Astral Pet Store Chapter 733

Chapter 733: Great Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"If you're smarter, don't try to fool me with other things." Next, Reyen said indifferently, and Su Ping came back in just a few minutes. In such a short time, I must go to the warehouse to search for it. , It is impossible to go elsewhere to purchase.

Since I said no before, now I look it up again.

The quality of this temporary product, even if it is true, will not be much better.

Su Ping glanced at this Lei En, and was too lazy to pay attention to him. If he forced him more, he would just throw it out. Although you are a guest in the store, you have no consumption and no intention of consumption. Lai Lai, it's just a beating!


Su Ping flipped his palm and took out the two Tianshuang Jingguo in the storage space.

These are two round and snow-white fruits, the size of a winter melon, with a thin layer of frost and fog on the round and snow-white surface, and a faint mist around the whole body, a total of seven circles of fog.

This means that the years of these two Tianshuang Crystal Fruits are both seven thousand years!


Feeling the sudden drop in the surrounding temperature, looking at the two Celestial Frost Crystal Fruits suspended in Su Ping's palms with star power, Mia, who had just returned a calm expression, immediately condensed her eyes, and then opened her eyes wide, revealing her face. The incredible color.

Seven thousand years of Tianshuang Jingguo? !

This size...it was the first time she had seen such a huge Tianshuang crystal fruit in reality!

In her capacity, she has come into contact with many top pets, but most of them are only seen in some top auctions or magazine pictures, almost all of which are sky-high!

At this moment, the Tianshuang Jingguo, which can definitely be published in big auctions and planet's top magazines, appeared in front of her and was within reach!

"They are all about 7,000 years old, and each sells for 6 million stars." Su Ping said: "If you think there is a problem with the quality, you can let your pet beast eat it."

Hearing Su Ping's words, Mia recovered, her eyes widened again, and she was surprised: "Only, only for six million?"

She wondered if Su Ping was wrong, six million? How can it be! The price of this one is less than tens of millions. If it goes to auction, it can even sell for a high price of 70 to 80 million!

And Su Ping's offer is only one tenth!

"Is it expensive?" Su Ping frowned. He knew that the effect of Frost Crystal Fruit on this day was not bad. It was 7,000 years old. If the system's vision was too high, the price would be unreasonable. Several times.

Mia: "..."

She looked at Su Ping with weird eyes, this person... really doesn't understand, or is it fake, or...what's the tricky thing about this thing?

Cheap is not good. This concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It was also cultivated by capital exploitation. After all, who would sell things at a loss? Those who yelled about selling at a loss actually made money and smiled.

Only buy the wrong one, not sell the wrong one!

"You have a problem with this thing?" Next to him, Reyen came back to his senses. Hearing Su Ping's quotation, he was taken aback, and suddenly sneered, and said: "You know the seven thousand-year-old Tianshuang Jing What is the concept of fruit? It is the pet food of the township level when it is thrown in any store, how can it be easily sold?"

"And even if it is sold, it will not be so cheap."

"Didn't you say that you didn't have it? How come you took out two 7,000-year-olds in a blink of an eye. Are you afraid that you didn't combine them with other things?"

Mia also looked at Su Ping. Although she was not too cold with Rayen next to her, the words of the other party also spoke out the doubts in her heart.

Seeing the reaction of these two people, Su Ping's expression turned cold. Although he said he wanted to make a business, he was not to the point where he was not required to buy it.

Things are genuine at a reasonable price, and the price is extremely low, and they are still being questioned, really when others are out of ignite?

"If you understand, you can point me to the problem!"

"If you don't understand, just shut up!"

Su Ping looked at Lei En next to him coldly, and said, "Dont pretend to understand, just questioning here, Im taking the real thing that I shipped and let you provoke you here? I said, you have to doubt it. If there is a quality problem, you can let the pet beast eat it first, or if you think you can see what the problem is, give me a basis, don't understand anything, just startled and yelled at me!"

Rayen was stunned, a little surprised.

He didn't expect that the owner of this small shop would dare to talk to him in such a tone.

He had previously reported his surname.

On this Rhea planet, whoever hears the surname "Rene", who is not in awe?

Mia next to her was also a little stunned, apparently she didn't expect Su Ping to dare to talk to Rayen like this, and Su Ping at the moment, speaking with a strong aura, didn't seem to put Rayen in his eyes.

What is the background of the owner of this small shop?

Reyen next to him had already reacted. After being astonished, he was furious. His eyes were as cold as bright light, and he said, "What are you saying, tell me this again!"

"I'm talking, I've only said it once. Are you trying to make trouble?" Su Ping's eyes fell cold and looked at him coldly.

Meeting Su Pings gaze, Reyen was about to get angry, but suddenly his color changed slightly. From Su Pings eyes, he saw death and the endless coldness. The eyes of the old warriors who pioneered the planet, no, he had seen those old warriors in the family, and even their eyes were not as terrible as Su Ping!

This guy

When Rayen was stunned, Mia next to him reacted and quickly said: "Don't fight, I'll check it out myself."

She was afraid that Rayen would fight for her, and when she looked at Su Ping, she was also a little surprised, and suddenly felt that this ordinary shop owner had an impressive aura.

At this moment, she also felt the energy fluctuations in Su Ping's body, which was surprisingly the same as her cultivation base.

Looking at Su Ping's appearance, she is also very young and comparable to her.

With such a bearing, could it be the younger generation of a big family who is practicing here?

She turned her mind, but didn't think much about it, and said to Su Ping: "My pet beast is the Frostblood Star Dragon Beast. It... is a bit big. How can you let it stay here?"

"You can just summon here, and our shop has rules for shrinking." Su Ping said.

There is a system to help reduce the size of pet beasts, even some giant star beasts will shrink into a cute appearance after entering the store.

"Shrink the rules?" Mia was taken aback, and she became more surprised. This is a rule that Starry Realm can set. Although it is not difficult, it is generally only a big store that can afford it. After all, it is not cheap to ask a Starry Realm to do it.

"Yes, just call it." Su Ping said.

Seeing him say this, Mia no longer thought about it, and directly called out her pet.

A spatial vortex emerged, and then, from it, a frost-dense fierce dragon head protruded. This dragon head quickly continued to shrink, and the fierce horns on the head also shrank soft and round, looking cute and cute. .

Soon, the frost-blood star dragon beast with a volume of hundreds of meters turned into a four-to-five-meter appearance and appeared in the store. The breath it exudes was unaffected, cold and cruel, but when it saw Su Ping held it in his hand When I lifted the two sky frost crystal fruits, [abiquger.me]'s original cold dragon eyes turned into stars in a second.

greedy! greedy!

Eat to eat!

The mouthful of Frostblood Star Dragon Beast's saliva overflowed, if it hadn't been for Mia's permission, it would have been unable to hold it, and would directly pounce on it.

Seeing the appearance of the Frost Blood Star Dragon Beast, Mia was also a little surprised. She usually fed it those Sky Frost Crystal Fruits, and she had never seen it so excited and excited.

This is the difference between one hundred years... and seven thousand years?

Mia immediately passed on to her pet beast. This time, the eating is not just eating, it is taste, and you should feel it!

To be honest, she still didn't believe that Su Ping could easily produce two genuine 7,000-year-old Tianshuang Jingguo.

After receiving the master's thoughts, the Frostblood Star Dragon Beast was a bit at a loss, but he still heard the meaning inside...you can eat it!

Its head nodded like a chicken pecking at rice. It can be eaten. What kind of taste... Humans are really troublesome, especially women...

Mia obviously didn't know that she had been complained by her own battle pet. Seeing it obedient, she was relieved to allow it.


Like a hungry cat, the Frostblood Star Dragon Beast quickly rushed towards the Tianshuang Jingguo in Su Ping's hand.

Su Ping put away the other one at the moment it was about to eat.

To give one a taste first is for the other's pet to test the quality. To eat another one, you have to pay the bill first.

The Frost Blood Star Dragon Beast saw a delicious piece of food that had suddenly disappeared, and was immediately furious, but the anger was immediately melted by the Heavenly Frost Crystal Fruit.

delicious! Delicious to ascend to heaven!

The Frostblood Star Dragon Beast was almost intoxicated. At this moment, a pair of dragon eyes were squinted, enjoying as if soaking in a hot spring.

And under its fast chewing, the Tianshuang Jing fruit quickly entered its stomach.

From the flesh of the Tianshuang crystal fruit, a strong frost aura is immediately diffused, and the pure sun and hot energy in the core neutralizes the frost aura and mixes it into a strange energy balance, which circulates quickly. Everywhere in it.

Frostblood Star Dragon Beast felt as if his whole body was being massaged by countless little hands, and it was so refreshing that it let out a low growl.

When it growled low, the energy aura emanating from its body became stronger and stronger, and a faint white gas appeared on the scales of its body like frost.

This white mist was quickly melted by a fiery force and turned into water vapor to surround its body. After the water vapor dispersed, the body of the Frostblood Star Dragon Beast was obviously different.

The silvery white scales on his body became more transparent and brighter, and the sharp dragon horns on the top of his head, and the dark red filaments in the snow white tip, became stronger.

It is not a pure ice dragon beast, and there is a part of boiling beast blood in its body, which makes it quite demanding for pet food, but in the same way, its combat power also matches its picky dining. It is the Sivir galaxy. One of the most outstanding dragon beasts in China.

Seeing the change of the Frostblood Star Dragon Beast, Mia was startled and a little surprised.

A crystal-like silver bead on her watch suddenly glowed, and then a small instrument appeared in the palm of her palm, which was as big as a square communicator.

At this moment, she turned on the instrument, and a button next to it showed a dark red light. Soon, the Frost Blood Star Dragon Beast appeared on her instrument.

When seeing the scanned data, Mia's eyes widened, a little unbelievable!

In this short moment, the P value representing the energy intensity in the Frostblood Star Dragon Beast actually increased by 1.8? This... means that the energy concentration in its body is one-third more vigorous than before!

What is the concept of one-third of energy intensity?

The speed at which it releases its skills, the strength of its shots, and its perception and response power in all aspects are greatly improved!

You know, let alone one-third, when she usually feeds Frostblood Star Dragon Beast pet food, it is good to maintain energy balance. Occasionally buy some precious pet food and increase the P value by up to 0.1 to 0.3. Like now, it almost broke 2 directly!

In addition to the P value, other data also have a small increase.

The most important thing is that the detected physical state is three words: [Excellent]!

This is the highest evaluation of the physical condition of the pet beast, followed by [Full], followed by [Good], [Normal], [Sick], [Seriously Injured], and [Not Saved]!

The highest and lowest are both three-character evaluations.

Mia takes care of her pets very seriously, keeping them in good condition all year round, and occasionally they will be full after eating and nursing.

And most of the pet masters who have been fighting all year round, if they don't take good care of their pets, their status is [normal].

"how about it?"

Next to him, Reyen had already recovered, thinking that he was so shocked by Su Ping's gaze that he didn't say anything, his face was a little livid. What made him feel a little bit better was Mia's attention at this moment. They were all attracted by their pets, and didn't seem to notice his embarrassment just now.

Seeing Mia's astonished look at this moment, he immediately asked, and the eyes that looked at Su Ping had already showed cold light.

"It's actually true..."

Mia was stunned by Rayens words. This test report is definitely not wrong. This means that the sky frost crystal fruit that Su Ping gave to the Frost Blood Star Dragon Beast was not black. The things manufactured by the manufacturer are genuine Tianshuang Jingguo!

She had heard before that if you eat thousands of years of Tianshuang Jingguo, it will bring an amazing improvement!

If you eat tens of thousands of years, the effect is even more terrifying, and there is even a smaller probability, so that the pet beast can understand the skills and transform and evolve!

"Let me just say...er..." Reyen just started speaking, and suddenly reacted, and said, "Is it true?"

How can it be!

These two things that Su Ping found in a few minutes are really 7,000-year-old Tianshuang Jingguo? !

Mia had already recovered, thinking of the other Tianshuang crystal fruit that Su Ping had just put away, she ignored Lei En, and hurriedly said, "Boss, can you sell the other one to me?"

Seeing that she had confirmed the quality of things, Su Ping relaxed, so that he wouldn't have to say any more introductions, and said, "No problem."

"The price..."

"I didn't say it before, six million one." Su Ping said calmly.

Mia was a little dumb. If Su Ping was afraid that the asking price was too high to scare them away, it would be too exaggerated to sell them at such a low price.

"Frost Crystal Fruit this day...at least worth tens of millions..." Mia hesitated for a moment, but still reminded in a low voice.

Her identity and self-esteem made her unwilling to take advantage of others easily, so she didn't want to take advantage of Su Ping.

When she said this, she felt funny herself.

One day when I buy something, I will bargain with the boss, and the purpose of bargaining is not for cheap, but for the boss to raise the price... I must be crazy!

"Tens of millions..."

When Su Ping heard Mia's words, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and he knew that the effect of this thing, selling for six million is definitely a loss, but he did not expect it to be more expensive than he expected.

Others make money every day when they open a store, but he has a rush to sell at a loss every day.

System, can you not have such a high vision? This thing is very precious! !

"Six million is six million. The price of this shop is the same." Su Ping put away the lament in his heart and said to Mia.

Seeing Su Ping's decisive attitude, Mia was a little dumb, people who didn't know, thought she was bargaining frantically here.

Please, I'm asking you to increase the price, okay!

I bought it like this, and I feel uneasy!

"Why don't I pay 10 million for each one?" Mia asked carefully.

"That's the price!" Su Ping's expression was a bit unsightly, not because the other party wanted to pay, but because the other party's behavior made him feel that he was sprinkling salt on his wounds, and he felt more heartache.

Money that cannot be converted into energy is not rare for him. What he hopes can be converted into energy!

Seeing Su Ping as if she was about to turn her face, Mia was speechless. For the first time in her life, she met such a weird person. She had to rely on Su Ping, take out her account, and pay Su Ping 1200W.

By the side, Reyen had seen the matter so far. Although he was unwilling to do so, he could not pick out the bad things about Su Ping face to face.

He is not an educator, how can he understand this?

Seeing that Mia was about to pay the bill, she quickly wanted to help, but was rejected, her face looked a little ugly.

Seeing the money arrived, Su Ping took out the second Tianshuang Jingguo and gave it to Mia.

"1200W, after the conversion is 120,000 energy, she has to consume 9.88 million energy..." Thinking of the system task, Su Ping's mind turned.

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