Astral Pet Store Chapter 731

Chapter 731: Trigger Task Seeking Subscription For Monthly Ticket

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"Can I buy the pet food for your Frostblood Star Dragon Beast? If you buy pet food, you can't be sloppy."

The boy immediately said: "You dont know, some pet shops have the same pet food, but the quality is very different. Some are either artificially cultivated, some are mixed with certain chemicals, and the effect is poor. , And its even easy to eat badly! Now that there are many black businesses, we still go to regular stores to be reliable. I have acquaintances who can check it out for us."

The girl was slightly silent, seeming to be hesitating, but she quickly replied: "No, all the shops here have formal business licenses. There should be nothing like what you said."

After speaking, Su Ping saw a slender woman with long silver hair coming into the store.

The woman's face is delicate, and her eyes are light silver, like a fairy.

Behind the woman, followed by a young man wearing a black self-cultivation dress with an emerald-like watch on his wrist and a dark red brooch on his chest. The dress was extremely noble.

Su Ping looked slightly stunned. Even though he was surprised by the appearance of the alien race in the place of migration, he was also a little confused because he found that he didn't understand what they were saying.

He secretly cried out in his heart that the Federation covers too many planets, and each planet has its own local language. How can he understand this?

"Ding Dong!"

"It is detected that the host does not master the local language. In order to maintain the normal business of the store, the host must purchase the current mainstream common language in the world of life and the local language of the economic zone."

"Universal language charges: fifty thousand energy."

"Local language charges in the economic zone: 10,000 energy."

"It is detected that the balance meets the payment conditions, and the deduction is in progress..."

Soon, Su Ping saw that his account had lost 60,000 energy, and at the same time, countless unfamiliar words and words appeared in his mind.

These vocabulary is another system of language, extremely jerky, but Su Ping feels more and more familiar, as if he had mastered it since childhood.

Soon, Su Ping woke up.

Seeing that there were sixty thousand less on the account, Su Ping was slightly dumb. Six thousand energy is six million stars. The cost of these two linguistics is too high.

Fortunately, it relieved him of his urgent need.

"Strange, when there is such a beast pet shop here, I have never seen it before, but the decoration is okay..." At this moment, the luxurious young man who entered the shop immediately looked around and said with a slight surprise.

His gaze swept into the shop, and when he saw Tang Ruyan, his eyes paused slightly, and his eyes were a little surprised. He didn't expect to see such a woman with such an outstanding temperament in this casual animal petting shop.

As for Zhong Lingtong next to him, his round face is pretty, but mostly cute and cute.

Smelling the faint fragrance around him, the young man quickly retracted his gaze, his complexion returned to normal, his expression calm.

"Who is the boss?"

Beside, the silver-haired woman was looking around in the store, peering on the shelf behind the counter.

Su Ping came back to his senses. Just about to order Xiao Tang to entertain the customers, she suddenly thought that she had no system, and she had just come here. It is estimated that she hasn't reacted to the sudden transfer of the store from Blue Star to this unfamiliar area. Before, said:

"Welcome, I am the owner of this shop, what do you need?"

When he opened his mouth, it was pure federal lingua franca, because the two people in front of him were also speaking lingua franca.

Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong in the back were pulled back to their senses by Su Ping's words, both with wide-eyed faces, unbelievable faces, like a ghost.

Are they dazzled?

I was still on Blue Star a second ago, but now I changed places suddenly! ?

They had thought that Su Ping had said that they were leaving Blue Star by taking them on a spaceship or crossing the starry sky in other ways to leave. They did not expect to stay in the shop and move with the shop!

What a magical power this is!

They didn't even feel any movement!

Looking at the street scene outside the store entrance, it was completely different from the previous one, plus the two aliens entering the store in front of him, Tang Ruyan was a little shocked and excited, and couldn't help rushing to the store entrance.

At this glance, her mouth grew into an "O" shape, and the streets around here were completely changed!

The buildings in the distance and the sky are also different. You can see planets dozens of times larger than the moon in the sky. The planets are not craters impacted by space meteors, but ecological planets with green vegetation areas. , Blue ocean area, and brown rocky mountain area.

Tang Ruyan was dull for a while, couldn't help rushing back to the store, yelling.

"We, are we leaving Blue Star now?"

"Just this moment?"

"My God, what power is this!"

Tang Ruyan was so shocked that he yelled and danced, it was incredible.

The young man was slightly stunned when he saw Tang Ruyan's appearance that she was not a lady. Obviously he didn't expect this beautiful woman to be... a fool? !

If you dont understand what you say, its so silly!

Su Ping saw Tang Ruyan yelling, and he was full of black lines and raised his forehead. Although he knows this is incredible, can you please restrain yourself?

Anyhow, it is also my employee, which is too embarrassing.

With a dry cough, Su Ping said to the two people in front of him: "Um, let's go on, what do you need?"

"Wow, what language are you speaking? I have never heard it before. Is it an alien language?" Tang Ruyan's attention was attracted by Su Ping's words, and asked in surprise.

Su Ping gave her a sideways look, didn't he see me doing business?

I'm still interrupting here if I didn't help, are there any employees like you?

Tang Ruyan was too familiar with Su Ping, and immediately understood the meaning in his eyes, and immediately reacted, sticking out his tongue.

Mia glanced at Tang Ruyan, and she was a little surprised. The latter's face was not inferior to her. How could she be so crazy?

Hearing Su Ping's words, she retracted her gaze, facing the man, her face also returned to coldness, and said: "I need a fresh Tianshuang crystal fruit, the higher the age, the better."

Su Ping was taken aback, turned his head and swept at the counter, and quickly confirmed, shook his head and said: "We don't have this in this store. You are eating it for a pet beast. Maybe I have something else to replace it."

Mia was startled, obviously she didn't expect that Su Ping would not even have such a popular pet food here.

The young man next to him also heard Su Pings words and couldnt help but sneered. He shook his head and said to Mia next to him: "Lets go Mia, this kind of shop doesnt even know what kind of pet beast the Tianshuang Jingguo eats. If we still do business like this, let's go to a more reliable store."

Mia also showed disappointment in her eyes, and was about to turn around and leave.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly, and at this moment, the voice of the system jumped into his mind:

"Ding Dong!"

"Detected damage to the reputation of our store, lost customers, and triggered temporary tasks!"

"Temporary task name: Never miss an order!"

"Task requirements: Customers who meet their needs in this store must not miss anyone. Please be sure to keep the customers in front of you and make them consume 10 million energy in this store!"

"Task prize: a medium-level spiritual opening illustration book."

Su Ping was stunned, his eyes brightened and a little excited.

It's not easy!

It's been a long time since a temporary task was triggered!

In the past, it could be triggered when the store was just opened. Every time the store's reputation was damaged or questioned, the system's anger was aroused and he was given temporary tasks.

But afterwards, his shop's reputation opened up, and on the contrary, he was less and less questioned, which also made him lose the opportunity to benefit from temporary tasks.

Unexpectedly, just after changing places, this long-lost temporary task will come!

Ollie give it! !

Su Ping was excited, and couldn't help but smile. Seeing the two people who were about to leave the shop, they quickly flickered and blocked their way.

"Two wait a minute."


Seeing Su Ping suddenly rushed up to stop him, Mia and the young man next to him were both taken aback, then frowned slightly, and the young man snorted coldly: "Why, do you still want to buy and sell?"

Su Ping put away the smile on his face, but still looked happy, shook his head and said, "No, I just want to ask, what kind of pet beast you want to buy Frost Crystal Fruit on the day, our shop may really have a substitute , If the two of you are really dissatisfied, I dont know if I can take a break in our shop, I will immediately find the Tianshuang Jingguo you mentioned."


Both of them looked at Su Ping speechlessly.

Not to mention that they rejected Su Ping, Su Ping still looked relaxed and happy, which made them feel weird.

Just what Su Ping said...how it sounds like a black business.

If you really have that day frost crystal fruit, how can you not know what pet beast it is for?

Look for it now...Where are you going to look for?

Find something else and fool them?

"If you really have this thing, how come you don't know which pet beast is eating it?" Reyen looked at Su Ping coldly, but he was a little secretly happy in his heart. Su Ping was entangled in the current situation, but he gave him a step forward. For performance opportunities, his suggestion was rejected by Mia, but now it turns out that what he said is correct.

This kind of black shop should not be entered!

When shopping later, if he makes a suggestion, the other party will not refuse it. Then he will go to the store he introduced obediently with him, and he will choose good food for him based on his relationship. This is a favor.

With this kind of favor, will their relationship go further in the future?

Thinking of this, Rayen suddenly felt Su Ping in front of him, a little pleasing to the eye.

Su Ping naturally didn't know what was in the mind of the young man before him. He only felt that the other person's eyes suddenly became kind, but he was shocked. After stepping into the legend, he now exudes his handsomeness at will, even men can kill What?

Sins and sins... Su Ping decisively ignored this young man, and by the way, he rolled his eyes. Su Ping would not give him a good face to such a person who is easy to bend.

Besides, the target of this mission is the lady next to you, who has a wool relationship with you.

"I hope you give me a chance, and I will surely satisfy you! If you give your pet food and your battle pet has no effect, I will not charge you, and I will compensate you ten times!" Su Ping said.

He naturally has no power to replace the system and does not charge customers.

But he can take the other party's money into the account, and then pay the money out of his own pocket to compensate or return it.

Anyway, his own star coins cannot be converted into energy, but in the eyes of others, it is still federal star coins, which makes no difference.

"Ten times compensation?"

Seeing Su Ping's decisive self-confidence look, Mia was slightly stunned. The previous feeling that Su Ping gave her was indeed like a profiteer, but the self-confidence that broke out at this moment made her a little puzzled.

Reyen, who was next to him, heard Su Ping's resolute words, and sneered suddenly, and said: "What ten times the compensation, you will really eat at that time, you will definitely have various reasons, Miss Mia's battle pet, how is your experiment If it is eaten badly, can you bear the responsibility? Do you know who we are?"

"I don't know." Su Ping answered honestly, saying: "But in this store, no matter who they are, they are customers who enter the store. As long as you need them and I can meet them, I will not let you down. This is Mi Miss Ya, please give me a chance, you will not regret it!"

With that said, Su Ping looked at Mia seriously, he was not in the mood to make a joke at this moment, if they really left, this task would have to be yellow.

That reward is a medium-level spirit opening illustration book!

What he had mastered before was only elementary.

This enlightening illustration book can only be mastered by the educator of the Holy Spirit, and the medium is obviously stronger!

Looking at Su Ping's burning gaze, firm and serious, Mia's face was calm, but she was a little surprised. She felt that Su Ping's eyes were clear and sincere. She didn't know where Su Ping's confidence came from.

"Huh, kid, do you know what you are talking about? I will warn you. It is too late for you to apologize. I can assume that nothing happens. Otherwise, I can let you in this shop, in this street, or even this whole Rea The planet can't be opened, do you believe it or not?" Next to him, Reyen said coldly with a sharp gaze.

Su Ping turned to look at him and said, "No problem, if you are not satisfied, I can close the door!"


As soon as he said this, Rayen's face also became gloomy.

Mia next to her was staring at Su Ping. She didn't expect that it was just an ordinary business. As the owner of this store, Su Ping could actually say that.

This persistence is too hard!

Rayen squinted his eyes and said, "Do you think that I am not capable? You know, my last name is Lane!"

Naturally, Su Ping has never heard of this surname, but from the other side's tone, it is obvious that the power behind this surname is great. He nodded and said, "I said, if you are not satisfied, I will close the door myself!"

Seeing Su Ping hearing his surname, Reyen still didn't change his face, and his eyes suddenly showed anger.

Su Ping's attitude made him feel that his family and surname were insulted!

"Okay, I'll give you a chance." At this moment, Mia next to her spoke. She interrupted the argument between Reyen and Su Ping. She could even guess what Reyen would say next, and the other party did that. Her presence will make her owe favors, and she knows that favors are the hardest to pay.


When Reyen heard her promise, his face changed slightly, and he immediately wanted to persuade.

Mia shook her head and said, "I would like to see if I dare to block up my shop so easily, why?"

The price of the material she wants to buy is obviously out of proportion to Su Ping's gamble. Is it worth it to make her money?

Or is it afraid that they will leave, and will say that his shop is a black shop? But even if two people give you bad reviews, how can you do business, who will not be maliciously discredited by some people, so desperately?

All these thoughts, coupled with Su Ping's seriousness and determination, gave her a hint of curiosity.

"it is good!"

Seeing that the other party finally let go, Su Ping suddenly sighed in relief, as long as he was given a chance, he believed that the materials he brought back from the nurturing world would definitely satisfy the other party.

"Then do you want other materials to be replaced, or?" Su Ping asked.

Mia shook her head, "I want Tianshuang Jingguo."

With other materials, she was worried that something might happen, and didn't want to be out of the question when she was about to use her battle pet.

Su Ping also wanted to recommend. There are a lot of pet food in his shop, and the effect is similar to that of Tianshuang Jingguo. If he can know which pet beast the other party is eating, he can reasonably recommend it.

But now his credibility is being questioned, and Su Ping has also resisted this. Since Tianshuang Jingguo is absolutely necessary, then just ask her.

When Su Ping came up to stop them, he had already asked the system in his heart, and even asked what kind of pet beast was eating Tianshuang Jingguo.

But the answer given to him by the system made him unable to tell.

There are hundreds of thousands of pet beasts that can eat Tianshuang crystal fruit!

Among them, there are three to four thousand kinds that are most suitable for eating the pet food!

This number is from ancient times to the present, covering countless planes...

How can Su Ping report them one by one?

As for which cultivation world has Tianshuang Jingguo, the system also gave him recommendations, from the low-level to the top-level cultivation world, there are dozens of them listed.

Through "searching for efficiency", Su Ping finally selected seven cultivation worlds for him to choose from.

Based on his instinct, he decided to go to one of them called the "Extreme Cold Dragon Prison Realm" to find it.

According to the system, there is a lot of extremely cold spirit plants there. On this day, the frost crystal fruit belongs to the type of outer cold and inner heat, and there is also a lot of production here.

After making a decision, Su Ping said to the silver-haired woman: "Okay, then you can take a break in our store, about a quarter of an hour, maybe it will be faster, and I can get it back."

He took a look at his store, thought about it, and said, "If you find it boring to wait, I can let our employees accompany you in the virtual petting arena."

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