Astral Pet Store Chapter 728

Chapter 728: Lord Su Ping For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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After absorbing the star power that had blocked it for a thousand years, Su Ping turned and looked around, and immediately saw Nie Huofeng's old and twilight figure lying on a ruined wall.

His eyes moved slightly and flew past.

"Why are you here, they left you?" Su Ping raised his eyebrows.

Nie Huofeng leaned weakly on the concrete slab, looking at Su Ping, whose body was gradually introverted, his eyes were extremely complex, and his voice was faint: "I asked them to drive away the beast tide..."

After saying this, his breathing was obviously gasping.

Su Ping let out a cry and said, "Then you stay here for a while, I have to help."

For Nie Huofeng, he neither liked nor disliked him.

After all, thousands of years ago, the other party repelled the beast tide, suppressed it in the abyss, and signed a treaty with the empress of the sea to protect mankind for thousands of years of peace. This is all merit!

As for the abyssal beast wave released now, this is his fault, and he failed to stop the Lord of the abyss and was almost slaughtered by it. This is too!

Su Ping is too lazy to decide which aspect to be more meritorious, in short, now that everything is over, the merits and demerits are left to those boring posterity to comment on, he only needs to do what he can do in front of him and do his best.

Seeing Su Pings indifferent appearance, Nie Huofeng immediately knew what he was thinking and didnt justify anything. Instead, he said bitterly, "I dont know what kind of exercises you are practicing. The thousand-year-old star power I have accumulated has not been able to let you. Cultivate to the virtual cave realm..."

Before Su Ping was absorbing the star power, he was lying here and watching, the feeling was extremely bitter and uncomfortable.

Just like the wife of her precious treasure, she was reluctant to touch, but was ruined by others, and she even ate and wiped her away, leaving nothing behind.

But... he knew his current state, and he couldn't compete with Su Ping at all.

Moreover, Su Ping killed the Lord of the Abyss, saved everyone, and avoided the fate of the Blue Star human beings being exterminated. Speaking of which, he owed Su Ping his life!

From this point alone, he was not qualified to compete with Su Ping.

Other legends knew this, so they went straight to clean up the beast tide, leaving the thousand-year star power to Su Ping to absorb.

Pay attention to the public account: book friends base camp, pay attention to send cash and coins!

"Ha ha."

Regarding Nie Huofeng's words, Su Ping didn't smile and talked about the exercises. This is the boss, who will tell you?

Seeing Su Ping's reaction, Nie Huofeng smiled bitterly and didn't say anything. He naturally didn't mean to explore Su Ping's exercises, but he was too shocked.

After all, this thousand-year star power, his plan is to let himself hit the star master realm!

This is a huge savings that can make the starry sky realm powerhouses hope to get to the next level!

According to the cultivation base of Su Ping's Legendary Realm, it is reasonable to cultivate directly to the top limit of the Destiny Realm, but the fact is that even the Void Cave Realm has not been able to break through.

"Now that the Blue Star has migrated into this unknown galaxy, judging from the appearance of those spacecraft, it is produced by the Federation, and we are no longer in the fringe zone of the Federation." Nie Huofeng's gaze crossed Su Ping and looked at the sky above his head. Numerous spacecraft in the atmosphere.

In his aging and gloomy eyes, a bright light gradually emerged, saying: "Being able to connect with the Federation, our Blue Star will develop very rapidly in the future, and I... can really get out of Blue Star and explore this. A great starry sky..."

The original Blue Star was on the edge of a barren zone and needed resources without resources, but now in the Federation, even if he loses that thousand-year star power, Nie Huofeng is confident that he will rise again with his own ability and attack that stronger realm!

As long as the flame in your heart is not extinguished and always sprint forward, there will always be results!

Nie Huofeng's willpower, obviously will not be defeated because of this defeat and discredited reputation.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly and glanced at the many spaceships outside the atmosphere above his head, but he was a little worried and said: "I only heard that backwards will be beaten. You said that when the energy sheltered outside the atmosphere disappears, will these spacecraft attack us? When the native enslaved?"

A rare smile appeared on Nie Huofengs face, and said, "You worry too much. Although our Blue Star is a backward planet, it is also a legal planet registered in the Federation. It is protected by the federal law, and we were born on Blue Star. People who own Blue Stars legal land rights, even if they dont have the protection of the mysterious power now, if they come to Blue Star, they still have to pay us a star registration fee, and they also need to pay taxes if we catch monsters at Blue Star... "

"Furthermore, the Blue Star has just moved into this galaxy, which is bound to arouse the curiosity of many people in this galaxy. In a short time, it may become a tourist attraction. You know, the tax on tourism is very high..."

He seemed to suddenly regained his spirit and said a lot.

Su Ping was stunned. He naturally didn't understand the doorways inside, but looking at Nie Huofeng's aging face, there was a faint flush of excitement at this moment, obviously not like telling lies.

Sure enough, the banknote ability is the strongest!

No wonder the system is such a fan...

Su Ping secretly shook his head, interrupting Nie Huofeng's words, and said: "Then you stay here now, I will let my pet beast stay to protect you, I will solve the beast tide first."

After speaking, he called out the purple green python in the space.

"I don't need you to protect..." Nie Huofeng was about to say, seeing the purple green python summoned by Su Ping, he was speechless, and said: "If you really want to protect me, you can do it anyway, a sixth-tier battle pet. ..."

"It's enough to take care of you." Su Ping said in a bad mood.

What happened to the sixth rank, those king beasts all ran away, with the Violet Blue Python now comparable to the battle power of the Hanhai King rank, it was more than enough to protect him.

Still disgusted?

If its not for you, Im too lazy to take care of it!

With a snort, Su Ping turned and left.

The purple snake also realized that he had been underestimated, and slammed his tail whip to the ground, and immediately slapped the ground into a deep trench of seven or eight meters. It spit out a snake core and looked at Nie Huofeng coldly.

Nie Huofeng was a little stunned when he saw the deep ditch thrown out. It was obviously not the destructive power that a Tier 6 monster can cause.

And... this python beast is not afraid of himself?

You know, although he is in a poor state at the moment, he is a life in the starry sky after all. The pressure and aura that naturally exudes from his body are enough to make some monsters under the king tremble and panic, and they dare not approach. It is for this reason that he dares Stay here alone and dont need shelter.

But the python beast in front of me, it seems that he doesn't care about him at all, and he hurries his feet in contempt...

This... is it really a strange pet?

Nie Huofeng's mouth twitched slightly, and silently closed his eyes and adjusted his breath.



"Legendary Lord has chased away the king beast. Only these beasts under the king are left. Kill me!!"

"Charge, charge!!"

In the various places within the defense line, as the Lord of the Abyss was beheaded, many king beasts fled for their lives, and the many pet masters who were already desperate waiting to die at this moment are burning with strong hope, like a chicken blood, bursting out all the power, Rushing everywhere.

The monster beasts that had rushed to the streets of the base cities were immediately blocked by the pet divisions rushing out everywhere.

"Run, protect the elderly and children!!"

"Leave it to us here, we are also a pet master!"

All over the defense line, many pet divisions began to reinforce them everywhere to kill monsters.

With the addition of many legends such as Ye Wuxiu, the monster beasts scattered all over the defense line were immediately slaughtered, with blood everywhere, and the corpses left by the monster beast everywhere.

Roar! !

Su Ping also joined the battlefield to do the final cleaning.

He called out the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, followed by the loud roar of the dragon's roar, spreading the entire defense line, some of the fleeing monsters trembled their legs and fled like crazy.

"Little Skeleton, go."

Su Ping untied his fusion with Little Skeleton, and the body of Little Skeleton condensed beside him. Following Su Ping's orders, he immediately rushed into a battlefield.

"silly dog"

Su Ping looked at his body, his legs were still bent like wolf legs, full of explosive force, and darker hair appeared on his arms. Except for his face, he looked like a werewolf under a moonlit night. .


Su Ping untied the fusion with Ergou.

Soon, Ergou's figure appeared in mid-air. At this moment, Ergou's aura was still weak, but the horrible injuries that had been dying before had healed a lot.

"You go to rest first." Su Ping looked at Ergou, his eyes were complicated and gentle. He understood Ergou's intentions during this battle.

This stupid dog is so desperate to comprehend the defensive skills, not afraid of death, but just wants to...protect him.

Feeling Su Ping's palm on the top of his head, Ergou squinted and rubbed his eyes, then let out a moan.

"Silly dog, didn't you learn to speak before?"

"Tell me a few more words."



Su Ping was a little dumb, and immediately laughed silently, and finally laughed loudly.

When the laughter was over, Su Ping hugged Ergou deeply, and whispered: "The most important thing in the future is to protect yourself, you know?"


Ergou opened his mouth slightly, his eyes softened.


After letting Ergou leave, Su Ping also carried his sword into battlefields everywhere.

His whole body exudes surging power, and wherever he flies along the way, some monsters running in the alleys and streets are all trembling with fright and limp on the ground.

Su Ping shot all the monsters he saw along the way with energy.

On the battlefield, the screams of monsters were heard everywhere. In some places that had not been reinforced, some low-level monsters rushed into the houses and were still killing them.

The finishing work is proceeding rapidly, and the intelligence center and command headquarters have resumed operations again, quickly disseminating information from various places, and the command has also dispatched various pet division legions to reinforce one battlefield.

In a blink of an eye, within half an hour, the cleaning work was over.

Under Su Ping, Qin Duhuang, Ye Wuxiu and many other legends, all the monsters that stepped into the line of defense were beheaded, and the corpses and bloodstains of monsters were piled up everywhere in the streets.

Each base city is in dilapidated condition and needs reconstruction.

But at this moment, within this ruined line of defense, there was no palpitating beast roaring, and there was rare peace.

"it is finally over"

Ye Wuxiu, Xue Yunzhen and the others, standing high in the sky, looked at the broken base city and the corpses of monster beasts piled up everywhere, they all looked complicated and sighed.

"Thanks to him, otherwise, it is estimated that this place has become a nest of monsters now..." Xue Yunzhen's eyes flashed, looking into the distance, where a back figure was speeding forward, it was Su Ping.

When the others saw Su Ping's back, their eyes became awed involuntarily, and they all nodded.

"Yes, thanks to Boss Su."

"Probably only a person like Boss Su can be worthy of the word'Legend'."

"After this battle, I feel that I am going to retreat, and I have to sprint to a higher level."

"We are now migrating to the Federal Galaxy. Those spacecraft can enter us. Can we also take the spacecraft and go anywhere?"

"I heard that there are abundant resources in the Federation, maybe we can all sprint to a higher level..."

Everyone raised their heads and looked at the many spaceships above their heads, and their eyes flashed light. At this moment, for the rest of their lives, they are all looking forward to the future.


Su Ping returned to Longjiang and returned to the store.

Along the way, the pet masters standing on some dilapidated buildings that were being cleaned up, as well as people walking out of the streets and alleys, when they saw Su Ping flying overhead, they all cheered and raised their hands to say hello.

Some ordinary people knelt down holding their wives and children, tears streaming down their faces, grateful.

The departure was to fight, so he had to be fast. When he returned, Su Ping did not fly at full speed. At this moment, seeing the cheers on the ground and the excitement of the crowd, his mood was quite complicated.

Fortunately, fortunately, I did not give up, did not choose to stay in the store to live... Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

If he chooses the former, he will feel regret for the rest of his life. Even if he survives, he will always feel that he has not tried his best and will always fantasize. If he rushed out with a special-class trap ring, would he just bet that percentage? Probability of ten?

Although the immediate results told him that he was not the son of destiny, and Goddess of Luck would not take care of him when it was critical, but at least, he had no regrets.

Regardless of life or death, he is worthy of himself, even if he is dead, he will die as a "human"!

Soon, Su Ping saw the little naughty shop.

At this moment, there are still many people standing in the shop, and similarly, many people walked out of the safe area in the shop. After all, it was hard not to be crowded together, and the disaster was over. They all saw Su The scene where Ping Yijian beheaded the Lord of the Abyss.

The other people in the shop were more cautious and chose to be steady. At this moment, seeing Su Ping return, they were completely relieved, and they all burst into cheers.

In the enthusiastic cheers, the audience clapped in a rhythm that didn't know who was playing.


The applause was chaotic and uneven, but one after another like waves, spread all over the neighborhood.

The tens of millions of people who rushed here to ask for help did not leave either. At this moment, they all looked at Su Ping, who was returning like a king, with eager and excited eyes. Some of them had embraced each other and shed tears.

They knew that this battle was finally won!

Victory is too hard and not easy!

They were all in despair when they waited here. They were ready to be killed, to part with their relatives, and to be torn apart by monsters together.

Only when you deeply understand the feeling of heartbreak and despair can you know how touching and exciting the victory at this moment is!

"Welcome to Master Legend!!!"

"Welcome to Master Legend!!!"

"Welcome to Master Legend!!!"

I don't know who is taking the lead, the whole audience cheered, and thousands of people shouted together. This sound shook the sky and spread throughout Longjiang.

In some distant streets, many people walked out of the ruined ruins. Hearing the cheers, they all turned their heads and looked in that direction. There was excitement in their eyes, and they immediately helped each other and rushed over to go. Thanks to that lord.

There were also some war pet masters who were in charge of rescue. Hearing the shout, they looked at each other, their eyes were excited and smiles, and they were working harder to dig and rescue.

"Welcome to Master Legend!!!"

The calls of these tens of millions of people are unified at this moment, shaking the eardrums and penetrating people's hearts.

The emotion conveyed inside made Su Ping's whole body boil, and he couldn't help but feel a little moved deep in his heart. He smiled and waved his hand, wanting to signal that it doesn't have to be the case.

But at this time, a group of figures galloped from a distance.

"Welcome to Master Legend!!!"

"Welcome to Master Legend!!!"

Those figures were surprisingly Ye Wuxiu and others. At this moment, they all had smiles on their faces, knelt down on one knee in the void, and bowed to Su.

Su Ping saw that they were also coming to join in the fun, a little speechless, but seeing the sincerity emerging in their eyes, the helpless smile on his face also converged.

Farther away, the title came flying fast, and behind them, there were some war pet divisions driving the flying pets to follow, all of which burst into unified cheers.

At this moment, on the earth and the world, Su Ping is surrounded by the crowd, where countless people's eyes gather, and is the only king in the entire world! !


The animal tide is over, and the cleaning is over.

The rest is rescue and reconstruction work.

Order has also been restored within the line of defense. All parties have expressed their petitions, hoping that Su Ping will be the new lord of Blue Star and become the first person with the highest power of Blue Star.

All forces are willing to surrender.

After a unified defense and battle, the only remaining humans on the Blue Star at this moment are united as never before!

Su Ping naturally shied away from this petition. How can he be a lord?

Moreover, being a lord has no salary...Although no one can afford this salary, he still has no time!

He still has to look at the store and work for the system... He is just a hard worker.

It is very busy to hit workers full-time, and if he comes to a part-time job, he must not be exhausted?

However, after everyone's petition, Su Ping still failed to push off. In the end, under Su Ping's sharp bargaining, he finally won his "rights."

That is, he only puts on his name, as for everything else...all as a shopkeeper!

What's the business, the reconstruction, the distribution of the five continents, the care of the sows next door... They are all dumped out, no matter what.

Don't ask, ask is no time!

Under Su Ping's resolute attitude, everyone had no choice but to do it.

And Nie Huofeng also regained some strength, and his face was first restored to the original youth appearance...

Although he was defeated in this battle, he showed his "fudge" in front of all mankind, and was defeated by the Lord of the Abyss, but after all, he was the original peak master and his prestige was still there, and the strength revealed in that battle also made everyone awed.

As a result, Nie Huofeng was temporarily appointed by Su Ping as the director of planetary diplomacy...well, director!

After all, the cute little blue star has just moved over, and when he first arrived, only Nie Huofeng can come forward to negotiate with the galaxy. He has an understanding and familiarity with the laws of the Confederation. He has also heard about some other large galaxies in the Confederation. It is one of the only people who are said to be aborigines to connect with the Federation.

On the other hand, Ji Yuanfeng also returned shortly after clearing the beasts in the defense line. He was not injured. The information he brought back also made Su Ping relieved.

In the depths of the abyss corridor, there was indeed no terrifying monster beast.

And there, the Sealed God Array mentioned by Su Ping is indeed gone, and there is still the residue of the formation base. This also means that the shock caused by the destruction of the Sealed God Array just jumped the Blue Star, not What horrible monster beast released.

The news also drew a burst of cheers, and Su Ping, Ye Wuxiu and others' hearts all fell back.

No one wants to go through a war again, after all, the casualties are too heavy!

After this battle of the abyssal beast tide, the number of humans on the Blue Star has dropped from tens of billions to less than one billion at this moment. The billions that were originally gathered in the defense line also suffered most of the deaths and injuries, which is tragic!

In human history, there has never been such a tragic war. This war will inevitably be recorded in the annals of Blue Star, and will be remembered in history forever, to warn future generations!

With the end of the war and rebuilding everywhere, Su Ping also returned to his small shop and settled the little skeletons and two dogs in a foster place to heal them.

At the same time, the system once again urged Su Ping to move.

"The host must relocate to the third-level or above-level economic zone in the galaxy within 72 hours, otherwise all remaining energy in the store will be deducted and forced migration will be executed!"

The system said in Su Ping's mind, once again disguised as a mentally retarded...The speaking mode of an intelligent system is like reading a card mechanically.

"Can we not migrate? With our current popularity at Bluestar, customers will not be able to cross the threshold in the future!"

Su Ping didn't want to leave. The prestige that he finally built up in the shop, coupled with his own personal prestige, wouldn't he just lie down and count money when doing business? No one dared to question him even if he sold it at a high price.

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