat it!

"Huh? Starpower is gone?"

Su Ping looked forward and found that the honey-like star power on the wall of the void did not have much left. He stepped out and came to the wall of the void. He suddenly saw an extremely vast soil. The star power is very thin.

Su Ping snorted and stared slightly. Did he **** up all the star power that had been blocked for a thousand years?

"But, I feel just full..."

Su Ping murmured, and couldn't help wondering, could it be that the Lord of the Abyss had absorbed a lot before and didn't leave him much?

Thinking about it this way, he suddenly thought it was possible.

If the Lord of the Abyss knew Su Ping's thoughts at this moment, he would probably be so angry that he would die again. The speed at which it absorbs star power is incomparable to Su Ping, and it has not absorbed one-tenth of the amount!

If you die, you still have to go back.

"The ten-square lock sky array is torn. If there is no way to repair it, it will slowly and completely split. Then the world inside will mix with the blue star. Maybe the area of the blue star will increase a lot, or even double... "

Su Ping sighed slightly. It doesn't matter if the Blue Star is bigger, after all, the planets he sees above his head seem to be bigger than the Blue Star.

In front of them, the Blue Star was like a little bit.

Since it has already jumped into this galaxy, it is destined to only stay here. After all, with such great power, it is impossible for the planet to jump again, unless it is possible by a super power.

But that kind of powerhouse should already be at the top of the universe, and they belong to the first-class people in the Federation!


The end of the legendary chapter, the next is a new journey, I feel more exciting, Ababa~~ ask for votes~~! !

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