Astral Pet Store Chapter 730

Chapter 730: New Place Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Can you reply?"

At this time, Nie Huofeng asked the intelligence officer, wanting to reply to the signal just deciphered.

The intelligence officer shook his head and said: "Return to Lord Legend, with our Blue Star's current technology, it is still impossible to reply to accurate information. In that atmosphere, an extraordinary energy envelope was detected and the entire planet was surrounded and shielded, which is estimated to be in the atmosphere Outside, they have no way of knowing our situation inside."

"If you want to reply, you can only send light waves with the newly developed electric light wave technology. The extraordinary energy does not shield the light, so light waves can penetrate. This can also remind them that there are civilizations on our planet. , Not a primitive planet."

Nie Huofeng and Su Ping looked at each other, Su Ping spread his hands, he didn't understand, and he didn't bother to understand.

"Yes." Nie Huofeng nodded immediately.

From the deciphering passage just now, you can also hear that those people outside do not know the situation inside the Blue Star, and it can be seen that they are shielded by the extraordinary energy of the transition.

If it were considered a primitive planet, it would be a big deal.

The intelligence personnel looked at Su Ping, saw that Su Ping did not deny, he nodded immediately, and said: "This needs an expert to come over..."

"Although call!" Nie Huofeng waved his hand and commanded.



While delivering the signal, Nie Huofeng took Su Ping to the side, and handed the lord star order to Su Ping, saying, "Brother Su, you can register first now. I have removed my lord message from it."

After speaking, he injected star power, only to see a dark vortex appeared on the green crystal token, with strange suction coming out.

"Just brand your soul and star power aura in." Nie Huofeng said.

Su Ping glanced twice and felt that the dark vortex was not dangerous. Only then did he release his mental power and star power and inject it into it.

Soon, after the injection was finished, the dark vortex shrank and disappeared, and Su Ping immediately felt that there was something in his mind and connected to him.

"Tianhe system number 801013 planet, the lord is applying for registration..."

"Recording the soul and star power..."

"The recording is complete, please enter your name."

Several voices resounded in my mind, and the voices contained no emotions, like mechanical sounds.

Su Ping almost thought the system was weird in his mind. After listening to it, he realized something was wrong. Although the system likes to pretend to be mentally handicapped... but it always pretends to be too similar, and the more I listen to this, the more I feel that it is truly emotional. intelligent.

"The serial number is 801013?"

Su Ping looked at Nie Huofeng and confirmed with him that it was not that he had a hearing voice.

"Well, does it require you to enter a name? You can enter whatever you want." Nie Huofeng smiled and said: "This Lord Starling has many functions. For example, during interstellar exploration, it is a map navigation, which contains almost 90% of the Federation area. In addition, it is also a receiver!

After you pass the review and become a lord, you can enter the lords virtual world with the lords star order. There are lords of other planets. You can make friends with other lords and share information with each other. There is also a virtual fighting pavilion inside. Discuss and hone with other lords inside..."

Speaking of this, his gaze fell on the green crystal-like lord star order, with a trace of reluctance in his eyes.

Su Ping is a little surprised, what kind of technology is this? Never heard of it.

With this small token, can you make friends with other lords and learn together in the virtual world?

"Then have you discussed it in there before?" Su Ping asked curiously.

Nie Huofeng was taken aback, his old face blushed, and a light cough said, "When I became the Blue Star Lord, I also drove the ducks to the shelves. It was only the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm. I met other lords in the Starry Sky Realm. I am willing to discuss with me, and because of this, I can't make friends with others. When others hear where I am, no one is willing to take care of them, otherwise I would have made some strong friends and come to transform our planet!"

Su Ping suddenly heard his last words, and said in an angry manner: "Even if you can make friends with others, there is no need for them to come over, don't you leave the Lord of the Abyss to yourself to tame it?"

Nie Huofeng was stunned, and smiled bitterly: "Brother Su, don't talk about it anymore. My star power that has accumulated for thousands of years is also given to you. It is entirely for you to make wedding dresses..."

"I got it by my own ability. What do you mean by giving it to me?" Su Ping snorted coldly. He didn't accept this love.

Nie Huofeng's mouth twitched, yes, he couldn't argue. Without Su Ping, Blue Star would be gone. Su Ping was really right...


He sighed heavily.

Seeing that he had nothing to say, Su Ping was no longer aggressive, and turned to say: "Then you later became the Star Realm, and you didn't make friends in it?"

Nie Huofeng smiled bitterly, and said: "If you make friends with people of the same level, no one will pay attention. Some of Blue Star's cultivation techniques are too weak. You haven't come into contact with those strong people in the Federation. At the same level, they can completely crush. Compress us, I'm fighting against those starry sky realms, I can't stop even one move!"

"The Vast Sea Realm among them can even kill our Void Cave Realm legend!"

He sighed: "Because of this, I want to send out Blue Star's geniuses. I hope they will learn the powerful Federal Star Law and bring Blue Star back..."

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and curled his lips: "Speaking of which, you are too weak. It's no surprise that the Vast Sea Realm kills the Void Cave Realm."

Nie Huofeng was stunned, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. Only then did he realize that he said this in front of the monster Su Ping, and it was a shame.

The one who has just stepped into the legend can kill the starry sky.

What are you talking about with such a monster? !

"By the way, what is your name registered in it?" Su Ping asked.

Nie Huofeng's face was depressed. Hearing this, he rarely showed a little arrogance on his face. He smiled indifferently: "This name must be special enough so that people can remember you easily. My name inside is fire. Yun Cthulhu, how is it?"


Why don't you call it "Zero Hair"!

Su Ping was a little speechless. After thinking about it, what would he use?

Since he doesn't need to use his real name, he naturally doesn't want to use it. It's always good to be low-key when he is out of the house... Why not call Yan Shuangying? Wait, I'm too pressing, or called...my surname Ma?

This is also not appropriate, as he is superior to others and is too bullying.

Soon, Su Ping realized that since he wanted to make money, it was natural that everything had to be in line with money. In the future, he would go to greet other planet lords with the title, and his name would be a good advertising space.

It's called...

If you are interested in cultivating and selling pet animals, please contact?

Just do it, Su Ping is really not kidding, his consciousness returned to a virtual box that emerged in his mind, and he entered this in the name registration.

"The nickname is currently unoccupied. Are you sure?"


Ding dong, registration is complete!

Su Ping was a little surprised. He was also worried that the name was too long to register. It seems that in the vast federation, there are many people on the planet with long names!

"The data review is complete, the Tianhe system number 801013 planet lord, "please contact those interested in cultivating and selling a dragon pet" has completed the registration and become the lord of the planet. The current registration information of the planet is as follows, please have a look..."

Soon, some basic information of Bluestar came to Su Ping's mind.

Blue Star: fifth-class planet!

Planet area...

The sea area of the planet...

Planet mass...

The average concentration of star power...

Planet population...

Su Ping glanced, dizzy, put it down temporarily.

The population of the planet above remains the same as the number before the disaster, over 13.2 billion people. Now the new information has not been uploaded in time. If it is checked by the federal government at this moment, it will be fined and even more severe.

"How about it, is the registration completed, what's your name?" Nie Huofeng asked curiously.

Su Ping shook his head and said, "It's a long story."


Nie Huofeng was a little confused.

Su Ping had to report the newly registered name.

After listening, Nie Huofeng's expression was enough to lay three eggs, his eyes were wide, and he said in amazement: "Su, Brother Su, are you kidding me?"

"Am I humorous?" Su Ping asked.

Nie Huofeng is dumb, humorous your sister!

The lord of the dignified Blue Star is so stupid, earthy, LOW to the name of an explosion, don't you want to show your face?

What would other lords think? !

Su Ping looked at Nie Huofengs expression and immediately knew what he was thinking. He patted his shoulder and said, "You, you still havent penetrated. Your face is something outside your body. As long as you dont want it, others cant slap you in the face. Dont think too much. many."


This statement...so so special, I can't refute it!

Nie Huofeng stood there, his mouth twisted.

After a while, Nie Huofeng came back to his senses and saw Su Ping's indifferent look. He smiled bitterly in his heart. Suddenly, a thought came into his mind, if Su Ping was promoted to the Starry Sky Realm in the future, he would be so stupid. Discuss the names with other lords and defeat them. I don't know what it will be like for those people...

Thinking of this, he couldn't help grinning, and the weird picture appeared in his mind.

"I'm leaving in three days. I'll go and say goodbye to others first." Su Ping didn't continue to delay, said: "If you get any information from the above, you can notify me at any time."

Nie Huofeng returned to his senses and nodded, "Leave it to me."


Su Ping left here and went to visit those acquaintances.

Although he said he would come back, no one knew when it would be. Su Ping found Ye Wuxiu and others, found Li Yuanfeng, and told them about it.

Everyone was shocked and asked why.

Su Ping didn't elaborate, everyone saw that Su Ping was a little embarrassed, and they didn't ask questions. They were all in a complicated mood.

In the end, after discussion, everyone decided to send Su Ping a good farewell.

Except for Ye Wuxiu and the others, Su Ping was still in the line of defense that was being rebuilt. He saw the newly-built Educator Association and saw many familiar faces in it, but he did not say goodbye. After all, he has to come back and tell these people It doesn't make much sense, unlike Ye Wuxiu, they are the cutting-edge power of Blue Star. It is necessary to know the whereabouts of his lord.

Standing high in the sky, Su calmly stared at this devastated land, seeing countless figures in it diligently repairing and rebuilding, he was a little bit embarrassed.

Parting is always melancholy.

After watching for a long time, Su Ping returned to the store after his mood calmed down. He also told his parents about the matter. As for the reason for leaving, there is no way to explain it, only another reason.

Knowing Su Ping's current status and identity, his parents didn't ask too much. After all, Su Ping's current height, they can't see what they see, and they may not understand after asking.

However, they all chose to stay. They were reluctant to leave the Blue Star, and they were also reluctant to touch the new things outside. When they got older, they were willing to live here for the elderly, take a look at the familiar scenery every day, and reminisce about the beauty.

When Su Ping saw this, he didn't force them.

As for Su Lingyue, she did not choose to follow this time, which surprised Su Ping.

He originally thought that according to this guy's active personality, he would definitely go out to meet the market and open his eyes, but he didn't expect to choose to stay.

However, Su Ping suddenly understood something when he saw Su Lingyue's clenched fist.

...... Are you reluctant to hold yourself back?

The corners of his mouth moved slightly, but he didn't say anything. He didn't care about some things, but others might not be able to pass the hurdle in his heart.

"When I really become stronger, I will give you a broader and turbulent starry sky again!" Su Ping made a silent promise in his heart.

Facing the unknown place of relocation, he did not dare to guarantee that he could take good care of this sister, which made him more and more eager and want to become stronger!

In addition, Su Ping knew one thing when saying goodbye.

He is his father Su Yuanshan, and he is actually a skywalker in Longjiang Base City!

And he used to go to sea as an excuse to leave home. It happened that the Shifang Suotian Formation in another base city was attacked by a beast wave commanded by the other side, and there was turbulence, so he went to help stabilize it.

After Su Ping's breakthrough this time, he faintly felt the deep energy hidden in his father's body. He was a little surprised to hear what he said, but it seemed to be psychologically prepared.

Before leaving, Su Yuanshan passed on to Su Ping the concealed breath technique he had cultivated. It was called Mist Hidden Divine Breath Technique!

This is an ancient secret technique that Su Yuanshan obtained from a starry sky secret realm, and it has a very strong effect in hiding aura!

Su Ping is not polite to this, anyway, it is a family member, and this secret technique is really good. His previous perception is very keen, but he has not noticed the energy in his father at all. It is estimated that he is a strong person in the starry sky realm. If you investigate carefully, you can't find it!

And his father's true cultivation base, like other skywalkers, was a virtual cave realm.

Su Yuanshan is a Skywalker of Longjiang's generation. There were two previous generations, but the previous generation was not his grandfather, and had no blood relationship with his family, but only a teacher-student relationship.

The duty of each generation of skywalkers is to hide in the dark to protect the heavenly formations in the ten directions. Therefore, Su Yuanshan has never shown his power. Unless it is necessary, this also leads to Su Pings family status, which is relatively ordinary and can live a life. Kind.

However, in Su Lingyue's cultivation and awakening, Su Yuanshan has worked secretly, including Su Lingyue's cultivation talent, which has inherited her, although in Su Ping's view, this talent... is not too much. Excellent, but among her peers, Su Lingyue is already very strong, and she has always been among the best in the Star Pet Academy, and she is also number one in her grade.

Knowing his father's current cultivation base, Su Ping left them here, and he was a little relieved.

Time is rushing.

On the second day, the extraordinary energy outside the atmosphere dissipated, a large number of spacecraft entered the Blue Star, and the situation inside the Blue Star was also detected for the first time.

Like the previous information, the powerhouses in these spaceships, previously isolated by that extraordinary energy, could not see the inside of the planet that suddenly jumped here.

At this moment, as the energy dissipated and the light waves transmitted before, they found that this was really not an unowned primitive planet, but a legal planet registered in the Federation.

After knowing this information, many spacecraft had turned around and left even if they were not interested.

Some spaceships have also sent out requests to board the stars, wanting to see what happens to this new neighbor who has just moved over.

Judging from the data detected in their spacecraft, this planet is...very ordinary.

Su Ping did not refuse these requests to board the stars, and the reaction of these spacecrafts also made Su Ping completely relieved. It seems that the orderly areas in the Federation do abide by the laws of the Federation, and there is no such strong person. Rampant situation.

As Su Ping came forward, these spacecraft came to the Blue Star. Nie Huofeng had already prepared and planned an area in advance as the spacecraft parking area.

A number of figures came out of the spacecraft. In hundreds of spacecraft, there were more than a dozen strong stars in the starry sky, and the breath that radiated made the mentally prepared Nie Huofeng nervous.

Headed by Su Ping, legends such as Nie Huofeng and Ji Yuanfeng greeted these star climbers.

When I saw Nie Huofeng, the aura of these starry sky realm powerhouses was slightly reduced, and no longer so ostentatious. When I learned that Su Ping was the lord, I was very surprised, but did not ask in detail. Even if someone asked directly, Su Ping Also smiled without saying a word, did not answer.

After learning about the situation of Blue Star, these powerhouses from various planets had no interest, and some left directly.

After all, judging from their instrumental testing data, this planet should be a barren planet that is very backward, and there is nothing to tap into its potential... and there is no need for friendship.


It's the third day.

Su Ping entrusted Nie Huofeng and Ji Yuanfeng with all the things he could explain. He didn't understand many things in this federation. He basically left the shopkeeper. As long as it was not necessary for him to take the lord star order to sign it. The matter is left to Nie Huofeng to decide.

Time flickered, and it was the last two hours he had to move away.

Outside the store, Su Ping waved goodbye to his parents and Su Lingyue.

When he returned to the store, only Tang Ruyan, Joanna, and his apprentice Zhong Lingtong were left in the store.

Tang Ruyan is a temporary worker, and Su Ping has no plans to stay. After all, the shop has been upgraded and there is a shortage of staff. Joanna may not be able to come over by herself.

And Zhong Lingtong also hopes to go outside, see the wider world, and see the more advanced cultivation techniques in the Federation, and Su Ping is also willing to take her out to gain insight.

"Did you say goodbye to your family?" Su Ping glanced at Tang Ruyan and asked.

Tang Ruyan looked outside the store, feeling a little bit disappointed. He turned his gaze back and nodded: "I have already said goodbye... I passed the position of patriarch to my sister."

Tang Ruyu... Su Ping's eyes flashed, and the girl's appearance appeared in his mind, thinking that the other party was willing to come forward from the safe area of the store during the war, he nodded slightly, and said nothing.

Anyway, this was an internal matter within the Tang family, and he had no right to interfere.

"How about you?"

"I also told my family." Zhong Lingtong quickly stood up.


Su Ping didnt say any more, he communicated with the system in his heart, and said: "Prepare to migrate, how to migrate? Use my random migration opportunity? Have you targeted this opportunity for me a long time ago, deliberately thinking of ways to let me use Drop?"

"You think too much." The system contemptuously said: "What do I want you to do, you only need a command, do you dare not follow it?"

Su Ping's eyes turned straight, and he really made a tree for you!

However, as a worker, he really couldn't resist.

"Count you cruel!" Su Ping snorted coldly in his heart.

The system said indifferently: "Considering the problem of store management, your chance of random migration, I compressed it into this galaxy for you. Between the first-class economic zone and the third-class economic zone, it depends on you where you can go randomly. Good luck."

Su Ping asked: "Then if I go to one place at random, will such a big shop just crash down, will it scare people to death?"

"You don't have to worry about this, this system has its own supernatural powers, so that everything is without a trace, without knowing it!" The system proudly said.

"Is it?"

Su Ping was a little bit angry when he saw it look so stinky, "Okay, let's be random!"

"please confirm."

"Confirm confirmation, don't keep repeating such boring confirmation prompts."

"The little naughty pet shop is about to start a store transition... This transition will consume a random transition opportunity for the host, and the following will start to randomly select the transition address..."

"The countdown to the transition begins..."





Su Ping couldn't bear the skin of this system.

But soon, the countdown reached zero.

Su Ping has already released the star power, ready to withstand the shock of the previous planet jump, and at the same time cover the star power to Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong.

But after one second, two seconds... as if nothing happened?

Su Ping was stunned, and asked the system in his heart: "Where is the transition? Has it begun?"

"It's over." The system said calmly.

Su Ping was stunned, looking towards the door of the store, his eyes widened suddenly.

At the opposite door of the shop, it was no longer the Qin's small building, but a broad long street and a pointed building with a European-style architectural style.

Is this the end of the transition? !

Su Ping couldn't help blinking, it made me listen loud!


It feels like his muscles are tense, waiting for the explosion at any time, and as a result... a fart didn't come out, so why was he nervous just now?

"Who knows?" Peeping crazy said calmly.

With this breath alone, Su Ping could think of a face that was not beaten, and then shrugged and spread his hands.

Su Ping rolled his eyes straight.

At this moment, two voices suddenly came from outside the door.

"Mia, do you want to buy pet beasts? I know that there is a good pet beast shop nearby. I just met the manager there, and I can introduce the breeding master there to help you choose it." A male voice said.

"No, I just came out to buy some pet food, any store will do." The other girl replied, her tone slightly cold and indifferent.

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