Astral Pet Store Chapter 729

Chapter 729: Five Tier Planet Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"The planet where the host was previously located is the only economic zone in the galaxy. There is no choice!"

The system also wants to use a mechanical card reading method to speak, but it seems to feel that Su Ping is really unwilling to leave, and his tone becomes unceremonious: "Now this planet has jumped to another galaxy, and this galaxy is the bottom of the economic zone. As the host who wants to open a store and make money, how can he fall here?"

"Please raise the host's awareness, and have the awareness of making money as a boss and shopkeeper!"

Su Ping rolled his eyes at hearing.


Exploitation is so right.

Who said I want to make money? I just want to be a salted fish, OK!

Money...enough is enough, you are not forced to make money...

After all, Su Ping also knows that making money is really important. After all, money works everywhere. In the system, it works even more! If he had enough energy before the outbreak of the beast tide, he would be able to raise the Chaos Spirit Pool to level 5, and a level 5 Chaos Spirit Pool could have a small probability to breed a star pet beast!

As long as there is enough energy, one can always be smashed!

Who says Krypton does not change life? That's because you don't have enough krypton, Sao Nian...

"As long as you know."

Obviously, the system peeped into Su Ping's mind again.

Su Ping rolled his eyes and said, "Although Blue Star is not economically viable, it can develop! I think Blue Star will be a potential stock. Nie Huofeng said earlier that if it connects with this galaxy, Blue Star will soon Many people are attracted to come over and become tourist attractions! Population flow will drive the economy, and it will inevitably enter a period of economic explosion..."

"That's your business."

Regarding Su Pings long talk, the system showed a tone of disinterest and disdain for understanding, and said: "I only know that this planet is currently the bottom of the galaxys economy. If you can increase the planets economy within 72 hours When the galaxy reaches the third degree, there is no need to move."

Su Ping dumbfounded.

This guy, oil and salt don't get in.

In other words, if this system is filled with oil and salt, it won't rust your brain watts?

"I suspect you are taking the opportunity to speak bad words." The system said coldly.

"Does this still use doubt?"

"First warning!"

"No, I mean, I never have such a heart, how can you doubt me?"

The system snorted.

It was a joke, Su Ping sighed, and asked, "What kind of scale is the third-class economic zone you mentioned? With our current economic strength, how much worse is Bluestar?"

"The planet is currently the fifth-class economic zone and the lowest-class economic zone. If it is the third-class, it is at least 1008 times worse." The system said indifferently.


Su Ping is a bit speechless, why don't you stop saying 6 more?

Sure enough, it is not enough...

However, with a gap of thousands of times, this... Su Ping was somewhat silent.

This means that it is almost a certain fact that he moved away.

When he thought of bidding farewell to Blue Star, many faces appeared in his mind, which made him feel a little floating. Looking at the scenery outside the store, his thoughts were lost.

Life is like a track, always rolling forward. In the process, you will continue to meet new people and bid farewell to old friends...

Parting is the norm in life.

Su Ping sat alone for a long time and sighed.

If he wants to leave, he must deal with the matters on the Blue Star as soon as possible. It is best to be able to determine by the way whether the many spacecraft outside the atmosphere will really restrain the Blue Star as Nie Huofeng said. If there is a conflict, everyone on the Blue Star will definitely suffer.

Leaving the shop, Su Ping found Nie Huofeng, who was in the intelligence headquarters, commanding some personnel.

"Brother Su? You came just right. We are trying to contact people outside. In addition, you are now the lord of our Blue Star. Later, you need to register your spirit and star power to the lord's star order. You are the true lord in name of Blue Star. In the future, some taxes and economics generated by Blue Star will be divided into your personal account in accordance with federal laws."

Nie Huofeng said quickly when he saw Su Ping.

He didn't put on any airs in front of Su Ping Ping, and directly referred to as "Brother Su".

After all... Su Ping killed the Lord of the Abyss, and his combat power was stronger than him. Although his cultivation was only a legend, combat power was everything.

And just because it is a legendary cultivation base, there is such a terrifying combat power, that makes Nie Huofeng value more.

"Lord Star Order?"

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and never heard of it.

"That's it." Nie Huofeng flipped his palm and took out a bright green crystal token, which exudes a brilliant light, like a secret treasure, extremely eye-catching.

"This is the Lord's Star Order issued by the Federation to the legal planet. It is very important and must not be desecrated or destroyed. Even if a strong person in the Starry Sky Territory destroys this Lord's Star Order, it will be severely punished by the Federation!"

Nie Huofeng coughed slightly, his tone was suddenly embarrassed, and said: "Although our Blue Star is the origin star, the galaxy where it is located is scarce of resources, economically weak, and the route to and from other galaxies is extremely long, and trade lines cannot be established. Over time, It can only be produced and sold by itself, and it is about to become a primitive aboriginal planet.

In the Federation, we belong to the fifth-class planet, and this classification is determined by the comprehensive elements of the economy within the planet and the number of strong people registered under the planet's name. "

He looked at the many spacecraft in the atmosphere outside the skylight, and said:

"Now that we are in this galaxy, we can definitely use the economy inside to drive our Blue Star's economy. If we can draw in some more powerful players, and ten Starry Sky Realms are willing to register under our Blue Star name, we will Can submit a fourth-class planet application!"

Speaking of this, his eyes suddenly showed a bit of regret, and said: "If I can become the star owner, I can raise the blue star to the fourth-magnitude star by my own strength, and even work harder. , Make some friends in the Starry Sky Realm, and upgrade to a third-class planet..."

Su Ping blinked.

Nie Huofeng's words were too informative, and he was a little uncomfortable.

"Is there any difference between the fifth-class planet and the fourth-class planet?" Su Ping asked.

Nie Huofeng was stunned for a moment. Seeing Su Ping's puzzled look, he immediately smiled:

"Of course there is a difference, and the difference is huge!

For example, in the economy generated by the fifth-class planet, 1% of it goes to your pocket, and the remaining 50% needs to be handed over to the Federation!

For the fourth-class planet, you can get 5% of the share and only need to hand in 40%. The remaining 55% of the economy can be used to build the planet, or do other things in the name of construction. In short, it can be deployed. More resources! "

"This money... is just one of the benefits."

"For a fourth-class planet, you can still apply for reinforcements from the Federation in times of distress, such as the previous abyssal beast tide..." At this point, Nie Huofeng's face changed slightly, but he quickly said: "If we are a fourth-class star, In the face of such a star-covering disaster, you can apply for reinforcements from the strongest of the Federation, and you can solve it by raising your hand!"

"In addition, the fourth-class planets also have a quota for foreign aid stationed in the Star Territory, which is to invite other powerful people to their own planet, so that they can enjoy the benefits of our planet and the benefits of their original planet without becoming citizens of our planet. In the same way, these powerful foreign aid workers also need to help us in times of crisis or need.

In short, there are many benefits in all aspects, and you will gradually understand in the future. "

Su Ping seemed to understand but not, and probably understood a little.

In general, improving Bluestar's economy and increasing the number of Bluestar's strong players are the most important. As long as these two aspects increase, there will be many benefits.

The details will be known at that time.

However, thinking that he was about to leave, Su Ping looked at the lord Xing Ling in Nie Huofeng's hand, shook his head and said, "This lord, it seems that I can't be a leader."

Nie Huofeng was taken aback, and said, "Why?"

"I will leave Blue Star soon and go to other places." Su Ping shook his head and said, "As a lord, but not at Blue Star, this is unreasonable. Either you should continue to be the lord or give it to others."

Nie Huofeng was startled, "Are you leaving?"

Many staff members in the intelligence room also stopped their work, turning their heads to look at Su Ping in amazement.

In this war, all the talents of Su Ping survived. At this moment, in the eyes of everyone, Su Ping is the savior and the **** of Blue Star!

It is also the only lord recognized by all Blue Star people!

"Yes, I'm going to another place." Su Ping nodded, mentally prepared for everyone's reaction.

Nie Huofeng opened his mouth slightly, wanting to say something, but suddenly thought that with Su Ping's talents, based on Blue Star's current conditions, it is true that Su Ping cannot be held back, and he can develop better if he goes elsewhere.

If you can cultivate to the star master realm, what is the position of the lord of a small planet?

He looked at Su Ping with admiration and sigh in his eyes.

What courage is needed to abandon the supreme power of a planet!

And Su Ping's determination to abandon these and pursue the path of cultivation with all his heart moved him!

Really strong people should have such a desire to seek the truth... If you can be caught by other chores, how can you sprint on the path of the strongest? !

Thinking of this, he suddenly realized that he had taken these things too seriously!

Including the calculation of the Lord of the Abyss, he wanted to enslave him into his own battle pet, plus the blockade of Blue Stars Millennium Star Power, in order to make himself a Star Lord in one fell swoop, and thus direct Blue Star from the fifth-class planet. Pull into the ranks of third-class planets!

At that time, as the lord of the Blue Star, he would be considered a person with a head and face in the federation where the strong gathered.

But...what are these things in front of the real cultivation way?

Face, reputation, praise from the world...

But it's all things outside of the body!

All his calculations eventually became empty, but Su Ping was cheaper, and he almost wiped out the human race on the Blue Star!

If he hadn't had such a calculation thousands of years ago, and completely flattened the abyss, after he had cultivated to the starry sky, he would abandon the blue star and go to the Federation to explore alone. Perhaps he would have grown to a higher level now.

Trapped, dragged... The strong should be alone, walking across the universe, following the heart of Tao, and pursuing the road to the gods!

Thinking of this, Nie Huofeng had a feeling of looking at the clouds and mist in front of him and seeing the bright moon.

"Thank you Brother Su!" Nie Huofeng suddenly clasped his fists and solemnly said to Su Ping.

Su Ping: "???"

I just said that, did you really promise the lord?

Are you worried about it a long time ago?

The thief is finally exposed!

"Since you are willing, the lord will leave it to you." Su Ping was too lazy to think. Although Nie Huofeng was sometimes confused, but in general, he still pretended to be the lord of the Blue Star in his heart... Barely enough, after all, there is no other suitable candidate.

In addition to being a lord, there is no lack of cultivation base. Ye Wuxiu's cultivation base is too low, and they are stationed in the abyss all the time. When the lord is estimated to be black and don't understand anything.

Hearing Su Pings words, Nie Huofeng was taken aback, and immediately knew that Su Ping had misunderstood, and waved his hand again and again, saying: "Brother Su, you have misunderstood. I dont want to be the lord, the lord. I think its better for you to sit here. I must also learn from you, pursue a higher path, strive to become a star master as soon as possible, and even become a **** in the future!"


Su Ping was stunned.

Damn it!

So, you have to run away?

Who will take care of the Blue Star? !

Besides, I have no choice but to run away, I want to make money!

What kind of way are you chasing, what kind of god, can't you honestly guard your home?

If the highlands are gone, what's the point of having you five kills? !

Su Ping was very upset, and his face became cold. He said, "Brother Nie, now the Blue Star mess is caused by you. How can you run? Even if you want to leave, you have to wait for Blue Star to stabilize before leaving. , Let me be the lord, I am the one who is going to leave soon, there is a reason why I have to leave!"

When Nie Huofeng saw Su Ping suddenly turn his face, he was a little at a loss. What did I say wrong? Am I not holding you? Why are you worried about me!

"Well, Brother Su, don't worry, I won't leave now. After all, I don't know what galaxy we have transitioned to, and we are still communicating. Besides, this mess is indeed caused by me, and I will be responsible. , But the position of the lord is indeed yours!"

Nie Huofeng smiled bitterly: "Now Blue Star only recognizes you as the lord! Even if you want to leave, it's okay. You can leave other people to take care of it. Anyway, you just wait to count the money every month. Whenever something major happens, you need to come out in person, and you can come back again."

"That's OK?" Su Ping stunned: "As a lord, don't I need to sit here?"

Nie Huofeng shook his head repeatedly, and said: "Some starry sky experts have purchased several planets and are the lord of several planets. How can they get over? It's just some big things that require your approval, and then you need to come forward, but If you are not far away, you can also take the spaceship back to deal with it at any time. These are flexible."

Su Ping slapped his head, stupid.

It really is!

The system just asked him to relocate the store to the third-class economic zone of the galaxy, but it didn't say that he would not be allowed back!

Since it is the same galaxy, wouldn't he be able to come back anytime in a spacecraft?

"okay then."

Thinking of this, Su Ping immediately broke off the idea of letting the lord out. Anyway, he can sit and collect money. Although this money cannot be converted into store energy, he may have to spend money in many places outside of the federal government. Of course the money is in your own pocket...just happy!

Seeing that Su Ping finally stopped pushing back, Nie Huofeng was relieved, and the surrounding intelligence personnel were relieved, as long as Su Ping was still there, they felt at ease.

Suddenly, a beep sounded, and someone exclaimed: "Lord Lord, there is news. I just cracked their communication and received a signal from them!"

Both Su Ping and Nie Huofeng were taken aback and looked quickly.

The intelligence officer got permission from Nie Huofeng, and immediately broadcast the signal and converted it into Blue Stars language. It was a middle-aged voice with a more powerful voice: "Is there anyone? Please reply, we are the Sylvie Galaxy, fourth class. The star defense army on the planet Misso, we are not malicious..."

"Sylvie Galaxy?" Nie Huofeng was stunned when he heard this.

Su Ping asked: "Why do you know this galaxy?"

Nie Huofeng looked excited, nodded, and said, "It's fate, fate! Do you know, our Blue Star has sent some top geniuses to Blue Star over the past few years, and let them study in the Federation. The place is the top university in the Sylvie galaxy!"

Su Ping was stunned, and suddenly thought of the Federation visitor who had come to the Blue Star not long ago.

However, he remembered the news from Peak Tower at that time that there was a starry sky realm powerhouse in the opponent, but... he didn't help Blue Star!

Thinking of this, his face faded.

"Now when we come to the Sylvie Galaxy, it will be more convenient to send talents abroad in the future! Moreover, it will be easier for those who have studied abroad to return. We have sent a lot of talents over the years. If they Knowing that our planet has jumped here, I will definitely be very excited!" Nie Huofeng said more and more excitedly.

Su Ping frowned when she heard it, and said, "You said that a lot of geniuses have been sent out. Why do you send Blue Star's geniuses here? Just to make them a starry sky?"

Nie Huofeng immediately nodded and said: "Of course! It is very difficult to become a starry sky on a blue star! The concentration of star power on a blue star is like this. The higher the practice, the higher the requirements for star power concentration, if it is very weak. Star power, after absorbing it, you still need to refine it and compress it again... it all takes time!"

"If you dont become a starry sky, how can you have such a long life? The legend of the fate of life, living for thousands of years, has already declined in life, entered the old age, and the improvement of cultivation level and spiritual perception will be greatly weakened. Simply put, After living for thousands of years, if you don't break through, it will be difficult for your cultivation base to go further, unless it is a great opportunity!"

Su Ping was slightly silent, but he knew this. After all, he stayed with Joanna all day, and apart from chatting and farting, he still talked about some useful things.

In the past thousand years on the Blue Star, Nie Huofeng and the Lord of the Abyss had indeed appeared in the two starry sky realms. This birth probability was too low.

"So for so many years, is there a genius to go back?" Su Ping asked.

Nie Huofeng was taken aback, his face looked slightly ugly, and said: "If you return to Blue Star from here, the journey is far away. If you don't become a starry sky, how can you return..."

"That said, the geniuses who have been sent for so many years have not been able to become the Star Realm?" Su Ping raised his eyebrows, seeing Nie Huofeng's face, he immediately understood something.

Have you seen a wider world, dont you want to retreat to a small corner?

Dont forget, thats home...

"People's hearts will change, so many geniuses, if you don't send them out, nurture a few, teach a few, at least there will be a lot of them, more promising than your apprentice!" Su Ping said coldly. .

Nie Huofeng was silent. He had never thought about this idea, so the geniuses sent out later were all selected, either with a very correct concept and knowing the rewards of grace, or there are family members on Blue Star that cannot be abandoned.

But... still no one came back.

"Maybe." Nie Huofeng didn't refute Su Ping's words. He shook his head slightly and said: "Maybe it is another reason. The competitive environment here may be more cruel, and their competition failed..."

Su Ping's eyes moved slightly, but it was indeed possible.

However, he did not believe that none of the geniuses delivered over the past thousand years would be successful.

Seeing Nie Huofeng's face, Su Ping didn't say it straight anymore. It would be no good for him to hit him. The matter is already here, what's the point of saying more?

What's more, he didn't know the specific reason. No matter what, since the galaxy that Nie Huofeng knew a little bit before him, it was always good for them.

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