Astral Pet Store Chapter 732

Chapter 732: Dragon Prison Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Ask them to play virtual beasts, Su Ping is afraid that they will be bored.

Here, the virtual fighting beast is no different from Su Ping's previous life sitting with black pesticides. It is a popular entertainment for the pet master and can also hone combat skills.

Let the employees in his store accompany customers to open black, Su Ping feels that this service is definitely in place.

It just happens that his shop has just been upgraded, and there is a new virtual pet beast hall section inside, which can fight pets in the virtual world inside.

There, you can scan and import your own battle pet data and compete in it to see your own battle pet's deficiencies. You can also select some official battle pets with unified attributes, and learn from each other to sharpen the battle pet division's own command skills and battles. The secret technique can be regarded as proper "injury-free development".

Hearing Su Ping's words, Mia was stunned, and suddenly thought of the battle she was going to face soon, her heart moved slightly, and she nodded: "Alright, do you have a connection port?"


Su Ping immediately stretched out his hand and invited them to the hall of the virtual battle pet gym.

This hall is connected to the main hall of the shop through a passage through the sales hall, but at the moment there are no more pets in the sales hall. The pets that Su Ping captured before were all sold out. In that battle, the resources in his store were almost The ammunition was exhausted, and only some pet food was left before it could be sold.

Su Ping took them to the lobby of the virtual battle pet gymnasium. Here are virtual gymnasium machines, all of which are helmet-mounted.

"Xiao Tang, you accompany them to play in the virtual gymnasium. By the way, you can also temper yourself." Su Ping said to Tang Ruyan who followed.

Tang Ruyan stunned: "But, I don't understand what they say."

"I didn't let you use your mouth to learn from each other." Su Ping said in a huff: "When I am free, I will enroll the two of you for a language cram school, and then you will study hard."

Tang Ruyan glanced at Mia and Reyen carefully, and said carefully: "These two people...seems to be legends, right?"

Su Ping nodded. The cultivation bases of Mia and Lei En were both in the vast sea realm. Su Ping felt it when they entered the store, but for him now, the legend of the vast sea realm, he has seen too much. It's no different from seeing the title, it's not surprising anymore.

Moreover, in this federation, the legend should not be a big man.

"Don't worry, if you can lower your level in the virtual gym, the big deal is to let her adjust her cultivation level to be the same as yours." Su Ping comforted.

When Tang Ruyan heard this, she was no longer afraid, the realm was the same, she really didn't accept anyone.

Of course, Su Ping is an exception.

"It's pretty high-end."

Reyen raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw the equipment here. He was very knowledgeable and knew at first glance that they were all quite high-end virtual equipment.

Mia also noticed, her eyes flickering slightly, which shows that Su Ping has invested a lot of money in the construction of this shop.

The store built at such a high price was actually a gamble... She became a little more curious.

"You guys are here to play." Su Ping said, suddenly feeling his tone, a bit like explaining to children.

Mia also noticed, raised her eyebrows, glanced at Su Ping, did not say much, looked at Tang Ruyan next to Su Ping, and said: "It's her, her cultivation base is a bit weak, but it's nothing. I lowered her cultivation base. That's it."

"Good." Su Ping agreed, confessing to Tang Ruyan, "Go."

Tang Ruyan did not understand Mia's words, but seeing the latter's indifferent gaze, as the sixth sense of a woman's intuition, she keenly discovered that... she was despised?


She was angry in her heart, but she didn't show it. She was only going to wait for a while to "compare" before she vented her anger!

Su Ping helped them set up the equipment, and when they saw that they both entered the virtual gymnasium, he was relieved, and ignored Lei En next to him, confessing that Zhong Lingtong was optimistic about them, then turned and left and entered the pet beast. Room.

Today's petting room is several times larger than the original area. Inside are small skeletons and purgatory candle dragon beasts, sitting in several high-level fostering places inside.

"Going to practice?" Joanna saw Su Ping and walked out of a high-level fostering position, her eyes flashed slightly, she was expecting, and wanted to go back to see her subordinates.

Su Ping shook his head and said: "Go to other places, you continue to stay in the store."

Joanna was suddenly disappointed, curled her lips slightly, and sat back again.

Su Ping called out the pet beast warehouse and took a look. There was a pet beast in it, the Haidi.

At this moment, she revealed the appearance of the deity in the pet storehouse, she was a pure-cold Moonscale Dragon, a dragon beast of starry sky blood!

However, at this moment, the empress obviously failed to arouse the power in the depths of her bloodline, just like the cursed wing beast who became the lord of the abyss, the latter in the extremely cruel environment of the abyss inspired the power in the bloodline The devil blood caused her bloodline to burst completely, but the empress was still short of breath.

It doesn't mean that when the bloodline reaches the starry sky, it will definitely grow to the starry sky.

Environment and resources are indispensable, just like a tiger. If you go hungry every day, you can't even reach adulthood. Even if you barely grow up, you will still be a sick tiger, weak tiger, and may not even be able to beat a dog. power.

In an environment like Blue Star, the sea empress has a little stunted development except for her figure...

When he suppressed her at the entrance of the store, Su Ping did not kill her, but defeated her and forced her to be accepted into the stores pet storehouse. What to do with it... Su Ping hasnt thought about it yet.

Although selling her out is of the greatest benefit to Su Ping, her hands are stained with countless blood. Just selling it like this makes Su Ping feel a little too cheap for her.

Shaking his head slightly, Su Ping didn't think about it any more, and first solved the task before him.

Calling Little Skeleton and Ergou, let the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and Violet Green Python stay and keep warm, Su Ping's communication system in his heart: "Enter the extremely cold dragon prison world."

This is a medium-sized cultivation area, and the tickets are not expensive. With Su Ping's current background, he can afford to consume it. It is no problem to die 100,000 times in it.

Soon, the energy was deducted, and a spatial vortex appeared in front of Su Pian.


Su Ping stepped directly in.

The familiar feeling of heaven and earth revolving appeared. When Su Ping opened his eyes again, the area where he entered was already a vast snow-white area. The biting cold suddenly hit his face, causing Su Ping's pores to shrink, giving him a biting cold feeling.

"This temperature is at least two hundred degrees below zero..."

Su Ping took a light breath, feeling the cold breath in his chest, turning into ice skates, piercing into his lungs.

Fortunately, his current physique, coupled with his own high-level low temperature resistance, made him adapt quickly.

Looking around, Su Ping saw ice, snow and frost in front of his eyes, and the whole world was white and vast. On the ground, there were rows of sharp, canine-toothed giant peaks. They were said to be giant peaks, but they were actually covered by ice and snow, just like convex. The sharp, chaotic-edged long sword was shocking to see.

"The concentration of star power is almost the same as the planet where the shop is currently located..."

Su Ping felt the surrounding star power, which was more intense, more than ten times that on the blue star, but still a little different from the demigod. After all, it was a high-level cultivation ground and a god-based world.

There was not much time, Su Ping didn't look any more, and hurry up to search around.

Soon, he sensed some thick ice and snow, hiding the breath of dragons and beasts.

Now his perception is quite keen, the monster beast under the starry sky is basically difficult to hide under his eyelids, unless he is not careful enough.

He merged with Little Skeleton and Two Dogs, his energy almost exploded, exuding a powerful aura. His figure stepped out and directly shuttled dozens of miles away from the end of the line of sight. This was not a flash, but a space travel!

This is a more advanced spatial technique than the flash, and it is effortless under Su Ping's display at this moment.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Su Ping straddled one after another, and came hundreds of miles away in a blink of an eye, each time crossing directly to the end of his perception. His perception range was like a huge scanner, exploring each area.

"Huh? What a strong dragon beast breath..."

Su Ping suddenly felt that under a snow-white giant mountain, there was a ferocious dragon beast aura, which was several times stronger than the abyss lord Hai he had encountered before.

He gathered the star power into his eyes, stared, and saw a huge dragon beast with red scales all over, entangled with dark chains, penetrated into his body, locked under the snow peak.

The other end of the chain is connected to Xuefeng, and Xuefeng is like a giant sword penetrating from the sky, piercing the dragon beast's chest and nailing it to the ground.

Su Ping's face changed slightly, this is definitely an extremely terrifying starry sky dragon beast!

What's strange is that in this extremely cold world, the energy aura emitted by this dragon beast is blazing, it is a dragon beast of the flame type!

"Who suppressed this dragon beast, how could it be imprisoned here?" Su Ping couldn't help asking.

This is so shocking, a terrifying starry sky dragon beast has been nailed here, unable to move!

"This nurturing world was specially created by a strong man. It is a prison cage." The voice of the system appeared in Su Ping's mind, saying: "This fusion scale dragon beast clan has offended the strong man above the stars. , Suppressed here by eternity, even the descendants born, will be blocked here for generations, maybe ten thousand years later, they will slowly become extinct."

Su Ping was shocked.

Being suppressed forever for offending the strong?

Is this the authority of the strong world...

Su Ping glanced twice, but didn't look any more, and continued to look for the Frost Crystal Fruit that day.

Along the way, Su Ping saw a lot of dragon beasts in the Starry Sky Realm, suppressed under the snow peaks, covered in chains. Among them was a dragon beast with four or five snow peaks inserted all over his body. Looking at it at level, both eyes felt pressure, far beyond the ability of an ordinary starry sky realm dragon beast.

Su Ping did not expect that this nurturing world, like its name, is actually a world of dragon prison.

time flies.

Su Ping traveled through space time and time again. Apart from seeing the suppressed dragon beasts along the way, he also saw some dragon beasts wandering around without chains. He didn't challenge this time, but was able to hide and hide. Time was of the essence.

A quarter of an hour outside, he can only stay inside for 150 minutes, which is more than two hours.

In a blink of an eye, an hour passed.

Su Ping finally found the frost crystal fruit that day.

With systematic guidance, even though Su Ping had never seen this result, he recognized it all at once.

In addition to Tianshuang Jingguo, Su Ping also found some other pet food along the way, but they didn't know them. There were five kinds in total, and he felt that they should all be inferior to Tianshuang Jingguo.

Get your work done!

Su Ping didn't wait much and went straight back to the store.

Only five or six minutes passed outside.

Su Ping settled the little skull and the two dogs in the foster place, opened the door of the petting room and walked out.

When he came to the virtual competition gymnasium, Su Ping saw Tang Ruyan and Mia still fighting, wearing virtual helmets and closing their eyes, but Tang Ruyan's eyebrows were tightly closed, and Mia on the other side looked calm. .

Beside them, Reyen was also in front of a device, wearing a helmet, not knowing what he was doing.

Su Ping gave a light cough and came to Tang Ruyan's virtual device and pressed the notification button. In this way, in the virtual world, she would be notified that someone outside called her.

Soon, Tang Ruyan opened her eyes, her face full of anger, she took off the helmet, put it on the equipment rack extremely unhappy, and rolled her eyes at Su Ping.

Su Ping: "??"

On the other side, Mia also took off the helmet, as did Rayen next to him.

Su Ping saw that this Rayen was mostly just watching the game.

"Miss Mia won?" Judging from Tang Ruyan's expression, Su Ping probably guessed the result, and he was also a little surprised. Tang Ruyan was thrown into the nurturing world to tortured him...cough, exercised, and it is reasonable to say it is. The combat experience is quite rich, how can you lose?

"The level of your employee is pretty good. You only lost to me eight times in five minutes. It's a pity to be a clerk with this qualification." Mia's face was calm and she stood up.

Su Ping: "..."

It turned out to be a Versailles star!


Lost eight times in five minutes?

Su Ping couldn't help turning his head to look at Tang Ruyan. Are you fighting with your toes?

Seeing Su Ping's gaze, Tang Ruyan became more and more angry. She was furious when she was defeated in front of Su Ping, not to mention losing to a woman!

A woman can lose to anyone, but she just doesn't want to lose to another woman!

"What do you think, you didn't let me play!" Tang Ruyan said in a bad mood, and sprinkled anger on Su Ping's head. What made her most embarrassed was that she lost, but she couldn't find an excuse to lose!

The cultivation base was lowered by the other party, and they were all the same.

The pet beasts are the same.

As a result, she was defeated, easily defeated!

No matter what she could do, she couldn't change, at most she just surprised the other party...

She feels crushed!

In addition to Su Ping, who else has made her suffer such a big humiliation!

Seeing Tang Ruyans aggrieved expression, Su Ping no longer blames her for her anger. It seems that it can only show that some of the favorite warriors in the Federation are indeed superior, just like Nie Huofeng said. Legend of the vast sea realm, thrown on the blue star, it is possible to kill the virtual cave realm.

Although Tang Ruyan had exercised, he still struggled to fight across ranks with his own ability.

After all, it's still... not enough training!

He shook his head slightly, and said to Namia: "If Miss Mia is not happy, should I switch to another employee?"

Mia raised her eyebrows and said indifferently: "No, you are a good employee. As I said, it is rare to lose only eight times in five minutes in my hands!"

She said this not to show off, but to be serious.

After all, what is her identity?

The other battle pet masters can hold on for thirty seconds in her hands, which is pretty good, but for the first time Tang Ruyan held in front of her for one minute!

Although there was a reason why she was unfamiliar with each other and wanted to observe at that minute, it was enough to surprise her.

You know, this is just an employee in a random shop on the street!

This qualification, being a clerk... is really too awkward!

"Since you are back, should you find the Tianshuang Jingguo I want?" Mia raised her wrist. She wore an extremely delicate dark red ladies watch, which only the upper class people could understand. This watch How expensive is its value, and in addition to money, you need an extraordinary identity background to buy it.

Looking at the time, only six or seven minutes passed, Mia raised her eyebrows slightly, surprised.

After all, this gamble is not a big deal to her, but for someone like Su Ping, who has pledged his fortune and shop, will he come to the appointment so easily, will it be too hasty?


Tomorrow, the monthly pass will be doubled on the last day of the 7th, I strongly ask for a monthly pass~~

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